Lasoski Finds Familiar Role With Friends From Roth Motorsports

MESQUITE, Texas (April 22, 2014) - Danny Lasoski has reunited with former car owners and friends Dennis and Teresa Roth of Roth Motorsports.

Lasoski, who drove for the Roth's from 1997 to 2000 and then claimed the National Sprint Tour championship in 2006, received a call last week about hopping into the car for the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Texas Outlaw Nationals at Devil's Bowl Speedway.

"Dennis and Teresa Roth mean so much to me as not only car owners, but as friends," Lasoski said. "I was really honored. I want to thank them for believing in me."

Lasoski opened the doubleheader on Friday by using the same setup the team had with its previous driver.

"It was terribly loose the first night," he said. "It just didn't fit my driving style. The car was down and sliding. Thanks to Todd Ventura and the guys. They worked hard all night long. We didn't get the result we wanted, but we knew what we wanted to fix for the next night."

After advancing from 17th to a 12th-place finish in the main event on Friday, Lasoski and the Roth Motorsports team worked on the setup on Saturday. Shock guru Wayne Priddy adjusted the shocks and the team changed some of the setup.

Lasoski qualified 10th quickest and placed second in his heat race to advance to the main event. After starting on the outside of the fifth row in the feature, Lasoski began to maneuver toward the top five.

"Then the motor started laying down and I couldn't figure out what was going on," he said. "The next thing I knew the nozzle line came off. I got covered with fuel. My guess is it got knocked off."

Lasoski, who was inside the top 10 when the issue occurred, was unable to finish the race.

"We saw advances throughout the weekend," he said. "I can't thank Dennis, Teresa, Todd and the whole team enough for the opportunity and I look forward to the next test this weekend."

Lasoski will remain in the Roth Motorsports car for this weekend's World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series races at Salina Highbanks Speedway in Salina, Okla., on Friday and at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Mo., on Saturday.


April 18 - Devil's Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas - Qualifying: 17; Heat race: 8 (6); B Main: 4 (3); Feature: 12 (17).

April 19 - Devil's Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas - Qualifying: 10; Heat race: 2 (1); Feature: DNF (10).


17 races, 1 win, 3 top fives, 6 top 10s, 11 top 15s, 12 top 20s


Friday at Salina Highbanks Speedway in Salina, Okla., and Saturday at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Mo., for the Spring Classic with the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series


Website: http://www.DannyLasoski.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DannyLasoski


Madsen Storms to Season Opener Win at Knoxville Raceway!

by Bill Wright

KNOXVILLE RACEWAY, Knoxville, IA, April 19, 2014 – In what many feel is the most competitive weekly field Knoxville Raceway has ever assembled in the 410 class, Ian Madsen struck the first blow by winning the Season Opener at the “Sprint Car Capital of the World” on Saturday night.  The win was the third in the Aussie’s career at Knoxville.  Joe Beaver took home the win with the 360 class, and veteran Steve Breazeale won in the 305’s.

Brooke Tatnell took the lead from his pole position when the green flag dropped, but the start was called back for a Cole Wood spin.  Don Droud Jr. lost an engine at the same time.  Madsen used the reprieve to storm into the lead on the restart and set sail with Tatnell in pursuit.  While the lead trio of Madsen, Tatnell and Dusty Zomer were maneuvering lapped traffic, a battle featuring slidejobs, near misses and edge of your seat action was behind them.

At the halfway point of the 20-lapper, Justin Henderson, Brian Brown, Terry McCarl, Mark Dobmeier and Davey Heskin were dicing in spots four through eight.  The only caution flew with eleven laps in the books, when Craig Dollansky got into the turn two wall.  Dobmeier would go up in smoke on lap twelve, ending his bid for a solid finish, but the rest of the event went non-stop.

Tatnell closed late in traffic, but Madsen threaded the needle on a couple of occasions and pulled away.  Henderson closed on Zomer and took third on the white flag lap.  McCarl was fifth, and Brown, Bronson Maeschen, hard-charger Clint Garner, Josh Schneiderman and Dustin Selvage rounded out the top ten.  McCarl posted quick-time on the  night, while Dollansky, Henderson and Maeschen won heat races.  Larry Ball Jr. took the B main.

“The lapped cars were pretty hairy,” said Madsen in Victory Lane.  “I didn’t want to slide across and give someone the opportunity to gain some ground on me.  I have to thank Brett Nehring, Matt Barbara and everyone who put this team together.  It’s very special everything that everyone’s done everything they have to make this team so great.  There was a great crowd tonight, and I thank all the fans for coming out.  I hope they come back!”

Beaver led from the start in the 15-lap 360 feature.  He had company, however, as Jon Agan and Jonathan Cornell were in pursuit early in the going.  Justin Henderson, pulling double duty in the 410’s, shot by Cornell for third on lap six, after starting eighth.  On the next circuit, Agan shot by Beaver for the lead, but the move was negated when Ricky Montgomery brought the yellow flag out after stopping on the front straight.

Beaver pulled away from Agan on the restart, while Henderson seized the opportunity to shoot by Agan into the runner-up position.  The lead trio remained in that order to the finish, while Cornell and Russ Hall swapped fourth and fifth, with Cornell winning that battle.  Billy Alley finished sixth, while Tony Shilling, Dave Hall, Jamie Ball and Lee Grosz rounded out the top ten.  Henderson registered quick-time, while Calvin Landis, Dave Hall and Grosz won heats.

“I don’t know who it was, but thanks for the yellow,” said Beaver of Agan’s negated pass for the lead.  “Agan had us.  I was slowing for the lapped cars and trying not to make a boneheaded move and run over them.  We got a restart and made one move through the lapped traffic that I think helped us.  (Henderson) will be tough all year, but tonight’s about us and we worked hard for it.”

The 305 main event became a race of attrition.  At the start contact between Kevin Hetrick and Sawyer Phillips sent the latter spinning and collecting rookies McKenna Haase, Devin Kline and Christopher Scank.  A second try saw Matthew Stelzer gets sideways and Chris Walraven and Kade Higday spinning to avoid him.

Once underway, Breazeale took control from outside row one.  J Kinder moved into second on lap five, and Stelzer came back to claim third on lap nine.  The final caution flew for Tanner Edwards who suffered a broken front end with ten laps down.  The restart saw Kinder lose power, and fourth running Michael Philben break his front end after contact with him.  On the next try, Matt Stephenson dropped out of third and went pitside.

Breazeale cruised the final two laps for his fourth 305 win here.  Stelzer was second, ahead of hard-charger Stacey Alexander, Hetrick and Keoni Texeira.  Walraven, Mitchell Alexander, Bob Hildreth, Jeff Wilke and Higday rounded out the top ten.  Walraven set quick time, while Wilke, Kinder and Haase won the heats.

“I looked up on the restart and saw the 88 (Kinder) behind me and said ‘Man, not again.’” said Breazeale in Victory Lane.  “He’s a good shoe.  We just got lucky starting on the front row.  I want to thank Kenny Vrban who owns this car.  This race was for him.”

