Winged sprint car racing returns to Sandusky County Fair

Friday, Aug. 19, 2016

FREMONT, Ohio – Winged sprint car racing will return to the Sandusky County Fair in Fremont, Ohio for the first time in 40 years. The event – featuring 305 sprint cars – will open the fair on Tuesday, Aug. 23 on the clay oval of the historic Fremont Speedway.

Thanks to Joe and Fran Darmofal, the event will pay $1,200 to win the 30 lap feature and $175 to start. Also, thanks to Steve Klisz, the ladies dirt truck powder puff race will pay $500 to win.

The 305 sprint car event is open to any legal 305 sprint car in the country. Fremont Speedway has hosted racing since 1951 and the last time sprint cars raced on “The Track That Action Built” during the fair was 1976.

“We are hearing some of the 410 sprint car drivers are securing rides for this event and even some cars from out of the area are coming in. The more the merrier. This event will expose our great sport to new fans. It also is nostalgic for our long time fans who remember how special the fair race used to be,” said Rich Farmer, Fremont Speedway Promoter.

Admission is $8 to get into the fairgrounds which offers all the sites, sounds and fun of the fair. Admission into the race is just $7.

Farmer wants to remind race teams of the following logistics:

- The pits will be in the lot of the old sugar beet plant at the intersection of Haynes Ave. and N. Front Street. Pits will be open at 4 p.m. and pit passes are required.

- Cars and equipment will be shuttled into the track’s infield. Trailers and trucks will be made available to transport the equipment into the infield

- NO ATV’S will be allowed in the infield. Teams that have small utility trailers may put them in the infield.

“We are planning a unique format for this special race,” said Farmer.

Farmer said once the races are complete, teams will be allowed to bring their trailers to the infield to load their equipment.

Hot laps will take place around 6:15 p.m. with racing under way at 7 p.m. The track’s grandstands will open at 5 p.m.

For more information contact Farmer at 419-307-4241 or go to www.fremontohspeedway.com


Tim Kaeding Storms to Victory Lane on Night #2 of the Knoxville Nationals!

by Bryan Hulbert and Bill Wright                                                             

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 11, 2016) –Cutting some mean doughnuts in celebration, Tim Kaeding reported to Victory Lane for the third time in preliminary night competition at the Knoxville Raceway, as the Lunstra Motorsports No. 3k rocketed to victory on Toyota Qualifying Night in the 56th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores.  The San Jose, California driver earned $12,000 for his win and just beat a severe storm that hit the Knoxville area.

Kaeding's fifth career triumph at the Knoxville Raceway in 410cid competition, Tim dedicated his win to Bryan Clauson, saying, "I've got to give this one to B.C.  Here's another one towards your 200. I grew up racing with his Dad. Just a great family and a hell of a racecar driver."

"This car was a rocket ship. I've got to thank Lunstra Motorsports, Dammer Trucking, and Folkens Brothers Trucking. They stuck their neck out for me just like Dave [Lunstra] did and thanks to all you for sticking through this; I'm ready for a Beer. It's way too hot to be in this thing," said Kaeding with a chuckle and a fist pump to the roar of an approving crowd.

Taking off from the fourth starting spot, Kaeding ran to second at the drop of the green with Dale Blaney showing the way. Closing steadily on the No. 1h, Kaeding began his assault on the lead working the eighth round. Racing off the fourth turn, the lead was in the hands of Kaeding by only 0.009 seconds at the line. Battling back, but to no avail, traffic looked to be Blaney's chance to reclaim the top-spot.

With Tim's path blocked on Lap 14, Dale closed the gap only to have traffic turn its favor and allow Kaeding to pull away.  But the run was short lived as the caution flew for Justin Henderson who rolled to a stop off the fourth turn while running third.

Getting a nice jump over the field, the race on the track was from second through fifth as Blaney lost the spot to Louisiana's Jason Johnson. With Terry McCarl in tow, the Price Chopper No. 7x was on Johnson for the runner-up spot on Lap 22, but would not be able to hold the spot as the pair exchanged slide jobs around the Knoxville Raceway.

