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           BILL SINGER

                    Bill Singer-"The Man with the Golden Voice" 

Welcome race fans for a trip back in time to hear and see once again the greatest auto racing announcer ever-Bill Singer.

To know Bill was to appreciate a gift from God.

Bill was a humble person who always had time to talk to the race fans while seemingly having 50 millions things going on at once at Flemington.

You could always recognize Bill with his trade mark Purple cowboy hat as he strolled thru the pits while talking with drivers to get last minute information allowing him to keep the fans informed, as the fans always came first with Bill.

From his early days in radio in the 1950's to running the highly successful Allen/Singer Broadcasters Training Studio in Trenton, NJ, Bill's smooth baritone voice was unmistakable.

Bill was a giant man, who's heart matched his height and running through his vein was a great love of all humanity and especially animals.

Bill was a Trenton, NJ, radio legend. From 920AM WTTM to 1260 AM WBUD to 97.5 FM WPST, he was Mr. Trenton radio. He's remembered for his  popular "Inside Track" auto racing talk show that aired twice weekly on Monday and Thursday from 10:30pm-Midnight. He anchored the afternoon drive-time slot on WTTM with his "Headin' Home" show from 4-6 pm. "Sports Open Mike" , "The Delaware Valley Sports Review" and the live broadcast from the Frontier Room where other shows that he well known for.

Bill and his radio partner Phil Allen from WTTM started the Allen/Singer Broadcasters Training Center on Calhoun Street in Trenton in 1975 with one common goal: to teach the professional way of radio broadcasting while having students realize  that "your style is your ticket."

From local Trenton radio station 1260 AM WBUD to AP Network News, the graduates of the Allen/Singer Broadcasters Training Center were always recognized with their distinctive talent behind the mic, an unmatched workmanship in voice overs and commercial work and professionalism that was second to none. Bill treated all of his students like we were his children and expected all of us to maintain the standards he set before us.

While Bill witnessed the changing landscape of racing at Flemington from the Coupe days to the Big Block Modifieds of today, it was the paving of Flemington after 77 years of dirt track racing that was truly a sad day for him. It was never the same he told me, epically the family-like atmosphere, it was not like the old days.

He had a great love for the Golden Days of auto racing and was frequently the master of ceremonies of the United Racing Club sprint car series, American Racing Drivers Club midget organization and the Old Timers Association. He had two loves in the world of racing: Midgets and Flemington.

He announced at Trenton Speedway, Old Bridge, Fort Dix (now New Egypt Speedway), Bridgeport, Flemington, Dover Downs International Speedway and Pocono Raceway,, Reading and Langhorne. His résumé includes being inducted in the Flemington Hall of Fame and Old Timers Hall of Fame.

Bill was also a character and loved to kid with his people. One night while working as a spotter for him at Bridgeport Speedway in NJ, Bill was interviewing Robbie Knevil for an upcoming stunt. Following the interview, Robbie gave Pat Aydelotte (who sat next to Bill for over 20 years at Flemington as a scorer) and myself an autograph. Not to be outdone, Bill asked me if I had his autograph. I replied no and he told me to hold on for a moment. He came over to me with a folded piece of paper that he autographed with the following statement:  To Shawn -  Go shit in your hat.  Bill Singer.   Well, we got a great laugh out of it, and to this day, its kept in a safe place.

Bill was well respected among the racing fraternity amongst the car owners, drivers and members of the media.

One year in the late 1980's, Bill missed the season ending Wendy's 200 big-block modified race after suffering a broken leg while trying to stop a person who was stealing his car. It seemed quite strange that weekend not hearing Bill on the mic. The equivalent of that would be to go the entire Christmas season and not hear Bing Crosby sing White Christmas.

On that final day of dirt in 1990, Bill along with Earl Krause (an Allen/Singer graduate) and myself were the last people at the track, standing at the cross over gate on the frontstretch when they turned outs the lights. It was a sad feeling that night to know that the greatest speedway in the world had died. That sadness was replaced by Bill's untimely death on June 12, 2004, across from the fairgrounds where he was conducting interviews for a Flemington Old Timers reunion.

The pages that are on this site are here permanently as a shrine to a man who love his profession as much as he loved life and his students.

I hope you enjoy your trip down memory lane as you listen and see the "The Man with the golden voice"-Bill Singer...the greatest auto racing announcer of all time.

With love,

Shawn T. Wood-1990 Graduate of the Allen/Singer Broadcasters Training Center






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