410 Results
Time Trials (Qualifying Order), 2 laps: 1. 24, Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA (10), 15.085; 2. 1, Justin Henderson, Tea, SD (25), 15.107; 3. 13, Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, ND (14), 15.114; 4. 21, Brian Brown, Grain Valley, MO (11), 15.239; 5. 56, Davey Heskin, St. Michael, MN (19), 15.253; 6. 91, Dusty Zomer, Sioux Falls, SD (17), 15.345; 7. 18, Ian Madsen, St. Marys, NSW, Aust. (5), 15.361; 8. 55, Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. (28), 15.459; 9. 96, Bronson Maeschen, Pleasantville, IA (9), 15.503; 10. 7, Craig Dollansky, Elk River, MN (29), 15.556; 11. 5J, Larry Ball Jr., Knoxville, IA (31), 15.562; 12. 49, Josh Schneiderman, West Burlington, IA (21), 15.574; 13. 12, Lynton Jeffrey, Prairie City, IA (24), 15.601; 14. 7K, Dustin Selvage, Indianola, IA (26), 15.644; 15. 7TAZ, Tasker Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (2), 15.659; 16. 6R, Ryan Bunton, Morton, IL (1), 15.688; 17. 47, Don Droud Jr., Lincoln, NE (4), 15.773; 18. 71A, RJ Johnson, Tampa, FL (22), 15.774; 19. 81, Austin Johnson, Pleasant Hill, IA (15), 15.785; 20. 40, Clint Garner, Sioux Falls, SD (6), 15.883; 21. 17W, Cole Wood, Auburn, CA (27), 15.885; 22. 10, Garrett Dollansky, Elk River, MN (23), 15.943; 23. 23K, Rob Kubli, Milo, IA (3), 16.095; 24. 44, Chris Martin, Ankeny, IA (20), 16.138; 25. 4, Dakota Hendrickson, Omaha, NE (30), 16.155; 26. 35, Skylar Prochaska, Lakefield, MN (12), 16.173; 27. 69, Mike Moore, Des Moines, IA (16), 16.314; 28. 19, Bob Weuve, Newton, IA (13), 16.336; 29. 23, Jimmy Light, West Springfield, PA (7), 16.570; 30. 71, Robert Bell, Colfax, IA (32), 16.920; 31. 20, AJ Moeller, Rockwell City, IA (8), NT; 32. 12P, TJ Peterson, Des Moines, IA (18), NT.

Heat one (started), 8 Laps, NT: 1. Craig Dollansky (3); 2. Brian Brown (5); 3. Ian Madsen (4); 4. Terry McCarl (6); 5. Lynton Jeffrey (2); 6. Austin Johnson (7) / 7. Garrett Dollansky (8); 8. Ryan Bunton (1); 9. Bob Weuve (10); 10. Dakota Hendrickson (9) DNS – AJ Moeller

Heat two (started), 8 Laps, 2:10.3: 1. Justin Henderson (6); 2. Don Droud Jr. (1); 3. Brooke Tatnell (4); 4. Clint Garner (7); 5. Davey Heskin (5); 6. Dustin Selvage (2) / 7. Larry Ball Jr. (3); 8. Skylar Prochaska (9); 9. Rob Kubli (8); 10. Jimmy Light (10) DNS – TJ Peterson

Heat three (started), 8 Laps, NT: 1. Bronson Maeschen (4); 2. Dusty Zomer (5); 3. Mark Dobmeier (6); 4. Cole Wood (7); 5. Josh Schneiderman (3); 6. RJ Johnson (1) / 7. Mike Moore (9); 8. Chris Martin (8); 9. Robert Bell (10); 10. Tasker Phillips (2)

B main (started), 12 Laps, NT: 1. Larry Ball Jr. (1); 2. Ryan Bunton (3); 3. Garrett Dollansky (4); 4. Skylar Prochaska (8); 5. Rob Kubli (5); 6. Chris Martin (6) / 7. Dakota Hendrickson (7); 8. Mike Moore (9); 9. Jimmy Light (11); 10. Robert Bell (12); 11. Tasker Phillips (2); 12. Bob Weuve (10) DNS – AJ Moeller, TJ Peterson

A main (started), 20 Laps, NT: 1. Ian Madsen (2); 2. Brooke Tatnell (1); 3. Justin Henderson (7); 4. Dusty Zomer (3); 5. Terry McCarl (8); 6. Brian Brown (5); 7. Bronson Maeschen (9); 8. Clint Garner (17); 9. Josh Schneiderman (11); 10. Dustin Selvage (13); 11. Davey Heskin (4); 12. Lynton Jeffrey (12); 13. Cole Wood (18); 14. RJ Johnson (15); 15. Skylar Prochaska (22); 16. Rob Kubli (23); 17. Austin Johnson (16); 18. Garrett Dollansky (21); 19. Chris Martin (24); 20. Mark Dobmeier (6); 21. Craig Dollansky (10); 22. Larry Ball Jr. (19); 23. Ryan Bunton (20); 24. Don Droud Jr. (14). Lap Leader: Madsen 1-20. Hard-charger: Garner.

360 Results
Time Trials (Group Qualifying): 1. 1, Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD (19), 15.731; 2. 3A, Billy Alley, Bennet, NE (4), 15.963; 3. 28, Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia, MO (15), 15.964; 4. 29, Russ Hall, Pleasant Hill, IA (10), 16.091; 5. 5J, Jamie Ball, Knoxville, IA (13), 16.211; 6. 25, Dylan Peterson, Hartford, SD (18), 16.218; 7. 4, Jon Agan, Knoxville, IA (20), 16.223; 8. 3, Nate Van Haaften, Otley, IA (7), 16.281; 9. 53, Joe Beaver, Knoxville, IA (5), 16.294; 10. 10V, Calvin Landis, Knoxville, IA (12), 16.398; 11. 1B, Jordan Boston, Crete, NE (17), 16.494; 12. 22, Tony Shilling, Knoxville, IA (14), 16.512; 13. 2M, Matt Moro, Polk City, IA (16), 16.522; 14. 51, David Hall, Des Moines, IA (23), 16.558; 15. 4J, Lee Grosz, Harwood, ND (1), 16.579; 16. 27, Carson McCarl, Altoona, IA (2), 16.583; 17. 8L, Tom Lenz, Marion, IA (9), 16.670; 18. 9M, Ricky Montgomery, Lakewood, CO (8), 16.725; 19. 14S, Jarrod Schneiderman, West Burlington, IA (21), 16.769; 20. 33V, Mike Van Haaften, Otley, IA (24), 16.927; 21. 68, Mike Houseman Jr., Des Moines, IA (22), 17.068; 22. 17, Tyler Groenendyk, Oskaloosa, IA (25), 17.218; 23. 20T, Corey Timmerman, Carmen, IL (26), 17.642; 24. 09, Matt Juhl, Estherville, IA (3), NT; 25. 10, Alan Ambers, Knoxville, IA (6), NT; DQ (Tire) - 7H, John Hall, Marion, IA (11).

