SHAUN Bradford has done it again, winning his second successive feature race, this time crossing the line ahead of Jason Kendrick and Ian Loudoun on Saturday night.

He claimed the 18th Annual DiCandilo Steel City Sprintcar Silver Cup at the Perth Motorplex by an impressive 4.727-second margin, starting on the outside of the front row and never looking back in the 30-lap showdown.

This was the third last round of the 2013-14 AHG Sprintcar Series that will wrap up with two rounds at the Motorplex next Saturday and Sunday nights.

The race only survived half a lap before the first major incident when Ryan Lancaster and Dayne Kingshott came together on the back straight, putting both of them out of the show.

Cars were scrambling everywhere to avoid the incident with Brad Maiolo going onto the back of Mark Wells’ car that cut his right rear tyre.
Carl Dowling sought medical treatment for a shoulder injury.

Not long after the restart Brad Maiolo spun around and then seconds later David Priolo, who finished second in the last feature race, rode out a big crash in pits bend.

Priolo stepped out of the car and was clearly in pain from the incident.

Bradford was clearly happy with the second successive win, ending his season on a high.

“It’s good thing to make a habit of,” Bradford said immediately after the win.

He clearly had the pace, cranking out a best lap of 13.245 seconds, well clear of Kendrick’s 13.661.

Kendrick, who started from pole, said he needed a better start.

“We probably missed the set up on the car a bit,” Kendrick said.

“This SEG series is an awesome series and everyone needs to get behind it and help it move forward.”

Loudoun looked strong for his third place with his best lap being a 13.710 second blast.

“A couple of mistakes hurt us a bit,” Loudoun said.

“This is good for the team…we had it pretty dam good in that race.”

Daniel Harding, who started from eighth, did well for his fourth, to cross the line ahead of Luke Dillon, Jamie Maiolo, Trent Pigdon, Lee Nash, Callum Williamson and Mark Wells who rounded out the top 10.


Qualifying: Group 1: Luke Dillon 14.546, Daniel Harding 14.774, David Priolo 14.811, Jamie Maiolo 14.834, Carl Dowling 15.143, Callum Williamson 15.244, Daryl Clayden 15.331.

Group 2: Shaun Bradford 14.868, Jason Kendrick 15.013, Kye Scroop 15.020, Lee Nash 15.268, Ryan Schlam 15.715, Troy Lawson 15.281, David Scofield 16.700.

Group 3: 1st Ryan Lancaster 15.029, Cameron Gessner 15.062, Ian Loudoun 15.242, Jake Beard-Miller 15.351, Bradley Maiolo 15.554, Ben Butcher 16.438, Jason Boland 16.533.

Group 4: 1st Mark Wells 14.969, Trent Pigdon 15.322, Shane Norris 15.449, Scott Reilly 15.675, Dayne Kingshott 15.785, Jason Pryde 15.808, Russell Taylor 15.828 and Damian Blacka 17.151.

Heat 1: 1st Jake Beard Miller, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th David Priolo, 5th Scott Reilly, 6th Mark Wells, 7th Ryan Lancaster, 8th Jason Boland, 9th Russell Taylor, 10th Ryan Schlam.

Heat 2: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd Troy Lawson, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Trent Pigdon, 9th Damian Blacka. DNF: Bradley Maiolo.

Heat 3: 1st Jason Pryde, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd Shane Norris, 4th Ian Loudoun, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Shaun Bradford, 7th Ben Butcher, 8th Daniel Harding. DNF: David Scofield.

Heat 4: 1st Daniel Harding, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ryan Lancaster, 4th Shane Norris, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Jake Beard-Miller, 7th Jason Pryde, 8th Jason Boland, 9th Ryan Schlam.

Heat 5: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Ian Loudoun, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Scott Reilly, 5th Callum Williamson, 6th Russell Taylor, 7th Lee Nash, 8th Ben Butcher. DNF: Mark Wells.

Heat 6: 1st Cameron Gessner, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th Trent Pigdon, 5th Dayne Kingshott, 6th Jamie Maiolo, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Bradley Maiolo, 9th Damian Blacka, 10th David Scofield, 11th Troy Lawson.

B Main: 1st Shane Norris, 2nd Jake Beard-Miller, 3rd Bradley Maiolo, 4th Scott Reilly, 5th Russell Taylor, 6th Damian Blacka. DNF: Ryan Schlam and David Scofield.

A Main: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ian Loudoun, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Luke Dillon, 6th Jamie Maiolo, 7th Trent Pigdon, 8th Lee Nash, 9th Callum Williamson, 10th Mark Wells, 11th Jason Boland, 12th Cameron Gessner, 13th Bradley Maiolo, 14th Troy Lawson. DNF: Jason Pryde, Shane Norris, Scott Reilly, Kye Scroop, David Priolo, Daryl Clayden, Jake Beard-Miller, Dayne Kingshott, Ryan Lancaster, Carl Dowling. DNS: Ben Butcher.

















































































WSS points
1. Steven Lines  3453
2. Brooke Tatnell 3385
3. James McFadden  3204
4. Luke Dillon 3097
5. Jamie Veal  2901
6. Shane Stewart 2422
7. Dylan Jenkin 2382
8. Robbie Farr  2369
9. Daniel Pestka 2344
10. Jackson Delamont 2063

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