Close Midget and Micro Point Standings Show that the 2014 POWRi Championship Battle is On

Monday, April 21st 2014

Teammates Christopher Bell and Tanner Thorson are parked first and second in the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget point standings four races into the 2014 season.  With 760 points, Bell has a comfortable 160-point lead over Thorson going into the events scheduled at Jacksonville Speedway and Macon Speedway this weekend.  The gap between second and third, however, is much smaller.  Thorson has only a 10-point lead over 2013 POWRi midget champion Zach Daum.  Bell and Thorson's third teammate, Rico Abreu, is currently fourth in the midget point standings and trails only 40 points behind Daum.

After two events, there is a tie for first in the POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Micro point standings.  Jeremy Camp and 2013 POWRi micro champion Nathan Benson have both acquired 380 points after the micro series' first two races of the 2014 season at Kokomo Speedway in Kokomo, IN.  Camp and Benson will have to hold off Aaron Andruskevitch at both Jacksonville and Macon this weekend if they want to stay at the top of the micro point standings.  Andruskevitch is currently third in the micro point standings and trails Camp and Benson by a mere 30 points.

Both the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets and the POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micros are scheduled to run at Jacksonville Speedway in Jacksonville, IL on Friday, April 25th.  The ¼ mile high-banked oval hosted three POWRi events in 2013.  Shane Cockrum, Kyle Larson, and Rico Abreu took midget feature wins while Dereck King, Mike Dicely, and Cale Thomas came out on top in the micros at Jacksonville Speedway last year.  The April 25th event will be the first of four times that POWRi will visit the Jacksonville, IL track during the 2014 season.  Jacksonville Speedway will host the opening night of the POWRi Illinois SPEED Week as well as the 2014 midget season finale.

Following Friday night at Jacksonville Speedway, both the midgets and micros will visit Macon Speedway in Macon, IL on Saturday, April 26th.  After getting rained out on April 5th, the April 26th race will mark the first of five times that both the POWRi midgets and micros will visit the 1/5 mile high-banked oval during 2014.  Macon Speedway will host the prestigious Dana Godfrey Memorial as well as the third night of the POWRi Illinois SPEED Week.  A POWRi event at Macon Speedway traditionally attracts a field of midgets that puts on an exciting show.  Fans saw Danny Stratton, Christopher Bell, Andrew Felker, and Brady Bacon win hard-fought midget feature events during the 2013 season.  In the micros, Nathan Benson and Dereck King both nabbed one while Cale Thomas claimed two feature wins at the track in 2013.

Current 2014 POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Point Standings (Top 10):  1.  Christopher Bell (760) 2.  Tanner Thorson (600) 3.  Zach Daum (590) 4.  Rico Abreu (550) 5.  Tyler Thomas (530) 6.  Parker Price-Miller (340) 7.  Alex Sewell (240) 8.  Colten Cottle (235) 9.  Justin Peck (225) 10.  Darren Hagen (220)


Halford Handed the Checks at I-44 Riverside

Cody Morris
POWRi West Public Relations

Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series
Saturday, April 12th, 2014 / Event 4 of 15
I-44 Riverside Speedway / Blue River Classic / Oklahoma City, OK

The Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series took to the Turner Turnpike following a Friday night outing at Creek County Speedway, heading southwest to Oklahoma City for Saturday night’s Blue River Classic at I-44 Riverside Speedway.

Sixteen midgets checked in to race to raise autism awareness, and also compete amongst an all-too-typical early spring Oklahoma windstorm. Riverside dirt likely left a layer or two in Bricktown, but did not stop a packed house of 500 fans - all in lawn chairs as the 1/5th mile continues to assemble the new grandstand after the May 20th, 2013 tornado deposited the old one in the infield.

One night after earning the Factor One Racing Hard Charger performance, Tulsa’s Johnathon Halford earned the pole position starting spot via a blast from 7th to 2nd in heat rac action, to his right lied fellow Tulsan Alex Sewell who was hungry following a runner up finish Friday.

Sewell quickly dropped dime despite a slew of early cautions that reshuffled the order. Once underway, the lead pack was rife with action as Sewell fought off constant challenges from Broken Arrow’s Jason McDougal, Kevin Bayer, and Halford.

