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Bechtelsville, PA August 31, 2014 . . . Early day rain and the forecast of more rain to come has forced promoter Bruce Rogers to throw in the towel and cancel the doubleheader show of ARDC wingless midgets and Hilborn TSRS winged sprint cars scheduled for Grandview Speedway on Sunday night.

Only two of the scheduled four Open Wheel Spectaculars were run this season with the other two falling victim to wet weather.

The ARDC wingless midgets will return to Grandview on Friday, September 12th as part of a doubleheader show that will include the Race of Champions Sportsman stock cars. This event will kick off the big Freedom 76 Classic weekend that will include the $25,000 to win Modified race on Saturday, September 13th featuring many of the top dirt track modified racers.

Racing action returns to Grandview Speedway on Saturday, September 6th with the running of a tripleheader event sponsored by Green Lane Wm. Penn/Four Star Lettering. Included will be the final NASCAR point events of the season for the NASCAR 358 Modifieds, Late Models and Sportsman stock cars. Racing will start at 7:30 p.m.


ARDC Midgets Make Return to Path Valley
As the American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) celebrates their 75th Anniversary this year, a special event has been added to the storied history of the organization as the wingless midgets of ARDC will make their return to the  Path Valley Speedway Park on Friday night, September 19th.  
The 1/4 mile banked clay track should be the perfect venue for plenty of "side by side" that the ARDC midgets are known.  In the heart of midget country - the Midwest region of the United States - it is tracks just like this that showcase midget action.  Here in the East, most tracks are closer to a half mile or so in size since the headline divisions are often stock cars or late models.  Path Valley offers the best of both worlds - it's the right size and configuration and it is close to home for most of the ARDC teams.
ARDC competitor, Ryan Greth agrees.  Greth has raced several different types of cars on the 1/4 mile Path Valley Speedway and he is looking forward to racing his Hyper Racing #4 on Friday night, September 19th.  "The midgets should be a good show at Path Valley," Greth commented.  "The 410s run there and we don't take up as much room.  There should be plenty of side by side racing!  Mike (Gipe) always does a great job of preparing the track for the type of cars that will be racing there.  I think it will be a really good show and will hopefully, lead to more of the same in the future."  Greth also pointed out that his team mate, Jim Radney, actually ran his midget at Path Valley at the start of the this season.  Radney tested at Path Valley prior to the first race.  "I was really surprised at how fast the midget was on the 1/4 mile track," Greth added.  
ARDC has raced at Path Valley on two occasions in the past but it has been more than ten years since the midgets have graced the clay on the 1/4 mile.  Louie Cicconi was the winner when ARDC last raced at Path Valley in October of 1993.  John Heydenreich won the first race at Path Valley in September of 1987.   
Twenty-two midgets will take the green flag for the twenty-five lap main event.  Ten lap heat races will determine the starting field as well as a twelve lap B Main.  Warm-ups will get underway at 7pm.
ARDC Midget racing comes to Path Valley on Friday night, September 19th!  Mark your calendars!  Don't miss this historic racing event!



Williams Grove & Lincoln Speedways Celebrate ARDC's 75th   

Williams Grove Friday night

It has been nearly fifty years since ARDC ran their first race at the Williams Grove Speedway in 1955.  

Justin Grosz and Bright shared the front row as they led the field to the green flag for the twenty lap feature event.

Bright grabbed the lead and Bruce Buckwalter drove to the inside of Grosz to take over second as they raced into turn three.  The racing came to a quick halt as Grosz caught the track the wrong way as he approached turn four.  Grosz caught the wall with the tail of his #99G and then got up in the air and turned around before settling back on the track.  Grosz was not injured.

The field realigned for a complete restart.  Bright put his Lightcap Electric #77 out in front as Bruce Buckwalter, Jr. took over second.  2013 ARDC Champion, Trevor Kobylarz moved up to third as PJ Gargiulo took over fourth.  Bright pulled away from the field as he led Buckwalter, Kobylarz, current point leader, Steven Drevicki and Gargiulo with five laps scored.

Drevicki was on the move as he took third one lap later and then made his way past Buckwalter for the runner-up spot on lap eight.  By that time, Bright was out of the line of sight of his nearest competitor.

Bright, Drevicki, BJ Buckwalter, Kobylarz and Steve Buckwalter raced in the top five at the half way mark.  

