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Erick Rudolph charges to first career Super DIRTcar Series win, taking victory at Autodrome Drummond

Rudolph charges from 17th starting spot to win at Autodrome Drummond

DRUMMONDVILLE, QUEBEC -- July 23, 2014 -- Mere weeks after first sitting behind the wheel of his new ride, young Modified driver Erick Rudolph picked up a win in a Super DIRTcar Series race. A late-race charge took the Mike Payne owned Page Trucking No. to victory Tuesday, July 22, at Autodrome Drummond.

"Today we just hit it right on, where we needed to be," the 22-year-old out of Ransomville, N.Y., said after the 100-lap Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified Series race Tuesday. "It started a little slow, but slowly and surely we worked up to to the front."

Rudolph, the defending DIRTcar 358-Modified Series champion, started 17th on the grid after finishing fifth in his heat and was able to make the right moves to claim the lead over veteran racer and eight-time Super DIRTcar Series champion Brett Hearn with just 10 laps to go.

Polesitter Matt Billings led the race at the green flag, followed by Steve Paine in second, Brett Hearn in third, Larry Wight in fourth and Monday's feature winner Danny Johnson in fifth. Paine and Hearn gathered momentum in the first few laps, with Paine passing billings for the lead in lap 4 and Hearn passing Paine for the lead in lap 9.

The Gypsum Express Ltd. No. 99L wheeled by Wight stopped in turn two during lap 11, bringing the first caution of the race. Hearn was strong on restarts Tuesday, and didn't give competitors behind him any opportunity to challenge his position. Meanwhile, Rudolph was working his way forward, making his way to 14th after the lap-18 restart.

A collision in lap 38 brought red-flag conditions to the race track with the No. 22c of Mario Clair flipped in turn 3. The No. 22c, as well as the No. 9H driven by point leader Matt Sheppard and the No. 54 of Steve Bernard were towed off the track.

Hearn led the next double-file restart over another veteran racer, Danny Johnson, with Rudolph running in eighth. Over the next 40 green laps, Rudolph steadily gained rank, passing Paine for fifth in lap 58 and Matt Billings for fourth in lap 74. Another caution took hold of the race track in lap 80, resulting in a single-file restart during which Rudolph gained two positions to run in second.

Billy Dunn challenged Rudolph for second in lap 88, and Rudolph powered forward, not only fending off Dunn's challenges, but also making his way closer to the leader. Rudolph ran bumper-to-bumper with Hearn and wheel-to-wheel with Dunn, until Dunn fell back and Rudolph was able to pull alongside Hearn. Rudolph took the lead in lap 90 and never looked back.

"I was able to size him up. It seemed like I was a little quicker than him," said Rudolph, whose win Tuesday marks the first Super DIRTcar Series victory of his career. "Then, when I got a run, I took the spot."

Defending series champion Hearn, while hoping for a win Tuesday, was pleased with a strong second-place finish.

"We had a very fast car. I'm really proud of how the team came here ready to race," Hearn said of his No. 20 Madsen Motorsports team. "We laid down some good laps in time trials both nights, we had good heat race runs, but we sealed the right rear tire and we got beat by a faster car at the end. It was a great race, obviously I'm disappointed, but at the same time I'm really proud."

Dunn stayed strong the remaining laps to finish third after starting sixth on the grid. A hard-charging Gary Tomkins started 28th and finished fourth. Initial race leader Matt Billings finished fifth.

The Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series returns to Albany-Saratoga Speedway Wednesday, July 30, for the completion of Brett Hearn's "The Big Show 6." For more information about the Super DIRTcar Series, visit

A-Main (100 laps):
Pos.-Car No.-Driver-Hometown
1. 7z Erick Rudolph - Ransomville, N.Y. (Winnings: $6,000)
2. 20 Brett Hearn - Sussex, N.J.
3. 49D Billy Dunn - Watertown, N.Y.
4. 84 Gary Tomkins - Clifton Springs, N.Y.
5. 74 Matt Billings - Brockville, Ontario
6. 9H Matt Sheppard - Waterloo, N.Y.
7. 98H Jimmy Phelps - Baldwinsville, N.Y.
8. 7x Steve Paine - Waterloo, N.Y.
9. 21a Pete Britten - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
10. 8 Rich Scagliotta - Hillsborough, N.J.
11. 99 Stewart Friesen - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
12. 27J Danny Johnson - Rochester, N.Y.
13. 25* Steve Bernier - St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
14. 3H Justin Haers - Phelps, N.Y.
15. TEN Billy VanInwegen - Sparrowbush, N.Y.
16. 91 Billy Decker - Sidney, N.Y.
17. 23b Dany Bilodeau - Victoriaville, Quebec
18. 22J Gino Clair - Drummondville, Quebec
19. 42p Pat Ward - Genoa, N.Y.
20. 63 Dominic Dufault - St-Victoire-de-Sorel, Quebec
21. 43F Keith Flach - Ravena, N.Y.
22. 61 Jean Boissonneault - Granby, Quebec
23. 22P Patrick Beaumier - Granby, Quebec
24. 3 Claude Brouillard - Tracy, Quebec
25. 44 Sebastien Gougeon - Drummondville, Quebec
26. 22c Mario Clair - Drummondville, Quebec
27. 54 Steve Bernard - Granby, Quebec
28. 21 Yan Bussiere - Drummondville, Quebec
29. 35 Mike Perrotte - Plattsburgh, N.Y.
30. 99L Larry Wight - Altmar, N.Y.

Did not start:
39a Alan Therrien - Victoriaville, Quebec
97 Michel Chicoine - St-Cecile-de-Milton, Quebec
ONE David Hebert - St-Damase, Quebec
55 Dexter Stacey - Kahnawake, Quebec
5 David Cote - Acton Vale, Quebec
7 Patrice Demers - Drummondville, Quebec
124 Pierre Dagenais - L'Ange Guardien, Quebec
66w Wallace Stacey - Kahnawake, Quebec
98 Jacques Pelletier - St-Francois-du-Lac, Quebec
13 Kevin Hamel - Sorel, Quebec
112 Charlie Rice
43 Sebastien Fournier - St-Leonard, Quebec
87 Etienne Bessette - Drummondville, Quebec

B-Main 1: Brouillard, Gougeon, Boissonneault, Beaumier, Chicoine, Pelletier, W. Stacey, Perrotte, Cote, Demers, Bessette, Hebert
B-Main 2: VanInwegen, Bussiere, G. Clair, Tomkins, Bilodeau, Hamel, Therrien, Rice, Fournier, D. Stacey, Dagenais

Qualifying Heats (8 laps; top 5 transfer, top 3 redraw)
Heat 1: Decker, Haers, Dufault, Bernier, Rudolph, Gougeon, Boissonneault, Beaumier, Demers, Cote, Bessette
Heat 2: Hearn, Wight, Billings, M. Clair, Flach, Brouillard, Chicoine, Perrotte, Hebert, Pelletier, W. Stacey
Heat 3: Sheppard, Johnson, Dunn, Phelps, Bernard, VanInwegen, G. Clair, Bilodeau, Rice, Fournier, Therrien
Heat 4: Britten, Scagliotta, Paine, Friesen, Ward, Bussiere, D. Stacey, Hamel, Tomkins. DNS: Dagenais