Heat one (started), 7 Laps, 1:58.7: 1. Calvin Landis (3); 2. Jon Agan (4); 3. Justin Henderson (6); 4. Carson McCarl (1); 5. Russ Hall (5); 6. Matt Moro (2); 7. Jarrod Schneiderman (7); 8. Tyler Groenendyk (8) DNS – John Hall

Heat two (started), 7 Laps, 2:00.8: 1. David Hall (2); 2. Tom Lenz (1); 3. Jordan Boston (3); 4. Jamie Ball (5); 5. Billy Alley (6); 6. Mike Van Haaften (7); 7. Corey Timmerman (8); 8. Nate Van Haaften (4) DNS – Alan Ambers

Heat three (started), 7 Laps, 2:00.1: 1. Lee Grosz (2); 2. Joe Beaver (4); 3. Jonathan Cornell (6); 4. Ricky Montgomery (1); 5. Tony Shilling (3); 6. Mike Houseman Jr. (7); 7. Dylan Peterson (5); 8. Matt Juhl (8)

A main (started), 15 Laps, NT: 1. Joe Beaver (2); 2. Justin Henderson (8); 3. Jon Agan (3); 4. Jonathan Cornell (6); 5. Russ Hall (5); 6. Billy Alley (7); 7. Tony Shilling (10); 8. David Hall (12); 9. Jamie Ball (4); 10. Lee Grosz (13); 11. Jordan Boston (9); 12. Mike Houseman Jr. (18); 13. Tom Lenz (15); 14. Matt Moro (11); 15. Carson McCarl (14); 16. Nate Van Haaften (20); 17. Jarrod Schneiderman (21); 18. Calvin Landis (1); 19. Mike Van Haaften (17); 20. Dylan Peterson (19); 21. Matt Juhl (24); 22. Corey Timmerman (23); 23. Ricky Montgomery (16); 24. Tyler Groenendyk (22) DNS – John Hall, Alan Ambers. Lap Leader: Beaver 1-15. Hard-charger: Henderson.

305 Results
Time Trials (Group Qualifying): 1. 28, Chris Walraven, Knoxville, IA (1), 17.211; 2. 88, J Kinder, Holts Summit, MO (2), 17.273; 3. 99, Matthew Stelzer, Omaha, NE (19), 17.363; 4. 59KB, Mike Philben, Grimes, IA (5), 17.379; 5. 57, Steve Breazeale, Trenton, MO (4), 17.390; 6. 7, Tanner Edwards, Van Meter, IA (18), 17.463; 7. 55, Matt Stephenson, Altoona, IA (17), 17.481; 8. 3, Sawyer Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (14), 17.570; 9. 50, Keoni Texeira, Honolulu, HI (6), 17.595; 10. 55KC, Bob Hildreth, Iowa Falls, IA (24), 17.650; 11. 35, Kevin Hetrick, Gladstone, IL (3), 17.660; 12. 6, Mitchell Alexander, Knoxville, IA (8), 17.753; 13. 41, Jeff Wilke, Genoa, IL (9), 17.847; 14. 24, Kade Higday, Pleasant Hill, IA (11), 17.942; 15. 55M, McKenna Haase, Des Moines, IA (25), 18.010; 16. 5J, Devin Kline, Knoxville, IA (23), 18.013; 17. 92C, Cody Ambers, Knoxville, IA (13), 18.345; 18. 71C, Stacey Alexander, Lacona, IA (20), 18.392; 19. 1K, Andee Beierle, Bismarck, ND (12), 18.755; 20. 36W, Christopher Scank, Cedar Rapids, IA (22), 18.797; 21. 82, Lee Patterson, Des Moines, IA (15), 19.037; 22. 51, Corey Kautz, Urbandale, IA (16), 19.238; 23. 19K, Sarena Paul, Monroe, IA (21), 20.209; 24. 50K, Kevin Hiemstra, Knoxville, IA (10), 22.394; 25. 0, Mike Mayberry, Fremont, IA (7), NT.

Heat one (started), 6 Laps, 1:47.7: 1. Jeff Wilke (2); 2. Chris Walraven (6); 3. Devin Kline (1); 4. Matt Stephenson (4); 5. Bob Hildreth (3); 6. Mike Philben (5); 7. Mike Mayberry (9); 8. Andee Beierle (7); 9. Corey Kautz (8)

Heat two (started), 6 Laps, NT: 1. J Kinder (6); 2. Steve Breazeale (5); 3. Kevin Hetrick (3); 4. Kade Higday (2); 5. Sawyer Phillips (4); 6. Christopher Scank (7); 7. Sarena Paul (8) DNS – Cody Ambers

Heat three (started), 6 Laps, NT: 1. McKenna Haase (2); 2. Matthew Stelzer (6); 3. Stacey Alexander (1); 4. Mitchell Alexander (3); 5. Keoni Texeira (4); 6. Tanner Edwards (5); 7. Lee Patterson (7); 8. Kevin Hiemstra (8)

A main (started), 12 Laps, NT: 1. Steve Breazeale (2); 2. Matthew Stelzer (6); 3. Stacey Alexander (17); 4. Kevin Hetrick (11); 5. Keoni Texeira (4); 6. Chris Walraven (5); 7. Mitchell Alexander (12); 8. Bob Hildreth (10); 9. Jeff Wilke (13); 10. Kade Higday (14); 11. Mike Mayberry (21); 12. Andee Beierle (20); 13. Lee Patterson (19); 14. Corey Kautz (22); 15. Kevin Hiemstra (23); 16. Matt Stephenson (8); 17. J Kinder (7); 18. Mike Philben (1); 19. Tanner Edwards (3); 20. Sawyer Phillips (9); 21. McKenna Haase (15); 22. Devin Kline (16); 23. Christopher Scank (18) DNS – Cody Ambers, Serena Paul. Lap Leader: Breazeale 1-12. Hard-charger: S. Alexander.


