Bauer Gets Career First at Mercer Raceway Park

(Mercer, PA  July 23, 2016):  Michael Bauer logged his first career 4 Your Car Connection 410 Sprint Car victory at Mercer Raceway Park. For Bauer, who once dominated the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warrior class, the transition to the more powerful 410 Sprints was a slow and difficult process. But, after crashing the trusty Trevis Craft car that served him so well at the start of his career, Bauer acquired a GF-1 chassis and it was clear that the first win would be coming soon. "It feels great, it's been a while, but the team stuck with me we just kept grinding, and I'm speechless, I am so happy."

Also taking wins were Jimmy Holden (Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds), Jimmy Seger (Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors, William Hurrelbrink (Precise Racing Products Open Stocks), Jacob Bova (Rock Concrete Supply Modified Lites), Tyler Fulton (Eperthener's Auto Wrecking and Ray's Racing Collectibles Mini Stocks), and Roman Jones (Elder Tractor Sales & Service Junior Sprints).

Dennis Wagner was ready to make history in the 4 Your Car Connection 410 Sprint Car feature. He started up front with his 360 powered sprint Car, and he held control for the first half of the race.
Everybody was wondering if Wagner could pull off the upset. While he ran out front, Michael Bauer worked his way into second. Bauer challenged Wagner a couple of times in traffic, but he finally made the winning pass racing down the back stretch on lap 12.

Wagner continued to hold down second in the non-stop affair, but with just two laps remaining, the points leader, Jack Sodeman, Jr., passed Wagner and a lapped car coming down the front stretch.

At the checkers, it was Bauer by nearly 4.5 seconds over Sodeman. Bauer explained ho he was able to pull away so easily. "I felt real comfortable there in the lapped traffic. We were running the bottom but we passed a lapped car up high in one and two, and the car felt even better there, so we went to the top and found more speed up there."

Wagner held down third, a very creditable performance with his underpowered machine, with A.J. Flick and Brandon Matus next.

Andy McKisson raced through the field to get sixth, ahead of Scott Priester, Brent Matus, Gale Ruth, Jr., and Dan Shetler.

The heat winners were Sodeman and Flick.

Jimmy Holden make things look easy, and quite easy at that, in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds. "We strayed from our set-up probably about three weeks or a month ago, and after that race, I said, 'you know what, put it back, put it back where it was, and the car has been good all year."

Holden led from start to finish. "We made a different tire choice, it (the car) wasn't very happy on the long runs before, we had real good speed out of the gates before but, you know, we changed the tires up a little bit and got it to run a little better a little longer."

The only thing that slowed Holden down was a major crash on the frontstretch as the racers completed lap one. Nobody was injured, butthe car of Jeff Schaffer, Jr. was done for the night.

When the race resumed, Holden was out front and never headed. He Lonny Riggs ran a distant second. Kyle Fink wrestled third away from Tommy Kristyak. Sid Unverzagt, Jr. turned in a steady performance nabbing fifth.

Kyle Holden, Kevin Green, Ryan Kemery, and Jason Sines finished the race. Schaffer was scored in the tenth spot.

There was just one heat this night, and it went to Fink.

In the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors, it looked as though Cody Bova would be the talk of Mercertown. However, on a restart with just two laps remaining, Jimmy Seger dove to the inside of
Bova and snatched the lead away. "I got that caution with two to go, that's what I needed, I needed to have an opportunity to bunch up with him. I knew that I could catch him, he was floating around the lapped cars up top." Seger, on the other hand, was good, if not better, on the bottom, and Bova left the lane open for him as they raced toward turn one.

Seger went on to earn his first victory at the Park in the Lockhart 58. "This is the first ti I've had to drive a race car and not do anything to it during the week." Seger, explained thatthe car is really easy to drive. "I will tell you this right now, a monkey could drive this car, it is a real good piece."

Bova led Andy Priest to the finish line. Greg Dobrosky was fourth, despite mixing things up with Priest under the caution. Mike Marano, II, was fifth. Positions six through ten went to Jacob Gomola, Darin Gallagher, Rod Jones, Mike Miller, and Kyle Colwell.

Seger was also the winner of the lone heat race.

Next week will be a Saturday Night Live! racing program, however, there will be no 4 Your Car Connection Sprint Cars. Racing will start at 5:30.    

410 Sprint Cars:  Michael Bauer, Jack Sodeman, Jr., Dennis Wagner, A.J. Flick, Brandon Matus, Andy McKisson, Scott Priester, Brent Matus, Gale Ruth, Jr., Dan Shetler, John Garvin, Jr., Alex Paden, Davey Jones, Ladon LaLonde, Gale Ruth, Sr., George Hobaugh, Jr.

358 Modifieds:  Jimmy Holden, Lonny Riggs, Kyle Fink, Tommy Kristyak, Sid Unverzagt, Jr., Kyle Holden, Kevin Green, Ryan Kemery, Jason Sines, Jeff Schaffer, Jr.

Outlaw Sprint Warriors:  Jimmy Seger, Cody Bova, Andy Priest, Greg Dobrosky, Mike Marano, II, Jacob Gomola, Darin Gallagher, Rod Jones, Mike Miller, Kyle Colwell.


Brian Brown Brings the Heat at Knoxville

Ryan Giles Takes 360 Feature, Chris Walraven Wins #3 with 305's

by Bill Wright                                                                                               

Knoxville, IA, July 23, 2016 – On a hot night, Brian Brown was even hotter!  The Grain Valley, Missouri driver wired the field to win the non-stop 25-lap National Sprint League feature Saturday at the Knoxville Raceway on 3M Night.  The win was the veteran's 33rd at the famous half-mile and was worth $5,000.  In the 360 class, a move in lapped traffic gave Ryan Giles his second win here in as many years, and Chris Walraven picked up his third win this season in the 305 class.

Events were moved back thirty minutes for the heat, and a large crowd enjoyed a great night of racing.  In addition, Casey's General Stores donated 600 pounds of candy for a Candy Dash during intermission.  It didn't last long, as all the young fans went home with their share!

Ian Madsen looked like he may take the point at the beginning of the NSL main event, but his car shut down coming out of turn four.  Fellow front-row starter, Brian Brown assumed the lead with Danny Lasoski right on his tail as Madsen pulled off.  High-point man on the night, AJ Moeller settled into third.

Dustin Selvage would throw his hat in the ring too, taking third on the fourth lap.  Craig Dollansky, who picked up a $10,000 win at Jackson Friday night, entered the top four early on and tracked down Selvage for third at the halfway mark.

Meanwhile, up front, Brown was dicing through traffic with Lasoski in pursuit.  When Lasoski would have him in range, Brown was able to move through traffic seemingly with ease.  Lasoski tried to keep pace, but fell seven-tenths of a second short at the line.  Brown lapped up to the eighth place finisher in a commanding win.  Lasoski finished second, ahead of Dollansky.  Sammy Swindell charged from row five to take fourth with a lap to go, ahead of Selvage.  Tasker Phillips, Cory Eliason, Josh Schneiderman, Brooke Tatnell and Davey Heskin rounded out the top ten.  Lasoski set quick time, while Eliason, Phillips and Swindell won heat races.

"I don't know how it looked, but that was 25 laps about as hard as I could go right there," said Brown afterwards.  "You know when you see Danny in the corner of your eye, that he's not going to give up.  It takes a lot of people to make this thing go-around and I'm the lucky guy who gets to drive it.  If you're going to get hot, literally, this is the time of year to do it.  With a professional like Danny behind you, you have to make every move count.  You get yourself in the middle, miss the bottom, or get tight, he's going to pounce."

"I felt like a couple of times mid-race, I didn't make very good corners, especially in traffic," Brown continued.  "When I got by them, I knew I had to make four or five really good laps to get some distance.  I kind of made a bad move with Brooke there at the end and thought I may have given him a shot.  I think what you're going to see come Knoxville Nationals time, is the caliber of cars we race with every week is top notch.  It's like racing with Donny Schatz and Shane Stewart every week.  I think we'll be ready in a couple weeks."

Ryan Giles shot out from the pole position to lead Calvin Landis and Ian Madsen early in the 18-lap 360 main event, while Jamie Ball and Joe Beaver put on a battle for fourth.  While Landis found the cushion to his liking, Giles remained in the low groove.  Landis would reel in the leader and take the point on lap seven.

With two lapped cars side-by-side on the top of the track, Giles used the pick to shoot by Landis in turn two on lap ten.  The lone caution of the race came with twelve laps down.

Sawyer Phillips jumped the infield berm in turn four and spun.  He rejoined a field that saw Giles leading Landis, Madsen, Ball and Josh Baughman.

While Giles maintained his advantage to the checkers, Madsen used the restart to gain second.  Landis finished third, ahead of Ball and Baughman.  Tony Shilling, Clint Garner, hard-charger Danny Lasoski, Ryan Roberts and Beaver rounded out the top ten.  Giles set quick time over the 34-car field, while Garner, Tyler Groenendyk, Lee Grosz and Baughman won heats.  Casey Friedrichsen claimed the B main.

"I just knew that I needed to calm down," said Giles of getting passed by Landis for the lead early.  "I needed to start hitting my marks again.  The bottom started to go away a little and I didn't want to take myself out of it.  Luckily, he got into lapped traffic, and I used it as a pick to my advantage.  He showed his nose on the top and I thought I may be a sitting duck on that restart.  So I went up top and luckily, the car was better up there than it had been on the bottom.  I could hear them, but I knew if I hit my marks it would be tough to get by.  I'm just glad to have my Dad here.  He's done everything to allow me to be here.  We're still learning this stuff."

Christian Bowman set the pace over Brad Comegys and Chris Walraven early in the 15-lap 305 feature.  Devin Kline worked by both Walraven and Comegys early to move into second, but it was short-lived, as Walraven snuck by on lap five.  With the leaders by the start/finish line, the caution flew for a spun Mike Mayberry.

Bowman led Walraven, Kline, Comegys and Chase Wanner back to green.  Walraven challenged for the lead, and began to pull beside Bowman coming down the frontstretch.  The leader made a sudden move to the top of turn one, causing Walraven to get on the binders and regain his composure.  Ten laps in, McKenna Haase slowed to a stop in turn four.  Mike Dapra happened on the scene, jumping Haase's left rear and flipping.  No one was hurt.

Walraven used the restart to put a slider of his own on Bowman in turn two and take the lead.  Kline would follow him into second.  One final caution was displayed for Matthew Stelzer who slowed in turn four.  At the same time, Mayberry needed the hook and Dan Henning spun to avoid.

Walraven pulled away on the restart, winning his third feature of the year utilizing the Knoxville CT525 spec engine.  Kline was second, ahead of Bowman, Christopher Scank and Comegys.  Joe Simbro, hard-charger Tyler Thompson, Wanner, Corey Kautz and Jeff Wilke rounded out the top ten.  Bowman set quick time over the field, while Josh Jones and Walraven won heat races.

"It felt like an awful nice slide job from where I was sitting," said Walraven of his winning pass.  "I don't know what he thought, but I think I had him cleared.  We started sixth, and I think we were running third at the end of the first lap.  That thing just came forward the whole fifteen laps.  I kind of knew (Kline) would get me on the bottom if I didn't go down there.  I just kind of went in protect mode.  If he drove around me on the outside, then so be it.  He didn't quite have enough smoke to do that I guess.  This is our third win this year, and we're having a blast."