Time Trials: 1. Sheppard 16.948, 2. Hearn 16.970, 3. Britten 17.044, 4. Johnson 17.086, 5. Rudolph 17.162, 6. Decker 17.191, 7. Paine 17.286, 8. Scagliotta 17.323, 9. Dunn 17.352, 10. Wight 17.363, 11. Phelps 17.406, 12. Billings 17.435, 13. VanInwegen 17.437, 14. Haers 17.476, 15. Bussiere 17.506, 16. Flach 17.532, 17. Therrien 17.603, 18. Bernard 17.654, 19. Friesen 17.667, 20. M. Clair 17.691, 21. Dufault 17.709, 22. Brouillard 17.741, 23. Ward 17.788, 24. Bernier 17.791, 25. Chicoine 17.816, 26. Tomkins 17.824, 27. Boissonneault 17.851, 28. Bilodeau 17.860, 29. G. Clair 17.887, 30. Perrotte 17.976, 31. Gougeon 18.032, 32. Hebert 18.074, 33. Beaumier 18.101, 34. D. Stacey 18.101, 35. Cote 18.113, 36. Demers 18.218, 37. Dagenais 18.230, 38. W. Stacey 18.266, 39. Pellets 18.391, 40. Hamel 18.539, 41. Rice 18.789, 42. Fournier 19.033, 43. Bessette 20.341


Danny Johnson wins over Billy Decker at Autodrome Granby

Johnson picks up his fifth career Super DIRTcar Series victory at Autodrome Granby

GRANBY, QUEBEC -- Tuesday, July 22, 2014 --
"The Doctor" Danny Johnson, of Rochester, N.Y., raced to victory Monday, July 21, at Autodrome Granby, charging past challenger Billy Decker for the coveted Super DIRTcar Series win.

"I just have to thank the guys for giving me a great hot rod tonight," Johnson saud in Victory Lane after leading the final 80 laps of Monday's 100-lap Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series feature race. "My car was really good. It's really been working well for me. I'm really happy with it and I was able to maneuver it to the front."

Johnson started fourth on the starting grid after finishing third in his heat race, but it was Decker who charged ahead to claim the lead at the green flag. Polesitter Billy Dunn fell to third within the first lap and Johnson sat comfortably in second.

The leaders reached lapped traffic in lap 11, but weren't slowed. It was the first caution of the race in lap 16 that gave Johnson the opportunity to challenge the Decker for the lead..

Decker took the inside line on the lap 20 restart, but Johnson powered high on the outside to keep pace. Johnson was ahead just by a nose at the flagstand the following lap, but he found some bite the next time around and pulled ahead of Decker's Gypsum Wholesalers No. 91.

"I got a good run on the outside on Billy (Decker) on the restart and we maintained that momentum through (turns) one and two to get the lead," said Johnson, who claimed his fifth career Super DIRTcar Series win at Autodrome Granby Monday night.

"I missed a little bit, and Dan Johnson)got position on me," Decker said. "We did have a pretty good race car, just I thought I was getting around the bottom pretty good, then the caution came out there and I took the bottom, and I think the topin (turns) one and two was just a little bit better."

Johnson kept his position the remaining 80 laps, outmaneuvering Billy Decker through several more cautions and restarts.

Dunn brought the next caution in lap 33 when the Number One Speed No. 49 slowed to a stop in turn 4. Johnson reclaimed the lead off the restart, followed by Decker in second, Gary Tomkins third, Brett Hearn fourth and Jimmy Phelps fifth. Yellow flag conditions returned to the track soon thereafter with local star Mario Clair experiencing mechanical issues. Tomkins was fast on the restart and challenged Decker for second, but Decker stayed ahead.

The third-place car of Tomkins, who was running strong and made his way from seventh to third, brought another caution in lap 53. He steered the No. 84 into the pit area and returned to the track before the field returned to green. However, Tomkins soon afterwards pit in lap 60 under green conditions and did not make it back out.

The Super DIRTcar Series heats up with another 100-lap feature Tuesday, July 22, at Autodrome Drummond in Drummondville, Quebec. Soon thereafter, the series returns to the States for the continuation of Brett Hearn's 'The Big Show 6' Wednesday, July 30, at Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta, N.Y.

Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series - Statistical Report
Autodrome Granby
Monday, July 21, 2014
A-Main Finish (100 laps)
Pos.-Car Number-Driver-Hometown
1. 27J Danny Johnson - Rochester, N.Y. (Winnings: $6,000)
2. 91 Billy Decker - Sidney, N.Y.
3. 20 Brett Hearn - Sussex, N.J.
4. 9H Matt Sheppard - Waterloo, N.Y.
5. 98H Jimmy Phelps - Baldwinsville, N.Y.
6. 37H David Hebert - St-Damase, Quebec, Canada
7. 22c Mario Clair - Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
8. 99 Stewart Friesen - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
9. 74 Matt Billings - Brockville, Ontario, Canada
10. 7x Steve Paine - Waterloo, N.Y.
11. 21a Pete Britten - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
12. 43F Keith Flach - Ravena, N.Y.
13. 3 Claude Brouillard - Tracy, Quebec, Canada
14. 8 Rich Scagliotta - Hillsborough, N.J.
15. TEN Billy VanInwegen - Sparrowbush, N.Y.
16. 21 Yan Bussiere - Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
17. 42p Pat Ward - Genoa, N.Y.
18. 3H Justin Haers - Phelps, N.Y.
19. 54 Steve Bernard - Granby, Quebec, Canada
20. 7z Erick Rudolph - Ransomville, N.Y.
21. 84 Gary Tomkins - Clifton Springs, N.Y.
22. 73 Alain Boisvert - Dorval, Quebec, Canada
23. 25* Steve Bernier - St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
24. 99L Larry Wight - Altmar, N.Y.
25. 49D Billy Dunn - Watertown, N.Y.
26. 94 Steve Nadeau St-Robert, Quebec, Canada
27. 35 Mike Perrotte - Plattsburgh, N.Y.
28. 22J Gino Clair - Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
29. 46 Kayle Robidoux - St-Constant, Quebec, Canada
30. 13 Kevin Hamel - Sorel, Quebec, Canada

Did Not Start:
97 Michel Chicoine - Ste-Cecile-de-Milton, Quebec, Canada
87 Martin Gagne - Granby, Quebec, Canada
49 Francois Bernier - St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
47 Simon Perreault - Longeuil, Quebec, Canada
26 Maxime Viens - St-Cesaire, Quebec, Canada
55 Dexter Stacey - Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada
43 Sebastien Fournier - St-Leonard, Quebec, Canads
75 Maxime Michom - St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
66w Wallace Stacey - Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada

B-Main 1: Friesen, Scagliotta, Hamel, Nadeau, Viens, Gagne, Fournier, Michom
B-Main 2: Bussiere, Paine, Brouillard, Robidoux, Flach, F. Bernier, D. Stacey, Perreault, Perrotte, W. Stacey

Qualifying Heats (8 laps, top 5 transfer, top3 redraw)
Heat 1: Sheppard, Rudolph, Bernard, Boisvert, Hebert, Hamel, Viens, Chicoine, Gagne, Fournier
Heat 2: Phelps, Decker, Ward, G. Clair, S. Bernier, Friesen, Scagliotta, Michom, Nadeau
Heat 3: Hearn, Dunn, Johnson, Wight, Britten, Bussiere, F. Bernier, Perreault, Flach, W. Stacey
Heat 4: M. Clair, Tomkins, Haers, VanInwegen, Billings, Robidoux, Brouillard, D. Stacey, Paine, Perrotte

Time Trials: 1. Hearn 18.492, 2. Paine 18.611, 3. Sheppard 18.711, 4. Johnson 18.792, 5. Rudolph 18.815, 6. Phelps 18.845, 7. Decker 18.855, 8. Dunn 18.931, 9. Billings 18.935, 10. M. Clair 18.948, 11. Bernard 19.062, 12. Wight 19.066, 13. Haers 19.121, 14. Boisvert 19.136, 15. Bussiere 19.148, 16. Britten 19.228, 17. Hebert 19.261, 18. VanInwegen 19.306, 19. Ward 19.311, 20. Chicoine 19.314, 21. Tomkins 19.385, 22. G. Clair 19.398, 23. Scagliotta 19.464, 24. Gagne 19.507, 25. F. Bernier 19.527, 26. Perrotte 19.535, 27. Perreault 19.576, 28. Robidoux 19.578, 29. Hamel 19.656, 30. Viens 19.722, 31. S. Bernier 19.864, 32. Brouillard 19.878, 33. Friesen 19.934, 34. Nadeau 19.940, 35. D. Stacey 19.979, 36. Fournier 20.007, 37. Flach 20.179, 38. Michom 20.487, 39. W. Stacey 20.854


Brett Hearn Banks Another Win at the High Banks

Saturday July 19, 2014

By: Rodney Rescott

West Lebanon, NY: 
Lebanon Valley Speedway opened its gates once again, for another amazing mid-summer dirt slinging big block modified show for all the fans to enjoy.  Known as the Jett, Brett Hearn battled his way to score the win in Big Block Modifieds, while John Virgilio scores the in Budget Sportsman.  Check Towslee held on for a long awaited win in the Pro Stocks.