Holtgraver Romps to Victory at Mercer Raceway Park
Mercer, PA (April 19, 2014): Danny Holtgraver loves racing in front of the hometown fans, and it shows. The Pittsburgh Kid cut his teeth at Mercer Raceway Park before hitting the road with the All Stars Circuit of Champions. The $4,000 special event win for 410 Sprint Cars was his second of the weekend, and it makes him the odds-on favorite when the touring stars return to the Park for the first of three events.
Frankie Guidace rebounded from a disappointing opening night to score his first victory of the season in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds. Andy Feil led wire to wire to earn the laurels in the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors. Tyler Fulton did likewise in the Mini Stocks, presented by Eperthener's Auto Wrecking and Ray's Racing Collectibles. Trusty Rusty Moore regained the winning form in the Precise Racing Products Stock Cars.
The program was delayed by a transformer failure that darkened the third and fourth turns, and by track manicuring to cure a weeper in turn three. But once racing resumed, track management pushed the program through to a respectable conclusion.
"It's awesome to come back home and get to see all of the fans I grew up racing around, and when we can pull off two wins in the weekend, it's a lot of fun," Holtgraver said. His new team, fielded by Rob Hunter, and wrenched by Andrew Barman, and Dan Holtgraver, is starting to jell. "We've been making a little bit of changes here, and I think we found some stuff the past couple of weeks and we've been going pretty good." Holtgraver was hopeful that he can carry the momentum into the All Stars events coming up in the weeks ahead, as there will be an Eastern Swing, followed by a return to Western Pennsylvania, including the Park on May 10.
Jack Sodeman, Jr. and Danny Holtgraver had the front row for the start of the 410 Sprint Car feature presented by Luxaire Heating & Cooling and McCrudden's Heating & Cooling. Sodeman and Holtgraver fired simultaneously, and raced hard into turn one. However, the start was waived off due to an incident towards the rear of the field. Last week's winner, Rod George, did not get away cleanly, and that stacked up the cars behind him. Adam Kekich flipped exiting turn four and Arnie Kent collided with the overturned machine. Jac Haudenschild was also involved. While none of the racers were hurt, only the Wild Child was able to continue in the event.
The next attempt at a start saw the dynamic duo charging hard into turn one once again. They ran side by side for the lap, but Holtgraver took command as they passed beneath the flag stand. As they did, John McCraken flipped his Sprinter in turn three. Scott Priester was collected as well, and neither driver could continue.
The single file restart had Holtgraver on the point, a position that he would not surrender in the 29-lap run to the checkers. Sodeman ran second throughout, trailing by as much as a full straightaway midway through the contest. When Holtgraver reached heavy traffic with a handful of laps remaining, Sodeman began to close in, but he ran out of time.
Sheldon Haudenshild was racing in third when he retired from the fray on lap 22. That moved Jared Zimbardi up a notch. He held off the fast-closing Lee Jacobs in the final few circuits for third. Taking fifth was Carl Bowser.
Cole Duncan crossed in sixth. Tim Shaffer climbed to seventh, with Eric Williams, Brent Matus, and Brandon Matus completing the top ten.
Heat winners for the 26 car field were Jacobs, Zimbardi, and Holtgraver. The B Main went to Brandon Matus.
Frankie Guidace jumped out to the early lead in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds, with Brian Schaffer, Steve Barr, Eric Gabany, and Jimmy Holden in tow.
While Guildace romped to the thousand dollar paycheck, it did not take Holden long to work into second, as he, too, was looking for some redemption on the speedway. Barr held the third spot until a restart with ten laps down. When the action resumed, he got shuffled out of the top five.
Last week's winner, Kyle Fink, came on strong in the second half of the program to earn the third position. J.R. McGinley was fourth, with Shawn Fleeger taking another top five finish.
Gary Smoker, who was filling in for Andy Paden, ran sixth. Barr placed seventh, with Eric Gabany, Makayla Guidace, and Jeff Schaffer, Jr., taking the other spots in the top ten. Schaffer's run was all the more remarkable considering the fact that his father was hospitalized midweek due to severe injuries sustained while felling a tree.
Preliminaries for the 17 cars on hand went to Holden and McGinley. There was no B Main.
Andy Feil, a graduate of the Modified Lites, scored an impressive victory in the Outlaw Sprint Warriors, offered by Bonnell's Rod Shop. Feil led the entire distance to claim his second career win, holding off the two ringers in the field, Brandon Matus and Adam Kekich. Matus was subbing for the injured Mike Murano, III, who was burned in the previous week of racing. Kekich was driving the machine normally piloted by Bob McMillin. McMillin dropped a 305 engine into his car, looking to grab the extra money on the line this night. However, it was Feil who took home the cool thousand dollars.
Behind Feil, Matus, and Kekich came Jimmy Morris and Michael Bauer. That duo placed first and second in the prior outing for this division. Cody Bova, another graduate of Modified Lite racing, placed sixth. Eric L. Williams turned in a good performance, taking seventh after running with the lead pack much of the race. Mike Miller, George Hobaugh, and C.J. Jones completed the top ten.
Pacing the heats were Kekich, Morris and Bauer. Jones topped the B Main.
Next weekend will be another Saturday Night Live! program. It will be Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Night, with all members in good standing admitted free of charge to the grandstands.
410 Sprint Cars: Danny Holtgraver, Jack Sodeman, Jr., Jared Zimbardi, Lee Jacobs, Carl Bowser, Cole Duncan, Tim Shaffer, Eric WIlliams, Brent Matus, Brandon Matus, Jac Haudenschild, Brandon Spithaler, Steve Collins, Ralph Spithaler, Jimmy Seger, Todd Hoddick, C.J. Jones, Dennis Wagner, Rod George, Adam Kekich, Arnie Kent, Scott Priester, John McCracken.

358 Modifieds: Frankie Guidace, Jimmy Holden, Kyle Fink, J.R. McGinley, Shawn Fleeger, Gary Smoker, Steve Barr, Eric Gabany, Makayla Guidace, Jeff Schaffer, Jr., Kyle Martell, Brian Schaffer, Kyle Holden, Shayne Izzo, Max Smoker, Lonnie Riggs, Richard Whitney (DNS), Kevin Sevacko (DNS).
Outlaw Sprint Warriors: Andy Feil, Brandon Matus, Adam Kekich, Jimmy Morris, Michael Bauer, Cody Bova, Eric L. WIlliams, Mike Miller, George Hobaugh, C.J. Jones, Ralph Engel, Jr., Evan Kornbau, Darren Pifer, Hunter McCracken, Kotie Kirkbride, Devin Litwiler, Chad Matthews, Sye Lynch, Jason Scoville. DNS: Rob Felix, Jacob Gomola, Alex Paden, Ken Rossey, Matt Gardina.


George tops Mercer Sprints, Fink, Burns, Bauer, Pfeuffer, and Longwell also WIn
Mercer, PA (April 12, 2014): Rod George raced to victory in the 410 Sprint Car feature presented by Luxaire Heating & Cooling, Ralph Butch, Inc. and New Wilmington Motors. George's win snapped a three-year run for Brandon Spithaler in capturing the first checkers for the winged machines at the Park.

Kyle Fink topped the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds after wrestling the lead away from Lonny Riggs. Tim Burns made a late-race pass to earn the win in the Precise Racing Products Stock Cars. Michael Bauer opened up his title defense the best way possible, taking the win in the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors. Likewise, Shane Pfeuffer scored a win to begin his run for a second straight championship in the Modified Lites presented by Big Daddy's Speed Center and Rock Concrete. Steve Longwell, Jr. took the nightcap for the Mini Stocks, offered by Eperthener's Auto Wrecking and Ray's Racing Collectibles.

George and company had to make repairs to the brakes of his Sprinter after the heat race, and the adjustments proved to be highly successful. "The older I get, the harder it gets," the veteran mused. "These kids keep coming up and they're faster, there are some young guys that are really fast," he added. Indeed, George had to chase down one of the youngsters to claim the win.

Brandon Matus and Brandon Spithaler were paired up on the front row for the first Sprint Car feature of the season. The third-generation driver from Wampum, PA got the jump on Spithaler, who ran second until the halfway mark in the event. That was when he brushed against the frontstretch wall and, soon afterwards, he surrendered second spot to Rod George.

