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Meseraull Claims $5,000 in BOSS / Hensel Memorial Win  
San Jose, California native Thomas Meseraull made the Cali natives 3 for 3 in the Mo Vaughn Transport - BOSS / Hensel Memorial by claiming the $5,000 first prize on Saturday night.  The two previous events were won by Robert Ballou (Rocklin, CA) in 2013 and Kody Swanson (Kingsburg, CA) in 2014.  The win however, did not come easy for "T-Mez" as a miscue after his heat win found him upside down in the Stan Courtad #9x in Fremont Speedway's first turn.
The evening began with 43 Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS sprint cars signing in for qualifications.  The one lap - against the clock proved tricky for some and advantageous for others.  Tracy Hines in the Hines #4T set fast time with a 14.494 to edge Meseraull and Kody Swanson out of the fast time award.  After qualifying, Hines was honored on the front stretch where he rolled the die to bring up the "8" inversion.  Therefore, the fastest 8 cars who transferred out of their heat would make the 8 car inversion.
Heat race events saw the top 6 inverted in each heat with the top 4 advancing to the main event and getting their qualifying time back.  Hines, Meseraull, Derek Hastings, Shane Cottle and Landon Simon all won heat race events.  Meseraull made his win a little extra exciting for the fans as he hooked the cushion and flipped in turn 1 after taking the checkered flag.  The team was able to make quick repairs and be ready for the main event.   The twin B-Main events were claimed by Kody Swanson and Todd Keen.
The 33 lap Hensel Memorial found tour regulars Kent Wolters  and Cody Gardner pacing the field to the starters green flag.  Scotty Weir and Ted Hines made up row 2 with Mike Miller and Landon Simon in the 3rd row.  Meseraull and Hines would start together in row 4 with Cottle starting back in the #13 position.
The initial start saw 3 cars coming together in turn 1 and 2 ultimately eliminating Bill Rose and Michael Fischesser.  At the drop of the second green it was Tipp City, Ohio driver Kent Wolters who rocketed to a comfortable early lead over Gardner.  Several cars were on the mover early including Meseraull, Swanson, and Cottle who had started 13th.  Landon Simon was also on the move early,  however, working lap #3, an over eager Simon spun in turn 1 to bring out the race's first caution.
Back under green, Wolters continued to show the way but Meseraull was clearly the man on the move taking over the runner-up spot on lap 6.  Just as the lead battle was taking shape, the race's second and final caution flew when Andy Feil spun to a stop working lap #9.  The restart order saw Wolters leading with Meseraull, Cottle, Gardner, Tracy Hines, Weir, Swanson, Brandon Spithaler, Brian Smith and Ted Hines rounding out the top 10.
On the restart, Meseraull needed less than a lap to take over the top spot to officially lead lap #9.  Cottle quickly moved to the runner-up spot and over the next 23 laps the 2 heavyweight contenders would throw down in a battle royale for a $5,000 payday.  Meseraull, on all four Hoosier tires, held steady at the point as the charging Cottle flirted with disaster reeling in the leader in the Hazen #57 clad with all four American Racers.  The duo entered lapped traffic on lap 18  as the war waged on with Meseraull able to keep the Courtad 9 just a few car lengths in front.
The deciding factor of the race may have come on lap #25 when Meseraull dove inside a lapped car exiting turn 4 and Cottle throttled the car to the high side making it 3 wide down the narrow Fremont front stretch.  Contact was made but everyone stayed straight and Meseraull was able to pull away by a few car lengths.  The final 8 circuits saw Cottle try valiantly to reel in Meseraull, and a last lap herculean effort saw Cottle throw the car in deep to pull even with the leader off turn 4, but Meseraull had the momentum to hang on by a car length in yet another exciting BOSS feature finish!  Defending race winner Kody Swanson charged from his 11th starting spot to round out the podium.
The rest of the top 5 were Tracy Hines and Brian Smith who was driving the Mike Hensel tribute #33 car.  The rest of the top 10 were Kent Wolters, Cody Gardner, Dallas Hewitt, Brandon Spithaler, and Shawn Westerfeld.  Hewitt was the Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger" of the night and took home an extra $333 courtesy of Hughes Racing.  Westerfeld quietly extended his points lead over defending champ Mike Miller and inaugural champion Dustin Smith.
The tour is now silent for 2 weeks before returning to action on Friday, September 4th at Moler Raceway Park in Williamburg, Ohio.  This will be the very first visit to the 1/4 mile bullring located deep in southwestern Ohio.  Watch for details on this event in the coming days!
3rd Annual Mike Hensel Memorial (33 Laps) 1. 9x-Thomas Meseraull[7] ; 2. 57-Shane Cottle[13] ; 3. 21K-Kody Swanson[11] ; 4. 4T-Tracy Hines[8] ; 5. 33-Brian Smith[10] ; 6. 12-Kent Wolters[1] ; 7. 46-Cody gardner[2] ; 8. 16-Dallas Hewitt[24] ; 9. 22-Brandon Spithaler[14] ; 10. 89-Shawn Westerfeld[9] ; 11. 2M-Scotty Weir[3] ; 12. 74-Drew Rader[18] ; 13. 14-Chad Wilson[19] ; 14. 24-Landon Simon[6] ; 15. 77-Dustin Smith[22] ; 16. 9N-Mike Miller[5] ; 17. 91x-Aaron Middaugh[23] ; 18. 12H-Ted Hines[4] ; 19. 31-Chuck Wilson[16] ; 20. 32M-Derek Hastings[21] ; 21. 18K-Todd Keen[15] ; 22. 08-Andy Feil[12] ; 23. 4-Michael Fischesser[17] ; 24. 320-Bill Rose[20]




Haubstadt, IN - August 11, 2015 -  This weekend’s races scheduled for the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series has the potential to produce incredible action that could surpass those from the most memorable weekends already embedded in the minds of the most ardent and dedicated race fans.

The series will make its final appearance of the season on the red clay of the Bloomington Speedway in Bloomington, IN, on Friday night August 14th.  The race is being promoted as the IU Surplus Store Summer Doubler.  Drivers will be competing over the fast quarter mile oval for a distance of 30 laps in the feature.  First place in the feature will pay $3,000!

In addition to the purse that everyone will be racing for, there is the added points incentive.  Sprint car drivers who run at the speedway on a regular basis will also benefit by receiving double show up points.  Just two races remain on the track’s season schedule.  Drivers racing that are licensed with MSCS will receive regular series points since all sanctioned races award an equal amount of points.  Seven races remain on the MSCS season schedule. A number of drivers can use the race to their advantage and perhaps gain positions in both standings.

Saturday night August 15th MSCS will be racing at the Route 45 Raceway in Flora, IL.

