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Josh Richards Sets Single-Season Win Record at Bad Boy Off Road World Finals

Richards Claims Win Number 18 on the 2016 Season

CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 28, 2016- Josh Richards claims Friday Nights World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series Feature win at the 2016 Bad Boy Off Road World Finals. With one more series win in the books for 2016, Richards claims number 18 on the 2016 season setting the new World of Outlaws Late Model Series record for most wins in a single-season.

The previous single-season series record holder was Darrell Lanigan who took to The Dirt Track at Charlotte on Friday night and ran bumper-to-bumper with Richards for the majority of the race while they battled it out between the second and third positions.

"It was a hell of a race there at the end," said Lanigan "We have a pretty good car there in the middle of the race and we got a little loose there coming off toward the end and Josh got by me on the restart - hats off to those guys they had good pieces too so we will come back tomorrow night and see if we can't get something."

Of the 50-Lap Feature it was Chris Madden who led most of the way with 45-laps hanging out in the top spot. With only a few laps left in the feature, Richards changed his strategy and decided to ride the cushion, passing both Lanigan and Madden taking him all the way to Victory Lane.

"I felt like we were pretty good early in the race. We were just a little free and we kind of just had to throw a Hail Mary there at the end and it worked out we were able to pull it off and win," said Richards. "I don't even know if it's really sunk in yet, we just try to give 110% each and every day and to accumulate the year that we've had it has been a dream of mine and I guess I didn't actually ever dream it would happen. I'm just glad to be able to race and do what I love to do and to be in this position where I can contend to win races and put on a show for the fans, that's all I could ask for."

Richards was not the only one on the track successfully hard-charging toward the front. Brandon Overton squeezed his way into the feature by winning the Last Chance Showdown for group two. Overton started deep in the field in the 20th-position for the Feature race. A handful of cautions caused the gaps in the field to tighten while Overton, using them to his advantage, continued to move up the chain.

When the checkered flag fell, Overton had gained 16 positions from his start in the Feature putting him in fourth.
"I already knew we had a good car and that we could do good [in the feature]," said Overton. "Tomorrow I am buried in the heat again and so I kind of have to start over and do the whole thing all over again but at least we know we have a car that can run in the top three or possibly win, we have a really good car."

Although there is still another full day of racing at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Richards has already claimed the 2016 World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series Championship with more than a 280-point lead rounding out the season with 18-wins, 31 top 5's, 35 top 10's, 10 Fast Times, and 27 heat wins.

Mark Richards, Josh Richards' father and team owner, has seen Josh grow not only as his son but also as a driver.

"It means a lot [to me] for him to break the record and keep adding to the wins, the all-time wins and also the year wins and hopefully we can get another tomorrow," said Mark. "Every day is another day for us. This win is over now so we are going to tomorrow. I don't really concentrate on the past, we are looking for tomorrow and the next race."

Racing for the Richards is a family affair, wife Andrea who was on-hand to witness her husband break the single-season win mark added, "he puts so much blood sweat and tears into what we do it's a very grueling sport and it's pretty nonstop so it's really special to see him accomplish that milestone and I am so proud of him."

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series wrap up the 3-day Bad Boy Off Road World Finals Saturday at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. Tickets and pit passes for the 2016 Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals are still available by visiting the ticket booths at the Dirt Track at Charlotte.