George was closing rapidly on Matus as the laps clicked off. Just when it appeared that the Kittanning Comet would make his bid for the lead, a caution was displayed for the disabled racer of Adam Kekich, who was racing in the top five before the stoppage. Matus was no match for George when racing resumed with 16 laps complete. George dove low entering turn three and he came off the fourth corner with the lead.

George began stretching things out , but the action behind him was furious. A yellow with two laps remaining bunched the field up again, and that enabled Carl Bowser to pick up several positions in the final tally.

At the checkers, it was George over Matus. Bowser climbed to third, bringing Eric Williams with him. Arnie Kent crossed in fifth, making a rare appearance with a wing over his head. Spithaler was scored in sixth, as his car was beginning to show the ill effects of the incident earlier in the event. Defending divisional champion Jack Sodeman, Jr. turned in a seventh place performance. Cole Duncan was eighth, with Scott Priester, and Jimmy Seger completing the top ten.

Heat winners were Kuriger, Matus and George. Kuriger was the first car out of the race. There was no B Main.

Seger was unhurt in a pit fire after completing his heat race.

Lonny Riggs and Jordan Eck had the front row for the 358 Modified start. Eck never got the chance to show his stuff, though, as he spun to the apron of turn four coming down for the initial start. Riggs powered away with the lead when the race did officially start, but Fink was hounding him right away. The duo raced side by side for several laps until a caution for spins by Jimmy Holden and Rich Whitney slowed the pace. Holden was unable to continue, but Whitney returned, and scored a career-best fourth place finish.

When the race went green again, Fink snagged the lead. This time, it was Riggs nipping on his heels. Fink maintained his advantage over Riggs to the checkers. Fink survived a scare late in the race, when he ws putting a lap on Jordan Eck. Fink swerved to avoid impact, but managed to get the car straight again before Riggs could capitalize on the miscue. "All I knew was that I wasn't going to take myself out of the race, if I lost positions, I could make them back," he said. Fink went on to complete the remaining laps without incident.

Shawn Fleeger ran a smooth race to earn third, his best ever finish at the Park. Rich Whitney came back up through the field to get fourth. Makayla Guidace also turned in a stellar run, taking fifth.

Clyde Gumpp, Brian Schaffer, Jordan Eck, Rocky Kugel and Jeff Schaffer, Jr. were the next five finishers.

The heat winners were Fink, Holden, and Whitney. There was no B Main.

In the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors, Mike Miller took the early lead, with defending champ Michael Bauer racing in second. Bauer worked by Miller with just nine laps in the books. He led the rest of the way to be one of only two champions to score a win on the first night of points at the track.

Miller outpaced Jimmy Morris for second. Rob Felix placed fourth, just a notch ahead of George Hobaugh, Jr., who was making his first start in a full-sized Sprint car. Cody Bova, another rookie in the class, was sixth. Positions seven through ten went to C.J. Jones, Eric L. Williams, Evan Kornbau, and Chad Matthews.
Chris Matthews and Felix scored in the heats. There was no B Main.

Mike Murano, III, was transported to the hospital after suffering burns when his Outlaw Sprint Warrior caught fire before the start of hot laps.

410 Sprint Cars: Rod George, Brandon Matus, Carl Bowser, Eric Williams, Arnie Kent, Brandon Spithaler, Jack Sodeman, Jr., Cole Duncan, Scott Priester, Jimmy Seger, Dennis Wagner, Todd Hoddick, Brent Matus, Francis Sesco, John McCracken, Jr., A.J. Flick, Bob McMillen, Adam Kekich, Dan Kuriger.

358 Modifieds: Kyle Fink, Lonny Riggs, Shawn Fleeger, Rich Whitney, Makayla Guidace, Clyde Gumpp, Brian Schaffer, Jordan Eck, Rocky Kugel, Jeff Schaffer, Jr., Kyle Martell, William Schaffer, Jamie Duncan, Max Smoker, Eric Gabany, Jimmy Holden, Frank Guidace, Matt Reeher (DNS), J.R. McGinley (DNS).

Outlaw Sprint Warriors: Michael Bauer, Mike Miller, Jimmy Morris, Rob Felix, George Hobaugh, Jr., Cody Bova, C.J. Jones, Eric L. Williams, Evan Kornbau, Chad Matthews, Alex Paden, Darren Pifer, Devin Litwiler, Chris Matthews, Andy Feil, Cody Braden, Sye Lynch, Mike Murano, III (DNS).




KNOXVILLE, IOWA (April 7, 2014) - The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum will host “Sprint Car 101:  The Knoxville Fire & Rescue Team” program on Thursday, April 17, at 7 p.m.  The program is free and open to the public, and it will feature past and present members of the famed Knoxville Raceway Fire and Rescue team.

According to museum curator Tom Schmeh today, “I spoke with Barb O’Brien last fall about this type of a program, which was suggested by one of our regular Sprint Car 101 attendees, and she was very supportive.  With Knoxville Raceway’s opening night coming up on April 19, this just seemed like the right time to have this program and to learn about life on the Fire & Rescue team.  It is a group, currently led by Mark Worrall, that is respected worldwide, so it will be interesting to learn about this part of the sport from their perspective.  Hopefully we can get some video to show of them in action, too.  The program will again be held on the museum’s second floor.”

Those individuals interested in learning more about the “Sprint Car 101” Third Thursday Series at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum are urged to visit www.sprintcarhof.com.