410 Amain (started), 25 Laps, 7:14.4: 1. Brian Brown (2); 2. Danny Lasoski (4); 3. Craig Dollansky (5); 4. Sammy Swindell (9); 5. Dustin Selvage (3); 6. Tasker Phillips (12); 7. Cory Eliason (10); 8. Josh Schneiderman (13); 9. Brooke Tatnell (11); 10. Davey Heskin (14); 11. Bronson Maeschen (21); 12. Scott Bogucki (7); 13. Bill Balog (15); 14. Jake Bubak (22); 15. RJ Johnson (17); 16. Willie Croft (18); 17. AJ Moeller (6); 18. Bob Weuve (23); 19. Rager Phillips (20); 20. Dakota Hendrickson (16); 21. Josh Baughman (8); 22. Kevin Hetrick (24); 23. Seth Brahmer (19); 24. Ian Madsen (1). Lap Leader: Brown 1-25. Hard-charger: Maeschen.

360 A main (started), 18 Laps, NT: 1. Ryan Giles (1); 2. Ian Madsen (4); 3. Calvin Landis (2); 4. Jamie Ball (3); 5. Josh Baughman (11); 6. Tony Shilling (10); 7. Clint Garner (12); 8. Danny Lasoski (15); 9. Ryan Roberts (7); 10. Joe Beaver (6); 11. Matt Moro (14); 12. Nate Van Haaften (5); 13. Lee Grosz (20); 14. Sawyer Phillips (13); 15. Tony Bruce Jr. (19); 16. Chris Morgan (23); 17. Tyler Groenendyk (8); 18. Mike Van Haaften (18); 19. Josh Higday (17); 20. JT Imperial (22); 21. Forrest Sutherland (24); 22. Alan Zoutte (21); 23. Casey Friedrichsen (9); 24. Seth Brahmer (16). Lap Leaders: Giles 1-6, Landis 7-9, Giles 10-18. Hard-charger: Lasoski.

305 A main (started), 15 Laps, NT: 1. Chris Walraven (6); 2. Devin Kline (3); 3. Christian Bowman (1); 4. Christopher Scank (5); 5. Brad Comegys (2); 6. Joe Simbro (13); 7. Tyler Thompson (15); 8. Chase Wanner (4); 9. Corey Kautz (11); 10. Dan Henning (16); 11. Jeff Wilke (12); 12. Matthew Stelzer (8); 13. Mike Mayberry (9); 14. Mike Dapra (14); 15. McKenna Haase (7); 16. Cody Ambers (19); 17. Travis Rewerts (18); 18. Josh Jones (10) 19. AJ Johnson (17) DNS – Ben Woods, Mitchell Alexander. Lap Leaders: Bowman 1-10, Walraven 11-15. Hard-charger: Thompson.


Christopher Bell Earns Career First Arctic Cat All Star Victory During Prelude to the Dirt Classic Indiana

KOKOMO, IN (July 22, 2016) - For the first time in nearly ten years, the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions invaded the famed Kokomo Speedway in Kokomo, Indiana, in an attempt to tame the Hoosier State's "Baddest Bullring" during the inaugural Dirt Classic Indiana presented by Tony Stewart.

The weekend doubleheader launched officially on Friday night, July 22, with 37 Arctic Cat All Star sprint cars making the call. When the dust settled, it was recent Tony Stewart Racing hired gun Christopher Bell at the top of the heap, leading all 35 laps on the Kokomo Speedway quarter-mile to score his first ever All Star victory worth $5,000. Rico Abreu finished just behind Bell, followed by Aussie invader Jamie Veal.

"It's every kid's dream to drive a race car for Tony Stewart. I'm just glad we were able to get it done tonight," Bell explained in victory lane. "These guys gave me an awesome car tonight. It got a little tricky there in traffic because you really have to let up your momentum to figure out how to work around the drivers in front of you. I almost gave it away there at one point, but we were able to get by that and park ourselves in victory lane." 

Christopher Bell, jumped out to an early advantage ahead of recent Indianapolis 500 starter Bryan Clauson and Rico Abreu at the completion of lap one. After a pair of cautions, which halted action on lap two and lap three, green flag conditions would return with Christopher Bell maintaining his
position at the front of the field.

The Norman, Oklahoma, native extended his advantage quickly, using the very topside of the Kokomo quarter-mile. Even when traffic started to intensify, Bell kept his composure, moving to various parts of the surface to navigate traffic. At one point, Bell's advantage stretched to nearly a

Meanwhile, action for second, third, fourth, and fifth intensified. Bryan Clauson, Brady Bacon, Rico Abreu, and Chad Kemenah all battled continuously, utilizing slide jobs in turns one and two, as well as turns three and four, in an attempt to advance positions. By the time caution lights reappeared on lap 15, Bryan Clauson, who started on the outside of the front row, settled himself into the runner-up position, with Chad Kemenah, the main event's fifth starter, just behind, each chasing Bell's Tony Stewart Racing entry.

After the caution on lap 15, green flag conditions would return once again. Christopher Bell returned to the topside of the speedway, using clean air and an open track once again to his advantage. Bryan Clauson continued to chase the No. 14 from the runner-up spot, with Jamie Veal working his way forward from sixth to battle for third by lap 22. Veal's campaign in third was eventually challenged and taken over by Rico Abreu, using a traditional Kokomo Speedway slide job.

Unfortunately for Bell, main event action would come to a stop three laps before the finish, this time for Bryan Clauson. Clauson, who was now racing hard with Rico Abreu for second in the running order, made contact with the turn four wall, sending the Matt Wood Racing/Cancer Treatment Centers of America/No. 17W entry for a ride, ultimately bringing out the red flag. Abreu would inherit second, just ahead of Jamie Veal.

Despite the distraction, Christopher Bell would keep control and lead the last three circuits to capture the $5,000 top prize, capping off a near clean sweep; qualifying sixth quick, winning his respective heat race, winning the dash, and dominating 35-lap main event.

The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions will continue their Kokomo Speedway invasion on Saturday evening, July 23, with the Dirt Classic Indiana finale. The $12,500-to-win showcase will feature a unique, non-points format for the Arctic Cat All Stars, utilizing two sets of heat races, each accumulating points to help set the lineup for the evening's main event. The Dirt Classic Indiana winner will take home the cash, as well as a golden ticket; receiving an automatic bid to start in the Dirt Classic Ohio main event at Attica Raceway Park over Labor Day weekend.

Kokomo Speedway pit gates will swing back open at 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, July 23. The Dirt Classic Indiana drivers meeting will begin at 6, followed by hot laps at 7.

If weather becomes a factor, the Dirt Classic Indiana program will be moved to Sunday, July 24 with similar start times. Information will be released if necessary.

Contingency Awards/Results: Kokomo Speedway - Friday, July 22, 2016:
Event: Prelude to the Dirt Classic Indiana

A-Main (35 Laps) 1. 14-Christopher Bell[1] ; 2. 24-Rico Abreu[3] ; 3. 71-Jamie Veal[6] ; 4. 10H-Chad Kemenah[5] ; 5. 99-Brady Bacon[4] ; 6. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[11] ; 7. 11N-Randy Hannagan[9] ; 8. 6M-Jac Haudenschild[12] ; 9. 1-Dale Blaney[7] ; 10. 70-Danny Holtgraver[8] ; 11. 3G-Brandon Wimmer[13] ; 12. 20N-Hunter Schuerenberg[10] ; 13. 1st-Gary Taylor[14] ; 14. 5-Chris Windom[23] ; 15. 23c-Tyler Courtney[21] ; 16. 21-Cap Henry[16] ; 17. 11K-Kraig Kinser[17] ; 18. 40-Caleb Helms[25] ; 19. 2-Parker Price-Miller[18] ; 20. 8M-TJ Michael[22] ; 21. 17W-Bryan Clauson[2] ; 22. 81-Lee Jacobs[24] ; 23. 71m-Dave Blaney[15] ; 24. 4K-Kody Kinser[20] ; 25. 57X-Andrew Palker[19]

Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Standings (July 22, 2016):
1. Chad Kemenah 3174
2. Dale Blaney 3116
3. Sheldon Haudenschild 3074
4. Danny Holtgraver 2966
5. Cap Henry 2962
6. Kraig Kinser 2892
7. T.J. Michael 2850
8. Lee Jacobs 2708
9. Caleb Helms 2706
10. Andrew Palker 2500


 Dollansky Claims Big Payday at Jackson Motorplex; Winters and Anderson Also Score Marquee Wins during State Bank

of Fairmont Night

Inside Line Promotions - JACKSON, Minn. (July 22, 2016) - Craig Dollansky entered the Winner's Circle wearing a big

smile on Friday during State Bank of Fairmont Night at Jackson Motorplex.

Dollansky led all 25 laps for the Spirit Lake Silver & Gold NSL 410 Sprint Cars featuring the National Sprint

League main event, which was boosted to $10,000 to win earlier in the day. Dollansky also received a $1,000 bonus

from Bosma Poultry for the victory.

He was joined in Victory Lane by Scott Winters, who captured the $2,500-to-win Richard White Memorial during Last-

Deck® 360 Sprint Cars featuring the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series competition, and Liquid Nitro IMCA 305 Sprint

Cars winner Bruce Anderson.

"I love this place," Dollansky said. "It's an awesome track. We had a great starting spot, but that doesn't

guarantee anyone a win."

Dollansky, who was the polesitter, dominated after it took three starts to get the main event rolling. A red flag

for Skylar Prochaska flipping after contact with Willie Croft and Travis Whitney was followed by a bad start that

brought out another caution.

The third attempt to start the race stood and Dollansky was the front runner from the drop of the green flag. Bill

Balog and Sammy Swindell had a spirited battle for the runner-up position for most of the race before Danny Lasoski

took advantage of traffic on Lap 20 to sneak by both drivers on the same lap to take over second place.

The final caution of the race came on Lap 23 when ninth-running Matt Juhl had a flat right rear tire. However,

Lasoski was unable to make a bid for the lead on the restart as Dollansky picked up his series-best third feature

victory of the season to extend his advantage in the championship standings to 43 points over Lasoski.

"I want to thank Tod Quiring for everything he is doing for sprint car racing in the Midwest," Lasoski said in

Victory Lane following his series-leading seventh podium finish.

Swindell passed Balog for the final spot on the podium on Lap 24. It marked Swindell's third podium finish in his

last three National Sprint League races.

"We had a real good race with Balog," he said. "We got caught up with a lapped car and that let Lasoski get by both

of us. That was a lot of fun tonight."

Ian Madsen maneuvered around Balog on the final lap for fourth place with Balog rounding out the top five.

The night began with Lasoski setting quick time during qualifying for the fifth time this year before Scott

Winters, Brian Brown and Tim Kaeding each won a heat race.

The National Sprint League returns to action on Saturday at Knoxville Raceway, where hot laps is scheduled to begin

at 6:45 p.m. with qualifying at 7:15 p.m.

Tickets for the event at Knoxville Raceway are $15 for adults, $10 for ages 13 to 19 and free for ages 12 and

younger. Pit passes are $25.

The Cushion will provide live Pay-Per-View video from the race at http://www.TheCushion.com.

Last-Deck ® 360 Sprint Cars

Winters led wire to wire to capture his second straight triumph at the track.

"It was fast," he said of the half-mile oval. "We got to lapped traffic and it kind of played to my favor."

Winters, who started the 20-lap feature on the pole, quickly powered into a sizeable lead before Derrik Lusk began

chipping away at it in the closing laps. Lusk was within approximately a half a second with only a couple of laps

remaining, but Winters was efficient in traffic to garner the victory.