The action really got hot on lap 15 as Bayer and McDougal dueled hard for second, hard enough that Halford passed them both.

Sewell appeared to be the main beneficiary, pulling away to an 8 car length lead with Halford leading challenger charge from McDougal, Bayer, and Matt Johnson.

The final caution flew with three laps remaining when Friday night winner Matt Sherrell bounced to a stop on the front stretch. Chaos reigned on the final restart as the leading Sewell appeared to slow coming through the single file restart. Halford and the challengers managed to avoid getting caught in the mess, but nevertheless it was the toughest of breaks for Sewell, who led the first 22 laps until his mechanical mishap.

Johnathon Halford inherited the lead and ultimately the win ahead of Jason McDougal, both of which were fast throughout the weekend. Bixby’s Kevin Bayer improved from a 10th place finish Friday to complete the podium. Edmond’s Matt Johnson moved up a spot to finish fourth with Owasso’s Ty Hulsey continuing his opening Midget surge with a fifth place finish.

POWRi West Midget A Feature (25 laps): 1. 83 Jonathon Halford (1); 2. 73 Jason McDougal (8); 3. 91B Kevin Bayer (3); 4. 85 Matt Johnson (5); 5. 21H Ty Hulsey (4); 6. 23 Hannah Adair (7); 7. 56x Mark Chisolm (11); 8. 14E Eric Fenton (6); 9. 96 Cody Brewer (9); 10. 35 Matt Sherrell (13); 11. 29s Brian Harvey (15); 12. 8 Alex Sewell (2); 13. 4m Michelle Decker (12); 14. 51 Steven Shebester (10); 15. 1ou A.J. Burns (16); 16. 7x Jordan McPherson

Lap Leaders: Alex Sewell 1-22; Johnathon Halford 23-25

Heat 1: 1. Matt Johnson; 2. Jonathon Halford; 3. 23 Hannah Adair; 4. Eric Fenton; 5.Steven Shebester; 6. 56x Mark Chisolm; 7. 35 Matt Sherrell; 8. Jordan McPherson

Heat 2: Alex Sewell; 2. Ty Hulsey; 3. Kevin Bayer; 4. Jason McDougal; 5. Cody Brewer; 6. Michelle Decker; 7. Brian Harvey; 8. A.J. Burns

The Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series returns to action on Saturday, April 26th at I-44 Riverside Speedway.


Sherrell Stands Out in POWRi West Solo Opener

Cody Morris
Lucas Oil POWRi West Public Relations
Friday, April 11th, 2014 / Sapulpa, OK
Creek County Speedway / Event 3 of 15

Anyone unsure of either quantity or quality concerning the first full campaign of the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series had their questions answered loud and clear as 24 entrants checked in to Creek County Speedway for the first 2014 POWRi West Midget standalone event.

Owasso seems to churn out talent like few other metropolitan suburbs and tonight was yet another testimonial as Matt Sherrell made the most of an early race opportunity to become (technically) the second Lucas Oil POWRi West winner this season.

The Rundown

Washington, Oklahoma’s Travis Scott returned to “big car” racing for the first time in many years and earned the pole position starting spot with Bixby, Oklahoman Kevin Bayer to his right. Bayer burst out to the first lead, but Broken Arrow rising star and fellow Factor One Racing standout Jason McDougal was first to the lap two line moments before Texan Doug McCune flipped hard following contact with Wyoming’s Mark Chisolm and Dewey’s Andrew Deal.

McDougal steadily built a commanding advantage for the next several laps before a shocking twist. McDougal closed in on lapped traffic and while working to put Bubba Hunt a lap down became entangled with Hunt’s #3H.

McDougal was not able to work free as the pair came to a rest in the turn 1 infield, and damage was extensive enough to force J-Mac to an early, gut wrenching exit.

Bayer inherited the lead and aced the 8th round, but Owasso’s Matt Sherrell rocketed by to top the ninth circuit before a slurry of stoppages set in at the midway point of the 25 lap main event, with the second being the most prominent when Bayer was pinballed while running second, leaving Andrew Deal with nowhere to go and tagging Bayer hard enough to tip the latter on his side. Bayer returned, but Deal would not.