Blaney scores 100th All Star Win with Victory at Attica

ATTICA, Ohio – Dale Blaney rewarded his new car owner with a $10,000 victory Saturday to open Attica Raceway Park’s 2014 season. “The Low Rider” led all 40 laps of the HD Supply/Construction Equipment and Supply Spring Nationals to score his 100th career University of Northwestern Ohio All Star Circuit of Champions win.
It wasn’t easy for Blaney, as reminiscent of the 2012 Spring Nationals when he and Craig Mintz put on an exciting show for the two nights, Mintz again challenged Blaney late. But, Blaney came alive the final seven circuits to score the win aboard his Tony Kennedy owned #14K. The victory is Blaney’s 18th career win at Attica of which 14 have been UNOH All Star triumphs.
“Thanks to George (Fisher) he does all the work on this thing. I’m awful happy to get number 100 with Tony…our first win together. To make it 100 and to make it here at this race is pretty special. I love this place. Western Ohio has been very good to me,” said Blaney beside his Ti22 Performance/Penske Shocks, Kennedy Cattle Company backed machine.
“We were really good on the short runs. I really wasn’t that great after about 10 laps. I kind of got stuck behind Sebetto (Bryan) and he and Chris Bell were racing. I saw the 09 beside me in one and two and I knew where he was running at so I just picked the pace up a little bit and was really, really fortunate to go down into three and Chris Bell moved to the middle and it left me with the bottom and after that I was running like a scared dog. Craig (Mintz) runs really good here so to get that one is cool,” added Blaney, a four-time and defending UNOH All Star champion.
“I think Dale was kind of just pacing himself. When he picked up the pace I didn’t have anything for him. I burned everything up trying to catch him,” said Mintz beside his Real Geese Decoys/Erie Shore Propane/KS Sales and Service backed #09. “That’s why he has 100 victories because he got through that lapped traffic a little bit better than we did.”
Four time UNOH All Star champion Tim Shaffer would continue his early season strong runs with a third place finish in the Bryan Grove #45.
“Hats off to Bryan Grove, James Chambers and everyone that’s helping us. When you have everybody behind you 100 percent….it’s showing. We missed it a little bit in the feature but we’re in it every night,” said Shaffer beside his Canton Erectors backed machine.
In the 40-lap UNOH All Star feature Blaney and Andrew Palker would bring the field to the green with Blaney gaining the advantage. Palker would run comfortably in second with Shaffer, Danny Holtgraver, Duane Zablocki and Mintz in tow. Mintz would move into fifth on lap five and would take fourth on lap 8 as the leaders raced into lapped traffic.
Blaney continued to lead unchallenged with Palker, Shaffer, Mintz, Holtgraver, Zablocki and Dean Jacobs in pursuit. Mintz grabbed third on lap 10 as the race’s only caution flew for Brandon Wimmer who stopped on the track. With a clear track, Blaney would drive away from the field as Palker now had his hands full with Mintz. Mintz drove into the runner-up spot on lap 13 with Palker, Shaffer, Holtgraver, Jacobs and Chad Kemenah in tow.
The leaders would hit lapped traffic again on lap 19 allowing Mintz to close the gap on Blaney. Palker, Shaffer and Holtgraver were also battling hard for third with Shaffer gaining the position on lap 22. The only change in the top five over the next few laps saw Holtgraver and Jacobs get around Palker.
With seven laps to go, Blaney was in heavy lapped traffic and Mintz closed quickly. On lap 34 Mintz drove to Blaney’s outside in turns one and two, but Blaney was able to hold him off and then picked up the pace to pull away for the win. Mintz, Shaffer, Holtgraver and Jacobs – who flipped hard in his heat race – would round out the top five.
Attica Raceway Park - 4/5/2014
ASCoC Sprints (36 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

UNOH A-Main - (40 Laps)
1. 14K-Dale Blaney[1]; 2. O9-Craig Mintz[5]; 3. 45-Tim Shaffer[3]; 4. 10H-Danny Holtgraver[4]; 5. 787-Dean Jacobs[12]; 6. 77-Shane Stewart[8]; 7. 63-Chad Kemenah[7]; 8. 22-Cole Duncan[10]; 9. 40DD-Caleb Griffith[19]; 10. 16-Chris Andrews[9]; 11. 57X-Andrew Palker[2]; 12. 5R-Byron Reed[21]; 13. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[6]; 14. 45L-Brian Lay[15]; 15. 33M-Bryan Sebetto[24]; 16. 81-Lee Jacobs[14]; 17. 53C-Christopher Bell[20]; 18. 40-Caleb Helms[11]; 19. 11X-Brandon Martin[22]; 20. 9W-Jac Haudenschild[23]; 21. 4-Danny Smith[18]; 22. 60K-Jody Keegan[13]; 23. 55-Brad Bowman[17]; 24. 24H-Brandon Wimmer[16]
Hard Charger: 40DD-Caleb Gr

Qualifying - Kistler Engines
1. 40-Caleb Helms, 12.380; 2. 10H-Danny Holtgraver, 12.535; 3. 57X-Andrew Palker, 12.562; 4. 14K-Dale Blaney, 12.580; 5. 787-Dean Jacobs, 12.662; 6. O9-Craig Mintz, 12.663; 7. 60K-Jody Keegan, 12.678; 8. 45-Tim Shaffer, 12.696; 9. 9Z-Duane Zablocki, 12.697; 10. 63-Chad Kemenah, 12.716; 11. 77-Shane Stewart, 12.884; 12. 16-Chris Andrews, 12.985; 13. 22-Cole Duncan, 13.046; 14. 81-Lee Jacobs, 13.064; 15. 45L-Brian Lay, 13.068; 16. 24H-Brandon Wimmer, 13.105; 17. 55-Brad Bowman, 13.122; 18. 21-Dallas Hewitt, 13.133; 19. 4-Danny Smith, 13.138; 20. 40DD-Caleb Griffith, 13.199; 21. 53C-Christopher Bell, 13.231; 22. 5R-Byron Reed, 13.246; 23. 11X-Brandon Martin, 13.263; 24. 9W-Jac Haudenschild, 13.292; 25. 33M-Bryan Sebetto, 13.293; 26. 35-Stuart Brubaker, 13.317; 27. 80-Trey Gustin, 13.330; 28. 46AU-Stuart Williams, 13.408; 29. 83-Stevie Smith, 13.444; 30. 5T-Travis Philo, 13.471; 31. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild, 13.474; 32. 17-Scott Euler, 13.548; 33. 2-Nathan Skaggs, 13.570; 34. 53-D.J. Foos, 13.665; 35. O7X-Dain Naida, 13.699; 36. 7-Troy Kingan, 14.502
Heat 1 – Kear’s Speed Shop (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)1. 53C-Christopher Bell[1] ; 2. 55-Brad Bowman[2] ; 3. 22-Cole Duncan[3] ; 4. 33M-Bryan Sebetto[7] ; 5. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[4] ; 6. 2-Nathan Skaggs[9] ; 7. 83-Stevie Smith[8] ; 8. 787-Dean Jacobs[5] ; 9. 40-Caleb Helms[6]
Heat 2 – All Pro Aluminum Heads (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) 1. 81-Lee Jacobs[3] ; 2. 5R-Byron Reed[1] ; 3. 63-Chad Kemenah[4] ; 4. 10H-Danny Holtgraver[6] ; 5. O9-Craig Mintz[5] ; 6. 21-Dallas Hewitt[2] ; 7. 5T-Travis Philo[8] ; 8. 35-Stuart Brubaker[7] ; 9. 53-D.J. Foos[9]
Heat 3 – Dragon Race Fuel (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) 1. 4-Danny Smith[2] ; 2. 11X-Brandon Martin[1] ; 3. 45L-Brian Lay[3] ; 4. 77-Shane Stewart[4] ; 5. 57X-Andrew Palker[6] ; 6. 60K-Jody Keegan[5] ; 7. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[8] ; 8. 80-Trey Gustin[7] ; 9. O7X-Dain Naida[9]
Heat 4 – Kinsler Fuel Injection (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) 1. 40DD-Caleb Griffith[2] ; 2. 45-Tim Shaffer[5] ; 3. 9W-Jac Haudenschild[1] ; 4. 16-Chris Andrews[4] ; 5. 14K-Dale Blaney[6] ; 6. 46AU-Stuart Williams[7] ; 7. 17-Scott Euler[8] ; 8. 7-Troy Kingan[9]
Dash – Outerwears Performance (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 6 starting positions of A-feature 1. 14K-Dale Blaney[2] ; 2. 57X-Andrew Palker[1] ; 3. 45-Tim Shaffer[4] ; 4. 10H-Danny Holtgraver[6] ; 5. O9-Craig Mintz[3] ; 6. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[5]
B-Main – MSD Ignition’s. (12 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature) 1. 787-Dean Jacobs[2] ; 2. 40-Caleb Helms[1] ; 3. 24H-Brandon Wimmer[4] ; 4. 60K-Jody Keegan[3] ; 5. 83-Stevie Smith[9] ; 6. 46AU-Stuart Williams[8] ; 7. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[11] ; 8. 53-D.J. Foos[14] ; 9. 5T-Travis Philo[10] ; 10. 80-Trey Gustin[7] ; 11. O7X-Dain Naida[15] ; 12. 2-Nathan Skaggs[13] ; 13. 7-Troy Kingan[16] ; 14. 21-Dallas Hewitt[5] ; 15. 35-Stuart Brubaker[6] ; 16. 17-Scott Euler[12]