The date was recently added to the series schedule.  This is a special racing program to be presented by Last Chance Promotions.  The event itself is the first ever Laura Stockon Memorial Race.  Drivers will be racing for 32 laps.  The Stockon family has been involved in sprint car racing for three generations.  Laura Stockon was involved in sprint car racing as the car owner of the 32 entry until her untimely death three years ago.  Her son Chase is currently in the top ten in the MSCS standings.  This event is one of those that further defines the ongoing human spirit and family involvement in auto racing.

Saturday night’s main event will pay $3,232 to win.  The purse is symbolic in nature.  The pay-off is the standard MSCS purse which normally pays $2,000 to win.  A sponsor has added $1,232 to the purse and the entire bonus will go to the winner.  There are other special prizes and awards in addition to the purse money.  As these change from day to day, please check for updates on the Route 45 Raceway website.

Success or failure on the race course this weekend could have a remarkable effect on the MSCS Points Standings.  After last weekend’s race Brady Short reassumed the series points lead over Carson Short. His feature win propelled him to the top of the standings.  But it is not a comfortable lead by any means!  Brady has a 2 point edge. These two drivers were also 2 points apart back in early May.  Then Carson Short led the standings.

It has been a competitive and interesting year.  Chase Stockon won the first event and lead the points after the first three stops in April.  Since then Brady Short has held the points lead six times in leaving a track.  Carson Short has been atop the standings four times.  Other drivers in and out of the runner-up spots in points have been Robert Ballou, Jon Stanbrough, and Daron Clayton.

Brady Short is already setting new records this year.  His most recent feature win at Lincoln Park Speedway was number six this season.  That breaks the all time record for the most series wins in a season for an MSCS driver.  A review of 15 years of records revealed that two drivers had won five features in a single season.  Those two drivers were Mitch Wissmiller in 2002 and Jon Stanbrough eight years later in 2010.  Ironically Wissmiller was running amongst the leaders last Saturday night as Short moved past to establish the new record.

This weekend the racing season continues with a double dose of excitement MSCS style.  Surprises could surpass expectations!  Racing begins at 7:30 P.M Friday night and at 7 P.M. on Saturday night.  The tracks are in different time zones - Eastern and Central.


Simon Scores Again in MVT / BOSS Sprints at Wayne County
In the four year history of the Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS tour, there has been very few drivers record multiple wins in the same season.  Diversity and large car counts have seen seasons with 11 different winners in 12 events in 2012 and 13 different winners in 14 events in 2013.  Now, Landon Simon joins a very short list of drivers to score more than a single BOSS win in the same season.  Last night he scored his 3rd career BOSS win by picking up the main event victory at the Wayne County Speedway in Orrville, Ohio driving the Mount Baker Vapor #24.
The evening began with 22 drivers signed in for competition setting up 3 exciting heat races.  Before the action really got underway, Cincinnati driver Buddy Lowther broke a rear axle in hot laps and narrowly averted a serious situation as he rolled the car to a stop.  The 3 preliminary heat races were won by three recent tour winners, Simon, Cooper Clouse, and Shawn Westerfeld.
The top 3 drivers from each heat race went into a redraw that found defending champion Mike Miller and youngster Cooper Clouse on the front row.  Michael Fischesser and Andy Feil made up row #2 with a stacked row 3 consisting of Simon and Westerfeld.  From the very drop of the green flag, it was Mike Miller who rocketed to an early lead.  The race's only red flag would fly quickly though when Chuck Wilson and Randy Fink tangled on lap 2.  Wilson somehow saved what appeared to be a disaster happening, but Fink was not as fortunate as he rolled the #41 car but emerged unhurt.
Back under green, Miller continued to show the way with Clouse in tow, but Simon and Westerfeld were like a cavalry charge on their way to the front.  Miller was hampered by a shock that broke shortly after the red flag, and he was forced to give way to Simon who took the lead on lap #5.  Westerfeld was to the runner-up spot by lap #6 and the duo would throw down over the remaining circuits to decide the outcome on the Orrville, Ohio 3/8 mile clay oval.
Two more cautions on laps 13 and 18 for Steve Little and Jeremy Shambaugh would give Westerfeld the opportunity to close up on Simon.  However, Simon proved to be up to the task and was able to turn back the herculean efforts of the "Guilford Gasser" Shawn Westerfeld to score the win.  Behind the lead pair, Dustin Smith edged Michael Fischesser for the 3rd spot after those two drivers put on a spirited battle in the closing laps.  Cooper Clouse rounded out the top after turning away a determined charge by the fresh out of retirement, Bobby Distel who turned in a fantastic performance at some points running in the top 5 despites starting 11th.  Rounding out the rest of the top 10 were Mike Miller, Aaron Middaugh, Andy Feil and Chad Wilson.
Shawn Westerfeld extended his series points lead and has the inside edge on the 2015 championship.  But Smith, Miller and Clouse all have some other ideas left to try!  The series now heads to Fremont Speedway next Saturday, August 15th for the Mike Hensel Memorial.  Watch for the exciting details of this highest paying BOSS event to be announced in the next few days.



Putnamville, IN - Aug 8, 2015 -  Brady Short was once again victorious in winning the 30 lap feature Saturday night at the Lincoln Park Speedway which was sanctioned by the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series.  Short followed up on a win the night before during an unsanctioned race scheduled as part of a special two day show at the speedway.  The Saturday night win was his second in a row in MSCS competition and his sixth in the thirteen events completed by the Midwest Sprint Car Series in 2015.

Jeff Bland Jr. would set the pace to begin the feature.  He had the pole position at the start of the race and took the lead with Mitch Wissmiller leading the charge to catch him.  Brady Short passed Wissmiller on lap 8.  Bland would continue to lead as the cars maintained a torrid pace until lap 19 when the caution appeared for the first time. New Zealand driver Stephen Taylor had spun.  Another yellow was needed in quick succession when Carson Short spun in turn four.  Brady Short capitalized on the opportunity provided by the restarts to take the lead.  He would lead the rest of the feature and turn in another commanding performance at the wheel of the Cam Potorff sprint car.

Shane Cottle also had a fast car in the Paul Hazen prepared entry and would claim second place on lap 23.  Bland would hold on to third.  Brent Beauchamp and A.J. Hopkins would move up to round out the top five.  Wissmiller fell out of the top five and pulled off very late in the race with a handling issue.   Casey Shuman finished sixth. Nick Bilbee would earn the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race award in gaining six places and finishing seventh.  Brandon Mattox, Donny Brackett, and Scott Hampton would complete the top ten.