Lusk held off Lasoski for the runner-up position with James Broty placing fourth and points leader Gregg Bakker


Broty, Bakker and Justin Jacobsma each claimed a heat race win to open the action.

Liquid Nitro IMCA 305 Sprint Cars

Anderson capitalized on his pole position to win his first race of the season. While Anderson led the distance of

the 15-lap main event, points leader Michael Stien stayed within striking distance until the checkered flag was


"I heard him a couple of times," Anderson said. "I thought if I stayed on the bottom nobody was going to get me."

Brandon Allen rounded out the podium with Trevor Serbus finishing fourth and Elliot Amdahl fifth.

Brett Wanner, Colin Smith and Nate Eakin were the heat race winners.

Jackson Motorplex will host racing on Saturday when the program features Wilmont Oil IMCA a mods, Bohl's Small

Engine & Marine IMCA sport mods, Minnesota West - Jackson Campus IMCA hobby stocks, Boji Bay Water Park IMCA sport

compacts and After Hours Graphics & Tees IMCA stock cars.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors ages 65 and older, $6 for students ages 13 to 18 and free for children

ages 12 and younger. Pit passes are $30.

The pits will open at 4 p.m. with the main gates opening at 5 p.m. Hot laps are scheduled for 7 p.m.

NATIONAL SPRINT LEAGUE NOTES : Danny Lasoski earned a $200 bonus from Deberg Concrete and a $50 certificate from

Slade Shock Technology for setting quick time during time trials. … Scott Winters garnered a $100 certificate from

Walker Filtration Performance for winning a heat race. … Brian Brown scored a $100 certificate from Kaeding

Performance for winning a heat race. … Tim Kaeding captured a certificate from Keizer Aluminum Wheels for winning a

heat race. …Lynton Jeffrey was the So Close Award winner and received a certificate from Rod End Supply for being

the highest starting NSL driver who missed the feature redraw. … Rob Caho Jr. powered to the Locked in Award to

garner a $100 certificate from Hooker Harness by being the final driver to start the A Main. … Travis Whitney

picked up a $50 certificate from KSE Racing Products for being the Hard Charger in the A Main. … Skylar Prochaska

was given the Hard Luck Award, which provided a $100 certificate from Ti22 Performance for facing the worst luck of

the night.

National Sprint League Race Report: Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minn., on July 22, 2016 -

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 2ks-Craig Dollansky (1); 2. 2-Danny Lasoski (4); 3. 1s-Sammy Swindell (3); 4. 18-Ian Madsen

(6); 5. 17b-Bill Balog (2); 6. 21-Brian Brown (5); 7. 55-Brooke Tatnell (8); 8. 3-Tim Kaeding (12); 9. 12-Lynton

Jeffrey (9); 10. 82-Dusty Zomer (7); 11. 7w-Tasker Phillips (11); 12. 16-Travis Whitney (19); 13. 26-Willie Croft

(15); 14. 23w-Scott Winters (10); 15. 121-Jordyn Brazier (13); 16. 10-Dakota Hendrickson (16); 17. 09-Matt Juhl

(14); 18. 19l-Rob Caho Jr. (20); 19. 7-Kaley Gharst (18); 20. 35-Skylar Prochaska (17). Laps led: Craig Dollansky


Last-Deck ® 360 Sprint Cars A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 23w-Scott Winters (1); 2. 2-Derrik Lusk (3); 3. 1m-Danny

Lasoski (6); 4. 33-James Broty (4); 5. 11x-Gregg Bakker (5); 6. 3p-Sawyer Phillips (12); 7. 35-Skylar Prochaska

(10); 8. 13mj-Brandon Halverson (13); 9. 17b-Ryan Bickett (7); 10. 75c-Casey Heser (8); 11. 7-Kaley Gharst (16);

12. 5m-Troy Manteufel (15); 13. 20g-Chris Graf (14); 14. 63-Jerry Richert Jr. (19); 15. 7d-Dave Becker (9); 16. 03

-Jamey Ogston (18); 17. 29-Leigh Thomas (17); 18. 1-Dean Brown (20); 19. 91a-Reed Allex (21); 20. 10j-Justin

Jacobsma (2); 21. 199-Ryan Bowers (11); 22. 2h-Bill Boles (DNS); 23. 77-Brandon Allen (DNS).

Liquid Nitro IMCA 305 Sprint Cars A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 11a-Bruce Anderson (1); 2. 4s-Michael Stien (3); 3. 05a-

Brandon Allen (6); 4. 10-Trevor Serbus (7); 5. 51a-Elliot Amdahl (8); 6. 5-Brady Forbrook (9); 7. 56-Bill Johnson

(11); 8. 7l-Jesse Lindberg (5); 9. 2-Neil Stevens (13); 10. 4sn-Nate Eakin (12); 11. 78-Brett Wanner (4); 12. 33s-

Jeremy Schultz (2); 13. 21-Jordan Wilmes (16); 14. 1b-Brett Geldner (14); 15. 14k-Victoria Knutson (18); 16. 77-

Taylor Ryan (17); 17. 05-Colin Smith (10); 18. 22-Kaleb Johnson (15); 19. 10s-Gary Serbus (19).


1. 2ks-Craig Dollansky 4614; 2. 2-Danny Lasoski 4571; 3. 18-Ian Madsen 4113; 4. 21-Brian Brown 4009; 5. 55-Brooke

Tatnell 3604; 6. 56n-Davey Heskin 3154; 7. 1s-Sammy Swindell 3042; 8. 7w-Tasker Phillips 2997; 9. 29-Kerry Madsen

2758; 10. 10-Dakota Hendrickson 2537.


Mintz tightens FAST points battle with Attica win

Friday, July 22, 2016
Contact: Brian Liskai

By Brian Liskai

ATTICA, Ohio – It looks like the $10,000 title for Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series presented by KS

Sales and Service is going to come down to Craig Mintz and Byron Reed. Mintz dominated Friday on Smith Family

Foods/Comfort Keepers Night at AtticaRacewayPark for his second straight FAST win, closing the point gap on Reed.

Mintz, from Gibsonburg, Ohio, had a nearly seven second lead in the O’Reilly Auto Parts 410 Sprint Feature until a

caution flew with nine laps to go. Meanwhile Reed had worked his way from 14th starting position to fourth. Every

time Mintz would open up a lead the final few laps a caution would fly and when the final yellow was displayed with

three laps to go Mintz led Stuart Brubaker and Reed. Reed was able to take second with two to go but ran out of

time to catch Mintz who led all 30 laps.

It was Mintz’ first win of the year at Attica and the 14th of his career at the track, tying him with Butch

Schroeder for seventh on the all time win list for the division.

“You see that yellow light come on and you don’t know where you are. The 16 (Brubaker) is really good at the top

and I look at the score board and the 5 (Reed) was coming. You start in the back like he did and you’re in the top

three with a few laps to go you have a good race car. I just put my foot on the floor and aimed it to the curb.

These Elite wings….they put down force on this thing and make this Ti22 GF1 Chassis work and Linder’s ProShocks put

some great shocks on it and we were ready to go,” said Mintz beside his Real Geese Decoys, Eagle Ignition Products;

Real Archery Targets; KS Sales & Service; Shetzer Insurance; Story Equipment; S&S Builders; Keizer Wheels; Real

Caps backed machine.

Mintz has scaled back his racing the past couple of years and is concentrating on trying to get his third FAST


“With a limited schedule it takes me a little while to knock the rust off. But everyone that stands behind me with

this crew…they’ve worked their butts off and that’s why we have such a good race car. It goes from Monday through

race day. Hopefully I can reward them with wins. I want to thank the fans for coming out in this terrible heat and

supporting us,” Mintz added.

McClure, Ohio’s Rusty Schlenk has only raced at Attica once in 2016 in the Summit Racing Equipment UMP Late Models.

However, he made his second visit one to remember. Despite a car leaking race fuel on him throughout the feature,

he would drive around Ryan Markham in the last corner of the last lap to get his 22nd career Attica to continue to

lead the division in all-time victories. In total, Schlenk has seven wins at various tracks this season.

“That was probably one of the stupidest moves I’ve made in my life. On about lap 10 it started pouring fuel out of

the carburetor…it was hitting me in the face but we were having such a good run. I just chanced it. I was keeping

an eye on where the water truck was in case it caught on fire. The car was awesome and I have to say thanks to my

guys for putting the car back together after the incident in the heat,” said Schlenk of his Velocita-USA; Dowdy

Fabrication; Kercher Engines; BAK Technologies; Big Tim; Take a Chance Farms; Shipley Automotive backed #91.

“I knew if we had a couple laps to run Ryan (Markham)…it took him three or four laps to get running…so I knew if we

had a three or four lap run there at the end and I hit my marks I could win the thing. Sure enough he messed up a

little bit going into one and it gave me just enough room to capitalize on the back stretch so I could get him in

three,” added Schlenk.

Dundee, Michigan’s Dan McCarron has been building up confidence all season in the Fremont Fence 305 Sprints.

Earlier this year he got his first career win at Fremont Speedway and has had several top three runs against 410

and 360 sprints with the SOD organization. Friday at Attica McCarron would pass John Ivy with four laps to go and

drove to his first career victory at the track which was worth $1,000 thanks to Griff’s Engines of Sandusky.

“We made changes at the beginning of the year and that win at Fremont…confidence is everything. Going up there with

SOD…it’s nothing like down here. The competition down here is the best in the country by far. I have to thank my

family for coming. They aren’t always all here. Thank you Blake who is a tremendous help,” said McCarron of his

McCarron Sales and Promotions; All Star Performance; XYZ Machining; Timken; Rod End Supply; Simpson; Schoenfeld

Headers; Engler Machine & Tool backed machine.

Mintz and Brubaker brought the field to green for the 30-lap 410 sprint feature but before a lap could be completed

Chris Andrews experienced mechanical issues and spun. On the restart Mintz quickly established himself as the

dominate driver as he pulled away from Brubaker, Tyler Gunn, Shawn Valenti and Dean Jacobs. Mintz hit lapped

traffic by the sixth circuit and had half a straight-away lead over Brubaker as Gunn and Valenti battled for third.

With 10 laps in the books Mintz held a nearly five second lead over Brubaker with Valenti, Gunn and Dean Jacobs now

jockeying for third. As Mintz continued to build his lead, Brubaker now had company from Valenti to challenge for

second with Dean Jacobs and Reed closing. By lap 20, Mintz was rocketing into turn three while Brubaker was

entering turn one! But that advantage was wiped out when Gunn spun.

On the restart Mintz would again pull away with Brubaker, Valenti and now Reed giving chase. Cody Gallogly would

spin on lap 24 to bunch the field up again. When the green flew Mintz couldn’t shake Brubaker so easily this time

with Valenti engaged in a tough battle with Reed. The race for fourth was also entertaining involving Dean Jacobs,

Jordan Ryan, Caleb Griffith, Brian Lay and Gunn. Just as Reed took third with just three laps to go Broc Martin

would stop.

Mintz would get a great restart as Reed drove under Brubaker for second. Mintz blasted the high line perfectly to

take the win over Reed, Brubaker, Valenti and Dean Jacobs.