Attica Cancels Friday Racing, Saturday's Spring Nationals Still On

ATTICA, Ohio – Heavy rains throughout Thursday night forced the cancellation of the first night of the HD Supply/Construction Equipment and Supply Spring Nationals at Attica Raceway Park for Friday. However, Saturday’s racing is still on at Attica.
“We’re keeping our fingers crossed. The forecast calls for warmer, dryer, windy weather throughout the afternoon Friday and we’re hopeful that provides significant drying and we can get Saturday’s races in,” said Rex LeJeune, Director of Operations at ARP.
LeJeune said Attica officials will make a more definitive decision on Saturday’s racing by Saturday morning.

Gates open Saturday at 3:30 p.m. with racing underway at 7 p.m.
Saturday’s race will be the 102nd appearance of the University of Northwestern Ohio All Star Circuit of Champions at Attica and they will be gunning for $10,000 to win. The UMP Late Models and 305 sprints are also on the racing card.
More information may be found at www.atticaracewaypark.com



April 12 UMP DIRTcar Spring Nationals Now First on Eldora Menu – Little Eldora Still on for Sunday

ROSSBURG, OH (April 3) – Unrelenting rain showers and unseasonably cool temperatures have worked against the Eldora Speedway track crew and their staunch efforts to produce an ideal racing surface for Saturday’s (April 5) scheduled Test and Tune Day.   As a result, the session has been canceled.

The Test and Tune cancelation on Eldora’s historic .500-mile clay oval has not affected Sunday’s (April 6) season opening SpringBuster event for go-karts on the 1/7 mile Little Eldora Speedway, located on the northeast corner of the property.  Featuring free general admission, multiple classes of karts are scheduled to take their first green flag at 12:30 p.m.

With the Saturday cancelation, Eldora’s first action on the infamous high-banks has moved to Saturday, April 12 with the UMP DIRTcar Spring Nationals presented by Allstar Performance.  In competition will be the UMP DIRTcar Modified and Late Model divisions with a pair of $5,000 to win feature events are on tap to close out the season-opening night.

Admission gates on April 12 lid-lifter will swing open at 1 p.m.  On track action begins at 3 p.m. with practice and time trial sessions, followed by a complete racing program which will take the green flag at 6 p.m.

Advance ticket purchases for the UMP DIRTcar Spring Nationals presented by Allstar Performance, and the other exciting race events on the 2014 Eldora calendar are available on the track’s website www.EldoraSpeedway.com.



KNOXVILLE, IOWA  (April 2, 2014)  -  The 34-night 2014 racing season begins on Saturday, April 19, at the Knoxville Raceway and tickets remain available for seats on the second-floor of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum, which is located on the legendary half-mile dirt track’s turn number two.  Tickets for seats on the second-floor are available for the entire racing season, in addition to nightly tickets being available for both Saturday night sprint car racing and all special events at Knoxville Raceway.

Second-floor, club-level seating is an open area which can provide viewing for groups and parties as large as 150 people.  The second floor of the museum is also heated and air-conditioned, and offers closed-circuit television, wireless internet, and the track's public-address system.  Also, second-floor ticket-holders can bring in their own food and drinks on race nights.  At this time, tickets are available for all race nights on the second floor, including for the Wednesday-Saturday, August 6-9, fifty-fourth annual FVP Knoxville Nationals, which will be sanctioned by the World of Outlaws (WoO) Sprint Car Series.

The 34-night season at the Marion County Fairgrounds oval, which begins on April 19 and extends through September 27, is highlighted by these special events:
April 19, Season-Opener for sprint cars
June 13, Classic Flat Track National Championship Series (CFTNCS) Vintage Motorcycles,
June 14, World of Outlaws (WoO) & 360 Sprint Cars,
June 15, American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Pro Flat Track Series Motorcycles,
July 19, International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) Modifieds & SportMods,
July 31-August 2, ASCS Arnold Motor Supply 360 Sprint Car Knoxville Nationals,
August 3, Ralph Capitani Classic 410 Sprint Cars,
August 6-9, WoO FVP 410 Sprint Car Knoxville Nationals,
September 19-20, Monster Trucks,
September 25-27, Lucas Oil Late Model Knoxville Nationals.

Those individuals interested in watching races from the museum are urged to e-mail Bob Baker at bbaker@sprintcarhof.com or call him toll-free at 1-800-874-4488.


UNOH All Stars ready to kick off Ohio Region with Attica Spring Nationals

ATTICA, Ohio (Wednesday, March 26, 2014) – It has become one of the most anticipated events in sprint car racing – the Spring Nationals at Attica Raceway Park.

The University of Northwestern Ohio All Star Circuit of Champions will kick off the Ohio Region point battle at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” venue on Friday and Saturday, April 4 and 5 with the HD Supply/Construction Equipment and Supply Spring Nationals. The event has been held at Attica since 1992. This year’s Spring Nationals will mark the 102nd and 103rd visit to Attica by the UNOH All Stars.

Gates will open Friday for the $3,000-to-win event at 4 p.m. Gates will open for Saturday’s $10,000-to-win affair at 3:30 p.m.

Last year’s Spring Nationals saw the opening night lost to rain but the finale found Dale Blaney in victory lane. Blaney’s 13 All Star wins at Attica are the most by any driver since the first All Star show was held at Ohio’s Finest Racing speedplant in 1989. The winners of UNOH All Star events at Attica in 2013 were Blaney, Chris Andrews (Ohio Sprint Speedweek) and a sweep of the season-ending August events by Tim Shaffer.

The UNOH All Stars have held three events in 2014 with Dave Blaney, Kerry Madsen and Joey Saldana taking wins. Again the UNOH All Stars will incorporate a regional point system in 2014 – the Ohio Region, Eastern Region, Great Plains Region and over-all championship. So far the 2013 World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year David Gravel leads the Eastern Region and National points for the UNOH All Stars.

Hartford, Ohio’s Dale Blaney picked up his fourth series title in 2013 and also claimed the Ohio Region championship. Blaney also became the UNOH All Stars’ most prolific winner in 2013, surpassing hall-of-famer Kenny Jacobs in career series wins with 99 total.

Blaney will have his hands full in trying to defend his title in 2014. Besides four time champion Tim Shaffer, who currently sits second in All Star National and Eastern Region points, former four time champion Chad Kemenah is gunning for his fifth title and sits third in the 2014 points.

Danny Holtgraver, who had a break-out year in 2013 with the All Stars, is riding in the fourth place in points followed by Greg Hodnett, Dale Blaney, Jac Haudenschild, Danny Dietrich, Dave Blaney and Caleb Helms.