Craftsman Club Feature (50 - Laps): 1. 1- Josh Richards; 2. 44- Chris Madden; 3. 15L - Darrell Lanigan; 4. 76 - Brandon Overton; 5. 25- Shane Clanton; 6. 28E- Dennis Erb Jr.; 7. 39 - Tim McCreadie; 8. 17M- Dale McDowell; 9. 18c - Chase Junghans; 10. 18 - Eric Wells; 11. 16 - Steve Francis; 12. 22 - Chris Ferguson; 13. 2H - Nick Hoffman; 14. C9 - Steve Casebolt; 15. 15s - Donny Schatz; 16. 0 - Dale Hollidge; 17. 7 - Rick Eckert; 18. '00 - Jesse Stovall; 19. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr.; 20. 72c - Jason Covert; 21. 87 - Ross Bailes; 22. 41*- Chub Frank; 23. 11 - Austin Smith; 24. 2c - Joey Coulter; 25. 99jr - Frank Heckenast Jr.; 26. 91 - Tyler Erb; 27. 14M - Morgan Bagley; 28. 3s - Brain Shirley; 29. Tyler Carpenter; 30. 41B - Boom Briggs.
Last-Chance Showdown Group No. 1(10 Laps - Top 2 Transfer): 1. 18- Eric Wells, 2. 0 - Dale Hollidge, 3. 22* - G.R. Smith, 4. 7r - Ross Robinson, 5. 71 - Hudson O'Neal, 6. 49R - Brain Ruhlman, 7. 22E - Russell Erwin, 8. 92 - Nick Davis, 9. 93 - Donald Bradsher, 10. 1G- Ryan King, 11. 89 - Dustin Mitchell, 12. 31- Bob Gordon - 13. 32 - Daulton Wilson, 14. 111-Steven Roberts, 15. 3s - Brain Shirley, 16. 82 - Andy Fries, 17. 2c - Joey Coulter.
Last-Chance Showdown Group No. 2(10 Laps - Top 2 Transfer): 1. 76 - Brandon Overton, 2. 2H - Nick Hoffman, 3. 5 - Don O'Neal, 4. 111B- Max Blair, 5. C8 - Timothy Culp, 6. 40 - Kyle Bronson, 7. 25F - Jason Feger, 8. 15s - Donny Schatz, 9. 72 - Dan Stone, 10. 23 - Michael Rouse, 11. 91 - Tyler Erb, 12. Doug Sanders, 13. '09 - Johnny Pursley, 14. 15 - Dean Bowen, 16. '07 - Brian Ledbetter. DNS - 1M- Willie Milliken.
Last-Chance Showdown Group No. 3(10 Laps - Top 2 Transfer): 1. 16- Steve Francis, 2. 87 - Ross Bailes, 3. 25z - Mason Zeigler, 4. 6 - Jonathan Davenport, 5. 4-D's- Chad Hollenbeck, 6. 41*- Chub Frank, 7. 77 - Jordan Yaggy, 8. R1 - Riley Hickman, 9. 2M - Allen Murray, 10. 14H - Tyler Horst, 11. 24 - Kenny Moreland, 12. 93L - Pancho Lawler, 13. 18s - Robbie Scott, 14. 41B- Boom Briggs, 15. 6s - Blake Spencer, 16. P3 - Jeff Robertson.
Friday Qualifying, Group 1: 1. 39- Tim McCreadie, 14.761; 2. 44- Chris Madden, 14.766; 3. 25- Shane Clanton 14.893; 4. 0 Dale Hollidge 14.980; 5. 11- Austin Smith 14.999; 6. 15s-Donny Schatz, 15.010; 7. 28E Dennis Erb Jr., 15.022; 8. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr., 15.050; 9. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr., 15.115; 10. 22- Chris Ferguson, 15.166; 11- 93 Donald Bradsher, 15.212; 12- C9- Steve Casebolt, 15.212; 13. 111-Steven Roberts, 15.214; 14. 22*- G.R. Smith, 15.216; 15. 111B- Max Blair, 15.216; 16. 18- Eric Wells, 15.226; 17. 71- Hudson O'Neal, 15.237; 18. 40- Kyle Bronson, 15.215; 19-49R Brian Ruhlman, 15.286; 20. 22E- Russel Erwin, 15.326; 21. C8- Timothy Culp, 15.350; 22.1V Jeremy Miller, 15.353; 23. 3s- Brian Shirley, 15.378; 24. 91- Tyler Erb, 15.378; 25. 32- Daulton Wilson, 15.490; 26. 7r- Ross Robinson, 15.512; 27. 76- Brandon Overton, 15.529; 28. D8- Dustin Mitchell, 15.601; 29. 82- Andy Fries, 15.618; 30. 89w- Justin Williams; 31. 1G- Ryan King, 15.790; 32. 31- Bob Gordon, 15.853; 33. 42- Doug Sanders, 15.950; 34. 92- Nick Davis, 16.431; 35. 2c- Joey Coulter (DNS)