Attica RacewayPark
Friday, July 22, 2016

410 Sprints A-Main (30 Laps): 1. 09-Craig Mintz[1] ; 2. 5R-Byron Reed[14] ; 3. 16-Stuart Brubaker[2] ; 4. 7-Shawn Valenti[4] ; 5. 97-Dean Jacobs[8] ; 6. 33M-Caleb Griffith[9] ; 7. 9-Jordan Ryan[15] ; 8. 45L-Brian Lay[10] ; 9. 3J-Trey Jacobs[17] ; 10. 46AU-Stuart Williams[7] ; 11. 68G-Tyler Gunn[5] ; 12. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[16] ; 13. 23-DJ Foos[6] ; 14. 9C-Jimmy Colvin[19] ; 15. 1M-Dustin Stroup[20] ; 16. 83M-Broc Martin[11] ; 17. 27-Cody Gallogly[13] ; 18. 25M-Ken Mackey[12] ; 19. 73-Chris Andrews[3] ; 20. 5T-Travis Philo[18]

305 Sprints A-Main (25 Laps): 1. 22M-Dan McCarron[4] ; 2. 4*-Tyler Street[2] ; 3. 77I-John Ivy[3] ; 4. 2F-Matt Foos[6] ; 5. 12-Kyle Capodice[7] ; 6. 1W-Paul Weaver[8] ; 7. 1-Nate Dussel[5] ; 8. 19R-Steve Rando[9] ; 9. 7M- Brandon Moore[17] ; 10. 1X-Dustin Dinan[10] ; 11. 66-Jamie Miller[16] ; 12. 2-Ricky Peterson[14] ; 13. 25-Jason  Keckler[11] ; 14. 36-Seth Schneider[20] ; 15. 45-Trevor Baker[18] ; 16. 11G-Luke Griffith[1] ; 17. 97-Kyle Peters [12] ; 18. 2L-Landon LaLonde[19] ; 19. 47-Matt Lucius[13] ; 20. 5JR-Jimmy McGrath[15]


Dangerous heat conditions force Fremont to cancel races

Thursday, July 21, 2016
Contact: Rich Farmer – fremontspeedway@yahoo.com

FREMONT, Ohio – Dangerous heat conditions have forced Fremont Speedway officials to cancel the races on Saturday, July 23.

“They are calling for temperatures in the mid to upper 90s with a heat index of around 105 to 110 degrees. Health officials are telling area residents to stay inside. The last time we tried to race in conditions like this we had people hauled out in the EMS for heat exhaustion. Our goal is always to provide a safe, fun and entertaining event,” said Rich Farmer, Promoter of Fremont Speedway.

Besides the Saturday night racing being cancelled so is the Johnny Auxter Day events on Sunday. Farmer said the classic car show scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday at the fairgrounds is still on as the event will be over before the extreme heat of the day hits.



KNOXVILLE, IOWA (July 21, 2016) -- Dave Blaney, former Knoxville Nationals champion and National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee will make his return to Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway for the 56th running of the 5-Hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores.

This Knoxville Nationals will be the first for "The Buckeye Bullet" since 1997, when he earned the victory over Greg Hodnett and Danny Lasoski crowning him the Knoxville Nationals Champion.

"It will be exciting to get back to Knoxville (Raceway)," Blaney said. "There's a lot of prestige to this race and really this entire week. Every driver wants to be the one crowned as the Knoxville Nationals champion."

Blaney, 53, will return to sprint car racing's biggest event as the driver of the Motter Motorsports No. 71m. Owner, Dan Motter, has fielded sprint cars for more than two decades with some of the best drivers in competition such as Doug Wolfgang, Kenny Jacobs and, most recently, Joey Saldana. The Motter Motorsports team finished fifth in the 2015 Knoxville Nationals.

Thus far, Blaney and Motter Motorsports have captured one win at Volusia Speedway Park in February, three top-five, and 10 top-10 finishes this season.

Blaney, the 1995 World of Outlaws champion, has earned 70 World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series wins, including one Historical Big One victory, a Gold Cup championship, and two Kings Royal titles. He's also seventh on the Arctic Cat All-Star Circuit of Champions all-time win list with 47 victories.

In 1998, Blaney transitioned from sprint car racing to stock cars in the NASCAR XFINITY Series(NXS). He's since competed in three NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, 121 NXS, and 473 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races. Blaney earned one NXS win at Charlotte (N.C.) Motor Speedway in October 2006.

Other entries received thus far for the 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores include:

    Jon Agan of Knoxville, Iowa., has entered the Knoxville Nationals driving his family-owned No. 4. A 10-time 360 winner at Knoxville Raceway, Agan finished third in the D-Main in the 2015 Knoxville Nationals.

    Clint Garner, a six-time 360 season champion at Knoxville Raceway, will compete in the Knoxville Nationals in the No. 40 he competes in regularly at the ½-mile track. Garner, of Sioux Falls, S.D., finished 21st in last year's B-Main.

    Wayne Johnson from Oklahoma City, Okla., will race the No. 2c in this year's 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores. Johnson has qualified for seven finales with a career-best finish of eighth in 2006.  

    Brent Marks of Jonestown, Penn., qualified for his first Knoxville Nationals A-Main last August. He earned a 17th-place finish in the Marks family No. 19M.

    DJ Netto of Hanford, Calif., will compete in the No. 88N. Netto finished 14th in last year's C-Main.

     Paige Polyak of Tiffin, Ohio, will return to the Knoxville Nationals for the third time in the Mike Woodring-owned No. 19P. "Lady Lightning" is the only female who has entered the race thus far.

    Stevie Smith of Broken Arrow, Okla., is considered one of the best drivers to never have won a Knoxville Nationals title. Smith has qualified for 21 Nationals finales, the fourth most in the race's history, and has earned 14 top-10 finishes.

    Jamie Veal of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia has entered in the Indy Race Parts No. 71. Veal finished 12th in the B-Main one year ago. Earlier this year, Veal led 21 laps before finishing fourth in the June World of Outlaws event at Knoxville Raceway.
More confirmed drivers will be announced each week as we close in on the 56th running of sprint car racing's most prestigious event. An updated list can be found at www.knoxvilleraceway.com/Event/Knoxville-Nationals. To date, 93 drivers have entered the race.
The 56th annual 5-hour ENERGY® Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores kicks-off on Wednesday, August 10 and concludes on Saturday, August 13. The event features more than 100 drivers from around the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Nearly 21,000 spectators converge upon Knoxville for the event.


Dirt Classic Indiana winners get 'Golden Ticket" to Attica event

Thursday, July 21, 2016

ATTICA, Ohio – When the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions invade Kokomo Speedway in Kokomo, Indiana on Friday and Saturday, July 22-23 for the first ever Dirt Classic Indiana presented by Tony Stewart, one lucky driver will punch his “golden ticket” to the Dirt Classic Ohio coming to Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio on Saturday, Sept. 3.

As part of the Attica Ambush weekend, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 2-3, the Dirt Classic Ohio will also be sanctioned by the All Stars and will pay the feature winner on Saturday $10,000.

And, for race fans who attend the Dirt Classic Indiana, bring your ticket stub to Attica on September 3 and get $5 off general admission.

The Dirt Classic Ohio offers a Golden Ticket guaranteed starting spot to the marquee $20,000-to-win Dirt Classic at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA later in the month. Fans should expect to see the top talent from the All Stars including Dale Blaney, Chad Kemenah, Sheldon Haudenschild and more, in addition to the always-competitive local talent and travelers.

The addition of the Dirt Classic to the Sept. 3 event at Attica makes it a truly marquee weekend at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” venue to wrap up the track’s 2016 season. On Morgan Stanley Night, Friday, Sept. 2, the Lucas Oil Late Model Series will battle for $10,000 to win with the Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series Presented by KS Sales and Service 410 sprints racing for $5,000 to win

Besides the Dirt Classic on All Pro Aluminum Heads Night, Saturday, Sept. 3, the UMP late models will be in action and it is part of the Attica Raceway Park/Wayne County Speedway Late Model Challenge Series. The 305 sprints will also be in action.

Also, the Attica Fair Board 50/50 drawing on Saturday will benefit the Kasey Kahne Foundation.

The Dirt Classic brand added Ohio to the list of new states to visit in 2016, in addition to Nebraska at I-80 Speedway in May, and Indiana at Kokomo Speedway with the All Star Sprint Circuit of Champions on July 22nd and 23rd.

Iowa’s Terry McCarl and Pennsylvania’s Greg Hodnett have already clinched Golden Tickets and guaranteed $1,000 starting monies for the Dirt Classic on Saturday, September 24 by winning Dirt Classic I-80 and the Dirt Classic Showcase Race, respectively.

Originally presented by sprint car advocate Kasey Kahne, the Dirt Classic began as a single-race event in 2014 at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA. Boasting the largest winner’s payout in the track’s storied history, the race attracted more than 50 teams. Stevie Smith won the inaugural race to pick up a cool $20,000, while Brian Montieth was able to best Smith in a lap-for-lap battle in 2015 to collect the winning check and custom trophy.


Midweek FAST Action Update: Paul Weaver Goes Back-to-Back with FAST 305 Series, FAST 410 Series Action Continues Friday/Saturday

FREMONT, Ohio (July 20, 2016) - Fremont, Ohio's Paul Weaver has been the driver to beat during the last two months of the JLH General Contractors FAST 305 Series presented by Engine Pro schedule, scoring another $1,000 victory during competition at Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, Ohio, on Friday, July 15. The victory, accomplished from row three on the feature grid, was Weaver's second consecutive with the series and his third of the last four FAST 305 Series starts. Byron Reed (410) and Bobby Clark (305) are the only other drivers under the FAST Series banner with multiple feature victories in 2016.

"I want to congratulate Paul Weaver on this Limaland victory over the weekend," Rich Farmer explained, FAST Series promoter. "Paul has been on a roll lately. I think his streak will continue during the next two months. I also want to thank all of the officials at Limaland for making this event happen. Hopefully we can continue this relationship and bring the FAST 305 sprints back to Lima, Ohio, in 2017."

Paul Weaver held off Dan McCarron to score the Limaland victory, followed by former FAST 305 Series champion Nate Dussel, who climbed from 14th to secure his place on the podium. Kyle Capodice and Alvin Roepke rounded out the top-five finishers. With the victory, Weaver now holds a 51-point margin in the FAST 305 Series championship standings over Nate Dussel. The 2016 championship will award at least $2,000.

The JLH General Contractors FAST 305 Series presented by Engine Pro will return to competition on Friday and Saturday, July 29-30, with visits to Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway. Including the July 29/30 weekend, only six events remain on the FAST 305 Series schedule, two of which travel dates with trips to Mercer Raceway Park in Pennsylvania and Butler Speedway in Michigan on the agenda.

The Kistler Racing Products FAST 410 Series presented by K S Sales & Service will return to competition for the first time since June 11 this Friday and Saturday, July 22-23, with a pair of routine stops at Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway. Defending FAST 410 Series champion Byron Reed will lead the charge into Attica Raceway Park on Friday night as the current series point leader, earning three victories thus far in 2016.

"We've officially pushed our way to the back-half of the 2016 FAST season," Farmer explained. "This is when things really start to get interesting. I'm excited for all of the drivers and teams involved, as well as the fans. It has been a fantastic season so far with plenty more to witness."