While Johnson was able to make up some ground, the checkered flag dropped with Kaeding winning by 2.273 seconds. With the win, Tim will lineup up ninth in Saturday's $150,000 to win A-Feature event.

With the runner-up finish, Johnson will see his Mesilla Valley Transportation No. 41 on the front row on Saturday night.

"I tell you what, these Priority Aviation, Mesilla Valley Transportation guys have been working their tails off this past month. Just an outstanding job," said Johnson from his side of the podium. "It was a good run tonight. Definitely good for our confidence. We've got a lot of great supporters here, and I can't thank them enough for making Jason Johnson Racing possible and there's no doubt we're racing with heavy hearts for Bryan Clauson. Condolences to the family. We're definitely thinking of them."

Taking off sixth in a car dedicated to the memory of his father, Lenard McCarl, Terry had to bounce back from an engine swap after his Heat Race, "Hats off to all my crew. My boys were out there helping Doug and Sunshine and everybody," said Terry. "This No. 7x is a tribute to my Dad, and I've got to thank Octane Ink for making this thing so beautiful."

McCarl will grid the Saturday lineup tenth.

Kerry Madsen advanced to a fourth place finish in the 1AUS after starting eighth. After leading the first eight rounds, Dale Blaney ended his night fifth. Pennsylvania's Brent Marks from 11th crossed sixth with James McFadden seventh. Having to advance out of the B-Feature, Brad Sweet rocketed from 21st to eighth. Ninth went to Mark Dobmeier with Cap Henry from 16th crossing tenth.  

Brad Sweet was quickest in Qualifying with a time of 15.465 seconds. Brad has been fastest on his qualifying night at the Knoxville Nationals on three occasions. Heat Race wins went to Rager Philips, Ryan Bunton, Brent Marks, Jac Haudenschild, and Brooke Tatnell. C-Main victory went to Jon Agan with the B-Main won by Brad Sweet.

A look at the top-five in points following Thursday night finds Daryn Pittman on the pole of the 56th annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores. Jason Johnson is second, followed by Kerry Madsen, Jamie Veal, and Donny Schatz.

The 56th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores continues Friday night!  Tickets are still available!  To order tickets, or find more information about the Nationals, visit www.KnoxvilleRaceway.com!

Results from Night #2 of the 56th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores – Toyota Qualifying Night

A main (started), 25 Laps, NT: 1. Tim Kaeding (4); 2. Jason Johnson (7); 3. Terry McCarl (6); 4. Kerry Madsen (8); 5. Dale Blaney (1); 6. Brent Marks (11); 7. James McFadden (5); 8. Brad Sweet (21); 9. Mark Dobmeier (9); 10. Cap Henry (16); 11. David Gravel (22); 12. Jac Haudenschild (12); 13. Bill Balog (10); 14. Kyle Larson (23); 15. Dustin Selvage (13); 16. Brooke Tatnell (3); 17. Gary Taylor (24); 18. Clint Garner (17); 19. Chris Martin (18); 20. Jason Solwold (20); 21. Ryan Bunton (15); 22. Justin Henderson (2); 23. Rager Phillips (14); 24. RJ Johnson (19). Lap Leaders: Dale Blaney 1-7, Kaeding 8-25. Hard-charger: Sweet.

Qualifying Point Totals from Wednesday and Thursday (Top 16 locked into Saturday's A; Next 10 locked into Saturday's B)

Drivers Locked into Saturday's A main
1 9 Daryn Pittman 485
2 41 Jason Johnson 481
3 1AUS Kerry Madsen 479
4 71 Jamie Veal 477
5 15 Donny Schatz 476
6 10H Chad Kemenah 476
7 49 Brad Sweet 474
8 2S Shane Stewart 472
9 3K Tim Kaeding 470
10 7X Terry McCarl 467
11 5 David Gravel 464
12 1 Sammy Swindell 459
13 3H James McFadden 457
14 82 Dusty Zomer 456
15 2KS Craig Dollansky 454
16 47 Jeff Swindell 452