Tulsa’s Alex Sewell moved into the first challenger spot and pressed the leader following the final stoppage at lap 14.

Tension arose when Sherrell got into lapped traffic, but the 27 year old avoided the same beast that bit McDougal earlier and eased his Esslinger powered (and Wesmar doctored) #35 into victory lane where an exuberant Sherrell shared “ It’s been a while since I’ve been able to run a full, consistent schedule; it feels good to get this one under my belt, to sweep with the heat and feature win.”

Sherrell’s victory extends his series lead as he aims for a weekend sweep in Saturday night Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget action at Oklahoma City’s I-44 Riverside Speedway.

Alex Sewell settled for a hard fought runner up finish with Choctaw’s Cody Brewer moving up from 7th to complete the podium. Sapulpa’s Danny “The Caretaker” Smith (coolest nickname candidate) advanced a half dozen positions to take fourth with Edmond’s Matt Johnson moving up a few spots to complete the top five running order.

Hurricane Hannah Adair turned in an exceptional effort moving from 13th to finish sixth, with Collinsville’s Dustin Morgan rebounding from a lap 14 spin to get the best of a wild last lap battle with Owasso’s Ty Hulsey (8th), while Tulsa‘s Johnathan Halford earned Factor One Racing Hard Charger honors with a mover from 19th to ninth. Kevin Bayer raced his way back to a tenth place finish after leading at two intervals and bringing out a red flag at the midway point.

Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series 4-11-14 Official Results:

Heat 1 (8 laps): 91B Kevin Bayer. 2. 5$ Danny Smith. 3. Eric Fenton. 4. 93 Dustin Morgan. 5. 19N Nick O'Neil. 6. 21H Ty Hulsey. 7. 3H Bubba Hunt. 8. 22 David Stephenson

Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. 8 Alex Sewell. 2. 96 Cody Brewer. 3. 85 Matt Johnson. 4. 15D Andrew Deal. 5. 4m Michelle Decker. 6. 9u Doug McCune. 7. 3F Kevin Battles. 8. 83 Johnathon Halford

Heat 3 (8 laps): 1. 35 Matt Sherrell. 2. 73 Jason McDougal. 3. 10 Travis Scott. 4. 23 Hannah Adair. 5. 31E Evan Sewell. 6. 56x Mark Chisolm. 7. 1ou Brandon Boggs. 8. 87c Coby Hughes

Lucas Oil POWRi West B Feature ( 15 laps - for position only): 1. 56x Mark Chisolm (1); 2. 3F Kevin Battles (2); 3. 83 Johnathon Halford (4); 4. 9u Doug McCune (3); 5. 87c Coby Hughes (6); 6. 3H Bubba Hunt (5); 7. 22 David Stephenson (7); 8. 1ou Brandon Boggs (8)
Lap Leaders: Mark Chisolm 1-15

Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget A Feature (25 laps): 1. 35 Matt Sherrell (5); 2. 8 Alex Sewell (4); 3. 96 Cody Brewer (7); 4. 5$ Danny Smith (10); 5. 85 Matt Johnson (8); 6. 23 Hannah Adair (13); 7. 93 Dustin Morgan (9); 8. 21H Ty Hulsey (14); 9. 83 Johnathan Halford (19); 10. 91B Kevin Bayer (2); 11. 31E Evan Sewell (16); 12. 87c Coby Hughes (21); 13. 19N Nick O’Neil (12); 14. 14E Eric Fenton (11); 15. 4m Michelle Decker (15); 16. 56x Mark Chisolm (17); 17. 15d Andrew Deal (6); 18. 22 David Stephenson (23); 19. 73 Jason McDougal (3); 20. 9u Doug McCune (20); 21. 3H Bubba Hunt (22); 22. 1ou Brandon Boggs (24); 23. 10 Travis Scott (1); DNS: Kevin Battles
Lap Leaders: Kevin Bayer 1, 8; Jason McDougal 2-7; Matt Sherrell 9-25
Stoppages: 4 yellow, 2 red

THE Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series continues the weekend with a Saturday night finale, headlining I-44 Riverside Speedway’s Blue River Classic.