Current FAST 410 Series Standings:
1. Byron Reed 849
2. Craig Mintz 830
3. Chris Andrews 730
4. Brian Lay 729
5. Stuart Brubaker 698
6. Jody Keegan 697
7. Broc Martin 696
8. DJ Foos 682
9. Duane Zablocki 667
10. Tyler Gunn 667

Current FAST 305 Series Standings:
1. Paul Weaver 842
2. Nate Dussel 791
3. Steve Rando 766
4. Alvin Roepke 749
5. Dan McCarron 732
6. John Ivy 731
7. Jason Keckler 729
8. Dustin Dinan 724
9. Dustin Stroup 710
10. Ricky Peterson 707


Dirt Classic Indiana Sets Stage For Lone Winged Weekend at Kokomo Speedway

Friday and Saturday night the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions invade the Kokomo Speedway for the inaugural Dirt Classic Indiana, that will offer the Saturday night winner a Golden Ticket into the $20,000-to-win, $1,000-to-start Dirt Classic set for September 20th at Lincoln Speedway.

Friday and Saturday night will mark the lone weekend of winged action at the Indiana short track as a talented field of cars is expected to be on hand vying for Friday night's $5000-to-win top prize and Saturday's hefty $12,500-to-win prize and coveted Golden Ticket into the Dirt Classic.

The action on Friday night's prelude show will be a standard Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions format, while Saturday's Dirt Classic Indiana program will feature time trials, duel heat races, and feature events. Saturday night, drivers will accumulate points each time they hit the track with the Top-20 in points transferring directly into the feature event, with the remainder of the field working their way through last chance qualifiers to make up the 24-car field.

Heading into this weekend's event, 2016 Ohio Speedweek Champion, Chad Kemenah leads the point standings on the strength of a very consistent Speedweek. Kememanh may only have one win to his credit, but comes in with a 48-point advantage over Dale Blaney, and a 96-point cushion over Sheldon Haudenschild, who both have five wins to date.

While Kemenah will be looking to keep those two behind him, other drivers expected to be on hand this weekend include Cap Henry, Danny Holtgraver, Kraig Kinser, TJ Michael, Lee Jacobs, Caleb Helms, Andrew Pelker, and a list of others.

Another unique factor to this weekend's Dirt Classic Indiana will be non-wing drivers bolting on a wing and taking on the Arctic Cat Circuit of Champions. A few notables expected to cross over include Bryan Clauson, Brady Bacon, Tyler Courtney, Chris Windom as well as a few others that USAC has to offer.

For more of our predictions on who we are expecting, click over to http://dirtclassic.com/driver-forecast-dirt-classic-indiana/ and check out our driver forecast.

Tickets for this exciting event are currently available online, and to get yours today, click over to http://dirtclassic.com/tickets/.


Long awaited Peter Murphy Classic on tap for the King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series this Friday & Saturday at Thunderbowl Raceway Saturday's A-main to pay $11,000-to-win & $1,000-to-start

By Gary Thomas

Tulare, CA – July 19, 2016...The busy and exciting month of July continues for the King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series this Friday & Saturday with the much anticipated and extremely lucrative Peter Murphy Classic at Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare.

Over the last couple years the Peter Murphy Classic has quickly become one of the marquee events in all of California and for the third annual edition it expands to a double header weekend for the first time. Friday's opener will feature a full King of the West point's event, while Saturday awards special event show up points, with no qualifying taking place. Also in action both nights will be the always exciting USAC West Coast Wingless 360 Sprint Car Series, giving fans the best of both worlds.

Opening night feature's the standard $3,000-to-win/ $500-to-start KWS purse, while Saturday ups the ante to $11,000-to-win/ $1,000-to-start. The Australian/ New Zealand style Pole Shuffle will be utilized both nights, with the top-four in Friday's feature locked into Saturday's shuffle. Where a driver finishes on Friday will place them in Saturday's starting lineups. The opening night winner is automatically positioned number one in the final night's Pole Shuffle.

Two-time King of the West champion Kyle Hirst of Paradise leads the series into the Thunderbowl this weekend, fresh off his Howard Kaeding Classic victory last week. The 28-year-old driver of the Roth Motorsports/ Tarlton & Son No. 21x machine has been close to winning the Peter Murphy Classic the last couple years and hopes to seal the deal this weekend. Hirst has three wins thus far in 2016 and is always worth the price of admission at the Tulare based one-third mile clay oval.

Campbell's Bud Kaeding has also captured three King of the West wins this season and goes into the Peter Murphy Classic ranking second in the standings. The wheel-man of the Williams Motorsports 0 captured one of the biggest wins of his career at the Thunderbowl last October when he brought home the $20,000-to-win Southwest Contractors Trophy Cup. Peter Murphy of course notably drove for car owner Morrie Williams when he first came to California from late 1997-2002.

Hanford's DJ Netto sits third in the standings and is coming off a solid run from 12th to fourth at the HK Classic aboard the Netto Ag No. 88n mount. The 20-year-old captured his first career King of the West win at the Thunderbowl last season. First-year series driver Justyn Cox ranks fourth in points going into the Murphy at the helm of his Berco Redwood No. 31c Sprinter, with Grass Valley's Jason Statler rounding out the top-five in the DF Rios Motorsports 00. Statler was last year's Hard Charger Award winner at the Peter Murphy Classic.

Two-time World of Outlaws champion Jason Meyers will make his second King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series appearance of the season this weekend. The Clovis veteran ran sixth in his debut a couple weeks back with KWS at the Keller Auto Speedway. Former series champion Tyler Walker will make his first Thunderbowl Raceway start since joining the Tri-C Motorsports 3c team. The Los Angeles driver has had immense success at the Tulare County Fairgrounds track over the years, including a King of the West win last October.

More drivers set to be at the Peter Murphy Classic will include Fremont's Shane Golobic, who returns to the seat of the Roth Motorsports No. 83jr after driving it to a podium finish in Hanford two weeks back, along with Roseville's Colby Copeland, Watsonville's Justin Sanders, Hanford's Mitchell Faccinto, Fresno's Craig Stidham, Atwater's Sean Watts, Gilroy's Jarrett Soares, Penngrove's Chase Johnson, Elk Grove's Bobby McMahan, Citrus Height's Kalib Henry, Coarsegold's Scott Parker, Fresno's Steven Kent, Murrieta's Cori Andrews, Australian Michael Cunningham and others.

Friday night following the races on the fairgrounds there will be a post race party with live music from the Midnight Wine Band, plus food & drinks available. Cover charge is simply a donation at the door to the Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund, which aided Murphy immensely following his accident in 2013. Everyone is encouraged to stop by and enjoy the evening with us. Camping is available on the fairgrounds with info found by calling 559-686-4707 or at www.tcfair.org

Murphy will once again have a special victory podium made up with champagne to help celebrate the winners in style.

It will certainly be a victory lane presentation that fans want to stay for and are encouraged to come down to check out front & center. Special Peter Murphy Classic event shirts will also be available with proceeds going to the NARC Benevolent Fund. The last couple years has seen the event raise over $14,000 for the fund.

Reserved grandstand seats for the Peter Murphy Classic cost $20 each night; with general admission bleacher tickets $18. To reserve your seats contact (559) 688-0909. The front gate will open at 4pm with racing expected to get underway around 7pm.

The Williams Roofing of Fremont, CA Royal Fan Draw will also take place both nights. A trivia question will be asked from the announce booth and the fan that answers correctly will pull a random number (1-22) out of a bag. The fan automatically wins $100 and if the driver wins the feature from the starting spot drawn, the driver receives a $1000 bonus. There has still been no driver that has taken home the bonus, although Michael Ing came within one lap of doing so on June 4 in Chico.

-end -

National Sprint League Midseason Review

WINDOM, Minn. (July 13, 2016) - The National Sprint League has showcased a torrid battle atop the championship standings throughout the first half of the season.

The points lead has changed five times this season, including four between Craig Dollansky and defending series champion Danny Lasoski. Dollansky currently holds a 20-point advantage over Lasoski entering a weekend off. The series returns to action July 22 at Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minn., and July 23 at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa.

Dollansky and Lasoski have been the most consistent competitors through the first half of the season, which has showcased 12 races with four other scheduled events cancelled because of the weather.

Dollansky and Lasoski are both tied with Kerry Madsen and Sammy Swindell atop the win's list with two victories apiece and both Dollansky and Lasoski have eight top-five finishes. However, Lasoski has one more podium finish - six - while Dollansky has one more top-10 result - 12.

Lasoski leads the series with four quick time awards and Dollansky has led the most feature laps at 51.

Ian Madsen, who ranks third in the championship standings, has the most heat race wins and Sammy Swindell is the only driver with multiple Hard Charger Awards. Speaking of hard charger, 10 different drivers have earned the award and the average number of cars passed by the recipient is 8.09 this season.

Here is a look at some of the statistics through Round 12 of the National Sprint League season:

Quick Times : Danny Lasoski - 4, Craig Dollansky - 2, Davey Heskin - 2, Rico Abreu, Kerry Madsen, Daryn Pittman and Sammy Swindell

Heat Race Winners : Ian Madsen - 5, Austin McCarl - 4, Tasker Phillips - 4, Craig Dollansky - 3, Brian Brown - 2, Kerry Madsen - 2, Daryn Pittman - 2, Joey Saldana - 2, Dominic Scelzi - 2, Rico Abreu, David Gravel, Dakota Hendrickson, Matt Juhl, Tim Kaeding, Danny Lasoski, Terry McCarl, A.J. Moeller, Mike Reinke, Donny Schatz, Josh Schneiderman, Dustin Selvage and Sammy Swindell

B Main Winners : Dakota Hendrickson, Davey Heskin, Terry McCarl and Tasker Phillips

Feature Winners : Craig Dollansky - 2, Danny Lasoski - 2, Kerry Madsen - 2, Sammy Swindell - 2, Brian Brown, Terry McCarl, Daryn Pittman and Logan Schuchart

Feature Laps Led : Craig Dollansky - 51, Kerry Madsen - 37, Daryn Pittman - 29, Logan Schuchart - 26, Davey Heskin - 24, Terry McCarl - 23, Sammy Swindell - 21, Ian Madsen - 18, Bronson Maeschen - 18, Danny Lasoski - 17, Brooke Tatnell - 12, Joey Saldana - 10 and Brian Brown - 9

Hard Charger Awards : Sammy Swindell - 2, Josh Baughman, Justin Henderson, R.J. Johnson, Kerry Madsen, Paul McMahan, Tasker Phillips, Josh Schneiderman, Jeff Swindell and Brooke Tatnell

Average Hard Charger Positions Gained Per Race : 8.09

Podium Finishes : Danny Lasoski - 6, Craig Dollansky - 5, Sammy Swindell - 4, Brian Brown - 3, Ian Madsen - 3, Kerry Madsen - 3, Dusty Zomer - 2, Davey Heskin, Tim Kaeding, Bronson Maeschen, Terry McCarl, Daryn Pittman, Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz, Logan Schuchart, Shane Stewart and Brooke Tatnell

Multiple Top-5 Finishes : Craig Dollansky - 8, Danny Lasoski - 8, Ian Madsen - 7, Kerry Madsen - 6, Brian Brown - 5, Sammy Swindell - 5, Terry McCarl - 2, Shane Stewart - 2, Brooke Tatnell - 2 and Dusty Zomer - 2

Multiple Top-10 Finishes : Craig Dollansky - 12, Danny Lasoski - 11, Ian Madsen - 9, Brian Brown - 8, Davey Heskin - 8, Kerry Madsen - 7, Brooke Tatnell - 7, Sammy Swindell - 6, Terry McCarl - 5, Tasker Phillips - 4, Lynton Jeffrey - 3, Tim Kaeding - 3, Rico Abreu - 2, David Gravel - 2, R.J. Johnson - 2, Bronson Maeschen - 2, Austin McCarl - 2, Daryn Pittman - 2, Donny Schatz - 2, Josh Schneiderman - 2, Shane Stewart - 2 and Dusty Zomer - 2


July 22 at Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minn., and July 23 at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa

1. Craig Dollansky 4199
2. Danny Lasoski 4179
3. Ian Madsen 3772
4. Brian Brown 3694
5. Brooke Tatnell 3314
6. Davey Heskin 3154
7. Kerry Madsen 2758
8. Tasker Phillips 2747
9. Sammy Swindell 2675
10. Dakota Hendrickson 2324



By Mike Leone

Hartford, OH July 9, 2016 Sharon Speedway hosted the eighth annual "Lou Blaney Memorial" presented by Ollie's Bargain Outlet on Saturday night as Tony Stewart's Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars made their second and final appearance of the season and were joined by The Mod Tour for the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Big-Block Modifieds. A huge crowd turned out as activities took place throughout the day that benefitted the Alzheimer's Association. After a beautiful afternoon, clouds rolled in during the evening as two unexpected rounds of showers slightly delayed the program, but not enough to stop the eighth straight event from being completed.