Drivers Locked into the first five rows of Saturday's B main
17 18 Ian Madsen 449
18 1H Dale Blaney 447
19 57 Kyle Larson 444
20 2C Wayne Johnson 443
21 55 Brooke Tatnell 442
22 1ST Gary Taylor 440
23 19M Brent Marks 436
24 13JT Mark Dobmeier 432
25 12 Lynton Jeffrey 429
26 29 Danny Dietrich 427

27 17B Bill Balog 425
28 83 Joey Saldana 423
29 22 Jac Haudenschild 422
30 09 Matt Juhl 422
31 24 Rico Abreu 420
32 10 Dakota Hendrickson 417
33 70 Danny Holtgraver 416
34 17A Austin McCarl 414
35 27 Greg Hodnett 412
36 1D Justin Henderson 412
37 21H Cap Henry 409
38 21 Brian Brown 409
39 7D Dustin Selvage 408
40 1S Logan Schuchart 405
41 23C Tyler Courtney 399
42 6R Ryan Bunton 398
43 77X Parker Price-Miller 397
44 10V Rager Phillips 396
45 2 Danny Lasoski 394
46 40 Clint Garner 393
47 12H Daniel Harding 393
48 49J Josh Schneiderman 392
49 56N Davey Heskin 391
50 7S Jason Sides 390
51 7 Paul McMahan 390
52 44 Chris Martin 386
53 19P Paige Polyak 386
54 55L Aaron Reutzel 385
55 18JS Jason Solwold 383
56 18W Colby Copeland 383
57 51S Stevie Smith 382
58 71M Dave Blaney 382
59 20 AJ Moeller 381
60 28 Jonathan Cornell 380
61 1Z Lucas Wolfe 378
62 45X Johnny Herrera 377
63 71A RJ Johnson 377
64 84 Scott Bogucki 376
65 99 Brady Bacon 370
66 11K Kraig Kinser 369
67 93 Sheldon Haudenschild 368
68 7W Tasker Phillips 362
69 23S Trey Starks 357
70 26 Willie Croft 349
71 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr. 348
72 1A Jacob Allen 347
73 55W Logan Wagner 345
74 3G Brandon Wimmer 343
75 68 Chase Johnson 342
76 1XX Don Droud Jr. 341
77 2M Matt Moro 331
78 7M Kaley Gharst 323
79 17 Josh Baughman 316
80 W20 Greg Wilson 313
81 4 Jon Agan 312
82 5H Cory Eliason 309
83 49X Tim Shaffer 308
84 88N DJ Netto 308
85 75 Glen Saville 307
86 95 Matt Covington 304
87 11N Randy Hannagan 302
88 1X Chad Trout 298
89 4S Danny Smith 291
90 97 Dean Jacobs 280
91 02 Mike Reinke 275
92 5R Byron Reed 275
93 31B Shane Golobic 265
94 7J Joe Swanson 262
95 20N Hunter Schuerenberg 259
96 00 Dane Lorenc 255
97 3 Billy Alley 246
98 13V Seth Brahmer 229
99 28AM Brian Paulus 228
100 19 Bob Weuve 217
101 21T Ray Allen Kulhanek 214
102 4K Kody Kinser 211
103 23 Jimmy Light 204
104 13 Clyde Knipp 196
105 15B Bobby Mincer 188
106 83C Adam Cruea 187
107 71B Robert Bell 167


Shane Stewart Holds Off Schatz on Night #1 of the 56th Annual Knoxville Nationals

by Bryan Hulbert and Bill Wright                                                             

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 10, 2016) – For the third year in a row, and fifth time overall in Knoxville Nationals preliminary competition, Oklahoma's Shane Stewart parked the Jeff Gordon Foundation No. 2s in Victory Lane; winning Wednesday's Brandt Professional Agriculture Qualifying Night to open up the 56th annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores.

It was Stewart's second consecutive year topping the Capitani Classic and his Knoxville Nationals prelim night.  The $12,000 score is Shane's tenth overall win at the Knoxville Raceway and win No. 6 on the season with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

Referencing the words of Ralph Capitani, warning that Shane would be tough to beat, Shane stated, "I hope you're interviewing me one more time this week.  Man, I tell you what, I've got a great car right now, but I know that we're going to have to pick it up just a little bit more to beat that No. 15 (Donny Schatz). He's just so darn good here on the bottom and I have so many people ask me how he's so good, but he just...everything just slows down in the racecar for him. He's so good at changing lanes and not scrubbing off speed, so I've got to get better at that if I'm going to beat him".