Stephen Taylor would earn the most passing points during the heats. Taylor was making his first appearance with MSCS as the driver for Jeff Walker Racing.  Four heat races were held for the 29 entrants. They were won by Shane Cottle, Brent Beauchamp, Jeff Bland Jr., and A.J. Hopkins.  Those drivers would all race to top five finishes in the feature.

Shelby Van Gilder flipped her car at the end of the first heat race but repairs were made and she was on the track and ready to race when the 13 car field for the B rolled out.  Nate McMillin took the B Main.  He led Kent Schmidt, Tyler Hewitt, and Chris Babcock to the finish line.  Hewitt would place the highest for these four final transfers with an eleventh place finish in the A Main.

The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series will be competing twice over the August 14th and 15th weekend.  The series will race at Bloomington, IN, Speedway Friday night and at Route 45 Raceway in Flora, IL, on Saturday night.  The event at Flora will be a Memorial Race in honor of Laura Stockon.  This special event was just recently added to the MSCS season schedule. The program at Bloomington Speedway Friday night is the IU Summer Doubler.

Feature (30 Laps) - Brady Short, Shane Cottle, Jeff Bland Jr., Brent Beauchamp, A.J. Hopkins, Casey Shuman, Nick Bilbee, Brandon Mattox, Donny Brackett, Scott Hampton, Tyler Hewitt, Carson Short, Kent Schmidt, Nate McMillin, Matt Mc Donald, Steven Taylor, Mario  Clouser, Mitch Wissmiller, Aric Gentry, Chris Babcock


50-Lap Soares Classic Set For Saturday Night

Aptos, CA- Getting back to the Petaluma Speedway this coming Saturday night, the Wingless Series presented by Joe Hunt Magnetos is set for the Soares Classic featuring a 50-Lap A-Main event.

A race founded by Jim Soares honoring his father, the Soares Classic once featured the 101-lap midget main, before switching to the 50-lap Non-Winged Sprint Car feature event. After Jim’s tragic passing in the off season, the 2015 Soares Classic will be a little more special, as he too will now be honored in what will be an emotional night at the Petaluma Speedway.

50-laps around the Petaluma Speedway is no easy task, and will truly be a test of the fittest drivers of the series. Terry Schank has been the man to beat with the Wingless Series over the years, and is coming into Saturday’s event with two consecutive wins to his credit, including a win during the series’ last stop at the speedway a couple of weeks back.

Though Schank has been racking up wins, San Jose, CA wheelman, Gary Nelson, Jr has Championship aspirations as he comes into the Soares Classic with a 23-point lead in the season standings. A tough showing during the last visit at the Speedway has Nelson even hungrier to redeem himself and find his first victory of 2015.

Nick Larson sits in the second spot in the point standings, and comes into the Soares Classic looking to build on his Top-10 run at the Petaluma Speedway back on July 18th. With the Championship race still wide open, Larson’s consistency has kept him in striking distance.

Perhaps the driver with the biggest chip on his shoulder returning to the Petaluma Speedway, is Shany Myhre who sits in third just 31 digits behind Nelson. Myhre had a great night going during the July 18th visit and was just laps from picking up the win. Losing the top-spot on a late restart, Myhre will certainly be one to watch when the green flag drops on Saturday night.

2015 has been a great year for the series, and as teams saw during a wild last visit to the Petaluma Speedway, anything can happen. Saturday’s Soares Classic should be another exciting race for the series as the 50-lap feature event is sure to bring non-stop excitement.

Other drivers expected to be on hand Saturday night include John Clark, Shayna Sylvia, Angelique Bell, Bradley Clark, Zach Kavert, Klint Simpson, Cody Fendley, Sparky Howard, Colton Slack, Austin Liggett, and many more of the division’s top drivers.

The Petaluma Speedway gets their program underway a little earlier than some tracks with the gates set to open at 4pm, and time trials set to go green by 5pm. Tickets for this event are available starting at  $16 for adults, $12 for Juniors (6-11) and Seniors (65+), while those little fans that are 5 and under will be admitted for free.

ON TAP: The Wingless Series Presented by Joe Hunt Magnetos are right back at it this week as they return to the Petaluma Speedway on Saturday night for the Soares Classic featuring the 50-lap A Main Event.   

WINNERS: Joe Stornetta (Silver Dollar Speedway on March 7th), Colton Slack (Calistoga Speedway on April 12th), Joe Stornetta (Placerville Speedway on May 30th), Austin Liggett (Stockton Dirt Track on June 13th), Terry Schank,  (Calistoga Speedway on June 27th), Klint Simpson (Ocean Speedway on July 11th), Terry Schank (Petaluma Speedway on July 18th), Terry Schank (Stockton Dirt Track on August 1st).



Haubstadt, IN - August 4, 2015 -  The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series will be racing at the Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, IN, this Saturday night August 8th.  This is the second race of five scheduled for the series in Indiana and Illinois during the month of August.  These five races are at five very different tracks.  Drivers and crew chiefs will certainly be challenged and tested in their versatility.  Lincoln Park is a 5/16th mile banked facility.  This date also marks the fifth time that Joe Spiker has promoted this special MSCS event.  The feature winner will receive a $3,000 pay check.

Fans should note that this event will be the final appearance for MSCS at Lincoln Park Speedway this season.  The three MSCS features held there already this year have produced three different winners. Chase Stockon won the MSCS race at the track to begin the season in April.  Thomas Meseraull won on Memorial Day Weekend in May.  Robert Ballou took the most recent event which was held in July.  A fourth different winner could certainly be in the offering!  The competition has been keen!

At this point in each season drivers are on top of their game.  The heat race line-up combinations and B main to follow should produce some great match-ups before the A main is even pushed off.  Brady Short took this August event a year ago.  He is fresh from winning a third career Hoosier Sprint Nationals title to start the month. Other previous “Return” winners include Robert Ballou, Kyle Cummins, and Casey Shuman.   Shuman was in top form in winning the feature last week to complete a regular weekly race program.

Another factor affecting the spirit underlying each MSCS event is the season points standings.  Carson Short continues to lead in the points.  He is looking for that first title.  Brady Short’s win on August 1st cut into Carson’s lead by 10 points.  The two drivers are now just 13 points apart.  Robert Ballou is currently third in the standings.  Drivers who are focused on MSCS points this season will have another great opportunity to move up in the standings this Saturday.  Donny Brackett, Chase Stockon, Brandon Mattox, and Chet Williams were among those moving up after last weekend’s racing!

Lincoln Park Speedway is located along West U.S. Hwy. 40 at Putnamville, IN.  Racing begins at 7 P.M.  Hot laps are at 6 P.M. Drivers are reminded that the pill draw is set to close at 5:30 P.M. Fans will find the gates open at 4:30 P.M.  All times are E.D.T.