Three years ago Danny Holtgraver won a $10,000 "360" Sprint Car race in Florida at East Bay Raceway Park. On Saturday night, Holtgraver earned his second career $10,000 payday with an impressive run on a fast track holding off last year's "Lou Blaney Memorial" winner, Sheldon Haudenschild, in the 30-lap All Star Sprint feature. Holtgraver, a former track regular, became the eighth different "Lou Blaney Memorial" winner in as many races!

"This is awesome," expressed the 26-year-old Pittsburgh, Pa. racer after his fourth career Sharon win. "I grew up racing here. I didn't get to watch Lou (Blaney), but I've raced with Dale and Dave for a long time so this means a lot for me to win this race and for them to be here. I can't thank everyone enough on this 70-car- Pete Grove, Janet Holbrook, and Scott Bonnell along with my dad, and all my sponsors. Cody Jacobs is working on this thing and is giving me a hell of a race car right now and I'm having a blast. I'm speechless. On a race track like this you kind of want a yellow at the end. You know you can take off with a good restart and it's going to be tough for someone to get around you unless you really screw up, which I did try and do, but was able to hold on. The caution didn't bother me tonight, but any other time I would have been shaking."

Holtgraver used the outside to fly into the lead past pole-sitter Josh Baughman. Baughman was coming off his first career "410" Sprint win on Friday night at Lernerville Speedway and was strong all night winning his heat and the dash to earn the feature pole. Baughman though received front wing damage on the opening lap then spun following a restart for a caution by Jack Sodeman, Jr. with one lap completed.

Fourth starting Caleb Griffith advanced to second for the restart, but he'd only be able to hold the spot until lap four when fifth starting Dean Jacobs made the move. Holtgraver had a half-straightaway lead by the time Jacobs made his way to second. Dale Blaney dropped Griffith back to third then Haudenschild, who started back in seventh, began making his way forward taking fourth from Griffith on lap five. Griffith though didn't go away as he got back by Haudenschild on lap nine then brought Haudenschild with him as they both passed Blaney for third and fourth respectively on lap 11.

Joe Kubiniec slowed to bring out the caution with 18 laps completed. Runner-up Jacobs had nose wing damage, which would hamper his chance for the win the rest of the way. Back under green, Haudenschild once again passed Griffith, this time for third. Eighth starting Chad Kemenah was able to get by Blaney then passed Griffith for fourth on lap 20.

Lapped traffic came into play on lap 21, but Griffith's tough luck at Sharon continued when he slowed to bring out the event's final caution with 24 laps completed. When racing resumed, Haudenschild passed Jacobs for second. He went after Holtgraver, but would run of time in his bid to repeat his $10,000 win in the event. Holtrgaver's second All Star win of the year and 11th of his career came in the Pete Grove-owned, Premier Motorsports/Premier Pallet/Bonnell's Rod Shop/DKW Transport/Lutz Custom Cabinets/Olympic Forestry -sponsored #70.

After three straight All Star wins, Haudenschild settled for a runner-up as he continues to close in on point leader Chad Kemenah and second place man Blaney. "Good night overall," said the Wooster, Ohio second generation racer. "I just didn't feel like I got up there quick enough to be able to challenge Holtgraver. He had clean air and was able to run with it. Congrats to him and Cody (Jacobs). They work hard so I'm glad to see that. It means a ton with everyone that helps out to get us out here each week and it wouldn't be possible without them."

Despite the collapsed nose wing, Jacobs held on for a third place improving on his fifth place finish at the Ohio Speedweek event last month. Kemenah and Blaney were fourth and fifth. Kraig Kinser, Tim Shaffer, Caleb Helms, Dave Blaney, and 23rd starting Cap Henry completed the top 10. Dale Blaney set fast time in qualifying over the 39-car field with a lap of 12.990 not far off the 12.704 track record. Besides Baughman, also picking up heat wins were Griffith, Haudenschild, and Bryan Sebetto. Lee Jacobs won the B main.

One thousand eight hundred seventy-six days. That's how many days had passed since Jim Rasey's last victory. But on Saturday night with a new car and pieced together motor, Rasey looked like the Rasey of old driving past some of the region's best Big-Block Modified racers to capture an improbable $2,000 victory in the 30-lap Mod Tour feature for the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply big blocks. Rasey's last win was on May 21, 2011; however, became the first repeat winner of the "Lou Blaney Memorial" for the either the Sprints or Modifieds backing up his 2010 event win.

"I'll tell you what- dad, myself, and the crew worked non-stop all night long for the last three or four nights to get this thing together at 4:30 today," revealed the 44-year-old Southington, Ohio driver. "We barely made it. I have to thank everyone that has been standing behind me in this. That was a race track tonight! That was the old school, Lou Blaney track. I love it- it was great! I call this a three in one- three motors in one. Then we call it C4 because we don't know when it's going to blow up. I have to thank Alcon Mechanical, JD Pit Stop and Hovis Tire, who came on board this week to get us a set of tires that we were desperately in need of. There's a lot of people over the last five years that really busted their butts thinking it was over, but I guess I proved them wrong."

A side-by-side battle on the opening lap saw three-time time 2016 winner, Jimmy Weller III, lead the opening lap, but pole-sitter, Jeremiah Shingledecker, took charge of the race on lap two over Weller and Eric Gabany. It was four-wide for fourth on lap two with sixth starting Rex King, Jr. moving into the position over Erick Rudolph and Rasey.

Shingledecker pulled away from the field by lap five, while the battle was on for second as Weller III tried to hold off Gabany and King, Jr. Shingledecker opened up his lead to a straightaway on lap nine and then caught lapped traffic on lap 11 as the laps ticked off caution-free. King, Jr. and Rudolph passed Gabany for third and fourth on laps 11 and 12 respectively. King, Jr. was all over Weller III on lap 12, 13, and 14 before nosing ahead for the runner-up spot on the 14th circuit.

Shingledecker's straightaway lead was erased when Shayne Pierce slowed to bring out the caution with 16 laps scored. After quietly running outside the top five for the first 16 laps, the caution was just what Rasey needed. Back under green, he passed both Rudolph and Gabany for fourth then one lap later took third from Weller III. Rasey charged after King, Jr. and drove under him for second on lap 22 before a caution for Jim Weller, Jr., who didn't make it off the track.

When racing resumed on lap 23, Rasey took charge as King, Jr. followed past Shingledecker for second. The event was slowed for the final time with 25 laps completed when Rick Richner hit the frontstretch wall head on and Garrett Krummert clipped Richner's rear leaving a debris field all over the frontstretch.

After the lengthy cleanup, the final 10 laps went green-to-checkered. Rasey increased his lead every lap and took the checkered flag first by a comfortable 2.594 second margin in his Alcon Mechanical/Hovis Tire/JD Pit Stop-sponsored #32. Rasey's 19th career Sharon win tied him for seventh on the all-time win list, ironically with King, Jr., the track's point leader who crossed the line in second.

After leading 21 laps, Shingledecker dropped to third over Rudolph, who is The Mod Tour point leader and April 16 "Russ King Memorial" winner. Gabany had a solid fifth despite being underpowered with his "358" small-block. Michael Maresca, Weller III, Rex King, Dave Murdick, and Brad Rapp were sixth through 10th. Murdick, Rudolph, King, Jr., and Brian Swartzlander copped the heat races over the 33-car field. Tom Mattocks won the B main.

All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars (30 laps, $10,000 to-win): 1. DANNY HOLTGRAVER (Grove 70) 2. Sheldon Haudenschild (93) 3. Dean Jacobs (Seeling 97) 4. Chad Kemenah (Hunter 10H) 5. Dale Blaney (CH Motorsports 1) 6. Kraig Kinser (11K) 7. Tim Shaffer (Rudzik/Demyan 49) 8. Caleb Helms (40) 9. Dave Blaney (Motter 71M) 10. Cap Henry (Coomer 21) 11. Andrew Palker (57x) 12. Bryan Sebetto (Chappel 8) 13. Carl Bowser (10) 14. Jack Sodeman, Jr. (23Jr) 15. T.J. Michael (8M) 16. Brad Howard (49H) 17. Lee Jacobs (Lewis 81) 18. Caleb Griffith (Marshall 33M) 19. Mike Bauer (46) 20. Travis Philo (5T) 21. Joe Kubiniec (19) 22. Chris Andrews (Armbruster 73) 23. Jimmy Morris III (4N) 24. Josh Baughman (17) 25. Dan Kuriger (08) 26. Kory Crabtree (60).

DNQ for the feature: Brandon Spithaler (22), A.J. Flick (2), Adam Kekich (5K), Brandon Matus (13), Lance Moss (McCall 23), Gary Edwards (57), Alex Paden (24), Eric L. Williams (4W), Paul Kish (4c), Mike Flynn (12X), Brent Matus (33), Darren Pifer (23), Gale Ruth, Jr. (1R).

Mod Tour for the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Big-Block Modifieds (35 laps, $2,500 to-win): 1. JIM RASEY (32) 2. Rex King, Jr. (165) 3. Jeremiah Shingledecker (37MD) 4. Erick Rudolph (25R) 5. Eric Gabany (3E) 6. Michael Maresca (7) 7. Jimmy Weller III (23) 8. Rex King (65) 9. Dave Murdick (61) 10. Brad Rapp (11R) 11. J.R. McGinley (66M) 12. Shannon Whaley (44) 13. Rob Kristyak (00) 14. Bob Warren (96B) 15. Mark Frankhouser (03) 16. Garrett Krummert (29) 17. Rick Richner (26) 18. Shawn Fleeger (88) 19. Jim Weller, Jr. (31) 20. Tom Mattocks (69) 21. Kevin Bolland (777) 22. Brian Swartzlander (83) 23. Shayne Pierce (88) 24. Mark Flick (Regalski 7z) 25. Skip Moore (17M) 26. Rick Regalski, Jr. (13).

DNQ for the feature: Justin Rasey (21), Dave Reges (27R), Scott Kerwin (7), Rodney Beltz (64), Tom Glenn (83T), Chris Haines (35H), Dave Blaney (18B).