Gridding the field fourth, Stewart gave chase the first nine circuits as Jeff Swindell took off with the lead over Wayne Johnson from the front row. Into third on the third round, Stewart carefully closed in on the No. 47. Setting up Swindell for the pass on Lap 9, Stewart made the slide through turns one and two but was denied the top spot.

Regrouping on Lap 10, the slide came again through the first two turns. Leaving almost no room for error, Swindell was forced to roll out of the throttle, taking away enough momentum for Stewart to hold off the turn to take the lead.

Under caution on Lap 12 for Lynton Jeffrey, who lost a wheel on the No. 12 machine, Shane no longer had Swindell to contend with, as Donny Schatz had moved into the runner-up spot on the eleventh round. Charging low on the No. 2c, the No. 15 was kept at bay by 0.012 seconds to complete Lap 13. Taking the lead the following lap, his advantage was short lived as Stewart drove back to the point.

Slowed again with eight laps to run, Stewart got the jump on the restart, but Schatz was quick to pick up the pace, challenging again for the top position on the podium on Lap 19. Now three times denied, the nine-time champion watched as Shane pulled his advantage to 1.390 seconds at the drop of the checkered flag.

"It'll be a different racetrack on Saturday for sure. We've been trying to find speed on the top of this place ever since we've been coming here," said Donny of his runner-up appearance. "It seems like there's nights you can do it, and nights you can't, but we know what to do to run the bottom, but right now, we're just curious of what it's going to do on Saturday and which way it's going to go. Right now, that's the million-dollar question."

Moving up from fifth, Chad Kemenah brought the Hunter Racing No. 10h to the final podium step. On his finish, Chad stated, "This is good for Saturday, and takes a little bit of pressure off, but, my brother's had the racecar good all year long and that's what we've been good at is being consistent, so maybe on Saturday, we can be just as consistent, or a little bit better."

Coming from eighth, Daryn Pittman brought the Great Clips No. 9 to fourth with Jamie Veal from seventh to complete the top-five. Having to start 20th on the field, Greg Hodnett was the highest finishing Pennsylvania driver on the night with a hard charging run to sixth in the Heffner Racing No. 27. After leading early on, Jeff Swindell faded to finish seventh with Wayne Johnson also falling back to eighth. Ninth went to Rico Abreu with Dusty Zomer tenth after running as high as fourth in the opening laps.

With 47 drivers drawing in for Wednesday's Brandt Professional Agriculture Qualifying night, Heat Race wins went to Chad Kemenah, Paige Polyak, Rico Abreu, Dusty Zomer, and Greg Hodnett. The C-Feature was topped by Josh Baughman with the B-Feature going to Sammy Swindell. The night's quick time was achieved by Daryn Pittman with a time of 14.791 seconds.

Following Wednesday's action, Daryn Pittman sits atop the points with 485. Jamie Veal is second with 477, followed by Donny Schatz, Chad Kemenah, and Shane Stewart who rounds out the top-five in standings with 472 markers.

The 56th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores continues Thursday night!  Tickets are still available!  To order tickets, or find more information about the Nationals, visit www.KnoxvilleRaceway.com!

410 A main (started), 25 Laps, NT: 1. Shane Stewart (4); 2. Donny Schatz (6); 3. Chad Kemenah (5); 4. Daryn Pittman (8); 5. Jamie Veal (7); 6. Greg Hodnett (20); 7. Jeff Swindell (2); 8. Wayne Johnson (1); 9. Rico Abreu (14); 10. Dusty Zomer (3); 11. Craig Dollansky (24); 12. Danny Dietrich (10); 13. Sammy Swindell (21); 14. Ian Madsen (22); 15. Matt Juhl (11); 16. Logan Schuchart (13); 17. Austin McCarl (12); 18. Daniel Harding (16); 19. Dakota Hendrickson (9); 20. Davey Heskin (15); 21. Colby Copeland (18); 22. Paige Polyak (17); 23. Johnny Herrera (19); 24. Lynton Jeffrey (23). Lap Leaders: J. Swindell 1-9, Stewart 10-25.  Hard-charger: Hodnett.

