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Weekly Racing Resumes at Volusia Speedway Park

CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 25, 2016 - DIRTcar Racing is proud to announce Volusia Speedway Park will be resuming weekly racing in 2016. VSP Racing, LLC and DIRTcar Racing have come to an agreement to finish out the 2016 racing season.

Racing action is scheduled to resume Friday, November 18 with an open practice for all divisions, and a full racing program on Saturday, November 19 that will include Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Thunderstocks, and Gladiators.

VSP Racing, LLC is newly founded and owned by John Allen of De Leon Springs, Florida. Allen has been a sponsor at the track for the past three years and is thrilled at the new opportunity.

"Everyone at VSP Racing, LLC cannot thank World Racing Group enough for this opportunity to finish out the 2016 racing season," said Allen. "We also cannot thank Gary Risch and Tom Deery from World Racing Group enough for this opportunity, because the deal was done on such short notice to bring the track back to life."

Other racing action for 2016 will include racing dates on November 26, December 3, and December 10, which would conclude the 2016 racing action.

With the track re-opening in November, VSP Racing, LLC points for all racing divisions are now final per the old schedule (final points race was October 29). The Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series will still run the remaining two events, and details for those events will be announced in the near future.

The track is still owned by DIRTcar Racing, who takes over operations annually in January and February for the DIRTcar Nationals, which includes racing action from DIRTcar Racing, the Super DIRTcar Series, the Artic Cat All Stars, the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series, and the World of Outlaw Craftsman Late Model Series.


World Short Track Champions Head to Victory Lane

The 3-day inaugural event wraps up with nine division champs

CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 22, 2016 - The first-ever World Short Track Championship came to a close on Saturday night with the "crowning" of nine division champions, but the big win went to all of the 325 weekly drivers as the dirt racing family reunion brought them all to center stage, resulting in a father/son duo in Victory Lane in the Pro Modified division, a two-brother duo in Victory Lane in the Monster Mini-Stock class, and a father/son baton passing on the Pro Sprint side.
"I've been coming here since '07, and I'm bringing my young'un here now and trying to get him going, so we're having fun at it," said Pro Modified driver Buck Stevens referring to his son Greyson. "He's 15 years old and has been racing Modifieds since he was 13. He knows what he can do and can't do, and he's still learning. He's very consistent, and he's really smooth out there - a lot more smooth than I am. I never claim to be a race car driver; I just do it for fun. "
Saturday racing action began with the 8-lap 360 Sprints Scramble, pushed to Saturday from Friday's schedule. Trey Starks took a strong lead from the green, lapping Michael Miller to the checkers with Westbrook and Lance Moss in second and third respectively.                    
Also from Friday's Schedule, the Hoosier Racing Tire Pro Modified 15-lap Feature saw Sladen Parson leading all the way through from lap one, with Stevens and Steels battling for second. In Lap 11, Sladen Parson avoided a collision with Jeff Parsons, who spun out in front of him as he overheated with just four laps to go. Sladen Parson took home the win with Steele in second after the restart.                         
Eric Boozel was the star of the Gotta Race FWD Hornet 15-lap Friday Feature, with Casey Shane and Andrew Smith putting on a tough battle for second after Shannon Barnhill spun out, overheating in Lap 8. Jonathan Sarratt put up a solid fight, but missed out on the trip to Victory Lane.
Championship Features:
Fox Racing Shox Pro Late Models
The First Championship Feature on the schedule, the Fox Racing Shox Late Model 30-lap Feature, went to Corey Gordon, followed by Donald Bradsher and Kyle Bronson.
"It's awesome to win the first World Short Track Championship," said Gordon, driver of the 23 car. "I mean I'm really honestly speechless right now. I had a really good car, and I can't thank everyone enough that I had out here:  my mom, my dad, my crew chief. I mean this thing was just fun to drive. I just had to get in there and hold the steering wheel, and it drove by itself. Hats off to everybody out here that put on this show. To have 300-plus cars out here for the first year is amazing - and 65 crates - and to come out number one, that's even better."
With Cordon and Bradsher holding first and second, this race was a battle for third, and an impressive display of hard charging by Ross Bailes and Walker Arthur.
Gordon held the lead for the first 19 laps of the race, with Bradsher in close second. Behind them, the battle ensued, with Ryan Atkins and Kyle Bronson challenging Brandon Overton for third. After a caution on Timbo Mangum's T1 car, Overton stole second from Bradsher with 12 laps to go. But Bradsher wasn't having it. Another caution in lap 19 allowed him to charge forward, taking back second and continuing on to take the lead from Gordon. Gordon took it back in lap 20, but the two stayed neck in neck entering lap 21.
Meanwhile, behind them Bailes, who started in position 16, took third from Overton. And Arthur Walker, who started in position 20, jumped to five. Gordon pulled ahead, and for a moment Bailes challenged Bradsher for second as Overton fell back, leaving an opening for Bronson. Gordon and Bradsher maintained a strong lead over the pack into the checkers, with Bronson rounding out the top three.  
Summit Racing UMP Modifieds
Kyle Strickler, driver of the 8S, led all 30 laps of the Summit Racing UMP Modified Feature.
"This means a lot to me," said Strickler, "especially in front of all of my fans. I've been through some hard times, and this makes it all better. Nothing is better than winning in front of all of your sponsors and your family. I have my 7-week little boy here, so this is absolutely awesome. You can't ask for any more here."
Behind Strickler, a persistent battle for second and third ensued. Kenny Wallace lost his number two spot to Taylor Cook, and then the number three spot to Nick Hoffman in lap nine. In lap 12, Hoffman charged past Cook on a restart, stealing second; but a multicar collision called for a reset. This didn't stop Hoffman, who executed a replay, taking second again on the restart, but it just didn't hold; Cook took back second. In lap 15, Hoffman took it back again. A caution on Mike Learman in lap 18, however, forced another restart, upon which David Stremme broke the pattern, bumping Cook as he moved into third. Another restart, with only five laps to go, and the battle between Stremme and Hoffman was on. They exchanged positions, and back again, with Stremme pushing on Hoffman in lap 29 to take second into the final lap.
VP Racing Fuels Sportsman Modifieds
The VP Racing Fuels Sportsman Modified 30-lap feature experienced a complete reshuffle as Ronnie Davis took home first, up from position four; Brad Rouse took home second, up from position nine; and Danny Gagne, who started in position one, came in third.
"It might be one of the biggest wins to be out here in North Carolina," said Davis. "It's definitely a fun track and one of my favorites now. It's really really good to get a win here."
Davis took the lead early, in lap six, after passing Mike Stacey for second in lap three. Meanwhile, Rouse pushed up to four by lap three. In lap seven, Davis broadened his lead as Stacey and Gagne duked it out for second. But Rouse keep pushing on. By lap 13, Rouse was in second with quite a bit of air both in front of him, where Davis kept a strong lead, and behind, where Gagne and Stacey pushed on with Brianna Ladouceur on their tail. Five laps later, Ladouceur passed Stacey and was on Gagne, fighting for third.
Meanwhile, out in front, Davis hit traffic, but Rouse just couldn't close that gap. He cut it down a bit in lap 23, but not enough before he, too, hit lap traffic. The drivers held their positions for the remaining seven laps.
Earlier in the day, David Schilling won the first VP Racing Fuels Sportsman Modified Last Chance Showdown to transfer into the feature with Nick Guererri, Eric Giguere, and Kevin Chaffee. And Chris Cunningham won the second Last Chance Showdown to transfer with Adam Pierson, Adam Hilton, and Kole Holden.