With the MSCS season is now 60 per cent complete, the current 2015 Hoosier Tire MSCS Points Standings are as listed below:
1.  Carson Short____ 683
2.  Brady Short_____ 670
3.  Robert Ballou___ 632
4.  Jon Stanbrough__544
5.  James Lyerla___  512
6.  Donny Brackett_  446
7.  Chase Stockon __ 440
8.  Kyle Cummins__  439
9.  Brandon Mattox_  401
10. Brandon Morin__ 391


Terry Schank Dominates Wingless Series Event In Stockton, CA For Second Consecutive Win

Stockton, CA- Saturday night at the Stockton Dirt Track, Terry Schank was on cruise control with the Wingless Series Presented by Joe Hunt Magnetos as he raced to his second consecutive series win, and third overall in 2015.

With Austin Liggett sweeping the event the last time the series took to the Stockton Dirt Track, Schank nearly repeated the feat on Saturday night as he would be a heat race win shy of pulling it off.

After scoring the Dash win, the Petaluma, CA driver would lead the field to green alongside John Clark.

Getting the early jump, Schank would take off and hide as he extended his lead lap after lap, as the Stockton Dirt Track produced an extremely fast surface during much of the night.

With Schank out front, Shawn Jones moved into the second spot from his fourth starting position, as Klint Simpson took over the third in the running order, up from the sixth spot.

With Schank in his own zip code on Saturday night, he would cruise to his third win overall with the series in 2015, as Jones would run second, Simpson third, Nick DeCarlo fourth, and Ryan Silverling would turn in a very strong performance as he worked his way into the Top-Five from his 12th starting spot.

In preliminary action, Schank would earn quick time honors during time trials, as DeCarlo and Nick Larson would each pick up heat race wins. During the six-lap Dash, Schank would wire the field and earn the pole for the feature event.

ON TAP: The Wingless Series Presented by Joe Hunt Magnetos are right back at it this week as they return to the Petaluma Speedway on Saturday night for the Soares Classic featuring the 50-lap A Main Event.   

WINNERS: Joe Stornetta (Silver Dollar Speedway on March 7th), Colton Slack (Calistoga Speedway on April 12th), Joe Stornetta (Placerville Speedway on May 30th), Austin Liggett (Stockton Dirt Track on June 13th), Terry Schank,  (Calistoga Speedway on June 27th), Klint Simpson (Ocean Speedway on July 11th), Terry Schank (Petaluma Speedway on July 18th), Terry Schank (Stockton Dirt Track on August 1st).


Westerfeld and Clouse Score MVT / BOSS Wins
Following the Friday night event at Atomic Speedway, the Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS triple header weekend moved on to Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday and a first ever visit to Millstream Speedway on Sunday.  Local favorite and current BOSS point leader Shawn Westerfeld of Guilford, Indiana scored his first tour victory on his home track in the second annual Jason Soudrette Memorial.  One night later, Cooper Clouse would pick up his first tour win and also the first ever sprint car win of his career by claiming the Millstream feature.  With Todd Kane scoring the thrilling win on Friday night, that made the weekend 3 for 3 with first time BOSS winners.
Saturday's event at Lawrenceburg found 29 cars signed in for competition on a night dedicated to the memory of one of the tour's original supporters.  Jason Soudrette, who lost his battle with cancer a little over a year ago, was an adamant supporter of the new series in 2011 and helped the series get its first national attention with an interview on Jackslash.
Heat race events at Lawrenceburg were won by Shawn Westerfeld, C.J. Leary, Brandon Spithaler and Mike Miller.  The B-Main was claimed by Garrett Abrams in an event that became almost a survival test.  A four car pile-up in turn one eliminated several cars with Dustin Smith and Steve Little winding up on their tops.  Both drivers were able to walk away.
The 25 lap A-Main was paced to the green flag by Nick Bilbee and Shawn Westerfeld.  Bilbee jumped the initial start and the ensuing caution found BOSS regular Kirk Jeffries climbing a wheel as the field slowed, sending Jeffries on a vicious end-over-end series of flips.  Thankfully Jeffries was out of the car quickly and was able to walk away.  Unfortunately, the carnage was not over as the restart found Mike Miller spinning while Brandon Spithaler hooked an infield tire and executed one of the highest sprint car flips in BOSS history, completely destroying the Tom Burkey owned #57B.  Spithaler was also able to walk away with no injuries.
Once finally underway it was Joss Moffatt who grabbed the early lead but Shawn Westerfeld only needed until lap 4 to roll around Moffatt on the high side to take command.  C.J Leary, Dickie Gaines and a hard charging Thomas Meseraull made up the early top 5.  The race's first caution flew on lap #9 when Cooper Clouse got into the wall and then spun in turn 1.  Seven laps later, the only other caution flew when Nick Bilbee tried to throw a slider on Jarrett Andretti and the pair made contact, sending Andretti around and into the wall.  Andretti was eliminated and Bilbee was sent to the tail of the field.
Over the final ten laps, Westerfeld held the point as the class of the field inching away from C.J. Leary as the laps wound down.  It was Meseraull in the Keen #18 who appeared to be the only driver as fast as Westerfeld, but with no more cautions, the 15th starting Meseraull had to settle for 3rd.  At the finish it was Westerfeld, Leary, and Meseraull with Dickie Gaines and Joss Moffatt rounding out the top 5.  Michael Fischesser charged from 20th to 6th to take home the Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger" Award with Garrett Abrams, Justin Owen, Cody Gardner and Mike Miller rounding out the top 10.
On Sunday, the tour concluded the grueling 3 day weekend at Millstream Speedway in Findlay, Ohio.  A great field of 31 cars were signed in despite the tour losing 3 cars from the previous night's carnage.  The preliminary heats were won by Landon Simon, Luke Hall, Logan Hupp and Dallas Hewitt.  The always exciting B-Main found Kody Swanson taking the win which would set the stage for him to be a star of the main starting from 17th position.
The 25 lap feature event saw Thomas Meseraull in the Cortard #9x on the pole with youngster Cooper Clouse alongside.  At the drop of the green, Meseraull wasted no time in flexing his muscle and charging to a commanding lead.  The race stayed clean and green for 17 laps and Meseraull got into lapped traffic very quickly on the 1/2 mile oval.  Clouse was under siege from a trio of cars charging from behind including Landon Simon, Dallas Hewitt and a charging Kody Swanson.  Then, disaster struck.
With a full straightaway lead on the field, Meseraull ran down the backstretch into turn 3 where Dustin Smith had just gotten into the wall and began to flip.  Smith's #77 car rolled down the banking leaving Meseraull with nowhere to go.  The resulting contact eliminated Meseraull.  Smith was able to walk away from the accident, which was his second flip in as many nights.
With only 8 laps remaining, 16 year old Cooper Clouse, the 2014 National Non Wing Rookie of the Year, was now in command of the field.  In search of his first career sprint car victory, Clouse ran on the ragged edge of control over the closing laps with Landon Simon rapidly closing to apply pressure.  With the white flag in the air, Clouse stepped over the edge of control into turn 3 and with a slight bobble the crowd rose to their feet at Simon closed in.  However, Clouse kept his composure and gassed the car on to victory and into the record books as the BOSS tour's youngest winner in history.  Simon was a very close second with Hewitt third.  Swanson was "hard charger" of the night coming to 4th as Shawn Westerfeld extended his points lead with a solid 5th place finish.  Rounding out the top 10 were Steve Irwin, Logan Hupp, Luke Hall, Michael Fischesser, and Chad Wilson.