Gates open at 3pm, sign ins close when hot laps begin at 515pm. An epic program jumps off at 630pm.


I-44 Riverside Eyes Huge Blue River Classic this Saturday!

Cody Morris
I-44 Riverside Speedway Public Relations

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A huge gathering is in the works this coming Saturday night at I-44 Riverside Speedway. Almost a struggle where to start.

THE Blue River Classic. We direct all patrons to don their best Saturday night blues as we race to raise autism awareness. This is the first auto racing event in OKC to raise autism awareness.

And what a fitting time to blare that blue. This Saturday, April 12th I-44 Riverside Speedway features the best talents in SEVEN classes of competition.

Headlining that lucky number will be the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series. Our first of 9 POWRi West Midget events booked with Eric Fenton’s rowdy bunch. A full field of Midgets will be coming to Oklahoma City hungry after a Friday night serving at Creek County Speedway. Series promoter Eric Fenton will be in action in the Southside Mowers #14, as will AJ Burns in THE University of Oklahoma backed entry.

If you’ve been following dirt track racing in Oklahoma City the past decade, Guthrie’s Michelle Decker hardly needs an introduction. Michelle powered to two champ sprint titles and countless wins back when OKC had two tracks. This will be Michelle’s first race in the OKC area since the untimely demise of our beloved Fairgrounds.

For a full length preview of POWRi West weekend action, check out the Midget preview. The Oklahoma No Fender Network on Facebook is a good place to view it, go ahead and get acquainted as live updates of weekend action will be plenty on the ONFN.

Oh, but the Blue River Classic doesn’t stop there. Not even close.

The Tulsa-based National Open Wheel 600 series (now600) will officially challenge the brand spankin’ new Texas Open Wheel Racing series (TOWR) in the A Class, Non Wing, and Restricted divisions. Not so much a duel when one factors in a healthy and growing contingent of 405/580 west side natives. The natives turned out to the tune of 93 entires just in these classes last week.

One could easily see over 100 regional competitors engage in a beloved geographical battle for the Blue River Classic. Beloved battle? Yep we compete this weekend in support of autism awareness. The notion that all who compete and Go Blue this Saturday are winners is anything but a cliché.

Yet another outstanding addition to the show will be the Outlaw class, also referred to as Multis (in case of future confusion). Demand was high in recent weeks among the Outlaw ranks and they always deliver a high flying show at Riverside’s 1/5th mile high banked red clay battleground.

Another three way battle will be on display here also, well, actually four when you add in Missouri’s Tucker Klaasmeyer making the trip to represent the Show Me State. We may even have reigning 2013 Mini Sprint Nationals champ Nate Fleming make the haul from Great Bend, Kansas.

Kyle Keeler, Blake Dacus (reigning A Class champ), Tyler Gordon, Josh Toho, Micheal Hall, Bobby Springer, and Blake Dewberry will lead the West-siders. While Travis Harris, Layne Heimbaugh, Jason McDougal, and father/son duo Ty and Harlan Hulsey all come in leading the Tulsa team.

Fort Worth’s Scott Evans is our first official Texas Outlaw. Christian Kinnison, a familiar sight to I-44 Riverside in the #82c would be on the Texas team, but instead will be testing ACT (or is it SAT) this Saturday. Good luck C-Man! Possible Texas teammates could be fellow north texas outlaw Drew Salisbury, or the Amarillo trio of Caleb Lovelady, Harold Lewis, and Danny Davidson.

Entry list on Outlaws has wavered between 17-19 confirmed for the past few days with a whole slew of maybe’s and possibilities. This will be the first Saturday night solo for the Outlaw class at I-44 Riverside in nearly three years. Much ambition was in adding a 7th class to the show, but if we’re aiming for one of the best Saturday Night shows in speedway history, and after huge Multi turnouts in our last two ventures - we’ll see if they are up for an occasional (and faster) option.