COMP Cams 360 Sprints
Trey Starks, winner of the 360 Sprints Scramble, held the lead for all 25 laps of the COMP Cams 360 Sprint Feature. For him, this race was a great way to test and adjust to the track in preparation for next week's Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals.
"I know this event will be pretty big in the upcoming years, so it's really cool to get the first one," said Starks. "Hopefully, these are laps in the bank for next week. This was not only a race we wanted to come to win, but it was a pretty big test session for next week. We will see pretty similar conditions with a decent amount of cars next weekend, and so we got the notebook stacked up for next weekend. Even though it is a 360 [Sprint car], we learned a few things that we can probably use on the 410."
Behind Starks, Dylan Westbrook held second for all 25 laps as well. The real battle was for third.
Terry Gray, determined to see Victory Lane, pushed past Glen Styres and Lance Moss, not once but twice after a reset. The top three created a good deal of distance between them and the remaining cars, and it looked like the race was sealed halfway through, but ... this is dirt racing. In lap 16, Gray met misfortune and slowed in turn two. The 11-time USCS champion went off to the pits, looking like he was out for the night; but waving off the restart, he was back out to battle - at the tail end, of course, with Scott Hunter behind him.
Back in front, Starks held his lead after avoiding Tanner Witherspoon in a turn four spin out.
Starks hit lap traffic in Lap 11. Westbrook continued to hold second, and Styres took third from Moss in lap 19. The three raced into the checkers.
Chevy Performance Pro Sprints
With only six cars in the Chevy Performance Pro Sprint Feature, drivers had a 50/50 chance to get to Victory Lane. Kevin Atkins held the lead in his 36A car for all 15 laps. Scott Hull charged up from fourth in his 36 car on a restart. And Zane DeVault maintained third after losing second to Hull.
"It just worked out for us," said Atkins. "We are a long way from home, so that's a good way for us to end our year. I couldn't ask for anything better. It's really special to me because this is probably my last race ever. I'm hanging it up more than likely, so to end it like this is the way to do it."
Meanwhile, as Atkins hangs up his hat, Hall is passing the baton on to his son. He built the 36 car for his son, who wasn't quite ready for the race this weekend. But his son will be back next year - in the 36 car.
"We built this car for my son," said Hall. "He's 15 years old, and I didn't think he was ready to come down here, so I jumped back in the car. This is a great place. I think next year we'll bring him down. We'll get a whole season in with him next year, and hopefully he'll be ready to come down here. An event like this for a class like this is fantastic. A lot of local guys who don't have a boat-load of money come down here to gain some exposure, and to have it on DIRTVision is awesome! I just think it's a really positive deal for the sport."
Hoosier Racing Tire Pro Modifieds
The Hoosier Racing Tire Pro Modified Feature was riddled with multi-car crashes and restarts, but ended with a fitting family reunion in Victory Lane as Buck Stevens and Greyson Stevens, father and son, took first and third respectively.  
"By the good Lord above I redrew the pole and my young'un drew the third spot," said Buck Stevens. "You know, that's my boy, and we were able to finish like that. I can't thank everybody here enough - the race track and World Racing Group and everybody who put this stuff together. This is awesome. I mean, this is a dream come true. Honestly, dude, I mean my kid to run up here like that... that's sweet."
Buck Stevens took the lead from third right from the start and held it for the 25 laps of the Hoosier Racing Tire Pro Modified Feature, while Benji Hicks held second. Behind them Greyson Stevens took third from Chris Steele in lap five. Steele tried to take back third through the next few laps, and again on a restart in lap 12, but just couldn't catch him. Buck Stevens, Benji Hicks and Greyson Stevens held the top three spots through the remaining 13 laps.
DRIVEN Racing Oil Crate Sportsman
Mitchell Duvall, starting in fifth, led wire to wire through the 20-lap DRIVEN Racing Oil Crate Sportsman Feature.
"It's the biggest win of my career," said Duvall. "I'm kind of surprised that I won something like this. I really wanted to win because my dad never won here, and I thought about it today. We started fifth and caught a break on the start and got to the lead. We're very fortunate. They said they are going to be here next year, and we will be back. I've never seen nothing like [the pits] in my life with 320 cars. This is the biggest thing I've ever been to. Its surreal."
Second place, originally held by Damon Crump, fell to Jamie Reid in lap five, after Crump made contact with another car and headed to the infield. Ben Watkins took the number two spot from Reid entering lap seven, with Greene vying for third and taking it entering lap 10. A number of restarts throughout the next five laps saw Tyler Love coming up from position nine to challenge Greene for third.
Quarter Master Monster Mini-Stocks
The 20-lap Quarter Master Monster Mini-Stock Feature resulted in another family reunion in Victory Lane, with brothers Austin and Justin Mintz in first and second respectively, in what turned out to be a most exciting and surprising race. Suffice it to say, Austin Mintz started in position 25 and went on to win the race.
Brayden Pruitt started in the lead, with Justin Mintz charging up from position five to second in lap two, and taking the lead in lap five. Pruitt took it back in lap six. Mintz again in lap seven. And finally, in lap 11, Pruitt is off the pace and into the pits.
The restart, with nine laps to go had Justin Mintz in the lead with Jammie Mattison and Travis Sharpe behind him. But Austin Mintz had been on the move and was already in position seven. And he continued his charge, battling Sharpe with a couple of exchanges.
On a lap 16 restart Austin Mintz stole second: Justin Mintz, Austin Mintz, Mattison, Sharpe, Walker. Another restart gave Austin Mintz the opportunity to finish his full field charge. He failed, but got a second opportunity with trouble in turn two. Entering into lap 18, Austin Mintz took the lead and the win, with his brother Justin behind him and Mattison in third.
Earlier in the day two 8-lap Last Chance Showdowns went to Tim Bristol and Stewart Wilson, who transferred into the Feature with Kyle Cooper and Kevin Kelly. Hard charging Marcus Thompson came up one spot short.
Gotta Race FWD Hornets
 Not too far off from the FWD Hornet Friday Feature, the Gotta Race FWD Hornet Championship Feature had Andrew Smith and Eric Boozel at the helm for all 15 laps.
"This is pretty special," said Smith. "I used to asphalt race a lot, and I've run legends across the street. I think I've stood on this same stage over there, and to come back and do it on dirt is big. This is big for FWD racing, too. It's good to be here on this big stage and to make a name for this small division.."
Adam Reseigh and Justin Stephens battled for third, swapping positions before a lap three restart. Boozel went after Smith in lap 8, and stayed on his tail through the next few laps, but just couldn't take him. Smith to the checkers with Boozel and Stephens behind him. Once again, Jonathan Sarratt fell just short of Victory Lane.
Also of note are the winners of the All Star Invitationals: Super 6 Dylan Brown took the Pro Late Models All Star; Danny Gagne took the NE Modified All Star with Greg Martin, Brad Rouse behind him after Louie Jackson Jr fell out in the last lap; and the UMP Modified All Star went to Evan Taylor leading Derrick Ramey and Taylor Cook.
The World Short Track Championship will be back next year, around the same time.
"It means a lot," said Pro Late Model driver Donald Bradsher. "It gives a lot of grassroots racers an opportunity to come here and run at Charlotte. Most guys never get to come here. They just dream about it. But I think, all in all, it was a great success. To have more than 300 cars here for the first year, it went really well. The weather has been great. I'd love to see it come back next year. You know, I think they hit the nail on the head here this weekend."