Event #11 of 21
Atomic Speedway ; Alma, OH - 7/31/2015
A-Main - (25 Laps)  1. Todd Kane; 2. Landon Simon; 3. Dallas Hewitt; 4. Aaron Middaugh; 5. Kirk Jeffries; 6. Michael Fischesser; 7. Dustin Smith; 8. Brandon Whited; 9. Cooper Clouse; 10. Mike Miller; 11. Shawn Westerfeld; 12. Bob McMillin; 13. Jarrett Andretti; 14. Chad Wilson; 15. Randy Fink; 16. Cody Gardner; 17. Chuck Wilson; 18. Brandon Spithaler; 19. Kent Wolters; 20. Steve Little.
Event #12 of 21
Lawrenceburg Speedway ; Lawrenceburg, IN - 8/1/2015
A-Main - (25 Laps) 1. Shawn Westerfeld; 2. C.J. Leary; 3. Thomas Meseraull; 4. Dickie Gaines; 5. Joss Moffatt; 6. Michael Fischesser; 7. Garrett Abrams; 8. Justin Owen; 9. Cody Gardner; 10. Mike Miller; 11. Nick Bilbee; 12. Kent Wolters; 13. Bob McMillin; 14. Aaron Middaugh; 15. Chad Wilson; 16. Jake Simmons; 17. Jarrett Andretti; 18. Cooper Clouse; 19. Evan Gindling; 20. Brandon Spithaler; 21. Kirk Jeffries; 22. Kody Swanson.

Event #13 of 21
Millstream Speedway ; Findlay, OH - 8/2/2015
A-Main - (25 Laps) 1. Cooper Clouse; 2. Landon Simon; 3. Dallas Hewitt; 4. Kody Swanson; 5. Shawn Westerfeld; 6. Steve Irwin; 7. Logan ; 8. Luke Hall; 9. Michael Fischesser; 10. Chad Wilson; 11. Aaron Middaugh; 12. Mike Miller; 13. Chuck Wilson; 14. Drew Rader; 15. Jim Dues; 16. Chris vanDewiele; 17. Derek Hastings; 18. Thomas Meseraull; 19. Dustin Smith; 20. Tony Beaber.


Jimmy Kouba Is Solid At Granite City For Fourth TSCS Win
Sauk Rapids, MN
By: Greg Parent, UMSS Media Director (8-2-15)
Jimmy Kouba of Byron, Minnesota has years of experience racing sprint cars, but most of that has been in a winged sprinter.  Prior to running full-time with the UMSS Traditional Sprint Car Series this season, Kouba had 20 starts over the past two years in a non-winged sprinter.  On Sunday night August 2 at the Granite City Speedway, Kouba picked up his fourth win of the season.  Kouba drove around the outside of Chase Viebrock on lap 3, got a "wake up call" from his son Jake during the late stages of the race, and ended up defeating current TSCS point leader Rob Caho, Jr. and Jake Kouba in the nonstop 25 lap feature event.
Commenting after his win, Jimmy said "I saw Jake get underneath me once and I figured I better step it up or I might be looking at the rear end of his sprinter."  On this night father knew best, as Jimmy drove a solid race on the dry, smooth Granite City surface.  It was also the third straight time at Granite City that the Traditional sprint cars have run their feature race nonstop.
Setting the lineup for the feature race saw heat race wins go to Scott Brandt and Mike Mueller.  Mueller was looking to make it three straight at Granite City.  Viebrock and Jimmy Kouba drew the front row with Mueller and Brandt starting in row two.  Young Chase Viebrock led the opening couple of laps before Jimmy Kouba took control up front.  Soon Jake Kouba was in second and slowly closing the margin on his dad.  The "wake up call" came and Jimmy answered the "alarm clock" with a strong push to the checkers.  Caho got by Jake Kouba on the final lap to finish second.  Jake was third ahead of Viebrock and rookie driver James Giossi.  Mueller slipped back to sixth, as the high side was the preferred line instead of his favorite bottom groove.  Scott Brandt, rookie Ty Sampair, Jori Hughes and Mike Walters completed the top ten.
The Traditional sprints have a weekend off before returning to action at their home track St. Croix Valley Raceway on Friday August 14.  Then it's a big double header weekend for the Traditional sprints on August 21 at the Princeton Speedway and a return to the Ogilvie Raceway on August 22.  Those two races will be part of the Minnesota Summer Heat Tour with the winged sprints on the program each night as well.  The Princeton race features the Ethel Kouba Memorial.  Last year, that event drew a large crowd.
UMSS Traditional Sprint Race Results, Granite City Speedway, August 2, 2015 (Race #18):
A Feature (25 Laps): 1. Jimmy Kouba; 2. Rob Caho Jr.; 3. Jake Kouba; 4. Chase Viebrock; 5. James Giossi; 6. Mike Mueller; 7. Scott Brandt; 8. Ty Sampair; 9. Jori Hughes; 10. Mike Walters; 11. Brian Vanmeveren; 12. Kevin Bradwell; 13. Jon Lewerer. DNF Jeremy Kerzman, Neal Matuska.



Haubstadt, IN - August 1, 2015 -  Brady Short of Mitchell, IN, won the MSCS Hoosier Sprint Nationals Saturday night at the Tri-State Speedway.  Short led one lap.  That was the final and deciding lap of a forty lap feature during which the green flag stayed out the complete distance.  Race leader Chase Stockon stayed out front for 39 and a half laps.  Brady Short followed, gained, trailed again, worked traffic, and then suddenly found the speed needed on the backstretch to size an opportunity to pass Stockon and beat him to the finish line.

