2014-2015 WSS calendar released

The World Series Sprintcar (WSS) management group from Speedway Australia are excited to announce the schedule for the 2014/15 and the 28th running of the championship.

Again the huge launch of the series will be Speedway City on Boxing Night, in the first night of Speedweek, with 5 rounds to be run over the ensuing 7 days the start of the series is always a gruelling affair.

If that’s not tough enough they then immediately pack up and head straight to Brisbane with 3 nights of competition including the big 50 lap Australian Open on Saturday the 10th of January. This year the WSS will then take a small recess before embarking back in South Australia with a double header of Murray Bridge and Adelaide over the final weekend in January before embarking in one of the biggest months of Sprintcar Racing in WA’s history.

“The WSS schedule follows a nice neat tradition of past series and the flow works well for other National events also. We never lose sight of the fact that this series at the end of the day is for the sport of speedway and the division of Sprintcars to prosper in Australia and combining with other national iconic events are very important to the whole speedway landscape” said WSS co-ordinator Shane Collins

With 4 x rounds of WSS to be conducted amongst the Australian Title and the annual Krikke Boys Challenge, it would seem that WA is the place to be in February if you have any Sprintcar blood in your veins.

The excitement of heading back to the ever delightful town of Albany, and the immaculate facilities combined with a new racing surface means this will be a great kick start for WA Sprintcar month. You then throw in a round at the impressive Perth Motorplex before heading to the beach town of Bunbury as a lead up to the big National Title and then returning for the massive ‘ONE NIGHT’ WSS Grand Final at the Perth Motroplex on February 21 will round out a great series.

“We are very excited again about the entire series, we all know the toughness of Speedweek is a great kick off and now the enormous ending with a huge month of Racing in WA, really bookends what is a very challenging championship. Unfortunately WSS management tried our utmost to have Sydney in our calendar, but with the late management change and a few issues, both parties have amicably agreed to revisit it for next year, and we are confident this can come to fruition. ” said Collins

WSS Series Schedule 2014-2015
Rnd 1     Friday Dec 26th                  Speedway City, Adelaide (SA)
Rnd 2     Saturday Dec 27th             Murray Bridge (SA)
Rnd 3     Sunday Dec 28th                Mt Gambier (SA)
Rnd 4     Tuesday Dec 30th              Avalon (VIC)
Rnd 5     Thursday Jan 1st                Warrnambool (VIC) – SPEEDWEEK GRAND FINAL
Rnd 6     Sunday Jan 4th                   Brisbane (QLD)
Rnd 7     Friday Jan 9th                      Brisbane (QLD) – AUSTRALIAN OPEN, Night 1
                Saturday Jan 10th              Brisbane (QLD) – 50 Lap AUSTRALIAN OPEN, Night 2
Rnd 8     Friday Jan 30th                   Murray Bridge (SA)
Rnd 9     Saturday Jan 31st              Speedway City, Adelaide (SA) – George Tatnell Cup
Rnd 10 Friday Feb 6th                        Albany (WA)
Rnd 11  Saturday Feb 7th                  Perth Motorplex (WA)
Rnd 12  Wednesday Feb 11th          Bunbury (WA)
Rnd 13  Saturday Feb 21st                Perth Motorplex – WSS GRAND FINAL





























































WSS points
1. Steven Lines  3453
2. Brooke Tatnell 3385
3. James McFadden  3204
4. Luke Dillon 3097
5. Jamie Veal  2901
6. Shane Stewart 2422
7. Dylan Jenkin 2382
8. Robbie Farr  2369
9. Daniel Pestka 2344
10. Jackson Delamont 2063
Brooke Tatnell KMS interview)
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