Wednesday Point Totals
1 9 Daryn Pittman 485
2 71 Jamie Veal 477
3 15 Donny Schatz 476
4 10H Chad Kemenah 476
5 2S Shane Stewart 472
6 1 Sammy Swindell 459
7 82 Dusty Zomer 456
8 2KS Craig Dollansky 454
9 47 Jeff Swindell 452
10 18 Ian Madsen 449
11 2C Wayne Johnson 443
12 12 Lynton Jeffrey 429
13 29 Danny Dietrich 427
14 09 Matt Juhl 422
15 24 Rico Abreu 420
16 10 Dakota Hendrickson 417
17 70 Danny Holtgraver 416
18 17A Austin McCarl 414
19 27 Greg Hodnett 412
20 21 Brian Brown 409
21 1S Logan Schuchart 405
22 12H Daniel Harding 393
23 49J Josh Schneiderman 392
24 56N Davey Heskin 391
25 7S Jason Sides 390
26 7 Paul McMahan 390
27 19P Paige Polyak 386
28 18W Colby Copeland 383
29 20 AJ Moeller 381
30 28 Jonathan Cornell 380
31 45X Johnny Herrera 377
32 84 Scott Bogucki 376
33 93 Sheldon Haudenschild 368
34 7W Tasker Phillips 362
35 26 Willie Croft 349
36 55W Logan Wagner 345
37 3G Brandon Wimmer 343
38 68 Chase Johnson 342
39 2M Matt Moro 331
40 17 Josh Baughman 316
41 75 Glen Saville 307
42 95 Matt Covington 304
43 11N Randy Hannagan 302
44 1X Chad Trout 298
45 4S Danny Smith 291
46 97 Dean Jacobs 280
47 02 Mike Reinke 275
















Aug. 19
1. Chad Kemenah 3668
2. Dale Blaney 3632
3. S. Haudenschild 3586
4. Cap Henry 3442
5. Danny Holtgraver 3428
6. Kraig Kinser 3344
7. T. J. Michael 3322
8. Caleb Helms 3164
9. Lee Jacobs 3138
10. Andrew Palker 2950
6/17 Larson
6/18 S. Haudenschild
6/19 Dale Blaney
6/20 Rico Abreu
6/21 Bryan Clauson
6/22 Kyle Larson
6/24 Randy Hannagan
6/25 Jac Haudenschild
2016 OSW
FINAL Points
  1. Chad Kemenah 1058
2. S. Haudenschild 1028
3. Tim Shaffer 1012
4. Dean Jacobs 1012
5. Kraig Kinser 996
6. Danny Holtgraver 982
7. Cap Henry 970
8. Travis Philo 958
9. Cale Thomas 956
10. Dale Blaney 952

Aug. 8
1. Danny Lasoski 6204
2. Craig Dollansky 6122
3. Brian Brown 5780
4. Ian Madsen 5657
5. Brooke Tatnell 4776
6. Sammy Swindell 4684
7. Kerry Madsen 4238
8. Tasker Phillips 4070
9. Davey Heskin     3609
10. D. Hendrickson 3440
Aug. 4
1. Danny Lasoski 4994
2. Brian Brown    4520
3. Ian Madsen 4500
4. Craig Dollansky 4306
5. Brooke Tatnell 4076
6. Davey Heskin    4055
7. Tasker Phillips 3600
8. B. Maeschen 3541
9. J. Schneiderman 3198
10. Scott Bogucki 2964
1. Kyle Hirst 2201
2. Bud Kaeding 2132
3. Justyn Cox 1973
4. Jason Statler 1921
5. D.J. Netto 1913
6. Sean Watts  1841
7. Jarrett Soares  1837
8. Mitchell Faccinto 1365
9. Justin Sanders 1329
10. Shane Golobic 1240

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