The mighty high banks at Lebanon Valley Speedway are legendary for its racing and high speeds.  But its also known for tight points battles in the big block divisions.  Just past halfway in the season, the points battle in all divisions is shaping up to be a true shoot out to the end.

The marquee division, known as the Big Block Modifieds took to the Valley of Speed for their 30 lap feature event.  At the front early was veteran racer Mike King aboard his familiar 55K.  While the King Fish, as he is known, had firm control of the head of the field, back in the pack, all point contenders were making their way to the front of the pack.

Current point leader J.R. Heffner was working his way through traffic along with Donnie Corellis, Brett Hearn, and Kenny Tremont Jr.  The battles among these drivers as the laps clicked away kept getting stronger and stronger.

But the Jett, Brett Hearn emerged from those battles and cracked the top 3 by lap 22, then challenged King for the lead.  And with just 3 short laps left, Hearn got around King, and sailed away for the win.

At the checkers, Hearn took the victory over King.  Guy Sheldon finished 3rd followed by Kyle Armstrong and Eddie Marshall to complete the top 5 finishers.

In the Budget Sportsman 20 Lap feature event, John Virgilio took early control of the caution marred race.  A continuous green flag, yellow flag merry-go-round kept the field at bay for the firtst half of the event.

Finally, by the halfway point, the field got strung out and racing was on.  But Virgilio had a strong hold on the top spot, and kept that control, for all 20 laps, taking the victory.  Ray Hall Jr finished 2nd followed by Peter Carlotto, Cody Hunt and Jeff Watson to round out the top 5.

Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps):
1)Brett Hearn, 2)Mike King, 3)Guy Sheldon, 4)Kyle Armstrong, 5)Eddie Marshall, 6)J.R. Heffner, 7)Kolby Schroder, 8)Donnie Corellis, 9)Brian Berger, 10)Rob Pitcher, 11)Kyle Sheldon, 12)Keith Flach, 13)Kyle Hoffman, 14)Matt Pupello, 15)Denny Soltis, 16)Paul Gilardi, 17)Kenny Tremont Jr, 18)Andy Bachetti, 19)Brian Whittemore(SB), 20)Alan Hotaling (SB), 21)Frank Hoard 3rd(SB), 22)Brian Peterson(SB), 23)DJ Faulkner(SB), 25)Jason Harrington (SB)

Budget Sportsman Feature (20 Laps):
1)John Virgilio, 2)Ray Hall Jr., 3)Peter Carlotto, 4)Cody Hunt, 5)Jeff Watson, 6)Matt Pappa, 7)Michael Sabia, 8)Timothy Davis 2nd, 9)John Miller, 10)Jim Boardman, 11)Robbie Speed, 12)Mike Dutka, 13)Whitey Slavin, 14)Ricky Davis, 15)Chris Curtis, 16)Pat Jones, 17)Diana Huyck, 18)Bobby Knipe, 19)Nikki Ouellette, 20)Olden Dwyer, 21)John Stowell, 22)Zach Daurio, 23)Alan Houghtaling, 24)Anthony Alger, 25)Alissa Cody, 26)Cody Ochs, 27)Rob Maxon, 28)Chris Lynch, 29)Todd Lane, 30)Mike Gramolini, 31)Phil Wood, DNS)Gerry Green, DNS)Bill Pelton


Brewerton Speedway
DIRTcar Modifieds 35 laps) – MATT SHEPPARD, Vinnie Vitale, Tim Sears Jr., Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Bartlett, Chuck Bower, Larry Wight, Ryan Phelps, Chad Phelps, Tom Sears Jr., Chris Hile, Pat Ward, Matt Billings, Mike Bowman, Matt Hulsizer, Chris Mackey, Jim Witko Jr., Rob Bellinger, Roy Bresnahan, Matt Fink, Pat O’Brien, DNS – Joe August Jr..

HEAT WINNERS) – Vinnie Vitale, Matt Billings, Tim Sears Jr..


Super DIRTcar Series returns to Malta for July 30 conclusion of Brett Hearn’s ‘The Big Show 6’

Albany-Saratoga Speedway to showcase two Big Block Modified features for 'The Big Show' makeup date

MALTA, N.Y. -- July 17, 2014 --
For the highly anticipated conclusion of Brett Hearn's 'The Big Show 6' presented by Recovery Sports Grill, Ferris Industries, and VP Race Fuels, Albany-Saratoga Speedway will feature not just one, but two Big Block Modified races Wednesday, July 30.

"We considered a number of options to round out the show that night," said Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified driver and 'The Big Show' event promoter Brett Hearn. "We didn't want to bring fans all the way out just to see one feature race, and we didn't want to bring all the series teams back a second time for a single paycheck, so we added a second Big Block Modified show."

The original running of Brett Hearn's 'The Big Show 6,' scheduled for Tuesday, July 8, was nearing completion when inclement weather moved into the speedway with the last feature of the night on the track. Officials called the Big Block Modifieds of the Super DIRTcar Series off the track with 11 laps of the 100-lap race complete.

Racing Wednesday, July 30, will kick off with the conclusion of this $10,000-to-win feature from lap 11, with Justin Haers aiming to keep his lead over Billy Decker and Danny Johnson. After the Super DIRTcar Series victor is crowned, the Big Block Modifieds will return to the track for a 35-lap show.

"This will be an all-star 35-lapper," said Hearn. "It's open to anyone who wants to participate. It's going to be a great opportunity for Malta's regular Friday night racers to be part of the event, and a great potential bonus for the series guys making the haul."

The 35-lap, $2,000-to-win Big Block Modified show will run according to standard Albany-Saratoga Speedway rules. Drivers who participate will be eligible for home track show-up points at Albany-Saratoga.

General admission tickets for the second round of Brett Hearn's "The Big Show 6" presented by Recovery Sports Grill, Ferris Industries, and VP Race Fuels, are just $10 each for adults or $2 for children under 12. Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m. and pit gates open at 4 p.m. with hot laps scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. For more information about the Super DIRTcar Series, visit . For more information about Albany-Saratoga Speedway, visit .

