The Ultimate Sprintcar Championship will expand to three tracks in three states in the coming 2015/2016 season with the announcement today that Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway Warrnambool has joined the spectacular new initiative.

“We’re delighted that Premier Speedway has joined us,” says Valvoline Speedway Managing Director Steven Green, “the concept of now having three States and three circuits involved in the USC gives us tremendous versatility, variety and even broader interest than what we originally envisaged for the first year.”

The USC 2015/2016 sees Premier Speedway join fellow USC circuits Valvoline Raceway in Sydney and Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba Queensland.

“When we first sat down with Valvoline Raceway in Sydney to listen to their plans for the USC it was obvious that this would be an exciting development for the Australian Sprintcar industry as a whole, says Premier Speedway General Manager David Mills, “we’re very excited to come on board as the Victorian arm of the initiative. It adds even more excitement to our season ahead.”

Ultimate Sprintcar Championship owners Barry and Felicity Waldron see Warrnambool’s inclusion as a logical step for the concept.

“Felicity and I are very pleased that Warrnambool have come on board,” says Barry, “Premier Speedway is without a doubt one of the blue-ribbon Speedway venues not only here in Australia but in fact the world. Having one of the best circuits in the world along with our sister tracks in Sydney and Toowoomba as part of the USC makes sense on many levels. We’ll be bringing plenty to the table for Warrnambool and they in return will bring plenty back. It’s a win-win situation for all parties.”

So how does this work?

All Sprintcar events conducted at Premier Speedway in 2015/2016 (with the exclusion of the Australian Championship) prior to March will carry the USC qualifying system and points.

In short, any driver finishing on the podium at any of the Premier Speedway, Valvoline Raceway or Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway USC Sprintcar main events during October – February will qualify for the chance to race for “The Chase”.

“The Chase” is a selected number of major events held in March-April at Toowoomba Speedway, Valvoline Raceway and Premier Speedway carrying an overall bonus of $30,000 for the winner, $20,000 for runner-up and $10,000 for third.

None of the Chase event dates will clash between Toowoomba, Sydney and Warrnambool EXCEPT on the Easter weekend where bonus points are available – drivers must nominate only ONE of those Easter weekend events where they will vie for the bonus points.

“We support the idea of upping the ante for Sprintcar branding and promotion that the USC will drive,” says Mills, “with the option for us to explore TV exposure, the potential of Giant Video Screens interaction, video streaming and the raising of the awareness for the sport this is an exciting time to be involved. The Premier Speedway Club’s charter is to advance the promotion of Sprintcar racing to a wider audience as well so joining the USC alliance is another step forward for our members, sponsors and the teams that race with us.”

The official schedule and calendar of events for the 2015/2016 Ultimate Sprintcar Championship between Toowoomba’s Hi-Tec Oils Speedway, Valvoline Raceway Sydney and Premier Speedway Warrnambool will follow shortly.

How does ‘The Ultimate Sprintcar Championship’ work?
Every round at Valvoline Raceway will count towards the USC NSW.
(September to April).

Every round at Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway will count towards the USC QLD. (September to April).

Every round at Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway will count towards the USC VIC. (September to April).

How do I qualify for the Ultimate Sprintcar Chase for the Championship?
To qualify for the Ultimate Sprintcar Chase for the Championship you must make a podium at one of the qualifying races at any USC member track through the months September to February.

Points will be awarded each time a driver makes a podium on the basis of 1st – 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point.

These points will accumulate through the months of September to February and the accumulated amount will be the points each qualified driver will start the USC Chase for the Championship with.

Once the USC Chase begins each chase round will be awarded points as per the USC Points system.



Official release: Valvoline Raceway

June 26, 2015

World Series Sprintcars will return to Valvoline Raceway for the first time in three seasons for a one-night only engagement on Saturday night, December 12 to kick off the 2015/2016 WSS schedule.

The last time a WSS round was held at the iconic Parramatta venue was 2012/2013 for a double header that was dominated on both nights by Tennessee World of Outlaws star Jason Sides.

Valvoline Raceway Managing Director Steven Green was today ecstatic to confirm that WSS will return to his venue this season and with the added sizzle of a $10,000 to win main event.

“Obviously Sydney is an important location for World Series Sprintcars and World Series is important for our venue and our sport,” he explained, “we’re really excited about having a round once again. The date we have selected will coincide with a round of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship NSW and is the week after the Homebush V8 Supercar event. We’re hoping we can cross-pollinate with a bit of V8 Supercar activity as well. It’s an exciting night for many reasons for us.”

World Series Sprintcars Race Director Shane Collins is naturally thrilled to bring the WSS show back to the Harbour City.

“The history between Valvoline Raceway and World Series Sprintcars is steeped in tradition,” says Collins, “it’s a really positive time for the teams and the fans that we can head back to Parramatta. The direction in which Sprintcar racing is headed at that circuit is very refreshing and we’re all excited to be adding Sydney back to our calendar this season.”

More information on the entire Valvoline Raceway schedule, including the USC dates, will follow soon.


WSS to take the West by storm in 2015/16

Jun 24, 2015

Speedway Australia is happy to announce that World Series Sprintcars will be running an explosive set of Rounds right across Western Australia in 2015/16! This announcement adds to a giant two night Grand Final at Perth Motorplex that will close a massive 2015/16 season!

The now famous ‘Western Swing’ of WSS will kick off on the 13th of February 2016 with a Round at Perth Motorplex, a venue that has given Sprintcar fans many memorable racing experiences over the years! Then it is regional Western Australia’s turn to feel the noise of a pack of furiously fast Sprintcars when WSS tears up the track at Albany Speedway and Bunbury Speedway, on the 19th and 20th of February respectively. Then it’s crunch time when WSS winds up with the Grand Final at Perth Motorplex on the 26th and 27th of February 2016! A race that is sure to separate the pros from the pack! The Annual WSS Gala Dinner will also take place in Perth on the 28th of February 2016, at which award winners for the 2015/16 running of World Series Sprintcars will be officially announced.

Speedway Australia’s Operations Manager Shane Collins said WSS fans could expect to see some of the best racing on the WSS calendar in WA:

‘Traditionally, by the time WSS reaches Western Australia the Championship points chase is incredibly close as we start to work towards wrapping up the Series. With Western Australia’s hugely competitive local posse thrown in the mix, this means the WSS competitors are pushing themselves to their absolute limits to win races, and this inevitably makes for great racing!’

‘The WSS fans in Western Australia, both metropolitan and regional, have always been great supporters of the Series and we are looking forward to really putting on a show for them this coming summer!’

Full WSS Western Swing dates are as follows:

13th February 2016 – Perth Motorplex, WA

19th February 2016 – Albany Speedway, WA

20th February 2016 – Bunbury Speedway, WA

26th February and 27th February 2016 – Perth Motorplex, WA (WSS Grand Final)



















14-15 WSS points
1. Brooke Tatnell 3086
2. Dave Murcott 3059
3. James McFadden 3046
4. Steve Lines 2869
5. Kyle Hirst 2852
6. Jamie Veal 2302
7. Matt Egel 2251
8. Brent Aprile 2180
9. Daniel Harding 2119
10. Darren Jensen 1973
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