The victory was the third for Brady Short at the annual Hoosier Sprint Nationals.  The winner’s check was for $5,000.  The winning car is owned by Cam Pottorff and sponsored by Sipes Body & Glass and Indiana Stone Works.  Short remains the only repeat winner in the eleven seasons the event has existed.  This victory was also his second in a row as he won the Hoosier Sprint Nationals last year.

“This place is turning into one of my favorite race tracks.  I stepped on it.  I got a great run on the backstretch and I was able to slide underneath him.”  Although his motor was getting hot the last 10 laps it was up to the task.

Chase Stockon took second place money.  Robert Ballou won the battle for third and became the night’s other podium finisher.  The last five MSCS races that were held this season were victories for either Short, Stockon, or Ballou.  And the three lived up to their roles as race favorites as they ran one, two, three.  The crowd on hand saw an exciting and surprising finish.  There were no restarts to provide drivers with any added opportunities, just fast grueling laps.

Jon Stanbrough and Chase Briscoe rounded out the top five for the sprint feature.  Stanbrough was at the wheel of the Fox Brother’s car while Briscoe was making good on his third start with MSCS this season.

Brian Karraker lead the second five to the finish line.  James Lyerla was seventh followed by Critter Malone, Donny Brackett, and Doc Wallace.  Carson Short was eleventh.  He will receive the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award for the race.  He was one of the drivers that pulled to the infield as attrition became a factor.  His car was smoking!

The two preliminary heat races were won by Robert Ballou and Carson Short.  It was the fourth straight MSCS event that Carson Short has won his heat race!  Short continues to hold the 2015 MSCS Points lead with the season now 60% complete.

The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series will be appearing next at the Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, IN.  The series will be racing there on Saturday night August 8th.  The sprint car feature that night will pay $3,000 to win.

The POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series was an added special attraction this year.  Gage Walker of Fairland, IN, won the 30 lap feature to earn his first career victory in the series.  Walker held off Critter Malone and Jake Neuman in an exciting finish after a yellow flag came out on lap 29.  Malone was the only driver to compete in both the sprint cars and the midgets.  Darren Hagen finished fourth and Austin Brown was fifth.  Brown won the first heat

The midget feature race was a frenzy of activity as drivers used slide jobs looking to gain positions.  There were three red flags and several yellows.  The first red flag in the feature was for early race leader and second heat race winner Tucker Klassmeyer.  Then another red was needed for Justin Peck on lap 12.  The final red flag was for Garrett Aitken.

The POWRi Midgets will return to Tri-State Speedway on September 28th for the second of the two Ford Eco-Boost Challenge events.

The next racing event scheduled to be held at Tri-State Speedway will be on Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  The MSCS Sprints will be joined by the UMP Modifieds and the MMSA Mini-sprints.  This will provide another exciting triple header on September 6th.

MSCS Sprint Car feature (40 Laps) - Brady Short, Chase Stockon, Robert Ballou, Jon Stanbrough, Chase Briscoe, Brian Karraker, James Lyerla, Chris Malone, Donny Brackett, Brian Wallace, Carson Short, Jim Shelton, Dakota Jackson, Kent Schmidt, Chet Williams, Chad Boespflug, Brandon Mattox


Jonathan Jorgeson Captures First Career NWWT Triumph At CBS

By Ben Deatherage

Coos Bay Speedway would host their lone Northwest Wingless Tour date on Saturday July 18th. The weather would be a little cooler then what teams have been used to in their local areas but was a welcomed change from the scorching temperatures elsewhere. A total of fourteen entries filled the pit area representing the states of Oregon and Washington.

Taking advantage of his front row starting position Jonathan Jorgenson, of Auburn, Washington, got to the lead on the first lap. Jorgenson, in his Jorgenson Manufacturing/Shareway Industries/D.G. Machine #2J J&J , would lead every single lap of the feature to bring his mount in first place. It would be the first occasion of his car that he has won against the Northwest Wingless Tour.

North Bend's Lawrence Van Hoof would finish the runner up in the Prather Racing/Perry's Electric & Plumbing/B.J. Metals/Giddings Boat Works #99 entry followed by Tim Alberding from Salem in third piloting his Alberding Racing #52 Maxim. The Pro Tow/Beaverton Automotive/Rabourn Performance/Herz Precision Parts #50 Eagle of Aloha's Brad Rhodes was fourth while Sutherlin teenager Cooper Desbiens was fifth in his J.H. Desbiens Construction/Budget Lumber/BC Motorsports/Van Lare Steering Repair #4D John Boy.

Jonathan Jorgenson was fast time of the night and Lawrence Van Hoof was victorious in the trophy dash. Heat races were won by Jorgenson and the Chuck Prather Racing/Coos Bay Speedway/Lucas Oil Products #76 machine of Truman Winningham from Gold Hill.

The Northwest Wingless Tour will take the week off before revisiting Sunset Speedway Park on August 1st for their next event. Pit Gates will open at 2:00 PM, Front Gates open at 4:00, and racing starts at 6:30 each night. Tickets for both events are Adults $13.00, Seniors/Military/Juniors (13-18) $10.00, Youths (Ages 12-6) $5.00, and Children under the age of 5 are FREE and a family pass will be offered for two Adults and up to four Youths for just $35.00. Log on to for the latest news and information about SSP. For up to date info on the NWWT visit

A Feature: 1. Jonathan Jorgenson; 2. Lawrence Vanhoof; 3. Tim Alberding; 4. Brad Rhodes; 5. Cooper Desbiens; 6. Lindsay Barney; 7. Guy Weedman; 8. Dave May; 9. Kyle Cox; 10. Truman Winningham; 11. Jake Gilman; 12. Erin Lyons; DNS Josh Horner; DNS John Black.



Haubstadt, IN - July 22, 2015.  The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series will return to action on Saturday August 1st.  That evening the 11th annual Hoosier Sprint Nationals will unfold at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN.  The feature race will pay $5,000 to the winner.  It is the third race of the four biggest races listed on this season’s MSCS schedule that offer $5,000 or more to win.

The additional purse, a date at the height of the season, the MSCS passing points format, and the opportunity to claim a national’s title in Hoosierland are continuing factors in making this race an ongoing and popular attraction for fans and competitors.  Nine Hoosier Sprint National events have been held to date and eight different drivers have posted a win.  The event was rained out in 2009.

Brady Short is the only driver who has captured a second HSN title. The Bedford Blaster won for the first time in 2008 and became the first repeat winner last year.  The defending Hoosier Sprint Nationals champion has already won four features in MSCS competition in 2015.  Two of those victories were on the Tri-State Speedway quarter mile oval.  Short is presently second in the MSCS Points Standings.