Brett Hearn's The Big Show 6 Presented by Recovery Sports Grill, Ferris & VP Race Fuels
DATE: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (postponed from Tuesday, July 8)
TIME: Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m. and pit gates open at 4 p.m.; hot laps begin at 6:30 p.m.
DIVISIONS: Super DIRTCAR Series (100 laps), plus additional Big Block Modified Show (35 laps)
LOCATION: Albany-Saratoga Speedway, 2671 U.S Route 9, Ballston Spa, N.Y.
ABOUT THE TRACK: 4/10 mile oval
MORE TRACK INFORMATION: | @Albany_Saratoga | Facebook

Super DIRTcar Series A-Main Running Order, as of lap 11:
1. 3 Justin Haers - Phelps, N.Y.
2. 91 Billy Decker - Sidney, N.Y.
3. 27J Danny Johnson - Rochester, N.Y.
4. 18B Bodie Bellinger - Johnstown, N.Y.
5. TEN Billy VanInwegen - Sparrowbush, N.Y.
6. 1wcg Stewart Friesen - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
7. 2rj Ronnie Johnson - Duanesburg, N.Y.
8. 7z Erick Rudolph - Ransomville, N.Y.
9. 9h Matt Sheppard - Waterloo, N.Y.
10. 66 Duane Howard - Oley, Penn.
11. 14b Pete Britten - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
12. 8c Jimmy Cottrell - Rock City Falls, N.Y.
13. 20 Brett Hearn - Sussex, N.J.
14. 98h Jimmy Phelps - Baldwinsville, N.Y.
15. 4* Tim McCreadie - Watertown, N.Y.
16. 74m Matt Billings - Brockville, Ontario, Canada
17. 3J Marc Johnson - Guilderland, N.Y.
18. 8 Rich Scagliotta - Hillsborough, N.J.
19. 49 Billy Dunn - Watertown, N.Y.
20. 115 Kenny Tremont - West Sand Lake, N.Y.
21. 99L Larry Wight - Altmar, N.Y.
22. 41 Jim Davis - Ballston Spa, N.Y.
23. 3 Mark Kislowski - Ballston Spa, N.Y.
24. 678 Gary Tomkins - Clifton Springs, N.Y.
25. 1j Bobby Varin - Johnstown, N.Y.
26. 43 Keith Flach - Ravena, N.Y.
27. 35 Mike Perrotte - Plattsburgh, N.Y.
28. 42p Pat Ward - Genoa, N.Y.
29. 5* Tyler Siri - Watkins Glen, N.Y.
30. 17E Elmo Reckner - Ballston Lake, N.Y.


Point’s Races Heating Up At The Great Race Place

For Immediate Release
July 16th, 2014

Malta, NY –
As the month of July hits the halfway point, the points races at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway are heating up like the weather in Saratoga County.

In the DIRTcar Modified division, the Jersey Jet Brett Hearn sits on top of the point standings. Hearn’s six feature wins in ten races has propelled him to an 84 point lead over runner up Marc Johnson. The winner of the last two feature events – Peter Britten, runs in the third position eight points behind Johnson. Ronnie Johnson and Kenny Tremont, Jr. complete the top five drivers.

Defending Sportsman track champion Jeremy Pitts is primed to repeat his inaugural title run of a year ago. Pitts holds a 41 point lead over Cody Bleau. Jack Speshock runs in the third position 20 points behind Bleau. Hunter Bates and sophomore driver Connor Cleveland complete the top five. Bleau leads Pitts by two points in the Featherfoot Warrior Series standings.

With three feature wins under his belt Rob Yetman holds the DIRTcar Pro Stock points lead. Yetman has a slim seven point lead on Kenny Martin. Martin meanwhile has a 20 point cushion on Byron Wescott. Kin Duell and Dan Older, Sr. complete the top five.


Inclement weather forces cancellation of tonight's Super DIRTcar Series race at Big Diamond Speedway

Super DIRTcar Series will return to Big Diamond in 2015

uly 15, 2014 -- Due to inclement weather, tonight's Big Brawl 75 at Big Diamond Speedway has been canceled and will not be rescheduled.

Super DIRTcar Series and Big Diamond Speedway management have reviewed local scheduling and will not exercise the option to use tomorrow, Wednesday, July 16, as a rain date due to previously scheduled events at other venues.

The Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series will return to the Big Diamond Speedway in 2015.



MIDDLETOWN, NY (July 14)……..
Two evenings of stock car racing on the five-eighths-mile Hard Clay speedway will be run during the 174th Annual Orange County Fair in Middletown, New York.

First up on Saturday, July 19, Middletown Collision and lawyers Dupée & Monroe, P.C. present a four-division stock car racing program anchored by the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds competing for the top prize of $2,500 in a 30-lap feature race.  Also on the card are the Small-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stock divisions in qualifying and feature event races. And as a special attraction, the Thunder Trucks are making a return appearance to the famous Orange County Hard Clay. There will be two Sportsman feature races, with the program opening with the previously postponed 20-lap July 5 Sportsman feature.

Saturday, July 26 the DIRTcar Modifieds, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stocks return to action on the historic speedway. Two Modified features are on tap, with opening race the 30-lap DIRTcar Modified feature postponed from July 5.  The Holiday Inn of Middletown is the night’s sponsor.

Speedway admission prices during Fair events at $14 adults, $2.00 children under 12 with advance purchase tickets including Fair admission. Racing begins promptly at 7:00 pm. Fair admission applies to same day speedway attendance. Advance Speedway tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to the scheduled race meet to include Fair admission.

Tickets purchased on the day of the event are $12.00 plus Fair admission.

Ticket prices, starting times, and other important information for the Orange County Fair are available at

Advance ticket sales and track information for all remaining Orange County Fair Speedway race dates, including the 53nd Annual Eastern States Weekend, can be found at the Orange County website,, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.


The Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints will invade Yates County Speedway this Friday, July 18th.  It will be their first visit to the Dundee oval in three years.  Then just four days later on Tuesday, July 22nd the Modifieds will be in competition for the first time this year.

The Empire Super Sprints were last at Yates County on July 8th, 2011 when Chuck Hebing took the victory.  There have been 63 ESS  sanctioned races held at the speedway, dating back to 1984.  Mal Lane is the all time winner with six ESS victories at his hometown speedway.

The Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints are coming off their recent New York State Speedweeks, which found Stewart Friesen in victory lane on two occasions.  Jason Barney was crowned the overall Speedweeks champion.

Friesen, the Modified standout, has taken the Empire Super Sprints by storm.  He picked up wins at Rolling Wheels and Utica Rome during the recent peedweeks.  Steve Poirier sits second on the all time winning list.  The Canadian hotshoe is always around the front when the checkers fall.  He currently sits atop the standings.  Jeff Cook, Barney, Matt Tanner and Hebing hold down the top five in points.  They are followed in the standings by Paul Kinney, Kevin Ward, Etienne Girard, Jessica Zemken and Cory Sparks.

The Empire Super Sprints will be joined by the 602 Crate Sportsman, Street Stocks, IMCA Modifieds, Four Cylinders and Bandits.   Race time is 7:00 p.m. on Friday.

The huge week of racing continues just four days later on Tuesday, July 22nd with the running of the Big Block/Small Block Shootout for Modifieds.  They will be joined on the card by a Race of Champions Sportsman Series event and an open Four Cylinder show.

This will be the only Modified race in the States on this night as there is a Series race in Quebec.  With only a handful of drivers heading north of the border, you can expect to see a strong field of cars in competition for the $3,000 top prize in the 50 lap feature.

There will be bonus money offered to drivers from different tracks.  The highest finishing drivers from the following tracks will each take home an additional $100 for their efforts.  Those tracks are Woodhull, Five Mile Point, Penn Can, Canandaigua and Utica Rome.

The Race of Champions Sportsman will run a 30 lap feature, paying $1,000 to the winner.  Defending Race of Champions Sportsman Champion Claude Hutchings, Jr. is coming off a big Series win at his hometrack of Utica Rome Speedway.  He currently sits third in the standings behind New Jersey’s Clay Butler and I-88 regular Brandon Walters.  Randy Shantel and Butch Green round out the top five.  Drivers will be out in full force trying to claim the $1,000 top prize.