Over 300 Cars Come Out for Night One of OneDirt World Short Track Championship

CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 20, 2016 - Night one of the OneDirt World Short Track Championship drew to a close at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway at 10pm. Over 300 entries across nine divisions showed up for the opening night hot laps of the inaugural 3-day event.

Under a warmer than usual fall evening in Concord, North Carolina, the first-ever OneDirt World Short Track Championship kicked off with a night of rotating hot laps. Logging nearly 3,000 laps at the Dirt Track at Charlotte over the course of three-and-half hours were: 53 FOX Racing Shox Pro Late Models, 36 VP Racing Fuel Sportsman Modifieds, 37 Summit Racing UMP Modifieds, 24 DRIVEN Racing Oil Crate Sportsmans, 19 GottaRace Hornets, 5 Chevrolet Performance Pro Sprint Cars, 38 QuarterMaster Monster Minis, 27 Hoosier Tire Pro Modifieds, and 21 Comp Cam 360 Sprint Cars.

"The track is awesome tonight," said Johnny Petrozelle, driver of the No.59 Comp Cams 360 Sprint Car. "It's good and heavy, and looks like it's slicking off. We just made a couple of adjustments [before heading back out there], but it's fun to be here at Charlotte. It's the first time we've been here in the 360s, and we look forward to coming back next year already."

Several drivers compared the OneDirt World Short Track Championship to their Super Bowl, their Daytona 500. "I've been [to The Dirt at Charlotte] a lot just watching, but now we're in it. It's amazing," said Cody Ussery, driver of the No.00 QuarterMaster Monster Mini.

Racing action continues Friday night with pit gates opening at 12:00 p.m., spectator gates opening at 4:00 p.m., and racing starting at 4:30 p.m. Tickets for the OneDirt World Short Track Championship are available at the ticket booths at the Dirt Track at Charlotte.



HAGERSTOWN, MD: As the 2016 racing season comes to an end, the 3rd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash did not disappoint.  With two, three, even four wide racing in all divisions, the fans attending witnessed another great event of the 2016 season.  A big thank you goes out to McFarland Custom Painting, KRS Graphics, Wrenches and Wreckers, and Iser’s Towing for adding to the event payout.

D.J Troutman set fast time in Friday’s qualifications for the Late Model division, earning him the pole position for the $4000 to win feature and receiving a $50 Fast Time bonus from Iser Towing.  Outside pole sitter Kenny Pettyjohn set a blistering pace at the start of the 40-lap event as Keith “Action” Jackson started his march forward from his 14th starting spot.  Jackson took the lead late in the event and held on to take the win ahead of a strong running Marvin Winters.   

Outside pole sitter Kyle Lee took the win in the 20-lap Late Model Sportsman feature.  After a mechanical failure sidelined pole sitter Ryan Walls, the field was paced to the green by Cam Zeigler and Lee.  Lee would rocket to the lead and was never seriously challenged to take the win ahead of 11th starting Ralph Morgan.

In the Crate division, Allen Brannon jumped to the early lead passing front row starters Ralph Morgan and Steve Lowery.  Brannon and Tyler Bare battled back and forth for most of the event until Bare moved into the lead and held on for the win.  Brannon settled for second.

Ryan Sager and Rob Nichols led the field to the green in the 15-lap Pure Stock event.  Sager took the lead at the start and held on for the win.  Sager was pressured by Keith Koontz and Sean Dawson for the entire event.  Koontz held on for the runner up spot while Dawson ended the event in the 3rd position.

Jamie Mills and Marshall McMullen led the field in the 15-lap Hobby Stocks.  Dylan Rutherford started in the 5th position but moved to the front of the 22 car field holding off a strong running Dustin Proctor from the 14th starting position.

The team cars of Rick Hulson and Jimmy Jessmer Jr. paced the 15-lap E-mod Feature with Hulson taking the lead and holding on to the top spot.  A strong running Jim Bernheisel moved into second from his 4th starting spot and held off Jessmer.

Front row starting Chris Anderson and Ryan Peer showed the way to the green in the 10 lap Rookie Car Feature.  The pair battled early with Anderson winning the event ahead of Josh Ringer.  Steve Martin rounded out the top three.

3rd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash

Late Model 40 Lap Feature: 1.Keith Jackson, 2.Marvin Winters, 3.Chad Hollenbeck, 4.Dylan Yoder, 5.Brian Tavenner, 6.Jason Miller, 7.Kyle Hardy, 8.Kenny Pettyjohn, 9.Bryan Bernheisel, 10.Scott Palmer, 11.Brad Omps, 12.Dan Stone, 13.Matt Cosner, 14.Glenn Elliott, 15.Dan Angelicchio, 16.Jamie Lathroum, 17.Randy Burkholder, 18.D.J. Troutman, 19.Jeremy Miller, 20.Gary Stuhler, 21.Rodney Walls, 22.Reese Masiello, 23.Tim Wilson, 24.Jonathan DeHaven, 25.Michael Steck, 26.Tom Decker III, 27.Tom Decker Jr, 28.Andy Fries