Friday Qualifying, Group 2: 1. 1- Josh Richards, 14.809; 2. 17M- Dale McDowell, 14.946; 3. 15L- Darrell Lanigan, 15.096; 4. 5- Don O'Neal, 15.179; 5. 72c- Jason Covert; 6. 00- Jesse Stovall, 15.259; 7. 7- Rick Eckert, 15.276; 8. 18c- Chase Junghans, 15.291; 9. 18s- Robbie Scott, 15.306; 10. 28- Tyler Carpenter, 15.321; 11. 25z- Mason Zeigler, 15.338; 12. 4-D's- Chad Hollenbeck, 15.367; 13. 1M- Willie Milliken, 15.398; 14. 1* Chub Frank, 15.435; 15. 87- Ross Bailes, 15.442; 16. 25F- Jason Feger, 15.444; 17. 14H- Tyler Horst, 15.469; 18. 14M- Morgan Bagley, 15.482; 19. 2H Nick Hoffman, 15.488; 20. 16- Steve Francis, 15.525; 21. R1- Riley Hickman, 15.562; 22. 15- Dean Bowen, 15.566; 23. 6- Jonathan Davenport, 15.576; 24. 24- Kenny Morelan, 15.608; 25. 23- Michael Rouse, 15.651; 26. 93L- Pancho Lawler, 15.677; 27. 77- Jordan Yaggy, 15.682; 28. '09- Johnny Pursley, 15.752; 29. 2M- Allen Murray, 15.797; 30. 99B- Boom Briggs, 15.838; 31. Brian Ledbetter, 16.250; 32. 62- Blake Spencer, 16.442; 33. P3- Jeff Robertson, 17.626; DQ. 72- Dan Stone, 15.534.
Heat 1 (10 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): 1. - 39- Tim Mcreadie, 2. 28E - Dennis Erb Jr., 3. 22- Chris Ferguson, 4. 18 - Eric Wells, 5. 111- Steven Roberts, 6. 0 Dale Hollidge, 7. 49R - Brian Ruhlman, 8. 1G - Ryan King, 9. 92 - Nick Davis, 10. 89- Dustin Mitchell, 11. 32 - Daulton Wilson.
Heat 2 (10 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): 1. 44- Chris Madden, 2. 11- Austin Smith - 3. 99jr - Frank Hechenast Jr., 4. 22*- G.R. Smith, 5. 22E - Russell Erwin, 6. 71 - Hudson O'Neal, 7. 93 - Donald Bradsher, 8. 2c - Joey Coulter, 9. 3s - Brain Shirley, 10. 7r - Ross Robinson, 11. 31- Bob Gordon, 12. 82- Andy Fries.
Heat 3 (10 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): 1. 25 - Shane Clanton, 2. 21JR - Billy Moyer Jr., 3. C9- Steve Casebolt, 4. 76 - Brandon Overton, 5. 111B - Max Blair, 6. C8 - Timothy Culp, 7. 40 - Kyle Bronson, 8. 15s - Donny Schatz, 9. 42 - Doug Sanders, 10. 89w - Justin Williams, 11. 91- Tyler Erb.
Heat 4 (10 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): 1. 1 - Josh Richards, 2. 7 - Rick Eckart, 3. 28- Tyler Carpenter, 4. 2H - Nick Hoffman, 5. 5 - Don O'Neal, 6. 25F - Jason Feger, 7. '09- Johnny Pursley, 8. 72 - Dan Stone, 9. 23 - Michael Rouse, 10. '07- Brain Ledbetter, 11. 15- Dean Bowen, 12. 1M - Willie Milliken.
Heat 5 (10 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): 1. 17M - Dale McDowell, 2. 18c - Chase Junghans, 3. 72c - Jason Covert, 4. 25z - Mason Zeigler, 5. 16- Steve Francis, 6. 41* - Chub Frank, 7. 6 - Jonathan Davenport, 8. 14H - Tyler Horst, 9. 93L - Pancho Lawler, 10. 2M - Allen Murray, 11. 6s - Blake Spencer.
Heat 6 (10 Laps - Top 3 Transfer): 1. 15L - Darrell Lanigan, 2. 00 - Jesse Stovall, 3. 14M - Morgan Bagley, 4. 87 - Ross Bailes, 5. 4-D's - Chad Hollenbeck 6. 77 - Jordan Yaggy, 7. 24 - Kenny Moreland, 8. R1 - Riley Hickman, 9. 18S - Robbie Scott, 10. 41B - Boom Briggs, 11. P3 - Jeff Robertson.

Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals: At A Glance

All Roads lead to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway as the 2016 Season Comes to a Close

CONCORD, N.C. - October 24, 2016- The most prestigious dirt racing event in the country, the Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals, returns for three days of heart-pounding, clay-slinging action on the lightning-fast, half-mile oval on October 27-29. The Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals brings together the top series in the sport, the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series, the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series and the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds, for a full weekend of racing culminating in the crowning of all three series champions.

Nearly 200 entries among the three premier World Racing Groups divisions are expected. Top drivers such as Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Josh Richards, Shane Clanton, Matt Sheppard, Brett Hearn, Stewart Friesen and many, many more all look to add their names to the Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals trophies.

The opportunity to gain bragging rights from winning one of the largest dirt events in the world is not the only challenge of the weekend. There are a number of championship point standings battles up for grabs as the season comes to a close this weekend at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series

Can Josh Richards re-write the record books by claiming the most single-season wins? Richards is sitting on win number 17. Gaining a win at the World Finals will eclipse the single-season win record by Darrell Lanigan set back in 2014.

With Richards' early untouchable 2016 World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series season, he all but has the championship wrapped up. Simply showing up to each day of the Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals will make it impossible for his nearest competitor to overtake him for the championship.

Points positions six through 10, however, are looking at a tight battle ahead. Steve Casebolt, Chub Frank, Brian Shirley, Frank Heckenast Jr., and Eric Wells are all separated by just 46 points. Each position could mean a big difference in the end-of-year Point Fund Awards.

World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series has the closest points battle coming into the Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals. Donny Schatz has had another record-breaking year, putting in his grasp a third-straight, eighth-overall championship. However, positions two, three and four are up for grabs. Daryn Pittman, David Gravel and Brad Sweet are currently second through fourth in points respectively. Only 11 points separate the three drivers.

Joey Saldana is looking for his next win in order to cement his name in the history books. One more win will send him into an elite club of 100-plus career wins. He will join Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell, Donny Schatz, Mark Kinser and Doug Wolfgang as the only drivers to win 100 races or more.

Super DIRTcar Series

With Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals upon us, the stars of the Big-Block Modifieds from the Super DIRTcar Series will make the trek south to compete in front of thousands of fans.

Matt Sheppard, driver of the No. 9s Big-Block Modified, comes into the Bad Boy Off Road World Finals recording 10 wins, 19 top-five finishes and 20 top-10s out of 24 races. Sheppard is ahead of five-time NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week winner Stewart Friesen by 218 points.

The battle for the top five in the end-of-year point standings is where it really heats up. Only 11 points separate fifth-place Jimmy Phelps, sixth-place Brett Hearn and seventh-place Larry Wight.

Qualifying for Friday and Saturday's main events begins Thursday, Oct. 27th at 5:00pm. Friday Oct. 28th will include the first round of feature races, and Saturday, Oct. 29th will feature the final races for the 2016 season, after which three 2016 Champions will be crowned.

Tickets for the Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals can be purchased through the Charlotte Motor Speedway website, by calling: 1 (800) 455-FANS (3267), or through the ticket booths located at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

For the first time at the Dirt Track at Charlotte, children under 17 will be allowed in the pit area. Minors will be required to have a Charlotte Motor Speedway waiver signed by both parents or guardians in order to enter the pit area with a regularly priced pit pass. Please note that if both parents are not present at the event, the waiver must be completed in advance, signed by both parents or guardians and notarized.


Rick Eckert Joins Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame

Will be officially inducted in August 2017

CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 21, 2016 - Preceding the 36th Annual Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship presented by Optima at Portsmouth Raceway Park (Ohio), the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame announced its Class of 2017. Of the eight drivers graced with the honor, World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series pioneer "Scrub" Rick Eckert was one of them.

"I already knew I was old, but it makes you feel even older," joked Eckert, receiving the call from founder Bill Holder in late September. "It's an honor. I was shocked [Bill] called me. I'm not going to lie to you; I never really thought about being in the Hall of Fame, you know? It does make you look back at things - the good things."

The York, Pa. native was born into racing. His father, Ervin "Junior" Eckert, raced dirt Late Models locally as a hobby. Selinsgrove Speedway, the track that led to his dad's induction into the York County Hall of Fame in 1999, was also where Eckert shared his love for the sport. In 2011, he too was inducted into the county's hall of fame, winning four annual awards in the process.

Eckert's first-ever ride was a Figure-Eight car, in which he competed at Trailway Speedway in Hanover, Pa. He competed for a year in the track's division. Thereon, he competed in Street Stocks until he found himself behind the wheel of a Late Model in 1984 as a high school senior.

Returning to the track that carried the family legacy, Eckert won two races and finished fourth in points that year. With strides of success, he eventually competed nationally on two tours (Renegade STARS and Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series) before joining the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series. As part of the series, he returned to Selinsgrove, establishing the Late Model track record of 18.848 on October 6, 2012.

Notably, Eckert owes his stardom to two invaluable intangibles - relationships and fully immersing himself in the industry. Coming from a multi-generational racing family, Eckert learned at a young age how to turn wrenches. In his career, he never considered a "hands-off" approach.

"It's funny when you're at the races and you just worked day and night all week for the three days you might have been home, and you get to the race track and you get, 'What did you do all week?'" Eckert said. "It's like, 'Man, I wish I could tell you.' There're just a lot of hours put into being a racer that are hands-on. I think that's what helps me."

Between his grit and all the grime, Eckert was one of the original 12 members to resurrect the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series under the World Racing Group banner. Eckert said he remembers the 2004 meeting in which the idea to revitalize the series - first starting in 1988 - progressed into a series that is now steadily in its 12th year.

As part of the series, building relationships paid dividends for Eckert, who has consistently finished in the top five in points in all but two seasons. This includes a series championship in 2011, for which he credits his successes to his crew members and car owners. "If you weren't with the right people, no one would ever hear of you," said Eckert.

"It takes a lot of people to be in the hall of fame," Eckert said. "It took a lot great people for me to get there, including my mechanics, crew chiefs and all those people. It also took a lot of driving time up and down the road."