There will be some added incentive to the Crate Sportsman drivers that are looking to compete.  Yates County Speedway will pay a bonus to the top three Crate legal Sportsman across the line.  The highest finishing Crate will pocket an extra $100 with $50 going to the second Crate and $25 goes to the third finishing Crate car.  In addition, the top five drivers in the current Yates County Crate Sportsman point standings will be offered provisionals if they should fail to qualify for the show.

The Four Cylinders will also be in competition.  Their 20 lap feature will pay $300 to the winner.  The race is open to both rear wheel and front wheel drive cars.

Get ready for a big week of racing at Yates County Speedway.  It all begins this Friday with the return of the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints.  The 602 Crate Sportsman, Street Stocks, IMCA Modifieds, Four Cylinders and Bandits will join them for the 7:00 p.m. show.

The action then continues on Tuesday, July 22nd with the Big Block/Small Block Shootout paying a minimum of $3,000 to win.  They are joined by the Race of Champions Sportsman and an open Four Cylinder show beginning at 7:30 p.m.

For further information check out our Facebook page at Yates County Speedway. You can also look us up at  You can also reach us at 607-243-8686.  Yates County Speedway, formerly Black Rock Speedway is located on Route 14A in Dundee, New York, just nine miles from Watkins Glen.


Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series invade Quebec tracks July 21 and 22

Mario Clair ready to defend home turf at Autodrome Granby and Autodrome Drummond

The Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Series invades Canada for the second time of the season, with a Quebec doubleheader Monday, July 21, at Autodrome Granby and Tuesday, July 22, at Autodrome Drummond. For the second time, the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series will be joining the Super DIRTcar Series at these premier Quebec tracks.

Modified driver Mario Clair, of Drummondville, Quebec, is looking forward to the return of the Super DIRTcar Series to his home turf.

"We had a good start for Granby and Drummond," said Clair, who is currently third in DIRTcar 358-Modified track points at Autodrome Drummund. "The car is good, the Bicknell (chassis) and the engine, LaFrance Performance, is good. The car is perfect."

Three-time Super DIRTcar Series champion Matt Sheppard, of Waterloo, N.Y., is also off to a good start this season, taking the lead in points after consecutive wins at New Egypt Speedway and Cornwall Motor Speedway in June. Billy Decker, of Sidney, N.Y., is second in points after an impressive victory at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park during the Stars & Stripes Summer Super Show Thursday, July 3. In the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series, Shane Pecore has taken the point lead over Martin Pelletier by a margin of seven points after the last round at Ransomville Speedway.

"Granby is a very fast track. It's a long track. It's good competition," said Clair of the half-mile track, the site of Monday's Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series races. "At Drummond, the track is faster and there are two good lines, both on the inside and the outside. It's a good show for the fans."

For more information about DIRTcar Racing and the Super DIRTcar Series, visit

Autodrome Granby - Monday, July 21
When: Monday, July 21, 2014
Divisions: Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds (100 laps); DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series; Pro Stocks
Physical Address: 1268 Cowie, Granby, Quebec, Canada, J2J 0H2
About the Track: Semi-banked half-mile
For more information:

Autodrome Drummond - Tuesday, July 22
When: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Divisions: Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds (100 laps); DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series; Lightning Sprints
Directions: Autoroute 20 to Exit 177, then 1.3 miles NW on St-Joseph St.
About the Track: Three-eighths-mile, high-banked clay oval
For more information: .

Super DIRTcar Series Driver Points
1. Matt Sheppard  382
2. Billy Decker 346
3. Brett Hearn 320
4. Jimmy Phelps 289
5. Larry Wight 283
6. Justin Haers 276
7. Billy Dunn 258
8. Pete Britten 250
9. Gary Tomkins 244
10. Erick Rudolph 224

DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Driver Points
1. Shane Pecore 154
2. Martin Pelletier 147
3. Brad Rouse 145
4. Mathieu Dejardins 133
5. Joey Ladouceur 131
6. Adam Hilton 108
7. Justin Sharp 100
7. Mike Maresca 100
9. Mike Stacey 96
9. Jessica Power  96



MINERSVILLE, PA - July 13th, 2014

For over 40 years, the small block modifieds have been king at the Schuylkill County oval known as Big Diamond Speedway.  Over the years though, big block modifieds have also had their time in the spotlight.  Beginning in the early 80's when MODCAR ruled the local big block scene, names like Roger Laureno, Gary Gollub, and the late Bob Torecky graced victory lane.  Local hero Dave Schoffstall scored what could be called an upset win over the MODCAR boys in a small block modified, but anyone who saw Schoffstall race weekly at the track knew it really was no upset.  After the demise of MODCAR, the Super DIRT Series ruled the roost, and names like Brett Hearn (2004) and Alan Johnson (2003) found their way to victory lane.  Throw in the short lived Diamond Nationals, the Anthracite Assault promoted by Brett Deyo, and the current Money in the Mountains event run each spring, and you have 24 big block modified shows that have been contested over the last 30 plus years.

This coming Tuesday, July 15th, the Super DIRT Series makes a return visit to Big Diamond for the first time since 2009 when Duane Howard won that years Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series race.

Matt Sheppard, Brett Hearn, Billy Decker and Billy Dunn are just a few of the DIRT stars expected to invade Big Diamond on Tuesday for the 5th event of the 2014 Super DIRT Series trail.  Matt Sheppard (2), Billy Decker (1), and Justin Hauers (1) have won the three events contested so far this season.  Stewart Friesen, Jimmy Horton, Jimmy Phelps, and Pete Britten are just a few more of the traveling stars expected to challenge home track favorites, Billy Pauch Jr, Rick Laubach, Kevin Albert Jr., and many more.  The 75 "Big Block Brawl pays $6,000 to win, $700 for 10th, and $300 just to take the green flag.  Matt Shepherd looks to increase his points lead over Brett in the series standings.

Before the main event starts, local talents Billy Pauch, Rick Laubach, Duane Howard and Frank Cozze will go head to head with Matt Sheppard, Brett Hearn, Billy Decker and Jimmy Phelps in the "Battle before the Brawl" challenge races.  This is where the top 4 in track points will go against the top 4 in the Dirt Car Series points to determine who is the "best of the best".

We also have the fan favorite Savage 61 roadrunners on the schedule and a great firework display will take place at intermission!  This is one race you will not want to miss.  The mountain top will be rumbling as the Big Blocks duke it out on the track. For more information please visit

Pit gates open at 4 PM, grandstands open at 5 PM, with warm ups starting at 7 PM.  Adults general admission is $27, Students 13-15 are $12, Seniors and Military with ID are $23, and kids 12 and under are free.  RAIN DATE FOR THIS EVENT IS WEDNESDAY, JULY 16TH!

All Time Big Block Modified Feature Winners At Big Diamond Speedway
1) Duane Howard 6
2) Bob Torecky 2
2) Billy Pauch Sr. 2
2) Alan Johnson 2
2) Keith Hoffman 2
2) Jeff Strunk 2
7) Roger Laureno 1
7) Gary Gollub 1
7) Dave Schoffstall 1
7) Frank Cozze 1
7) Brett Hearn 1
7) Stewart Friesen 1
7) Rick Laubach 1
7) Ryan Godown 1

Total Feature Events 24


With a forecast that calls for nearly 100 percent chance of rain, and some possible severe weather, Utica-Rome Speedway management has decided to cancel today’s scheduled events.  On tap was scheduled to be a regular show of NASCAR Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and Pure Stocks plus Family Autograph Night presented by Bill Cole.
Family Autograph Night will be rescheduled in the coming weeks to allow fans to meet their favorite drivers and see the cars up close and will be announced shortly.
With the loss of this point event for the Modifieds, the speedway staff has decided to alter the program that was originally scheduled for August 24th.  Originally tabbed as a regular show, the night will now feature Twin 20 lap features for the Modifieds plus regular events for the Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and Pure Stocks.  Each 20 lap Modified feature event will carry the full purse of $2,000 to win and carry full track and NASCAR points.  Mirabito Fuel Group and Rasmussen Rents/Broedel Energy will be the event sponsors for the evening.