Carson Short currently leads in the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series points.  The Marion, IL, driver is seeking that first MSCS career win.  He has finished second, third, and fifth in three of the last four MSCS features.  Robert Ballou is third in points.  Ballou has a win and six other top five feature finishes this season.  Kyle Cummins also has two recent top five finishes.  Kevin Thomas Jr. has runner-up finishes at the last two MSCS races held.  Victory has just been a tick away for the Alabama driver.  Thomas won the Hoosier Sprint Nationals in 2013.

No driver has won the Hoosier Sprint Nationals race and gone on to become the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series Points Champion during that same season.  Only two past MSCS Champions have also won the Hoosier Sprint Nationals and that happened during another season.  Jon Stanbrough won the Hoosier Nationals in 2010 and became the series champion in both 2012 and 2013.  Brady Short was the series champion in 2011 with Hoosier Sprint National victories occurring three years prior and three years following.  Maybe this will be the year!  The points championship does not conclude until October 10th.

The overall program on August 1st will have a different look this season.  The UMP Open Wheel Modifieds will be competing as usual. The addition for this year will be the presence of the POWRi Midgets to provide a third brand of open wheel racing.

The pit gate will open at 3:30 P.M. Central Time with the stands to open an hour later.  Hot laps begin at 6:30 with heat races beginning at 7:30.  Additional information can be found at or



Haubstadt, IN - July 21, 2015 -  The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series has completed an agreement to sanction the Laura Stockon Memorial Race scheduled to be held at Route 45 Raceway in Flora, IL, on Saturday August 15th.  The date had been listed on the series schedule with a TBA notation.

For this special event drivers will be racing for $3232 to win!  The purse for the race will be the standard MSCS pay-out which normally pays $2,000 to win the feature.  However in tribute to Laura Stockon an extra $1232 has been donated and that amount will be added to the purse as bonus money for the winning driver.

Laura Stockon was active in sprint car racing and the MSCS series during those important formative years for the series.  She was the car owner as her son Chase Stockon broke into the MSCS ranks and she remained active until ovarian cancer claimed her life in 2012.

The Laura Stockon Memorial Race will be promoted by Kenny Dobson of Last Chance Promotions L.L.C. with headquarters in Jacksonville, IL. Route 45 Raceway is a third mile high banked clay oval operated on a weekly basis by B.J. McCammon.  Hot laps are at 6:30 with racing at 7 P.M.

The addition of this race to the MSCS season schedule now provides drivers and fans with back to back series races that weekend.  MSCS will be racing the previous evening at Bloomington Speedway in Indiana.  The IU Surplus Summer Doubler on Friday will pay $3,000 to win.


BOSS Readies for Hilltop / Tyler County Doubleheader Once Again

One of the most anticipated doubleheader weekends of the entire season was rained out in June.  The 2015 season has already seen a record number of wins by mother nature.  However, the Mo Vaughn Transport / Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series and the promoters of Legendary Hilltop and Tyler County Speedway's have pressed on and the rescheduled events are set for this weekend, July 24th and 25th.

Friday night's event at Legendary Hilltop will mark the first sprint car event since the track roared back to life in June of 2012 after sitting dormant for nearly 15 years.  The facility first opened in the sixties and played host to many sprint car events and was the home track of the Dickson family from Marietta that produced 3 time USAC National non wing champion Larry Dickson.   The last few sprint events at Hilltop were in the early 80's and featured winged cars.  Since reopening under the name Legendary Hilltop, the track has seen phenomenal growth with near capacity grandstands every Friday night.

On Saturday, the tour will bring wingless sprint car racing to the Mountaineer state for the first time since 1969 when they tackle the bullring quarter mile at the Tyler County Speedway in Middlebourne, West Virginia.   First opened in 1974, the fairgrounds oval has seen some very large late model events including the famous Hillbilly 100.  The only sprint car events in the past were winged shows.  International Raceway Park in Ona, West Virginia hosted a USAC sprint event on pavement on July 4th, 1969 when Lenny Waldo won the 30 lap main event defeating Lee Kunzman and Al Smith.  Waldo's win was also a historical first as it was the first ever sanctioned sprint car win for a stock block Ford engine.

Defending BOSS champion Mike "The Magic Man" Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio holds a slim points lead over a pair of Hoosier drivers, Shawn Westerfeld of Guilford, Indiana and the "Hustlin Hoosier" Dustin Smith of Russiaville, Indiana who was the inaugural BOSS champion in 2012.   The 2014 National non wing rookie of the year (as voted by the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Iowa) is 16 year old Cooper Clouse of Ohio City, Ohio who currently sits in the #4 spot.  Rounding out the early BOSS top 5 is Kingsburg, California driver Kody Swanson who is the defending USAC Silver Crown champion and currently leads the 2015 standings with 2 victories.  Swanson would be the BOSS points leader right now if not for missing an event that conflicted with this years USAC schedule.

Fans can also expect to see the rest of the BOSS points chasers like Aaron "Mid Air" Middaugh of Polk, Ohio,  the "Nati Nightmare" Michael Fischesser of Cincinnati, Ohio, Chad Wilson of Toledo, Ohio, Kent Wolters of Tipp City, Ohio and Kirk Jeffries of Westerville, Ohio who all make up the rest of the top 10. Cody Gardner of Monroe, Ohio sits just outside the top 10 with the "Honey Bear" Bob McMillin of Wampum, Pennsylvania, the "Quiet Riot" Steve Little of Waynesfield, Ohio, "J-O" Justin Owen of Harrison, Ohio and Joe Butera of Wampum, Pennsylvania rounding out the top 15.

Gates will open on Friday at 4 pm with drivers meeting at 6:45.  Pill draw will also close at 6:45.  General admission will be $15 for adults and pit passes will be $30.  Methanol fuel will be available at the track for teams.  On Saturday at Tyler County Speedway, gates will open at 4 pm with the drivers meeting at 6:15 and hot laps at 6:30.  Racing will begin at 7:30.  General admission will be $15 at Tyler with pit passes at $35 per person.  No mufflers are required either night.  Raceceivers are mandatory and transponders will be free of charge courtesy of Tony Boetcher and 35 Raceway Park.



Haubstadt, IN - July 18, 2015 -  Saturday night Tri-State Speedway held the finale for Indiana Sprint Week.  The 30 lap feature for the AMSOIL United States Auto Club Sprint Cars quickly turned into a three act, high speed performance followed by an encore of special award presentations.  A winner’s circle ceremony to conclude the evening and the long week of racing included the top three drivers for the feature just completed and the top five drivers in points for the seven race speed week.

Twenty-two cars started the feature for the USAC Sprints.  The driving was superb throughout the field and the green stayed out.  Chris Windom grabbed the lead from the outside pole position.  Kevin Thomas Jr. picked up the chase.  Windom lead the first 15 laps.  Act two saw Thomas move into the lead and the Alabama driver kept the point for six laps.  The race wasn’t over yet.  The final act was to be Brady Short’s.  He took the lead on lap 22 and captured the feature victory. Short had started on the pole but fell back to fourth early in the event.