Late Model Sportsman 20-Lap Feature: 1.Kyle Lee, 2.Ralph Morgan Jr., 3.Rodney Walls, 4.Justin Weaver, 5.Mike Walls, 6.James Lichliter, 7.Alan Sagi, 8.Chad Myers, 9.Cam Zeigler, 10.Bob Dunn, 11.Todd Snook, 12.Nathan Lasalle, 13.Tommy Slanker, 14.Buddy Wilson, 15.Ronnie Bottenfield, 16.John Rowland, 17.Gino Comi, 18.Jonathan DeHaven, 19.Ryan Walls, 20.Brayden Anderson, 21.Kerry King

Crate Late Models 20-Lap Feature: 1.Tyler Bare, 2.Allen Brannon, 3.Kyle Lee, 4.Tanner Kerr, 5.Kris Eaton, 6.Ralph Morgan, 7.Devin Brannon, 8.Steve Lowery, 9.Davis Lipscombe, 10.Gunner Kerr, 11.Scott Sweeney, 12.Jennae Piper, 13.Dave Friedrich, 14.Bud Durboraw, 15.Darrel Dow, 16.Carl Vaughn, 17.Levi Crowl, 18.Garret Paugh, 19.Mike Franklin, 20.Logan Roberson, 21.Lindsay Barton

Pure Stock 15-Lap Feature: 1.Ryan Sager, 2.Keith Koontz, 3.Sean Dawson, 4.Jamie Zentmyer, 5.Brandon Churchey, 6.Craig Parrill, 7.Rob Nichols, 8.Jesse Snyder, 9.Nick Dibella, 10.Chris Heller, 11.Frank Dibella, 12.Shane Wilt, 13.R.T. Troutman, 14.Brian Swiger, 15.Zane Weicht, 16.Khi Swanger, 17.Dwayne Snyder, 18.B.J. Jenkins, 19.Jason Sarver

Hobby Stock 15-Lap Feature: 1.Dylan Rutherford, 2.Dustin Proctor, 3.David Gross, 4.Shawn Shoemaker, 5.James Speelman, 6.Tyler Ritchey, 7.Amber Mills, 8.Willie Ling, 9.John Catlett, 10.Joey Harrison, 11.Marshall McMullen, 12.Shyann Bard, 13.Danny Holmes, 14.Rodney Miner, 15.Justin Rosenberger, 16.Kyle Deneen, 17.Jamie Mills, 18.Matt Wampler, 19.Ralph Hansberger, 20.Brandon Inglish, 21.Michael Duck, 22.Bryan Neff

E-Mod 15-Lap Feature: 1.Rick Hulson, 2.Jim Bernheisel, 3.Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 4.Mike Corbin, 5.Alyssa Rowe, 6.James Sparks, 7.Ryne Pennington, 8.Ray Kable, 9.Beau Aikey, 10.Kevin Boyer, 11.Haley Kaiser, 12.Ernie Shirley, 13.Rusty Pennington.

Rookie Cars 10-Lap Feature: 1.Chris Anderson, 2.Josh Ringer, 3.Steve Martin, 4.Steven Martin, 5.Anthony Varner, 6.Paige Mumma, 7.Ryan Peer.


Sheppard Sensational in Dirt Track World Championship  
PORTSMOUTH, OH (October 15, 2016) - Brandon Sheppard charged from the 21st starting position to win his second career Dirt Track World Championship Race at Portsmouth Raceway Park on Saturday night. Sheppard earned a career-best $100,000 as he drove to the victory.
Sheppard was third different leader of the event - taking over the top spot from Josh Richards on lap 72. Richards forged ahead again on lap 73 before Sheppard cleared Richards for good on lap 77, and never looked back in the final Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event of the season. Earl Pearson Jr. charged to second at the finish ahead of Richards, Gregg Satterlee, and Darrell Lanigan.
The 2016 LOLMDS National Champion, Scott Bloomquist, led the first 45 laps of the race until Richards passed him for the lead.   Bloomquist, who came into the event seeking his third straight DTWC win at Portsmouth, fell to second and then six laps later yielded the spot to Sheppard.
Richards appeared to be pulling away from the field as he opened up his lead, but Sheppard slowly started to track down Richards and with 23 laps to go he had taken the lead away from him for the final time.
"I never ran the cushion to get to the front," said the 23-year-old in  Victory Lane, "We had a very good car. We haven't finished a race in four weeks. To come out and get progressively better all weekend and then to get the win in the last Lucas Oil race of the year means the world to me."
"That shows you if I have a good enough race car, then I can make something happen. I have all the respect in the world for Josh and Scott and all of the guys on this tour. We made the right tire call and had our car right all night,." said Sheppard.
"I had a pretty soft left rear tire on. I didn't know if it was going to last the whole time. I was kind of biding my time out there. I was passing guys and I wasn't abusing the tires. I got to second and I was just looking for some brown on the track where I could get some grip. I finally got around Josh, and he folded the nose under. It would have been harder to pass him, if it wasn't for him folding his nose under."
Pearson tried valiantly to catch Sheppard in the closing laps, and settled for second. "For a while, I thought this might be the race of the year. There were four of us battling for the lead. On the restarts, I couldn't do anything with him [Sheppard]. We needed for the race to stay green. Congratulations to Brandon, he did a heck of a good job. What's interesting about the race was that he was on the bottom and I was racing up on the top. Usually it's the other way around."
Richards was looking for his first career DTWC win, but came home in third. "It was definitely the nosepiece that cost us this race. Once it folded back I knew we were in trouble. Brandon did a great job tonight. It was a lot of fun racing with those guys. At the end, I was just holding on for a podium finish. He [Sheppard] is a fellow Rocket driver. He is an awesome kid and driver. He doesn't get enough credit, so it's awesome to see him win."
Completing the top ten were Don O'Neal, Devin Moran, Doug Drown, Tim McCreadie, and Rod Conley.

In preliminary action, Jackie Boggs, Rod Conley, Josh Richards, Scott Bloomquist, Brandon Fouts, Dale McDowell, Rick Eckert, and Nick Hoffman won their respective first round heat races. Doug Drown, Steve Francis, Dale McDowell, Tyler Carpenter, Tim McCreadie, Gregg Satterlee, Earl Pearson Jr., and Chubb Frank won their respective second round heat races. Eric Wells, Dustin Linville, and RJ Conley won their respective B-Mains. Devin Moran won the Jim Dunn Memorial Non-Qualifiers Race.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Saturday, October 15th, 2016
36th Annual Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship - Presented by Optima Batteries
Portsmouth Raceway Park - Portsmouth, OH

Feature Finish (100 Laps):
1. Brandon Sheppard
2. Earl Pearson Jr.
3. Josh Richards
4. Gregg Satterlee
5. Darrell Lanigan
6. Don O'Neal
7. Devin Moran
8. Doug Drown
9. Tim McCreadie
10. Rod Conley
11. Scott Bloomquist
12. Tyler Carpenter
13. Rick Eckert
14. Nick Hoffman
15. Jonathan Davenport
16. Eric Wells
17. Dale McDowell
18. Steve Francis
19. Dustin Linville
20. Nick Bocook
21. Colton Flinner
22. Chris Ferguson
23. Jason Covert
24. Jimmy Owens
25. Dennis Erb Jr.
26. RJ Conley
27. Stephen Breeding
28. Jackie Boggs