Saturday, July 12, 2014 – Canandaigua, NY –
Matt Sheppard celebrated his birthday in a way most racers would like to – with a win.  Collection his 200th career victory, Sheppard of Waterloo, NY took the lead away from Chad Homan on lap eleven of the thirty-five lap Big Block Modified main event and quickly pulled away from the field.  Enjoying a half a track lead at the checkered, the defending champion piloted his HBR Troyer chassis to his third win of the season.  “I can’t thank my crew enough,” commented Sheppard. “We tore this car up pretty bad last week. They worked hard all week to get us back here.”  

Erick Rudolph finished in the runner up position aboard his new ride in the 7z Mike Payne owned / Page Trucking sponsored entry.  Rudolph advanced from position twelve.  Gary Tomkins came from deep in the field to post third followed by Chad Homan and Justin Haers.  A red flag on lap eight slowed the pace as Dave Allen flipped in turn two.  Allen was unharmed.  A total of twenty-two took the initial green.  Steve Paine continues to lead the points battle by eight markers over Sheppard.

yler Meeks took top honors in the Safety Awareness Solutions Sportsman twenty-five lap main event.  The Evans Mills, NY driver took the lead from his outside front row starting position and quickly distanced himself from the remainder of the field.  Meeks would maintain the point position through the entire distance and claim his first win of the season aboard his Flach’s Concrete Restoration sponsored #28. Ricky Newton finished in the runner up position followed by Kevin Ridley in third.  Paul Guererri advanced from the eleventh position to post fourth followed by Eric Giguere who rounded out the top five. Paul Guererri has a solid points lead over Dave Marcucelli.

Darryl Ruggles of Canandaigua, NY picked up win number five on the season in the Dig Safely NY 305 Race Saver Sprint class.  Ruggles took the lead on lap eight of the twenty lap main and held off a late race charge by Jon Preston for the win.  Piloting his Ruggles World of Autobody sponsored #48jr, Ruggles extended his points lead with the victory.  Preston finished in second followed by Alysha Ruggles, David Furguson and Bob Dresti.  Ruggles lead the points by twelve over his daughter Alysha.

BIG BLOCK MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH – MATT SHEPPARD, Erick Rudolph,  Gary Tomkins, Chad Homan, Justin Haers, Billy Dunn, Matt Billings, Peter Britten, Steve Paine, Alan Johnson, Jeff Brownell Jr., Mike Obrien, Mike Bowman, Derrick Podsiadlo, Dave Rauscher, Brian Sage, Gil Tegg Jr., Henry Maier, Tommy Keyes, Eldon Payne, VinnyVitale, and David Allen. Heat Winners – Erick Rudolph, Billy Dunn, and Chad Homan

SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH – TYLER MEEKS, Ricky Newton, Kevin Ridley, Paul Guererri, Eric Giguere, Steve Gray, Dave Marcucelli, Karl Comfort, Rob Bussey, Matt Guererri, AJ Lloyd, Jeff Davoli, Nick Guererri, Dave Conant Jr., Frank Guererri Jr., Andrew Jacobson, Nathan Peckham, Tim Baker, Joe Cook, Austin Fugle, Frank Burnell, James Henry, Ray Hendershot, and Dan West. Heat Winners – Tyler Meeks, Eric Giguere, and Frank Burnell

305 RACE SAVER SPRINT FEATURE FINISH – DARRYL RUGGLES, Jon Preston, Alysha Ruggles, David Ferguson, Bob Dresti, Sean ODea, Steve Doell, Steve Glover, Justin Henderson, Will Glover, Nick Cooper, Lance Dussett, Josh Azzi, and Edward Kelly.  Heat Winners – Sean ODea and Jon Preston



By: Ron Szczerba

Fonda, NY –
On Saturday evening at the Fonda Speedway a full moon shined over the “Track of Champions” Fonda Speedway and after a wild night of racing it was fan favorite Ronnie Johnson who drove to his first victory of the season and the 25th of his career at the track in the modified division in the Palmer’s Service Center #2RJ Teo car.

The victory for Johnson came with a wild cheer from the crowd as he exited the car in victory lane and the win tied him for the 14th spot on the Fonda Speedway all time win list with Jeep Herbert and Brett Hearn all with 25 victories.

“That is some good company to be in right there,” Johnson said in victory lane. “There is some great family history between the Johnson and the Herbert families too so this is a special night for me all around.”

Other winners at Fonda on Saturday were Floyd Billington (sportsman), Kenny Gates (pro stock), Jason Samrov (street stock), and Ken Hollenback (4-cylinder).

The modified feature was marred by a scary wreck involving Fonda Speedway promoter Matt DeLorenzo who flipped his car on the backstretch going into turn three. According to Matt’s father who I saw before leaving the speedway on Saturday evening Matt has an injured shoulder and was in Ellis Hospital having a CT scan done on Saturday evening.

Darwin Greene led early on at the drop of Denny Tilison’s green flag to start the 30-lap modified feature event until young gun Bodie Bellinger took over the lead on lap two with a pass on the inside of turn two. A yellow flag came out on lap three for a four car tangle in turn four and then in a separate incident Matt DeLorenzo was involved in a wreck on the backstretch bringing out the red flag as they attended to DeLorenzo in turn three and the other drivers in turn four.

Greene took the lead away from Bellinger on the backstretch once the race was restarted with Ronnie Johnson up to the fourth position after starting ninth. Two consecutive caution flags slowed the field on laps five and six with Greene holding the lead as Johnson made his way past both Jeff Trombley and Bellinger for the second spot with Bobby Varin also climbing into the top five after starting 12th.

On a restart on lap seven after A.J. Romano spun in turn four, Johnson was the new race leader after getting by Greene with Trombley and Varin the new second and third place cars after also getting by Greene with the caution right back out for Brian Gleason who suffered a flat tire while running fifth.

On this restart Varin tried to duck under Greene in turn one and after some contact between the two Varin ended up in the turn one wall collecting the cars of Alton Palmer and Craig Hanson in the process. Varin continued on at the rear of the field while Palmer and Hanson were done for the night.

After a no start call on the restart a single file restart was ordered by race director Dave Farney which seemed to calm things down some with Johnson setting a blistering pace on lap 10 with a lap of 18.945 sec while out to a straightaway advantage over Trombley. Johnson was in heavy lap traffic for the last half of the race and when he couldn’t get by the lap car of Gleason with 10 laps to go it allowed Trombley to close in slightly.

Johnson finally cleared Gleason on lap 23 and pulled away from there to the victory followed in the top five by Trombley, Greene, Bellinger, and defending track champion Stewart Friesen.

“I have so many people to thank for this win,” Johnson said in victory lane. “It has been a tough season so far after our flip on opening night and I have been working my crew hard since then so I have to thank them for sure. I am also happy to finally get a win under the new management of Matt DeLorenzo but tonight the restarts allowed me to get the lead early as the track was real fast tonight.”

The sportsman feature began with Floyd Billington leading at the drop of the green flag after starting on the pole with the only caution in the event coming out on lap two. Billington continued to lead on the restart and by lap four he was out to a straightaway advantage.

At the halfway point in the 20-lap event Greg Havlichek, John McAuliffe, Cody Clark, and Connor Cleveland made up the top five with point leader Rocky Warner, Ricky Quick, and defending track champion Dave Constantino all making their way to the front of the field.  

Warner, Quick, and Constantino were putting on a whale of a race for positions just outside of the top five over the last five laps with Billington going on to his first career win at Fonda over McAuliffe, Havlichek, Cleveland, and Clark while Constantino ended up sixth.