Others expected to battle for the UNOH All Star championships in 2014 include former national 360 sprint champion Wayne Johnson, two-time Napa Wayne County (Ohio) Speedway champion Andrew Palker, and more.

As always, when the UNOH All Stars come to Attica, they will have to battle the tough weekly competition like 2013 champion Craig Mintz, who has 9 career wins at the track; six time track champion Byron Reed who has 29 career Attica wins; former track champion Andrews (4 career wins), Bryan Sebetto (8 career wins), former track champion Dean Jacobs (10 career wins), Lee Jacobs (4 career wins), Brandon Martin (3 career wins), Brian Lay (2 career wins), Brian Smith (2 career wins), Travis Philo (2 career wins) and more.

Throw in two-time All Star champion Greg Wilson, who has 19 career Attica wins, Stevie Smith, who is expected behind the wheel of the Aaron Call/Janet Holbrook #83 machine – Smith has 4 career Attica wins - and the possibility of some of the Pennsylvania Posse teams making the trek to Attica and it could be another exciting weekend.

Of the UNOH All Star contingent of drivers, Kemenah sits third on Attica’s all-time win list with 20 victories followed by Blaney with 17 (5th on the track’s all-time win list); Shaffer with 12 (9th on the track’s all-time win list); and Holtgraver with 2 wins.


Nier Opens Atomic 410 Season With Win

By Scott Wolfe

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO-A full grandstand and a stout field of cars featuring winners from three states kicked off the 2014 racing season in a big way at Brad McCown's Atomic Speedway Saturday night March 22, where Piketon, Ohio's Jimmy Nier brought home the 410 sprint car win and 4-time AMRA Champion Chris Garnes, Evans, West Virginia captured the AMRA Late Model victory. Verona, Kentucky driver Dave McWilliams claimed the Advance Services AMRA Octane Modified win, while Jackson, Ohio youngster Harley Martin blitzed the Sport Mod field.  For owner Brad McCown and staff it was another home run, as the racy highbanks of Atomic Speedway produced some great racing throughout the evening and the final feature was completed by 9:18 p.m.  Racing continues next Saturday night March 29.

Next week, March 29 racing will begin with the same early start times of racing at 4 p.m. with Pit gates opening at noon, and main gates opening at 2 p.m.  March 29 is EMS/Fire Department/ and Police Department Night with Atomic Speedway honoring these civil servants with a $5 admission . General Admission is $12 and $30 pits.

In the Pine Tree Towing and Recovery 410 sprint car main, pole-sitter Caleb Griffith fell victim early to Helena, Ohio's Stuart Brubaker and Jimmy Nier. The northern Ohio driver Brubaker continued to impress the large crowd, bringing them to their feet on lap two when he recaptured the lead on a crossover move to overcome a turn one pass by Nier.  The races only caution flew seconds later for a Nate Reeser spin, but from that point on the feature went green-to-checkered.

Brubaker survived a Nier challenge on the restart and appeared to have the race well in hand for the next ten laps.  Both Brubaker and Nier were masterful in traffic, as battles for position continued throughout the pack.  A high quality field of sprint cars once again graced the high banks of Ohio's fastest 3/8 mile high-banked track.

On lap 12 Nier started to gain some ground as All-Star champ Dale Blaney dueled for third with a feisty Griffith. For much of the race Danny Smith, Travis Philo, Brad Bowman, Cole Duncan, and Jimmy Stinson battled within inches of each other for track position. Smith eventually prevailed in that group despite great runs from Bowman and Philo.

Meanwhile, Nier's Maxim/Charlie Fisher Powered mount decimated Brubaker's lead and blasted by on lap 18.  Brubaker challenged a couple laps, however, it appeared his tires went away just enough to enable Dale Blaney to enter the mix.  Blaney sailed by and began a run at Nier, but time ran out with Nier capturing a popular six car length win.  Rounding out the top ten were Brubaker in third, Caleb Griffith, Danny Smith, Travis Philo, Brad Bowman, Cole Duncan, Jimmy Stinson, and Ron Blair. Heat wins went to Nier, Blaney, and Griffith.

"It's great to see this place open," said Jimmy Nier to a gaggle of cheers from the crowd. "I give Brad (MCown) and his staff a lot of credit for getting this track prepped tonight and thanks to the fans for braving the cold to support (racing).  The track was fast and racy and as good as it gets with the wind and all this time of year."

The Gullion Enterprises AMRA Late Model main was also a barnburner.  Jeremy Scott and Billy Gullion paced the field to Frank Lemaster's green flag, where Gullion immediately took charge.  Steve Breeding from Isom, Kentucky quickly filed into second where he and Flyin' Ryan Markham began hot pursuit. As a result of the redraw, Chris Garnes started fifth, but was quick to make his way to the front.  Garnes quickly made Markham his prey, then two laps later moved into second ahead of Breeding.  While Gullion ran a smooth, fast line on the point, one of the best races of the night was the battle for third between Markham and Breeding. 

Throughout the run Kevin Wagner, the third heat winner, dueled with former AMRA champ Andy Bond, Mike Sampson, and ADRA champion--The Coshocton Ironman--Bryan Casey.

Gullion survived several slide jobs from Garnes, and then began a march that padded his lead through the midpoint of the race with Garnes in tow.  The ever-improving Gullion worked traffic to perfection, but the veteran Garnes had a little more bite later in the race, passing Gullion for the top spot on the 20th circuit.  Garnes' new Swartz Extreme Chassis rocketed to the checkered flag just ahead of Gullion, Markham, Breeding, and Wagner.  Rounding out the top ten were Bond, Sampson, Casey, Mike Unger, and Dylan Huron.

Garnes and Gullion also brought home heat wins.

Garnes said in victory lane, "These Audie Swartz cars drive the same new or old--they really hook up. Any time you win its good and right now we are looking to be here (at Atomic) running for an AMRA championship at least through the NDRL show."

The summary: March 22, 2014

410 Sprint Cars (17)

Heat One: Jimmy Nier,Stuart Brubaker,Danny Smith, Jimmy Stinson,Jesse McCreary, Mark Imler

Heat Two: Dale Blaney, Travis Philo, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Trey Guston, Nate Reeser

Heat Three: Caleb Griffith, Ron Blair, Brad Bowman, Ryan Broughton, Bryan Nuckles

Feature:  Jimmy Nier, Dale Blaney, Stuart Brubaker, Caleb Griffith, Danny Smith, Travis Philo, Brad Bowman, Cole Duncan, Jimmy Stinson, Ron Blair, Josh Davis, Ryan Broughton, Trey Guston, Mark Imler, Bryan Nuckles, Nate Reeser, Jesse McCreary

AMRA Late Models Feature: Chris Garnes, Billy Gullion, Ryan Markham, Steve Breeding, Kevin Wagner, Andy Bond, Mike Sampson, Bryan Casey, Mike Unger, Dylan Huron, Daniel Kattine, Jeremy Scott, Billy Staker, Tim Stewart, Dillon Bledsoe


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