Race Statistics   
Entrants: 79
Lap Leaders: Scott Bloomquist (Laps 1 - 45); Josh Richards (Laps 46 - 71); Brandon Sheppard (Lap 72); Josh Richards (Laps 73 - 76); Brandon Sheppard (Laps 77 - 100)

Time of Race: 65 minutes 13 seconds

Point Standings:
1. Scott Bloomquist 8405
2. Jonathan Davenport 7525
3. Tim McCreadie 7325
4. Brandon Sheppard 7260
5. Don O'Neal 7220
6. Dennis Erb Jr. 7205
7. Darrell Lanigan 6970
8. Earl Pearson Jr. 6725
9. Jimmy Owens 6650
10. Jared Landers 6195
11. Steve Francis 6110
12. Colton Flinner 4990

*Points are unofficial until Close of Business on the Tuesday following Race Day*


Hickman and Shirley Share Front Row for SNBS Deep Fried 75 at Duck River Raceway Park

By Michael Despain, Southern Nationals Bonus Series

Contact: Chris Tilley
Southern Nationals Bonus Series P.R. Coordinator

LEWISBURG, Tenn. - October 14, 2016 - The Southern Nationals Bonus Series would visit Duck River Raceway in Lewisburg, TN for the opening of the 5th Annual Deep Fried 75 and Riley Hickman of Cleveland, TN and Brian Shirley of Chatham, IL were respective heat event winners and will bring the field to the green flag for tonight's 75 lap, $13,000 to win main event. Other heat race winners included Chase Junghans of Manhattan, KS and Donald McIntosh of Dawsonville, GA. Thirty-five entries from eleven states and Canada were signed in for the opening night of the event.

Heat one would see Riley Hickman and Billy Moyer, Jr. of Batesville, AK battle back and forth in the first half of the ten lap event before Hickman would seize control and drive to the win, with Moyer, Jr. finishing in second position. Vic Hill of Mosheim, TN and Oakley Johns of Summertown, TN would complete the transfer positions from heat one, as the top four finishers transferred directly to the Deep Fried 75 main event.

Heat two would see Chase Junghans of Manhattan, KS hold off the last charges of Billy Moyer of Batesville, AK to claim the victory in that ten lap contest. With Moyer settling for runner-up honors, Allen Murray of San Antonio, TX and Ryan King of Seymour, TN would garner the third and fourth transfer positions from heat two.

The third heat race contest saw Brian Shirley drive to a dominant victory by leading all ten laps of the race in convincing fashion. Tanner English of Benton, KY would finish in the second position, with Ricky Weiss of Headingly, Manitoba, Canada and Billy Ogle, Jr. of Knoxville, TN claiming the other pair of transfer positions from the heat.

The fourth and final heat race event would see Shane Clanton of Zebulon, GA lead the first eight laps of the event before Donald McIntosh of Dawsonville, GA would drive past Clanton and pull away in the final two circuits to take the win. Clanton would finish second, with Cody Mahoney of Hanover, IN and Frank Heckenast, Jr. of Frankfort, IL finishing in the third and fourth positions.

The 5th Annual Deep Fried 75 event will conclude this evening at Duck River Raceway Park, with the pit area and general admission area opening at 1:00 p.m., with the drivers meeting set for 4:45 p.m., with practice laps and B-Main events to follow, with feature events capping off the night's racing activities.

Heat #1 (top 4 transfer)- Riley Hickman, Billy Moyer, Jr., Vic Hill, Oakley Johns, Brent Larson, David Seibers, Terry English, Jason Markewitz, Mark Fields

Heat #2 (top 4 transfer)- Chase Junghans, Billy Moyer, Allen Murray, Ryan King, Clint Nichols, David Payne, Tony Morris, Donald Johns, Brad Skinner

Heat #3 (top 4 transfer)- Brian Shirley, Tanner English, Ricky Weiss, Billy Ogle, Jr., Caleb Ashby, Erick Hickerson, Tommy Taylor, Jadon Frame (DNS), Josh Putnam (DNS)

Heat #4 (top 4 transfer)- Donald McIntosh, Shane Clanton, Cody Mahoney, Frank Heckenast, Jr., Dylan Ames, Ray McElhiney, Doug Smith, Bubba Vandygriff

Battle of the States (10 laps)- Donald McIntosh (GA) ($1,000), Allen Murray (TX) ($500), Ray McElhiney (TN) ($250), Billy Moyer (AK), Dylan Ames (AL), David Payne (NC), Ricky Weiss (CAN), Brent Larson (MN), Cody Mahoney (IN), Brian Shirley (IL), Tanner English (KY), Chase Junghans (KS)

Saturday's Race Lineups:
Consolation Race-1 Lineup (10 laps/top-2 transfer):
ROW-1: Brent Larson and Clint Nichols
ROW-2: David Seibers and David Payne
ROW-3: Terry English and Tony Morris
ROW-4: Jason Markewitz and Donald Johns
ROW-5: Mark Fields and Brad Skinner

Consolation Race-2 Lineup (10 laps/top-2 transfer):
ROW-1: Caleb Ashby and Dylan Ames
ROW-2: Eric Hickerson and Ray McElhiney
ROW-3: Tommy Taylor and Doug Smith
ROW-4: Jadon Frame and Bubba Vandygriff
ROW-5: Josh Putnam

Top-16 Feature Lineup:
ROW-1: Riley Hickman and Brian Shirley
ROW-2: Chase Junghans and Donald McIntosh
ROW-3: Billy Moyer Jr. and Tanner English
ROW-4: Billy Moyer Sr. and Shane Clanton
ROW-5: Vic Hill and Ricky Weiss
ROW-6: Allen Murray and Cody Mahoney
ROW-7: Oakley Johns and Billy Ogle Jr.
ROW-8: Ryan King and Frank Heckenast Jr.
ROW-9: Consey Transfer and Consey Transfer
ROW-10: Consey Transfer and Consey Transfer
ROW-11: Provisional and Provisional