Record $320,975 Posted For 33rd Annual Kings Royal Weekend At Eldora

World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series Return For Expanded Three-Day Event July 14-15-16

ROSSBURG, Ohio - July 7, 2016 - The 33rd running of Kings Royal Weekend, expanded this year to include a full World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series race on Thursday, July 14, already promises fans more racing and Eldora Speedway officials today announced more prize money for the racers.
Saturday's tradition of $50,000-to-win and the pomp and circumstance that surrounds racing's most unique victory remains untouched - but that is the only position that does not see a major increase for 2016. Over half of the 40-lap Kings Royal finishers will earn double the money posted in previous years. Highlights include: 2nd) $20,000; 5th) $10,000; 10th) $5,000; 24th) $3,000 and the first non-transfer from the B-Feature will receive $2,000. All B-Feature and C-Feature positions received healthy increases as well.

Thursday's "Jokers Wild" will pay $10,000 to the winner while Friday night's "The Knight Before" has been increased to $12,000-to-win.

Eight different drivers have won the Kings Royal over the past eight years. Shane Stewart is the defending winner of both the Kings Royal and The Knight Before.

Tickets and camping for all three nights of the 33rd Kings Royal Weekend, sprint car racing's annual showcase featuring the stars of the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series versus Ohio's best, including the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions, are available now at www.EldoraSpeedway.com or by phone at (937) 338-3815.


Six Divisions to Race at Mercer Raceway Park on July 9

(Mercer, PA July 6, 2016):  Mercer Raceway Park will host six divisions of racing this Saturday, July 9, starting at 5:30. It will be a Saturday Night Live! racing program with one exception:  there will be no 4 Your Car Connection 410 Sprint Cars. Top billing will go to the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds, the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors, and the Precise Racing Products Open Stock Cars. The undercard will be the usual threesome of the Elder Tractor Sales & Service Junior Sprints, the Eperthener's Auto Wrecking and Ray's Racing Collectibles Mini Stocks, and the Rock Concrete Supply Modified Lites. It will be point racing for those classes in advance of the double-point Mid-season Championships coming up on July 16.

Jimmy Holden roared to another win in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds last weekend, but he still finds himself six markers behind Kyle Fink.  That is because the Auto Racers for Kids program did not count towards the point chase.  Lonny Riggs has a five point margin over Tommy Kristyak for third, but they are a ways behind Fink and Holden. Jeff Schaffer, Jr. holds down the fifth spot in the standings. Other top contenders will be Sid Unverzagt, Jr., Frank Guidace, J.R. McGinley, Kevin Green, and Jeff Schaffer, Sr.

The Bonnell's Rod Shops Outlaw Sprint Warriors will be led into action by Andy Priest, who dominated the race last weekend. But, there will be plenty of young pilots looking to knock off the veteran racer. Mike Marano, II, Eric L. Williams, Darin Gallagher, Cody Bova, and Vincent Daugherty will be among them. Gregg McCandless will try for another win, after recently getting number one after a ten-year hiatus. Rod Jones and Mike Miller also bring considerable experience, so they will be in he hunt, too.

Can anybody stop Jordan Simmons? The lad has reeled off four consecutive wins in the Edler Tractor Sales and Service Junior Sprints. What is more, he has scored heat wins, too! Chase Metheney, Roman Jones, Ayden Cipriano, and Sammy Darby are gunning for him.

The pit gates will open at 3 p.m, and the spectator gates will open an hour later. Racing starts at 5:30 for the first three classes--Junior Sprints, Mini Stocks, and Mod Lites--and the remaining classes will go to the post at about seven p.m.

Regular ticket prices will apply. So, adult admission will be $13, seniors (60+) $11, and students (9-15) $5. The children (8 and under) will be admitted for free. The Family Pass will be $28, and that is good for two adults and up to four minors of any age. The Pit Passes will be $30.

July 16 will be the Mid-season Championships. It will be the first Meet Your Heroes Night, presented by Herr's Snack Foods. It will be American Cancer Society Racing for a Cure Night, with cancer survivors being admitted for free. Also, free admission will be available for members in good standing of the Twin State Auto Racing Fan Club.


Date change for Dirt Classic at Attica


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ATTICA, Ohio - Leveling up. It’s the exact concept that the Dirt Classic is based around.

Taking things to the next level isn’t always easy, but it’s exactly what the Dirt Classic Ohio promoters have in mind with the announcement the race at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio, will be changing dates from Wednesday, August 3 to Saturday, September 3.

The unique, high-competition event, held for the first time at Attica Raceway Park, will now be run under the Arctic Cat All Star Sprint Circuit of Champions sanctioning.

“When we looked at the feedback from the industry and had the opportunity to clinch the Saturday of Labor Day weekend with the All Stars, John Bores, Rex LeJeune and I felt we couldn’t pass that up for the fans and for the racers,” Dirt Classic Promoter Jarrod Adams said.

The event offers a Golden Ticket guaranteed starting spot to the marquee $20,000-to-win Dirt Classic at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA later in the month. Fans should expect to see the top talent from the All Stars including Dale Blaney, Chad Kemenah, Sheldon Haudenschild and more, in addition to the always-competitive local talent and travelers.

“We feel the date change allows us to take the event to the next level for racers and fans,” Adams said. “That’s important to all of us as a brand, especially for our first foray into the highly competitive Ohio market.”

The addition of the Dirt Classic to the Sept. 3 event at Attica makes it a truly marquee weekend at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” venue to wrap up the track’s 2016 season. On Morgan Stanley Night, Friday, Sept. 2, the Lucas Oil Late Model Series will battle for $10,000 to win with the Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series Presented by KS Sales and Service 410 sprints racing for $5,000 to win for the 410 sprints

Besides the Dirt Classic on All Pro Aluminum Heads Night, Saturday, Sept. 3, the UMP late models will be in action and it is part of the Attica Raceway Park/Wayne County Speedway Late Model Challenge Series. The 305 sprints will also be in action. Unfortunately, the dirt trucks have been dropped from the racing card.

Also, the Attica Fair Board 50/50 drawing on Saturday will benefit the Kasey Kahne Foundation.

Tickets are available for all Dirt Classic events, including the Dirt Classic Ohio, and can be purchased by visiting DirtClassic.com.

The Dirt Classic brand added Ohio to the list of new states to visit in 2016, in addition to Nebraska at I-80 Speedway in May, and Indiana at Kokomo Speedway with the All Star Sprint Circuit of Champions on July 22nd and 23rd.

Iowa’s Terry McCarl and Pennsylvania’s Greg Hodnett have already clinched Golden Tickets and guaranteed $1,000 starting monies for the Dirt Classic on Saturday, September 24 by winning Dirt Classic I-80 and the Dirt Classic Showcase Race, respectively.

Originally presented by sprint car advocate Kasey Kahne, the Dirt Classic began as a single-race event in 2014 at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA. Boasting the largest winner’s payout in the track’s storied history, the race attracted more than 50 teams. Stevie Smith won the inaugural race to pick up a cool $20,000, while Brian Montieth was able to best Smith in a lap-for-lap battle in 2015 to collect the winning check and custom trophy.

Fans and teams should expect additional announcements on format, payouts, social media promotions and more for the Dirt Classic Ohio.


$10,000 Lou Blaney Memorial On Deck for the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions

INDIANAPOLIS (July 6, 2016) - Highlighted as one of the highest paying, single-day programs on the 2016 Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions schedule, the 8th annual Lou Blaney Memorial at Sharon Speedway is just around the corner, set to light up the Hartford, Ohio, sky on Saturday evening, July 9. Race enthusiasts will be treated to a complete Arctic Cat All Star program, joined by The Mod Tour big block modifieds to help create a “must see” dirt experience. It will be the second and final Sharon Speedway appearance by the traveling Arctic Cat All Stars in 2016.

Assembled as one of the most talented rosters in recent series history, the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions will be joined by many of the area’s best during the $10,000-to-win, Lou Blaney Memorial program including most of Western Pennsylvania’s finest, Ohio’s elite, and some of the region’s brightest, traveling stars.

Thirty-five Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions sprint cars packed the Hartford venue in 2015 for the Lou Blaney Memorial. Drivers represented five states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, and Washington, eventually conquered by the Buckeye State. Sheldon Haudenschild, a nearby Wooster, Ohio, native and most recent winner during Arctic Cat All Star competition in 2016, is the defending Lou Blaney Memorial champion, holding off Ryan Smith and Caleb Helms at the final checkers for $10,000.

“Definitely excited to get back to Sharon for the Lou Blaney Memorial,” Sheldon Haudenschild explained. “It’s one of the biggest paying races on our schedule, so of course we’re ready to get back there. I think our game plan this year will be similar to last year; put ourselves in a good position early and work for a starting spot up front. We have to capitalize right from the start. It’s going to be tough, but we’re ready for it. Winning this race last year was really special. We’ll try as hard as we can to double-up.”

Despite Haudenschild being the most recent winner, Chad Kemenah will lead the Arctic Cat All Star charge into Sharon Speedway on Saturday afternoon. The former four-time All Star champion owns one victory on the season, as well as 18 top-ten finishes in 24 feature starts. The Findlay, Ohio, native stands on top of the current championship chase over defending titlist Dale Blaney by 46 markers. Sheldon Haudenschild, a five-time main event winner thus far in 2016, finds himself third in the title hunt, followed by Cap Henry and “Downtown” Danny Holtgraver.

Sharon Speedway will open pit gates at 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, July 9. Fans will have access to the main grounds beginning as early as 1:00 pm. The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions drivers meeting will be conducted at 5:30, with hot laps to follow at 6. Racing is scheduled to hit the dirt at 7, sharp. Those seeking additional information should visit Sharon Speedway live on the Web at www.sharonspeedway.com.

Current Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Standings (7/6/2016):
1. Chad Kemenah 2810
2. Dale Blaney 2764
3. Sheldon Haudenschild 2710
4. Cap Henry 2634
5. Danny Holtgraver 2606
6. Kraig Kinser 2558
7. T.J. Michael 2540
8. Lee Jacobs 2406
9. Caleb Helms 2378
10. Andrew Palker 2190


National Sprint League Set for Lone Visit to Wisconsin This Friday at Cedar Lake

Inside Line Promotions - WINDOM, Minn. (July 4, 2016) - The National Sprint League will make its lone stop in Wisconsin this season on Friday at Cedar Lake Speedway.

The 3/8-mile oval in New Richmond is hosting the series and its close points battle along with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

Danny Lasoski took over the NSL points lead last Friday after capturing his sixth podium of the season with the series. Lasoski currently holds a 73-point advantage over Craig Dollansky, who leads the series with eight top-five finishes this year.

Both drivers finished in the top 10 during last year's visit to Cedar Lake Speedway, where Terry McCarl held off Brian Brown, who currently sits fourth in the NSL championship standings, for the victory.

Ian Madsen, who ranks third in the series, placed seventh during last season's event. Brooke Tatnell, who enters this weekend fifth in the NSL standings, ended 11th last year at Cedar Lake Speedway.

Also of note, both Lasoski and Dollansky have visited Victory Lane at Cedar Lake Speedway during World of Outlaws competition. Lasoski won in 1999 with Dollansky victorious in 2010.

Tickets for Friday are $30 for adults, $15 for students ages 6 to 16 and free for ages 5 and younger. Pit passes are $40.

The pits are slated to open at 3 p.m. with main gates opening at 5 p.m. Racing is scheduled for 7 p.m.


Friday at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wis.