Eckert first got support from car owner Raye Vest before fielding his own team for a couple of years - including a brief stint wheeling Mark Richards' house-car in 2014. Currently, Paul Crowl is the car owner of the No. 7 Monumental Paving & Excavating/ P&J Contracting Longhorn machine. Eckert said Crowl understands what it takes to be successful, and with the help from his only mechanic Bob Miller, the trio is putting together another top-five season for Eckert.

"He has a great attitude, he's well-spoken, he's appreciative of everything..." said Crowl, rifling on what makes Eckert the dream driver for any car owner. "Not to forget his work ethic and ability to fabricate everything he needs to take care of fans and sponsors. I just can't express enough how great of a guy he is. It doesn't matter if it's a fan coming by, the guy has time. His attitude is second to none. He's a man of his word, and he does it with less help than anybody. Rick really does it all. He really does."

Eckert has the support of his team and his fans, but through his 30-plus years of racing, family has always been his foundation. He said his wife Kristal and his daughter Courtney have made the worst days in racing his best days, and the best days even better.

"I always wanted to be a race car driver as a kid, and I got to do it this long, so that's a plus," Eckert said. "I can't say [the Hall of Fame] was ever really a goal. I just raced to race. I love racing, so this is just an extra perk. It's really something special."

Eckert, along with the other seven honorees, will be inducted next August at Florence Speedway in Union, Ky. before the Sunoco Race Fuels North-South 100.


Twice As Nice: Moyer Jr. Dominates at Selinsgrove

Records second career series win

Sept. 4, 2016 - Billy Moyer Jr. put together a dominant Craftsman Club® Feature Sunday night, winning the 18th Annual Jeff's Auto Body and Recycling Center Late Model National Open at Selinsgrove Speedway. The World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series Rookie of the Year Contender not only earned the $8,000 purse, but also his second series win of his career.

The Batesville, Ark. native put together his second consecutive podium finish, and doubled-up on his wins this season within a one-month span. He currently leads the Rookie of the Year standings, and with the win he further strengthened his resume toward achieving the honor. He now has one final hurdle in late-October - the prized Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte (N.C.).

"We earned this one," said Moyer, thanking the fans. "There was some competition. I just want to belong on a national tour. I'm not on Josh [Richards'] or [Shane] Clanton's level. Hopefully we can keep-on and catch them. It's fun to race with all the guys you look up to like [Rick] Eckert - the guys I grew up watching. Those guys show me a lot of respect, and I do the best I can to show it back. I've never won in Pennsylvania so this is pretty cool. I sound like a broken record but I mean everything I say."

Moyer said his good fortune came in the redraw, where he pulled-out the starting spot for a feature set for 40 laps. Leading the 24-car field into the green flag, Moyer established his dominance early in his No. 21JR Crop Production Services/ Karl Performance Moyer/ Victory racecar. Within the first 10 laps, he ultimately increased his lead to 3.189 seconds over Eckert.

One battle that stood out in the field was between Eric Wells and hometown hero Jim Yoder for the final podium spot. This battle started early with neither of them giving ground. Yoder eventually made the pass, but the two stayed within .300 seconds of each other for the majority of the race.

The top five - Jeff Rine filled the last spot in the group - remained the same following the race's first caution on lap 8. After the restart, the front began to separate.
Moyer led by as many as 4.712 seconds with 17 laps remaining. Yoder, who was in third, fell 9.156 seconds behind the leader - nearly five seconds behind Eckert.
The suspense began to build when Eckert was gaining ground two laps later in his No 7 Monumental Paving & Excavating/ P-J Contracting Co Longhorn car; Moyer hit lapped traffic which slowed him down. Eckert, with approximately the same advantage over Yoder, diminished Moyer's lead down to .973 seconds with seven laps left in the feature.

The climax of the race subsequently fell at the drop of the white flag. The race's second and final caution created a green-white-checkered scenario; in turn, the race was extended to 41 laps. The field regrouped single-file, offering a chance for Eckert to get his second win of the season and for Wells to reclaim his podium position.
"No, it really wasn't [a chance]," said Eckert, chuckling. "We were a half of a corner away, and he was better. But he was going flat and I could see that during the caution. He wasn't spinning as much as I was, but I was too bald to race him. We're just happy to end it in second. We really needed that. We'll build on it. Billy: good job."

As for Wells, he managed to pass Yoder in his No. 18 Will Kinzer Foundation for Autism Research/ Allstar Performance Longhorn machine. Rounding out the podium, Wells earned his fifth top five finish of the season. Earlier in the night, he won his sixth heat race of the season and was fastest in his qualifying group with a 19.989.