Brady Short led Thomas, Windom, Robert Ballou, and Chase Stockon across the finish line to complete the top five.  The second five included Josh Hodges, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, Jon Stanbrough, and C.J. Leary.  Brady Bacon was 11th.

Brady Short’s victory was his third at Tri-State Speedway this season but his first with USAC in a few years.  This time out he had the car and the drive. “I could get back on the throttle a lot quicker than everybody else…I stepped up my game tonight.”  He also continued to keep the throttle down to override one concern.  “It got hot the last five laps.”  Short races for Potorff/Short Racing and is sponsored by Sipes Body & Glass and Indiana Stoneworks.

Robert Ballou was awarded the Indiana Sprint Week Championship award. His fourth place finish was high enough to give him a 17 point final lead over Kevin Thomas Jr.  The prize money, trophy, and rocking chair was Ballou’s.  Brady Bacon, Dave Darland, and Hunter Schuerenberg rounded out the top five in points.  Bacon had a narrow three point lead going into the Tri-State race.

Feature (30 Laps) - Brady Short, Kevin Thomas Jr,, Chris Windom, Robert Ballou, Chase Stockon, Josh Hodges, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, Jon Stanbrough, C.J. Leary, Brady Bacon, Dave Darland, Scotty Weir, Jarett Andretti, Hunter Schuerenberg, Jeff Bland Jr., Aaron Farney, Chad Boespflug, Thomas Meseraull, Tyler Courtney, Dakota Jackson, Jake Swanson


Northwest Wingless Tour Venture To Coos Bay Speedway This Saturday July 18

By Ben Deatherage

The Northwest Wingless Tour is ready to shred some clay on the Oregon coast this weekend.  The Wingless Warriors will make their one and only appearance at Coos Bay Speedway on Saturday July 18th.  This is always a fun event to attend.

The 2015 season has been a great one with the NWWT producing four different winners in five events.  Tim Alberding is the only multi-race winner with two victories.  Kyle Miller, Mike Roming, and Cooper Desbiens all have managed to visit victory lane on one occasion.

As far as the history of the series visiting Oregon's version of the “Clay By The Bay” there hasn't been much.  In fact there has just been three total visit by the NWWT to CBS.  Steve Vague won the first two back in 2011 and Colin Baker would be victorious last year.

Pit Gates open at 2:00 PM, Front Gates 4:00, and Racing is scheduled to begin around 6:30.  For more information log on to  For the latest news regarding the Northwest Wingless Tour log on to Also be sure and “Like” the Northwest Wingless Tour Facebook page.

Additional Information:
2015 Northwest Wingless Tour Schedule
May 9th Cottage Grove Speedway Cottage Grove, Oregon Kyle Miller
May 16th Grays Harbor Raceway Elma, Washington Tim Alberding
June 13th Grays Harbor Raceway Elma, Washington Mike Romig
June 20th Sunset Speedway Park Banks, Oregon Tim Alberding
June 27th Cottage Grove Speedway Cottage Grove, Oregon  Cooper Desbiens
July 18th Coos Bay Speedway Coos Bay, Oregon
August 1st Sunset Speedway Park Banks, Oregon
August 22nd Cottage Grove Speedway Cottage Grove, Oregon
September 12th Cottage Grove Speedway Cottage Grove, Oregon

Former Northwest Wingless Tour Champions
2009- Kyle Miller
2010- Theo McCarty
2011- Corey Esteban
2012- Bill Winsley
2013- Rob Lindsey
2014- Brad Rhodes

Northwest Wingless Tour All-Time Win List (2009-Current)
Kyle Miller- 20
Bill Winsley- 4
Gary Davis- 3
Reece Goetz
Steve Vague
Tim Alberding- 2
Colin Baker
Kyler Barraza
Roger Crockett
Mitch Hoffses
Sterling Kane
Evan Margeson
Theo McCarty
Mark Nichols
Mike Romig
Jeff Bell- 1
Seth Bergman
Ryan Bothwell
Cooper Desbiens
Shane Forté
Jake Gilman
J.J. Hickle
Sean Johnson
Kyle Mehner
Shawn Rice
Travis Rilat
Dale Smith
Jesse Thistle
Tony Thomas
Guy Weedman

Past Northwest Wingless Tour Main Event Winners At Coos Bay Speedway:
2014- Colin Baker on August 16th
2011- Steve Vague on June 4th, Steve Vague on August 6



Haubstadt, IN - July 14, 2015 -  Tri-State Speedway will host the final race of Indiana Sprint Week once again this year.  The finale is set to be held at the track on Saturday evening July 18th.  The feature for the United States Auto Club AMSOIL National Sprint Cars will pay $5,000 to win.  Following the feature the driver winning the 2015 Indiana Sprint Week Championship will be crowned.  The car owner will receive a beautiful crafted maple rocking chair

The event at Tri-State Speedway is set to follow a progression of races across the Hoosier state that will have race teams competing seven times over a nine day period.  Events held leading to Haubstadt included stops at Gas City, Kokomo, and Lawrenceburg Speedways the first weekend.  This week action resumes with a race at the Terre Haute Action Track Wednesday before the series moves to Lincoln Park and Bloomington Speedways.

Chase Stockon took the opening night’s feature at Gas City.  Rain stopped Saturday night’s event at Kokomo.  Brady Bacon won Sunday night’s event at Lawrenceburg.  Three more opportunities to win ISW features could change the standings before the drivers arrive at Haubstadt Saturday night.  After the first weekend Robert Ballou held a one point lead in the standings over Brady Bacon.

Chase Stockon won the last sprint car feature held at Tri-State Speedway.  That was on June 27th and sanctioned by MSCS.  Brady Bacon won the April USAC/MSCS Spring Showdown with Robert Ballou second. Ballou won last year’s Indiana Sprint Week finale at Tri-State over Kyle Cummins and Jon Stanbrough.

The average car count for the first weekend was in the forty range. Fans can continue to keep up with the series by tracking race results and updated points at Bryan Clauson was the 2013 and 2014 Indiana Sprint Week Champion.  Other drivers still active that have multiple championships include Dave Darland and Jon Stanbrough.

To inquire about reserve seating at Tri-State Speedway, fans can phone 812-768-6025.

Parking and seating are available on both sides of the track.  Hot laps and qualifications begin about 6:30 P.M. with racing to begin at 7:30.
The USAC Sprints and UMP Mods are always a winning combination at Tri-State Speedway!


























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