There were any number of competitors who were looking for a caution in those final ten laps but there was not a yellow to be found.  

BJ Buckwalter was successful in holding off the challenges of Kobylarz for the battle for third as the laps counted down.  Buckwalter got airborne with just two laps to go as he caught the track the wrong way in turn four.  While the BDB Construction #83 got some height, several competitors were able to go by but Buckwalter saved the car and finished the race in sixth.

With the  checkered flag waving, Alex Bright drove to his fourth win of the season with Drevicki following in second.  Kobylarz picked up the final podium spot followed by Gargiulo and Brenden Bright.  

Lincoln Speedway

After an absence of several seasons, the ARDC midgets returned to the Lincoln Speedway and it wasn't long before everyone was reminded of the great combination that Lincoln and the midgets make!

There was a lot of close racing in the qualifying events that was just a prelude to the action that awaited in the twenty-five lap feature event.

Steven Drevicki led the field to the start and quickly took control of the field when the green flag waved.  Steve Buckwalter used the top of the track to move into second after starting fifth.  Gargiulo took third on lap two but it was Wean who ran third just one lap later.  Buckwalter pressed Drevicki for the lead and took the top spot to lead lap five.  Drevicki, Wean, Gargiulo and Arndt made up the top five.  At this point in the race, Alex Bright raced outside of the top five as he looked for a way to the front.

Bright was the only change to the top five at lap ten as he moved up to take fifth.  That's when Bright retried the high, outside line and found it to his liking.  He took fourth from Gargiulo on lap twelve as S Buckwalter raced well ahead of the field.  For several laps, Bright raced Wean for third.  With ten to go, Wean held the spot as Arndt moved into fifth ahead of Gargiulo.  

Bright took third from Wean and began to reel in the DeGre Engineering #19 of Drevicki.  On lap nineteen, Drevicki had Bright on his rear bumper.  

As Drevicki and Bright battled for second, they came up on the lapped car of Tyler Brehm.  Just as the two contenders closed in on Brehm, Brehm had a water line break on his Jackson #97 in the midst of a lot of steam and water.  The caution was thrown and everyone negotiated the situation successfully.  Buckwalter's huge lead was erased as the single file restart had Drevicki and Bright lined up right behind the 2010 ARDC Champion.

Bright took it to the top of the track, passing first Drevicki and then Buckwalter to lead lap twenty.  Buckwalter battled back from the bottom of the track but Bright had all of the momentum coming off the top.

Bright took the win ahead of Steve Buckwalter and Drevicki.  Wean and Arndt battled side by side for fourth for the final laps of the feature with Wean holding the edge at the line over Arndt.      

Williams Grove Speedway (20 lap feature)
1. Alex Bright 2. Steven Drevicki 3. Trevor Kobylarz 4. PJ Gargiulo 5. Brenden Bright 6. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr. 7. Brett Arndt 8. Kyle Lick 9. Jim Radney 10. Brett Wanner 11. Nick Wean 12. Tommy Kunsman, Jr. 13. Austin Burke 14. Clayton Glassman 15. Steve Buckwalter 16. Ryan Greth 17. John Barnett 18. Billy Courtwright 19. Greg Fitzpatrick 20. Justin Grosz  DNS - Tony DiMattia

Lincoln Speedway (25 lap feature)
1. Alex Bright 2. Steve Buckwalter 3. Steven Drevicki 4. Nick Wean 5. Brett Arndt 6. Ryan Greth 7. PJ Gargiulo 8. Trevor Kobylarz 9. Brenden Bright 10. Eric Heydenreick 11. Drew Heistand 12. Kyle Lick 13. Brett Wanner 14. Justin Grosz 15. Tony DiMattia 16. Austin Burke 17. Tommy Kunsman 18. Tyler Brehm 19. Jim Radney  DNS - Clayton Glassman, Billy Courtwright, Brian Gilmore, Bruce Buckwalter, Jr.























2014 Points
July 25

1. Steven Drevicki 1282
2. Brenden Bright  1132
3. Bruce Buckwalter Jr. 1031
4. Trevor Kobylarz  1,024
5. Alex Bright   972
6. Brett Arndt   913
7. Nick Wean   789
8. Austin Burke 780
9. Tony DiMattia 771
10. Kyle Lick   755
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