“That was my first win in 35 years of trying,” Billington said in victory lane. “I have to thank Bo Karl who has been helping me and John Bellinger who is maintaining my cars for me. Early on the motor was skipping with a carburetor problem so we didn’t know what to expect but the car went real well in the feature.”

RONNIE JOHNSON. Jeff Trombley, Darwin Greene, Bodie Bellinger, Stewart Friesen, Bobby Varin, Pep Corradi, Kory Wilder, Justin Boehler, Mark Kislowski, Brian Gleason, Ed Harris, Jeremy Wilder, C.G. Morey, Craig Hanson, Alton Palmer, A.J. Romano, Jeff Rockefeller, Matt DeLorenzo, Elmo Reckner, Jessica Zemken, Eric Stumpf, Scott Huber, Vinny Sanganetti

FLOYD BILLINGTON, John McAuliffe, Greg Havlichek, Connor Cleveland, Cody Clark, Dave Constantino, Ricky Quick, Rocky Warner, Luke Munroe, Brian Pessolano, Chris Schaffer, Ray Zemken, Adam McAuliffe, Mark Mortensen, Doug Hancock, Chip Constantino, Dan Santabarbara, Tony Farone, Brian Calabrese, Rob VanAernam, Mike Peek, Josh Demagistri, Harry Shaffer, Jeremiah Munson, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Blake Schwarting, Dan Boni, Joe Thorne, Shea Montgomery

– 20-LAPS – KENNY GATES, Nick Stone, Pete Broderson, Chuck Dumblewski, Mark Sullivan, Randy Cosselman, Gus Hollner, Jeff McPhail, Jason Casey, Luke Horning, Don Kennedy, Cassidy Wilson, A.J. Walters, Nate Furman, Jamie Warner, Jim Normoyle, Dennis Joslin, Adam Warner


Donnie Corellis Takes LVS ‘King of the Track’ and $5,000

Saturday July 12, 2014

By: Rodney Rescott

West Lebanon, NY: 
Another beautiful summer night of racing action took to the high banks of Lebanon Valley Speedway.  The fans packed the mighty Valley of Speed to witness Donnie Corellis dominate to take the Big Block Modified King of The Track.  Ryan Darcy led wire to wire for the win in the Small Blocks, while Ray Hall Jr won the Sportsman feature and Paul LaRochelle won in Pro Stocks.

Clear skies and beautiful weather brought the fans out in droves to the mighty high banks at Lebanon Valley Speedway.  As they all nestled into their seat, the Big Block Modifies took to the speedway for their 30 feature event with a special $5,000 and a title of King of the Track presented by Rifenburg Construction.

At the drop of the green, the 10x driven by Guy Sheldon drove off to the early lead over the 42P of Matt Pupello.  As the laps were ticking away, back in the field, the usual suspects began making their charge to the front.

Brett Hearn, J.R. Heffner and Donnie Corellis were working through the traffic trying to get to the front of the class.  With nearly a dozen laps on the board, Corellis gets to the front first by taking over the top spot by lap 11.

Once the 57 got out front, he checked out on the field, back in the field, Heffner made his way to 2nd by lap 25 and began to run down Corellis.  Lap 26 saw the only caution of the event, as Hearn slowed with a right rear flat.

When racing resumed, Heffner made a last ditch effort to make the pass for the lead, but Corellis was too strong, and pulled away to the win.  Heffner settled for 2nd, Pupello held strong for 3rd, followed by Sheldon and Andy Bachetti to complete the top 5 finishers.

In the Small Block Modified feature, Ryan Darcy led from the pole from green to checkers for the win in their 20 lap feature.  Chad Jeseo charged from nearly the tail of the field to finish 2nd while Jason Herrington, Frank Hoard III and Frank Harper completed the top 5 finishers.

The Budget Sportsman feature was plagued by multi-car incidents that thinned out the field.  The worse of which involved the 95 of Carmon Carnibucci while leading blew a radiator hose at the top end of the backstretch sending him and several others into the turn 3 wall with heavy damage.

That handed over the lead to the 72 of Ray Hall Jr.  Once out front, Hall checked out on the field to score the win over Timothy Davis II, Jeff Watson, Matt Pappa and Michael Sabia.

Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps):
1)Donnie Corellis, 2)J.R. Heffner, 3)Matt Pupello, 4)Guy Sheldon, 5)Andy Bachetti, 6)Kyle Sheldon, 7)Eddie Marshall, 8)Keith Flach, 9)Brian Berger, 10)Kolby Schroder, 11)Rob Pitcher, 12)Kenny Tremont Jr, 13)Brett Hearn, 14)Paul Gilardi, 15)Kyle Armstrong, 16)Kyle Hoffman, 17)Mike King, 18)Bobby Hackel, 19)Chris Kokosa (SB), 20)Olden Dwyer (SB), 21)Frank Hoard 3rd (SB)

Small Block Modified Feature (20 Laps):
1)Ryan Darcy, 2)Chad Jeseo,  3)Jason Herrington, 4)Frank Hoard III, 5)Frank Harper, 6)Ryan Charland, 7)Chad Pierce, 8)Olden Dwyer, 9)Chris Kokosa, 10)Wayne Jelley, 11)Brett Haas, 12)Kenny Aanonsen JR, 13)Art Collins, 14)Alan Houghtaling, 15)Kim LaVoy, DNS)Jim Rajczi, DNS)Sean Mendel

Budget Sportsman Feature (20Laps):
1)Ray Hall Jr., 2)Timothy Davis 2nd, 3)Jeff Watson, 4)Matt Pappa, 5)Michael Sabia, 6)Chris Curtis, 7)Rob Maxon, 8)Cody Hunt, 9)Todd Lane, 10)Cody Ochs, 11)Robbie Speed, 12)Jim Boardman, 13)Ricky Davis, 14)John Stowell, 15)Brandon Pitcher, 16)Phil Woods, 17)Pat Jones, 18)Mike Gramolini, 19)Nikki Ouellette, 20)Diana Huyck, 21)Peter Carlotto, 22)Tommy Johnson, 23)Alissa Cody, 24)Carmon Carnibucci, 25)John Virgilio, 26)Whitey Slavin, DNS)Mike Middleton, DNS)Alan Houghtaling

Pro Stock Feature (20 Laps):
1)Paul LaRochelle, 2)Frank Twing, 3)Jon Routhier, 4)Jay Corbin, 5)Daniel Sanchez, 6)Nick Hilt, 7)Victor Hopkins, 8)Rob Yetman, 9)Robbie Speed, 10)Kevin Arnold, 11)Cale Kneer, 12)Brian Walsh, 13)Bob Camilli, 14)Jay Casey, 15)Mike Bradley, 16)Rick Duzlak, 17)Lou Ganzar, DNS)Chuck Towslee, DNS)Chad Asenault


Saturday night at the Delaware Internatioal Speedway it was the Tony Steele Memorial for Vintage Cars. In the NAPA Big Block Modifieds it was Jordan Watson making the late race pass to post his second win of the season.
Matt Hawkins started on the pole in the 25-lap feature and after two attempts to get the first lap in, quickly opened a lead over the field. Scott VanGorder controlled the second spot until the halfway sign when Watson, who started in eighth, dropped him to third. At this point H.J. Bunting had climbed from tenth to fourth and Jamie Mills, who started in ninth was running in fifth.
Watson was searching for a quicker line and began to reel in Hawkins. With five to go he had caught the leader but the caution would come out a final time with four to go. Hawkins, looking for his first career win in the division maintained the lead on the restart but Watson would make the winning pass with just two laps to go. Bunting edged by Hawkins with one to go so the top three at the checkered were Watson, Bunting and Hawkins. Mills finished in the fourth spot and VanGorder held on to fifth. Heats were won by Matt Hawkins and Watson.