Group-A Qualifying:
1. 21-Billy Moyer Jr.-12.536 (Batesville, AR)
2. 18-Chase Junghans-12.646 (Manhattan, KS)
3. R1-Riley Hickman-12.706 (Cleveland, TN)
4. 8-David Payne-12.746 (Murphy, NC)
5. 18-David Seibers-12.831 (Chapel Hill, TN)
6. 21-Billy Moyer-12.857 (Batesville, AR)
7. 1-Vic Hill-12.908 (Mosheim, TN)
8. 2-Allen Murray-12.926 (San Antonio, TX)
9. B1-Brent Larson-12.985 (Lake Elmo, MN)
10. 17R-Brad Skinner-12.989 (Springhill, TN)
11. C6-Oakley Johns-13.044 (Summertown, TN)
12. 7-Clint Nichols-13.132 (Shelbyville, TN)
13. 33-Terry English-13.156 (Benton, KY)
14. M31-Tony Morris-13.223 (Murfreesboro, TN)
15. F26-Mark Fields-13.318 (Lawrenceburg, TN)
16. 1G-Ryan King-13.368 (Seymour, TN)
17. 37-Jason Markewitz-13.372 (Killen, AL)
18. c66-Donald Johns-13.526 (Summertown, TN)

Group-B Qualifying:
1. 96-Tanner English-12.635 (Benton, KY)
2. 25-Shane Clanton-12.743 (Zebulon, GA)
3. 3s-Brian Shirley-12.807 (Chatham, IL)
4. 7-Donald McIntosh-12.850 (Dawsonville, GA)
5. 61-Caleb Ashby-12.860 (Cunningham, TN)
6. 99-Frank Heckenast Jr.-12.867 (Frankfort, IL)
7. 7-Ricky Weiss-12.974 (Headingly, Manitoba, Canada)
8. 4-Cody Mahoney-12.997 (Hanover, IN)
9. 201-Billy Ogle Jr.-13.003 (Knoxville, TN)
10. 77-Dylan Ames-13.166 (Harvest, AL)
11. 98-Eric Hickerson-13.223 (Linden, TN)
12. 20-Ray McElhiney (Pulaski, TN)
13. 10-Tommy Taylor-13.449 (Lascassas, TN)
14. 83-Bubba Vandygriff-13.654 (Mount Pleasant, TN)
15. J8-Jadon Frame-13.702 (Winchester, TN)
16. 45-Doug Smith-13.837 (Harriman, TN)
17. 212-Josh Putnam-No Time (Florence, AL)


Dale McDowell Tops DTWC Preliminaries

PORTSMOUTH, OH (October 14, 2016) - In preliminary action on Friday night at Portsmouth Raceway Park - competitors in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series raced in two rounds of Heat Races.
In heat one of round one, Jackie Boggs came from the fourth starting spot to take the win. In heat race number two of round one Rod Conley, like Boggs came from the fourth starting spot to get the victory. In heat three of round one it was Pittsburgher 100 winner, Josh Richards taking the lead on the first lap and leading the entire race for the win. Scott Bloomquist blasted from his sixth starting spot to win heat four. In heat five of round one Kentucky upstart Brandon Fouts led all the way for the win. Dale McDowell took the lead at the start of sixth heat and never looked back as he dominated the race for the win. Another former DTWC winner, Rick Eckert ran away with heat number seven in round one. In the eighth and final heat of round one, Nick Hoffman came from the fourth starting spot to take the lead early on as he coasted to the win.
In round two, the intensity picked up as all heat eight races were contested until the final laps. In heat one Doug Drown raced to the win. Billy Gullion won the second heat. Dale McDowell came from last to win heat three. In heat four it was Tyler Carpenter picking up the win. LOLMDS regular Tim McCreadie took the lead at the start of heat five and went on to claim the win. Gregg Satterlee took the win in the sixth heat. Earl Pearson Jr. backed up his first round performance by winning heat number seven. In the final heat of the night, Chub Frank held on for the victory.
In preliminary action, Jackie Boggs, Rod Conley, Josh Richards, Scott Bloomquist, Brandon Fouts, Dale McDowell, Rick Eckert, and Nick Hoffman won their respective first round heat races. Doug Drown, Steve Francis, Dale McDowell, Tyler Carpenter, Tim McCreadie, Gregg Satterlee, Earl Pearson Jr., and Chubb Frank won their respective second round heat races.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Friday, October 14th, 2016
36th Annual Dirt Track World Championship
Portsmouth Raceway Park - Portsmouth, OH

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #1 Finish: Jackie Boggs, Earl Pearson, Jr., Shannon Thornsberry, Ben Adkins, Ethan Burgess, Greg Johnson, Cameron Logan, Tyler Erb, Jason Montgomery, Steve Prince

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #2 Finish: Rod Conley, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Matt Irey, Dustin Linville, Tim Dohm, Jason Feger, Nick Bocook, Michael Lake, Jacob Curnutte

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #3 Finish: Josh Richards, Dennis Erb, Jr., Jonathan Davenport, Chris Ferguson, Brandon Sheppard, RJ Conley, Tim McCreadie, Mason Zeigler, Steve Casebolt, Dave Hornikel

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #4 Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Shannon Babb, Darrell Lanigan, Andrew Reaume, John Melvin, Ryan Markham, Steve Stollings, Russ Frohnapfel, Mathew Chapman, Billy Staker

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #5 Finish: Brandon Fouts, Don O'Neal, Stephen Breeding, Tyler Carpenter, Michael Meyers, Austyn Mills, Kirk Phillips, Boom Briggs, Devin Moran, Evyian Terry-DNS

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #6 Finish: Dale McDowell, Steve Francis, Jason Covert, Eric Wells, Hudson O'Neal, Colten Burdette, Robbie Scott, Delmas Conley, Brad Malcuit, Chris Combs

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #7 Finish: Rick Eckert, Jimmy Owens, Corey Conley, Craig Wolford, Bobby Pierce, Billy Gullion, Lee Logan, Shon Flanary, Danny Wilson, Byron Meeks

FIRST ROUND Heat Race #8 Finish: Nick Hoffman, Zack Dohm, Brandon Overton, Jason Jameson, Doug Drown, Chris Hackett, Chub Frank, Colton Flinner, Erick Christian

 SECOND ROUND Heat Race #1 Finish: Doug Drown, Devin Moran, Mason Zeigler, Shon Flanary, Jacob Curnutte, Byron Meeks, Russ Frohnapfel, Tyler Erb, Chris Combs

 SECOND ROUND Heat Race #2 Finish: Steve Francis, Billy Gullion, Rick Eckert, Brad Malcuit, Ben Adkins, Jason Feger, Boom Briggs, Steve Stollings, Dave Hornikel, Chris Hackett

SECOND ROUND Heat Race #3 Finish: Dale McDowell, Colton Flinner, Jason Covert, Bobby Pierce, Cameron Logan, Michael Meyers, Billy Staker, Steve Casebolt , Tim Dohm -DNS, Evyian Terry-DNS

SECOND ROUND Heat Race #4 Finish: Tyler Carpenter, Jimmy Owens, Eric Wells, Ethan Burgess, Rod Conley, Brandon Overton, Mathew Chapman, Dennis Erb, Jr., Shannon Babb, Brandon Fouts-DNS