"Yeah, [Yoder] was a little better than us, but he slipped-up in the rubber there on [turn] two," said Wells, listing the night's accomplishments. "Finished third, won a heat tonight and a got the fast time in our group...we'll take it. I'm just happy with what we have and we're closer than what we were."

Feature (40 laps):
1. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr. [1] [$9,095]; 2. 7- Rick Eckert [2] [$4,800]; 3.18- Eric Wells [4] [$3,400]; 4. 27- Jim Yoder [5] [$2,900]; 5. 0- Coleby Frye [7] [$2,000]; 6. 91- Tyler Erb [9] [$2,300]; 7. 14m- Morgan Bagley [11] [$2,150]; 8. 1*- Chub Frank [24] [$1,850]; 9. 2x- Steve Campbell [12] [$1,200]; 10. 1s- Gary Stuhler [17] [$1,100]; 11. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr. [18] [$1,600]; 12. 25- Shane Clanton [3] [$1,600]; 13. 1- Josh Richards [21] [$1,500]; 14. 2c- Joey Coulter [14] [$850]; 15. 99B- Boom Briggs [20] [$800]; 16. 76- Brandon Overton [23] [$1,250]; 17. 2J- Jeff Rine [6] [$660]; 18. C9- Steve Casebolt [19] [$1,190]; 19. 3- Tim Wilson [22] [$620]; 20. 119B- Bryan Bernheisel [13] [$600]; 21. 4s- Danny Snyder [10] [$600]; 22. 1v- Jeremy Miller [16] [$600]; 23. 4-D’s- Chad Hollenbeck [15] [$600]; 24. 88- Tony Adams [8] [$600]

Point Standings as of September 4
1. Josh Richards 5260
2. Shane Clanton 4990
3. Rick Eckert  4888
4. Brandon Overton 4688
5. Billy Moyer Jr. 4630
6. Steve Casebolt 4550
6. Chub Frank 4550
8. Brian Shirley 4548
9. Frank Heckenast Jr. 4504
9. Eric Wells 4504


Out of this World: Mars wins at Lernerville's Working Man

Bagley records his second top five performance of 2016

SARVER, Pa. - Sept. 3, 2016 - Jimmy Mars won the Working Man finale Saturday night at Lernerville Speedway. Mars started third in the 75-lap Craftsman Club® Feature, ultimately earning the $20,000 purse for the weekend.

"It's awesome to be back at Lernerville," Mars said. "We don't get to race as much as we want to right now. Things are going good, and I have so many people to thank. We have a lot of great people behind us. Everything worked great."

Mars' last World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series victory came on July 2014.  In a seven-caution spectacular, Mars fought a stout group of series regulars. Three-time Series Champion Josh Richards, who was seeking his record-breaking 18th win of the season, swiftly led the 24-car field in the beginning laps of the race from fourth.

Richards led 64 laps of the main event, while the rest of the top five relentlessly battled for a chance to take on the red-hot driver out of Shinnston, W.V. Early on, it was Mars. Mars maintained a half-second behind Richards for the first eight laps. Thereon, he funneled back to as far as fourth place.

Mars' greatest battle was between defending series champion Shane Clanton. Clanton, who overtook Mars on lap 67, began to trade third and fourth position with Mars. The Menomonie, Wisc. native solidified third on a lap 45 restart. Thereon, he looked toward 2011 series champion Rick Eckert for second place. Eckert earned one of the two $2,500-to-win qualifying features earlier in the weekend.

With 28 laps remaining, Mars passed Eckert for second. Meanwhile, 2013 Rookie of the Year runner-up Morgan Bagley moved into fourth position - knocking on the door of his second top five performance of the season.

The pivotal moment in the race came on lap 11. Richards, who was weaving through lapped traffic and building his lead over Mars, made contact with one of the cars. His car suffered a right-front flat tire, essentially giving Mars the go-ahead for the lead.

"Yeah, that was too bad for Josh," Mars said. "It's tough in lapped traffic, you know?  That stuff just happens, and it sucks. I've been in that position before. For the last few laps before that I'd say Josh and I were both saving our tires a little bit, and the bottom had a lot of moisture. I don't know what he had for tires, but our car worked great. So I was patient in the beginning, fell back there a little bit, and then I was there at the end."

On the restart, Bagley catapulted his No. 14M Gotta Race Apparel/  P-W Sales Black Diamond car into second place. Bagley was able to diminish Mars' lead to 1.258 seconds with four laps to go, but ended up losing a half-second by the time he hit the checkers. Billy Moyer Jr., whose last top five finish came on August 13, squeaked into the final podium spot over Eckert.

Bagley's second place finish was his best of the season. He finished third earlier in the season at Tyler County Speedway (W.V.) on May 29. Mars said the last laps of the race were suspenseful with Bagley on his tail. With Mars "overshooting the corner a couple of times in turn one," it lent enough room for Bagley to make a last-ditch effort.