The Turf Tire and Junior Sprint classes will also be in action. In fact, this will be Champions Cup event #2 for all five weekly classes - as the Now600 vs. TOWR vs. Riverside battle in A Class, Non Wing, and Restricted will be a point event for all three entities.

Start times have been moved up for the Inaugural Blue River Classic. Important to note - gates open at 3pm (wouldn’t fault anyone for arriving sooner!), the track pack will begin at 5pm, sign in/draw for all classes concludes at 515pm ß remember this. Hot laps commence as soon as the track has been packed (520-530pm). Drivers meetings will be held as soon as hot laps conclude (610-620pm). The Blue River Classic gets going with heat races at 630pm.

Pit passes $30. General admission $12 and bring your lawn chairs. We are racing against the clock to have the first section of stands up, so do pack your chairs and remember to sport blue in support of autism awareness!

Only the Junior Sprint main event was completed in last week’s opener, the remaining four main events were postponed by rain until April 19th. Thus, all classes will draw with the exception of the Junior Sprints.

A CLASS, NON WING, and RESTRICTED teams will sign in and draw at the Now600 trailer which will be set up along the back chute. Outlaw and Turf Tire entrants will sign in and draw at the pit gate. Junior Sprints just sign in. POWRi West Midgets will obviously sign in, draw, and report to the POWRi West Midget trailer located in turn 4.

For information regarding I-44 Riverside Speedway, please visit www.i44riversidespeedway.com or contact the speedway at 405.633.1583 or contact Speedway PR Cody Morris at 405.641.1191.


Bell Takes His Perfect 2014 Season Record to the Kokomo Grand Prix

Monday, April 7th 2014

While 2013 was a sensational season for Christopher Bell, the 19-year-old driver has proved he is not letting off in 2014.  Bell swept the 2-night POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget 2014 season opener at Port City Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After only one weekend, Bell is already halfway to matching his 2013 POWRi feature wins total.

"It was pretty cool to be able to go to Oklahoma and sweep the weekend," Bell said.  "Port City is actually my home track, so it was a great way to start the season."

The pair of feature wins gives Bell a 70 point lead over the 2013 POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Champion Zach Daum going into the Kokomo Grand Prix on Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th.  Kokomo Speedway in Kokomo, Indiana will host the two-day POWRi/USAC co-sanctioned race.  With a large car count of experienced and successful midget drivers expected, Bell must continue to be flawless in order to stay on top.

"I've been lucky enough to have run at Kokomo a few times, so hopefully we can continue our success there this weekend.  Keith Kunz gives me a great car every race, so we always have a chance to do well,"  Bell commented.

The Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports Bullet-Toyota has carried Bell to his early 2014 POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget points lead.  Bell's Toyota motor has helped him achieve success on midget racing's biggest stages, as he claimed the 2013 USAC Midget championship and a podium finish at the 2014 Chili Bowl Nationals.  Bell expects his Toyota motor to continue to have consistent success during the 2014 season.

"Last year we won the USAC championship and it's really a credit to the guys at Toyota," Bell stated.  "They give us a motor that doesn't give us problems, so we are able to stay consistent all season."

After getting rained out at Macon Speedway last week, the Kokomo Grand Prix will be the POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series 2014 season opener.  2013 POWRi Micro champion Nathan Benson plans to make the trip to Kokomo Speedway for the first race of the season.  When commenting on how it feels to start the 2014 season as the 2013 Micro champion, Benson stated, "It feels really great.  Hopefully we can keep the momentum going from last year and get a good start to the season."

As a true champion, Benson has continued to improve during the off-season.  "I've been building cars and selling them to people.  That has helped me get better," Benson said.  "I raced at the Shootout, and we did well there.  I've also raced at home a few times.  We haven't raced a ton during the off-season, but we're ready for 2014."

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Driver Points - Top 10:  1.  Christopher Bell (400) 2.  Zach Daum (330) 3.  Tanner Thorson (300) 4.  Tyler Thomas (300) 5.  Alex Sewell (240) 6.  Justin Peck (210) 7.  Darren Hagen (170) 8.  Daniel Robinson (170) 9.  Rico Abreu (150) 10.  Matt Sherrell (150)

















































































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