SECOND ROUND Heat Race #5 Finish: Tim McCreadie, Darrell Lanigan, Josh Richards, Delmas Conley, Nick Hoffman, Jackie Boggs, Michael Lake, John Melvin, Lee Logan, Kirk Phillips

SECOND ROUND Heat Race #6 Finish: Gregg Satterlee, Chris Ferguson, Jonathan Davenport, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Don O'Neal, Ryan Markham, Zack Dohm, Robbie Scott, Craig Wolford, Jason Montgomery-DNS

SECOND ROUND Heat Race #7 Finish: Earl Pearson, Jr., RJ Conley, Dustin Linville, Colten Burdette, Jason Jameson, Stephen Breeding, Nick Bocook, Andrew Reaume, Steve Prince, Danny Wilson

SECOND ROUND Heat Race #8 Finish: Chub Frank, Scott Bloomquist, Brandon Sheppard, Greg Johnson, Matt Irey, Corey Conley , Erick Christian, Austyn Mills, Shannon Thornsberry, Hudson O'Neal

B-Main #1 Line Up (20 Laps, Top 2 Transfer):
Eric Wells  Eddie Carrier Jr.
Tim McCreadie  Ben Adkins
Bobby Pierce  Brandon Overton
Stephen Breeding  Colten Burdette
Devin Moran  Brandon Fouts
Ryan Markham  Brad Malcuit
Jason Feger  John Melvin
Tim Dohm  Russ Frohnapfel
Matthew Chapman  Byron Meeks
Lee Logan  Kirk Phillips
Chris Combs     

B-Main #2 Line Up (20 Laps, Top 2 Transfer):
Billy Gullion  Dustin Linville
Brandon Sheppard Chub Frank
Jason Jameson  Mason Zeigler
Zack Dohm  Colton Flinner
Michael Meyers Shannon Babb
Shon Flanary  Dave Hornikel
Cameron Logan  Nick Bocook
Hudson O'Neal  Jacob Curnutte
Michael Lake  Tyler Erb
Billy Staker  Jason Montgomery
Danny Wilson     

B-Main #3 Line Up (20 Laps, Top 2 Transfer):
Jackie Boggs RJ Conley
Steve Francis  Matt Irey
Ethan Burgess Corey Conley
Gregg Johnson Dennis Erb Jr.
Andrew Reaume Austyn Mills
Shannon Thornsberry  Delmas Conley
Craig Wolford  Boom Briggs
Robbie Scott  Erick Christian
Chris Hackett  Steve Stollings
Steve Casebolt Steve Prince
Evyian Terry   

Feature Line Up (100 Laps):
Dale McDowell  Scott Bloomquist
Earl Pearson Jr.  Rick Eckert
Gregg Satterlee  Jimmy Owens
Josh Richards  Darrell Lanigan
Tyler Carpenter Jason Covert
Rod Conley  Jonathan Davenport
Chris Ferguson  Nick Hoffman
Doug Drown  Don O'Neal
B-MAIN 1 - 1st 17th 18th B-MAIN 2 - 1st
B-MAIN 3 - 1st 19th 20th B-MAIN 1 - 2nd
B-MAIN 2 - 2nd 21st 22nd B-MAIN 3 - 2nd
TRACK PROV. 1 25th 26th TRACK PROV. 2


LOLMDS - Caps Off 2016 Season with Rhino Ag DTWC

WAYCROSS, GA (October 10, 2016) - The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is set to cap off the 2016 season with one of the most highly anticipated events of the year! The 36th Annual Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship - Presented by Optima Batteries - will take place October 13th-15th, at Portsmouth Raceway Park in Portsmouth, OH.

This blockbuster weekend will get underway on Thursday night, October 13th with preliminary events for the Modified division. Action on Friday night, October 14th will include the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series with Hot Laps and two rounds of qualifying Heat Races - with the passing points total from both rounds determining Saturday night's B-Main and Feature line-ups.

On Saturday night, a driver autograph session will take place in the vendor midway area. Afterwards, consolation events for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will be held, followed by the $4,000-to-win Modified main event and the Jim Dunn Memorial Non-Qualifier Race. The top-26 drivers that did not transfer into the Dirt Track World Championship (via preliminary events) will be eligible to start the $3,000-to-win, $200-to-start, non-qualifiers race - held prior to the main event. The winner of the 30-lap, Jim Dunn Memorial has the choice of keeping their $3,000 winnings, or forfeiting their earnings to start last in the main event. The 100-lap, $100,000-to-win, Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship - Presented by Optima Batteries - main event will cap off the weekend's on-track action.
At the conclusion of Saturday night's main event, Scott Bloomquist will be crowned the 2016 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Champion. Colton Flinner will join Bloomquist in the championship celebration - earning the 2016 Rookie of the Year - Presented by Hot Rod Processing.

Richards Roars to Pittsburgher 100 Victory

IMPERIAL, PA (October 8, 2016) - Josh Richards roared to the lead on lap 25 and never looked back - winning his second career Pittsburgher 100. The victory for his team was worth $20,000 on Saturday night at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. Richards took over the point from the early pace-setter and new track record holder, Michael Norris.
Richards' Mark Richards Racing/Valvoline/Seubert Calf Ranches/Durham Race Engines/Rocket Chassis house-car captured his sixth Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of the season over Scott Bloomquist, Gregg Satterlee, Don O'Neal, and Jimmy Owens.
Norris was making his first career LOLMDS start and looked strong early on in the race, but Richards went by him on lap 25. O'Neal then got by Norris for second as Bloomquist - who started tenth - began to make his way to the front.
The 28-year-old Richards held a healthy lead despite several caution flags in the first half of the race. O'Neal and Bloomquist had a terrific side-by-side race for second for several laps, but Bloomquist was finally able to clear O'Neal for the runner-up spot on lap 61.
With no caution flags for the second half of the 100-lap event, Bloomquist constantly cut into Richards' advantage, but Richards was able to maneuver around traffic and keep enough of distance between him and the current LOLMDS point leader to claim the win.
"It feels good to win this race for a second time. This is my favorite race track. I have said this since I was little. There is nowhere else like it. It's a great place to race at. The fans are great. Our hearts go out to Mike Farr who passed away last night and to John Flinner for a speedy recovery. We are hoping that John is ok and will get back in a race car soon," said the winner afterwards.
"I gambled on tires, and I didn't know how it would turn out. At the end of the race I started to lose it a little. I couldn't roll through the top like I did earlier in the race. I knew when I saw Scott [Bloomquist] on the board that he would be coming too."
Bloomquist was looking for an unprecedented sixth Pittsburgher 100 win, but came across the finish line in second. "I had a good car all night. Our Andy Durham Race Engine ran well all night. Thanks to Crop Production Services, Reece Monument, Steve Sorbera Chiropractic, Horton Coal, and the rest of our sponsors who make this possible."
Satterlee started 14th and thrilled his home-state fans with his third place finish for the Satterlee Petroleum/Rocket Chassis. "We didn't have enough for those two guys up front. From the position we started off, our night turned out well. I got behind when we qualified and made some questionable moves in the heat race. We started too far back. You can't give these guys that much real estate ahead of you. We changed all four corners on the car after the heat race and it paid off," said Satterlee who joined Richards and Bloomquist on the podium.
Completing the top ten were Dennis Erb Jr., Tim McCreadie, Earl Pearson Jr., Darrell Lanigan and Michael Norris.
In preliminary action, Michael Norris set the overall Miller Welders Fast Time (Group A) amongst the 46 entrants, with a lap of 17.106 seconds. Jon Mollick set the fastest time in Group B with a time of 17.746 seconds. Michael Norris, Josh Richards, Earl Pearson Jr. and Tim McCreadie won their respective heat races. Rick Eckert and Jared Miley won their respective B-Mains.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Saturday, October 8th, 2016
28th Annual Pittsburgher 100
Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway - Imperial, PA