 "[Our season] is definitely headed in the right direction," Bagley said. "I'll tell you, we've been really working hard all year trying stuff. I mean, we're just really getting back to standard. We're just trying to keep our program up to par, get our cars better. Jimmy was good. Hats off to them. They had the car to beat. We got into [turn] one and two a little better than him. I just ran out of track there. We were going to give him hell and try something."

Moyer Jr., who leads the Rookie of the Year standings, recorded his fifth top five performance of 2016.  Moyer started 12th in the Craftsman Club® feature, and he credits his tires for his strong charge to the podium.

"We came in, changed tires and the car to make it a little better," Moyer said. "We just really weren't good at the beginning. Early on, I sometimes don't drive very well sideways with the wheel-spin like a lot of these guys. I thought we had a flat there and changed tires. It helped. This Billy Moyer car has been really good lately. Thanks to all the fans. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be out here."

Mike Norris, a hometown Sarver, Pa. native, rounded-out the top five. Norris finished second in his qualifying feature on Friday.

Feature (75 laps): 1.28m- Jimmy Mars [3] [$20,900]; 2. 14m- Morgan Bagley [5] [$11,425]; 3. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr [12] [$6,350]; 4. 7- Rick Eckert [8] [$7,300]; 5. 72- Mike Norris [7] [$4,700]; 6. 18- Eric Wells [14] [$3,550]; 7. 72c- Jason Covert [21] [$2,150]; 8. 1- Josh Richards [4] [$5,200]; 9. 25- Shane Clanton [6] [$3,150]; 10. 10- Alex Ferree [16] [$2,025]; 11. 44s- Dave Hess Jr. [19] [$1,900]; 12. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr. [2] [$2,850]; 13. 99B- Boom Briggs [20] [$1,650]; 14. C9- Steve Casebolt [17] [$2,075]; 15. 91- Tyler Erb [10] [$2,200]; 16. 1*- Chub Frank [9] [$2,150]; 17. 2c- Joey Coulter [22] [$1,175]; 18. 14- Dan Angelicchio [18] [$1,250]; 19. 93- Donald Bradsher [23] [$1,150]; 20. H1- Jared Miley [11] [$1,400]; 21. 76- Brandon Overton [15] [$1,825]; 22. 4T8- John Flinner Jr. [13] [$1,300]; 23. 111- Matt Lux [24] [$1,150]; 24. 3s- Brian Shirley [1] [$2,700]

1. Josh Richards 5136
2. Shane Clanton 4864
3. Rick Eckert 4742
4. Brandon Overton 4570
5. Brian Shirley  4488
6. Billy Moyer Jr. 4480
7. Steve Casebolt 4436
8. Chub Frank 4416
9. F. Heckenast Jr. 4376
10. Eric Wells 4360


Outlaws Oust the Field at Lernerville

Eckert and Richards win their qualifying features

SARVER, Pa. - Sept. 2, 2016 - Rick Eckert and Josh Richards each led their qualifying features to the checkers Friday night, sharing victory lane for the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series' opening night of Working Man weekend presented by GottaRace.com at Lernerville Speedway.

In a new format, two qualifying heats decided the eight drivers who transfer to Saturday's Craftsman Club® Feature. Four drivers from each qualifying feature will transfer to Saturday's 75-lap finale. Both Eckert and Richards earned $2,500 for their wins for the qualifying features.

The drivers that transfer from the first qualifying feature include: Brian Shirley, Frank Heckenast Jr. and Morgan Bagley. Those qualifying from the second qualifying feature include: Mike Norris, Jimmy Mars and Shane Clanton.

A redraw in Saturday's program will determine where the eight drivers will start in the feature. Of the eight transfer spots, six of them were solidified by series regulars; Norris, who was one of the two non-series competitors, hails from Sarver, Pa.

In the first qualifying feature, Shirley led a 17-car field into the green flag. Through two cautions that occurred within the first six laps, Shirley maintained a comfortable lead. This was the case until lap 15 when Shirley began losing his commanding lead. Eckert, who briefly dropped back from starting third, redeemed his position on the podium. Within the next few laps, he wedged himself into second. He then proceeded to chip away at Shirley's lead.

With four laps remaining and the rest of the field more than three seconds back, Eckert made a successful move on Shirley with his No. 7 Monumental Paving & Excavating/ P-J Contracting Co. Longhorn machine. He ended up winning by a 0.951 margin. Heckenast, who rounded-out the podium, finished more than five seconds behind the duo.