1. Danny Lasoski 3957
2. Craig Dollansky 3884
3. Ian Madsen 3549
4. Brian Brown 3435
5. Brooke Tatnell 3091
6. Davey Heskin 2979
7. Sammy Swindell 2675
8. Tasker Phillips 2606
9. Kerry Madsen 2552
10. Dakota Hendrickson 2189


Sheldon Haudenschild Sweeps Independence Day Weekend Swing by Claiming Inaugural Dirty 30 at I-96 Speedway

LAKE ODESSA, Michigan (July 3, 2016) - For the second time in as many days, Sheldon Haudenschild is a main event winner with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions, this time claiming the Inaugural Dirty 30 at I-96 Speedway in Lake Odessa, Michigan. Much like Saturday night at Hartford Speedway, Haudenschild dominated the Dirty 30 main event, leading all 30 laps from the front row to score his fifth Arctic Cat All Star victory of the 2016 season. The Wooster, Ohio, native is now tied with Dale Blaney for the most feature wins on the Arctic Cat All Star tour in 2016, raising his career bar to 11.

“Once again, Bonzai and Zach had this car right where it needed to be. They are really making my job easy,” Sheldon Haudenschild explained. “We’ve never had a weekend like this. This is just awesome. To get two All Star wins is really special. It definitely helps our point situation. I feel like we are just now getting going. We have some bigger events coming up so we’re just gonna keep working.”

Sheldon Haudenschild started second on the feature grid alongside Cap Henry. After a red on the initial start, the Inaugural Dirty 30 main event would officially get underway with Haudenschild earning the early advantage. By lap five, the pilot of the familiar Southern Pacific Farms/No. 93 stretched his advantage to nearly a straightaway, utilizing his preferred line at the top of the speedway, even maintaining that advantage while negotiating traffic.

After the red on the initial start, three additional cautions halted the 30-lap main event, each erasing a near half-track advantage for Sheldon Haudenschild. The momentum pause never created a problem for Haudenschild, returning to a lengthy lead after each restart. The evening’s final caution appeared on lap 28, setting up a green-white-checkered restart. Even then, Haudenschild was unchallenged, racing ahead to score a second consecutive Arctic Cat All Star victory. On a special note, Haudenschild led every main event lap of Independence Day weekend, a grand total of 55 circuits.

“Downtown” Danny Holtgraver finished second after starting fifth on the feature grid. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native made his way to second by lap six, maintaining that position for the remaining distance. Kraig Kinser finished third, climbing ahead from the outside of row six.

“We got a great start there. I just focused on hitting my lines,” Haudenschild said. “The track was perfect. I’m not sure where second and third were behind me, but I feel like they could have kept up with me on the bottom if they had to. I felt like I could get through lappers really well once we got to them because they were all kinda stuck on the bottom. I just cruised around there. I don’t even know what to say.”

The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions will continue their 2016 campaign on Saturday evening, July 9, back at the Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio. The 8th annual Lou Blaney Memorial will headline competition at the state-of-the-art racing facility, awarding a $10,000 top prize to the main event winner. It will be the second and final Sharon Speedway appearance for the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions in 2016. “BC” Bryan Clauson is the most recent Sharon Speedway feature winner during Arctic Cat All Star competition, scoring an Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Cometic Gasket victory on Tuesday evening, June 21.

Sharon Speedway will open Lou Blaney Memorial gates at 1:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, July 9. Pit gates will officially swing open at 3:00 pm, followed by the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions drivers meeting at 5:30. Racing is scheduled to hit the dirt at 7, sharp. Those seeking additional information should visit Sharon Speedway live on the Web at www.sharonspeedway.com.

A-Main (30 Laps) 1. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[2] ; 2. 70-Danny Holtgraver[5] ; 3. 11K-Kraig Kinser[10] ; 4. 10H-Chad Kemenah[6] ; 5. 97-Dean Jacobs[17] ; 6. 21-Cap Henry[1] ; 7. 23c-Tyler Courtney[9] ; 8. 10-Carl Bowser[4] ; 9. 12-Daniel Harding[21] ; 10. 20N-Hunter Schuerenberg[7] ; 11. 49H-Bradley Howard[14] ; 12. 2M-Dustin Daggett[8] ; 13. 23-Russel Borland[18] ; 14. 11R-Chase Ridenour[20] ; 15. 27-Brad Lamberson[22] ; 16. 40-Caleb Helms[13] ; 17. 60-Kory Crabtree[12] ; 18. 95-Hunter Mackison[23] ; 19. 7C-Taylor Ferns[16] ; 20. 57X-Andrew Palker[11] ; 21. 1-Dale Blaney[3] ; 22. 8M-TJ Michael[15] ; 23. 1080-Jordan Mackison[24] ; 24. 5QB-Quentin Blonde[19]

Current Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Standings (7/3/2016):
1. Chad Kemenah 2810
2. Dale Blaney 2764
3. Sheldon Haudenschild 2710
4. Cap Henry 2634
5. Danny Holtgraver 2606
6. Kraig Kinser 2558
7. T.J. Michael 2540
8. Lee Jacobs 2406
9. Caleb Helms 2378
10. Andrew Palker 2190


National Sprint League Rained Out at Knoxville Raceway Saturday

WINDOM, Minn. (July 2, 2016) - Persistent rain throughout Saturday morning with additional inclement weather in the forecast has forced National Sprint League and Knoxville Raceway officials to cancel Saturday's event at the half-mile oval in Knoxville, Iowa.

The National Sprint League will return to action next Friday at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wis., during an event that is co-sanctioned with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

Defending series champion Danny Lasoski took advantage of a podium finish on Friday at Knoxville Raceway to surpass Craig Dollansky for the lead in the championship standings.

However, the hottest driver recently has been Sammy Swindell, who has claimed the last two National Sprint League races.

Next Friday's event will mark the midpoint of the NSL season.

1. Danny Lasoski 3957
2. Craig Dollansky 3884
3. Ian Madsen 3549
4. Brian Brown 3435
5. Brooke Tatnell 3091
6. Davey Heskin 2979
7. Sammy Swindell 2675
8. Tasker Phillips 2606
9. Kerry Madsen 2552
10. Dakota Hendrickson 2189


Auto Racers for Kids Featuring Three Sprint Classes and More at Mercer Raceway Park
(Mercer, PA June 30, 2016): This Saturday, July 2, will be an extraordinary opportunity for fans to enjoy three different types of Sprint Cars competing in one evening at Mercer Raceway Park. It will be Auto Racers for Kids Night at the track and a new twist to the program will be the addition of the popular Patriot Sprint Tour! These racers from the Empire State are powered by 360 cubic inch engines, which puts them smack dab in the middle of the power curve when compared to the track’s 4 Your Car Connection 410 Sprints and the Bonnell’s Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors, most of which have 305 cubic inches under the hoods. And, all of the Sprints have those big wings atop the machines to get maximum performance out of the particular engine packages. This is a must-see event, as no other track in the region will offer so many Sprint options at the same time and place!

But wait, there is more! The Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds will be on hand, along with the Precise Racing Products Open Stocks, the Eperthener’s Auto Wrecking and Ray’s Racing Collectibles Mini Stocks, the Rock Concrete Supply Modified Lites, and the Elder Tractor Sales & Equipment Junior Sprints.

With this much racing action, the fun will start at 5:30 with preliminary races for the Modified Lites, Mini Stocks, and Junior Sprints. Then, at approximately 7 p.m., all of those Sprint Cars will get their respective turns on the track, as will the 358 Modifieds and Open Stocks.

The competitive juices will be overflowing, for sure. Courtesy of Bonnell’s Collision Center, the winners of each class will be receiving extra money in the pay envelope! The 4 Your Car Connection 410 Sprints and the Patriot Sprint Tour victors will each get a whopping $4,000, while those Bonnell’s Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors will go after $1,000. Several of the Sprint racers have multiple cars, meaning that they could cross-over and compete with the other classes. So, one racer could possibly take home $5,000, or even $9,000 for a clean sweep! Danny Holtgraver once won a pair of Sprint Car races at the Park on a single night. Can somebody match that fete, or go one better?

The Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds will vie for $1,000, the Precise Racing Products Open Stocks for $500, the Rock Concrete Supply Mod Lites for $375, the Eperthener’s Auto Wrecking and Ray’s Racing Collectibles Mini Stocks for $200, and the Elder Tractor Sales & Equipment Junior Sprints for $100. So, these classes will also be racing hard.

And, along with the money goes the bragging rights. The Auto Racers for Kids Night seems to bring out the best in all of the competitors. Who can forget the night that Jack Sodeman, Jr. donated back all of his winnings after taking the checkers in the Sprint Car race. Or, the night that Danny Holtgraver and Rob Chaney banged wheels coming down for the checkered flag?

Because this is a special event, there will be no points awarded towards the track championships.

There will be other fun-filled activities for the fans, too, including a contest that will see one lucky person take home a 3500 watt Champion Power Equipment generator thanks to Patriot Sprint Tour sponsor Super Gen Products.
Special event ticket pricing will apply, but remember that all proceeds do go to help troubled youths in the Northwestern PA area. For example, the Mercer County Child Advocate Services has been a recipient in years past. The adult admission will be $15, seniors (60+) $13, and students (9-15) $7. Fittingly, all children (ages 8 and under) will be admitted for free. The Family Pass will be $35, and that will apply for two adults and up to four minors of any age. The Pit Passes will also be $35.

The Pit gates will open at 3 p.m. and the spectator gates at 4. The first competitive laps will be at 5:30, with the Sprints, 358 Modifieds, and Stocks going onto the track at approximately 7 p.m.




















July 3
1. Chad Kemenah 2810
2. Dale Blaney 2764
3. S.Haudenschild 2710
4. Cap Henry 2634
5. D. Holtgraver 2606
6. Kraig Kinser 2558
7. T.J. Michael 2540
8. Lee Jacobs 2406
9. Caleb Helms 2378
10. Andrew Palker 2190
6/17 Larson
6/18 S. Haudenschild
6/19 Dale Blaney
6/20 Rico Abreu
6/21 Bryan Clauson
6/22 Kyle Larson
6/24 Randy Hannagan
6/25 Jac Haudenschild
2016 OSW
FINAL Points
  1. Chad Kemenah 1058
2. S. Haudenschild 1028
3. Tim Shaffer 1012
4. Dean Jacobs 1012
5. Kraig Kinser 996
6. Danny Holtgraver 982
7. Cap Henry 970
8. Travis Philo 958
9. Cale Thomas 956
10. Dale Blaney 952

July 23
1. Craig Dollansky 4614
2. Danny Lasoski 4571
3. Ian Madsen 4113
4. Brian Brown 4009
5. Brooke Tatnell 3604
6. Davey Heskin 3154
7. Sammy Swindell 3042
8. Tasker Phillips 2997
9. Kerry Madsen 2758
10. D. Hendrickson 2537
June 4
1. Brian Brown  2371
2. Danny Lasoski 2229
3. Ian Madsen 2041
4. Davey Heskin 1951
5. C. Dollansky 1888
6. Brooke Tatnell 1847
7. B. Maeschen 1615
8. T. Phillips 1578
9. Dustin Selvage 1377
10. Scott Bogucki 1343
King of West
June 18
1. Bud Kaeding 906
1. Kyle Hirst 906
3. Jonathan Allard 895
4. DJ Netto 859
5. Justyn Cox 791
6. Sean Watts 769
7. Jarrett Soares 761
8. Jason Statler 748
9. Justin Sanders 710
10. Mitchell Faccinto 704

West Coast Tracks
Canadian Series/Tracks

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