Feature Finish (100 Laps):
1. Josh Richards  
2. Scott Bloomquist
3. Gregg Satterlee
4. Don O'Neal
5. Jimmy Owens
6. Dennis Erb Jr.
7. Tim McCreadie
8. Earl Pearson Jr.
9. Darrell Lanigan
10. Michael Norris
11. Eric Wells
12. Jonathan Davenport
13. Alex Ferree
14. Rick Eckert
15. Steve Francis
16. Brandon Sheppard
17. Jared Miley
18. Mason Zeigler
19. Colton Flinner
20. Jason Covert
21. Keith Barbara
22. Dylan Yoder
23. Davey Johnson
24. Kent Robinson
25. Brandon Burgoon
26. John Mollick
Race Statistics   
Entrants: 46
Lap Leaders: Michael Norris (Laps 1 - 24); Josh Richards (Laps 75 - 100)
Time of Race: 53 minutes 04 seconds
Lucas Oil Championship Point Standings:
1. Scott Bloomquist 8230
2. Jonathan Davenport 7370
3. Tim McCreadie 7140
4. Dennis Erb Jr. 7080
5. Don O'Neal 7020
6. Brandon Sheppard 7010
7. Darrell Lanigan 6765
8. Jimmy Owens 6525
9. Earl Pearson Jr. 6495
10. Jared Landers 6120
11. Steve Francis 5970
12. Colton Flinner 4865

*Points are unofficial until Close of Business on the Tuesday following Race Day*


Friday Preliminaries of Pittsburgher 100 Washed Out

IMPERIAL, PA (October 7, 2016) - After several rain showers postponed hot laps, officials of Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway and the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series have been forced to eliminate Friday night's portion of the 28th Annual "Pittsburgher 100".

Saturday night's portion of the 28th Annual "Pittsburgher 100" will see a complete program of: Hot Laps, Time Trials, Heat Races, B-Mains, and the 100-lap, $20,000-to-win main event. Pit gates will be open all day and cleared as needed. A Dirt Racing Outreach Service will take place from 1:30pm - 2:15pm in the parking lot behind the main grandstand area - followed by a driver autograph session from 2:30pm - 3:15pm. The drivers meeting will be at 3:30pm followed by hot laps 4:00pm. The show will continue with Heat Races. B-Mains are scheduled to begin at 7:00PM.

Schedule of Events - Saturday, October 8th
2:30PM - 3:15PM AUTOGRAPH SESSION behind Main Grandstand
3:30PM LOLMDS, RUSH, & PA/OH DRIVERS MEETINGS with respective series.
Rush Late Models
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks
Prayer and National Anthem
Time Trials
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series - 2 Laps
Rush Late Models - 2 Laps
Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks - 2 Laps
Rush Late Models - 8 Laps
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series - 10 LAPS
Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks - 8 Laps
Prayer and National Anthem
B-Mains 7:00PM
Rush Late Models Dash
Rush Late Models B-Mains, Sat only cars may tag B by pill draw - 8 or 10 Laps
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series B-Mains - 12 Laps
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Transfer Hotlaps
Rush Late Model Transfer Hot Laps
Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks B-Mains - 10 Laps (if needed)
Intermission (if needed)
"Pittsburgher 100" - 100 Laps - $20,000 to win!
RUSH Bill Hendren Memorial - 30 Laps - $2,500 to win
Wee Willie White Memorial PA/OH - 25 Laps - $2,055   
Rush Late Models Non-Qualifiers Race - TBA Laps


28th Annual Pittsburgher 100

WAYCROSS, GA (October 4, 2016) - The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is en route to Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. A band of the nation's elite dirt late model drivers will tackle the monster half-mile oval in the 28th Annual Pittsburgher 100 - this Friday-Saturday, October 7th-8th.
The 28th Annual Pittsburgher 100 will kick off on Friday, October 7th as the LOLMDS take center stage for Miller Welders Time Trials and Heat Races. The RUSH Late Models and Sportsman will also compete in their preliminary events on Friday night. Saturday's activities will include a Dirt Racing Outreach Service from 3:30 - 4:15pm - followed by a Driver Autograph Session from 4:30 - 5:15pm. The on-track action on Saturday night will include B-Mains and the 100-lap, $20,000-to-win main event for the LOLMDS, along with feature events for the RUSH Late Models and Sportsman.
In 2015, Scott Bloomquist became the first five-time winner of the Pittsburgher 100. Bloomquist took the lead from Jonathan Davenport on lap 85 and then held off Davenport for the $20,000 payday. Trailing Bloomquist and Davenport to the finish line were Don O'Neal, Jimmy Owens, and Dennis Erb Jr.
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (PPMS) is one of Western Pennsylvania's premier racing facilities, operated by Miley Motor Sports since 1989. The half-mile oval is sure to produce some of the most high-speed, door-to-door, edge of your seat racing action this season. PPMS is located just off the Noblestown Exit of PA Route 22, minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Weirton, WV, Steubenville, OH, & Robinson Mall. To purchase tickets or find more information, visit: www.ppms.com.
With his victory at Rome International Speedway on Sunday night, Scott Bloomquist clinched the 2016 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Championship. Jonathan Davenport is second in latest championship standings. The battle for third thru sixth continues to heat up - with Tim McCreadie, Dennis Erb Jr., Brandon Sheppard, and Don O'Neal - separated by just 135-points.































Oct. 16
1. Scott Bloomquist 8405
2. J. Davenport 7525
3. Tim McCreadie 7325
4. B. Sheppard 7260
5. Don O'Neal 7220
6. Dennis Erb Jr. 7205
7. Darrell Lanigan 6970
8. Earl Pearson Jr. 6725
9. Jimmy Owens 6650
10. Jared Landers 6195






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