"I talked to Mark Richards about tires and he said we should've put a harder right-rear tire on, so we did," said Eckert, a York, Pa. native. "Everyone else in the field didn't, and I was a sitting duck there in the beginning. I thought I was in trouble but I got a bunch of great help. Once I got the tires going we were pretty good. Tomorrow night we're going to be standing here."

In the second qualifying feature of the program, Richards' No. 1 Valvoline/ Seubert Calf Ranches Rocket car led the 16-car field into the green flag. Though Richards had not been challenged the entire 25 laps, those behind him frequently swapped spots - mainly Norris and Rookie of the Year Contender Tyler Erb.
Though Erb passed Norris for the runner-up spot with 13 laps remaining, Norris was able to contest for it with four laps remaining. In a side-by-side spectacular, Erb made contact with the front-stretch wall. Norris recaptured second place to finish where he started. Erb fell back to fifth, leaving room for Mars to round-out the podium.

"We did what we needed to do tonight, starting up front," Richards said. "I really didn't know where to run on the track. We had the lead early, and I knew second place changed around a few times. I tried to move around, and the car has been really good. I think we need to tweak it a little bit for tomorrow. The guys did a great job, and we'll take it."

Earlier in the night, Richards scored his 10th fast time of the season - double his amount from 2015.

World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series Statistical Report; September 2, 2016; Lernerville Speedway; Sarver, Pa.

Qualifying Feature No. 1 (25 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. 7- Rick Eckert [3] [$2,500]; 2. 3s- Brian Shirley [1]; 3. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr. [2]; 4. 14M- Morgan Bagley [11]; 5. 1*- Chub Frank [5]; 6. H1- Jared Miley [7]; 7. 4T8- John Flinner Jr. [10]; 8. 76- Brandon Overton [9]; 9. 14- Dan Angelicchio [4]; 10. 20- Michael Davis [12]; 11. 10L- Gary Lyle [15]; 12. 00- Josh Holtgraver [14]; 13. W3- John Weaver [16]; 14. 33x- Greg Beach [17]; 15. 84- Andrew Wylie [13]; 16. 72c- Jason Covert [6]; 17. 111- Matt Lux [8]

Qualifying Feature No. 2 (25 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. 1- Josh Richards [1]; 2. 72- Mike Norris [2]; 3. 28M- Jimmy Mars [7]; 4. 25- Shane Clanton [6]; 5. 91- Tyler Erb [3]; 6. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr. [4]; 7. 18- Eric Wells [8]; 8. 10- Alex Ferree [11]; 9. 44s- Dave Hess Jr. [5]; 10. C9- Steve Casebolt [10]; 11. 99B- Boom Briggs [9]; 12. 2c- Joey Coulter [13]; 13. 93- Donald Bradsher [15]; 14. 29s- Ken Schaltenbrand Jr. [14]; 15. 61- Joe Martin [12]; 16. 66- Todd Bachman

Qualifying Group A: 1. 3s, 15.392; 2. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr., 15.726; 3. 7- Rick Eckert, 15.757; 4. 14- Dan Angelicchio, 15.793; 5. 1*- Chub Frank, 15.816; 6.72c- Jason Covert, 15.817; 7. H1- Jared Miley, 15.821; 8. 111- Matt Lux, 15.910;  9. 76- Brandon Overton, 15.936; 10. 4T8- John Flinner Jr., 15.953; 11. 14M- Morgan Bagley, 16.038; 12. 20- Michael Davis, 16.099; 13. 84- Andrew Wylie, 16.330; 14. Josh Holtgraver, 16.365; 15. 10L- Gary Lyle, 16.915; 16. W3- John Weaver, 17.210; 17. 33x- Greg Beach, 17.679

Qualifying Group B: 1. 1- Josh Richards, 15.378; 2. 72- Mike Norris, 15.417; 3. 91- Tyler Erb, 15.492; 4. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr., 15.542; 5. 44s- Dave Hess Jr., 15.547; 6. 25- Shane Clanton, 15.571; 7. 28- Jimmy Mars, 15.674; 8. 18- Eric Wells, 15.721; 9. 99B- Boom Briggs, 15.757; 10. C9- Steve Casebolt, 15.769; 11. 10- Alex Ferree, 15.850; 12. 61- Joe Martin, 15.902; 13. 2c- Joey Coulter, 16.104; 14. 29s- Ken Schaltenbrand Jr., 16.138; 15. 93- Donald Bradsher, 16.172; 16. 66- Todd Bachman




















































































2016 Points
Sept. 4
1. Josh Richards 5260
2. Shane Clanton 4990
3. Rick Eckert  4888
4. Brandon Overton 4688
5. Billy Moyer Jr. 4630
6. Steve Casebolt 4550
6. Chub Frank 4550
8. Brian Shirley 4548
9. F. Heckenast Jr. 4504
9. Eric Wells 4504
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