It was a perfect night for Kevin Sockriter in the AC Delco PSC Modifieds. Sockriter won his heat and started on the pole in the 15-lap feature. The AC Delco cars were the first cars on the speedway after it was reworked during intermission and the track was in near perfect condition. The race would go caution free and Sockriter would lead wire-to-wire for his second win of the season in the Keith Colbourne No. 55.
Brandon Watkins held the second spot until Chad Clark took over the chase. Bryan Brasure was running a strong fourth with Dwayne Crockett holding down fifth. Sockriter would make no mistakes as he drove to the win with Clark second and Watkins third. Fourth went to Brasure and Crockett, who won the second heat, held off Scott Hitchens to round out the top five. The time of the race was 5:29.164 seconds.
Big Block Modified Finish:
1 Jordan Watson; 2. HJ Bunting; 3. Matt Hawkins; 4. Jamie Mills; 5. Scott VanGorder; 6. Howard ONeal; 7. Beau Wilkins; 8. Brad Trice; 9. Michael White; 10. Dave Dissinger; 11. Trent Willey; 12. Dave Simmons; 13. Bobby Watkins; 14. Shawn  Ward; 15. Dale Hawkins; 16. Drew Simmons.

AC Delco PSC Modified Finish:
1. Kevin Sockriter; 2. Chad Clark; 3. Brandon Watkins; 4. Bryan Breasure; 5. Dwayne Crockett; 6. Scott Hitchens; 7. Tim Trimble; 8. Joseph Tracy; 9. Jeremy Harrington; 10. Westley Smith; 11. Greg Humlhanz; 12. Jordn Justice; 13. Kyle Fuller; 14. Brandon Gallo; 15. Rodney Cordrey; 16. Kenneth Peek; 17. Andy Hammond; 18. Matt Smith; 19 Jeff Coffey; 20. Garrie Bostwick; 21. Wesley Smack; DNS: Brian Hitz.

Riggs' 358 Mod Upsets the BRP Big Blocks at the Park
Mercer, PA (July 12, 2014):
Lonny Riggs, affectionately called the "Tugboat," docked his Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modified in victory lane in round one of the Smackdown! at Mercer Raceway Park. It marked the first time in the history of the rivalry that a Mercer-legal 358 defeated the Big Blocks of the BRP Modified Tour! During the event, Riggs turned the fastest official lap for a Modified of any sort at the Park, 17.100. As Riggs circled the speedway, fireworks could be seen over the backstretch from a bicentennial display on the town square
Riggs expressed his gratitude to his fellow competitors, many of whom loaned him parts or tires so that he could compete. "I've got borrowed parts all over that car tonight." He gave a particular mention to one driver who gave him a tire that made the car turn more effectively. "We didn't have any Hoosiers, and we borrowed every tire on that car tonight, and we got the last one from Matt Reeher (because) the car wouldn't turn, and now it sure does!" he exclaimed.
Tom Glenn took the initial lead in the 25 lap Modified affair, but his advantage was quickly nullifed by a spin of multi-time Modified Tour Champion Rex King, Jr. in turn one. On the restart, Riggs was better prepared, but Glenn still maintained the lead. Glenn was putting in one of his best performances ever in keeping the persistent Riggs at bay. Positions were up for grabs throughout the field, which was still running in very close formation.
A quick caution on lap four for a spin by young Kyle Holden slowed Glenn's pace. While the field was circulating under the yellow, King tried to come back out. Although he was four laps down to the filed, he could have stayed out to pick up a position or two due to attrition in order to maximize his point total for the night. However, a bent left rear wheel sent him back to the pits with no additional laps completed.
On the restart. Glenn did lead the pack into turn one again. But, this time, Riggs turned down toward the inside guardrail, and he was able to power off the corner with the lead. He did get a small tap from Glenn, but it was not enough to break either car loose.
Soon thereafter, Dr. Brad Rapp moved into the second spot, and Glenn was left to battle Jeremiah Shingledecker for third. Shingledecker was also racing with a 358 powerplant under the hood, having had engine problems in the Modified Tour opener on Thursday night. Behind them, Bob Warren, Ron Cartwright, Jr., Randy Chrysler, and Rex King, Jr. were mixing things up.
As the field reached the halfway mark, Riggs still led Rapp by a comfortable margin, but there was a tremendous struggle for the third position among Shingledecker, Glenn, King, Jr., and Chrysler. Shingledecker eventually claimed the spot, bringing King Jr. with him. Glenn tried valiantly to hold off Chrysler and Kevin Hoffman, who came up to play with the fast cars.
Just as Riggs crossed for the fifteenth time, the third caution was displayed. Under Modified Tour rules, however, the lapped cars remained in position, so that put Rapp behind Riggs rather than beside him for the restart. That enabled Riggs to get away to a three car length lead when the green flag was shown.
Riggs made the next ten laps without interruption, but Rapp did close in when the leader came upon lapped traffic late in the race. Nonetheless, Riggs would not be denied this night, earning his second career win against the touring series.
Rapp edged out Shingledecker for third. Rex King, Jr. was next, and Dave Murdick climbed form eighth to fifth in that final segment of the event. Hoffman topped Chrysler for the sixth spot. Glenn turned in a creditable performance, getting eighth. Warren beat J.R. McGinley to the stripe for ninth.
There were 36 Modifieds on hand for this, the first night of Smackdown! The heat winners were Randy Chrysler, Rex King, Jr., Kyle FInk, and Rex King, Sr. Ricky Richner prevailed in the B Main.
Jimmy Morris took advantage of the misfortune of C.J. Jones, who led form the start of the Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors. Jones' night came to an end when the field was under a red flag condition due to the crash of Kotie Kirkbride in turn four. The steering of her car failed, and she went hard into the concrete. Fortunately, she was unhurt. Jones' retirement was caused by a dislodged radiator hose. That put Morris on the point for the restart, and he kept the black machine out front the rest of the way.
Cody Bova and Andy Feil surpassed Mike Miller, who was running second in the eqarly going. George Hobaugh, Jr. was challenging Miller at the end of the event, but he could not make the pass for fourth. Mike Marano, II led Ken Rossey to the line. Next came Chris Matthews, Eric L. Williams, and Joe McEwen. McEwen's car was decked out in a new orange and white color scheme, with due attention being provided to his new engine sponsor, Pace Performance.
Twenty-two Outlaw Sprint Warriors registered for the evening, with Andy Feil, C.J. Jones, and
Chris Matthews taking the checkers in the qualifications. There was no B Main.
BRP Modified Tour: Lonny Riggs, Brad Rapp, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rex King, Jr., Dave Murdick, Kevin Hoffman, Randy Chrysler, Tom Glenn, Bob Warren, J.R. McGinley, Jimmy Holden, Tommy Kristyak, Rodney Beltz, Tommy Naddocks, Steve Barr, Chris Haines, Justin Wright, Kyle Holden, Ron Cartwright, Jr., Rick Richner, Rick Regalski, Matt Reeher, Kyle Fink, Rex King, Sr.

Outlaw Sprint Warriors: Jimmy Morris, Cody Bova, Andy Feil, Mike Miller, George Hobaugh, Jr., Mike Marano, II, Ken Rossey, Chris Matthews, Eric L. Williams, Joe McEwen, Greg Dobrosky, Evan Kornbau, Devin Litwiler, Alex Paden, Harold Braden, Jr., Chris Matthews, C.J. Jones, Kotie Kirkbride, Jim WItzberger, Sye Lynch, Mark Rossey, Jen Matthews.


Tom Sears Jr. Wins The Fulton Speedway Modified Feature Backing Up His Friday Brewerton Speedway Victory

FULTON, NY – July 12, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
With the level of competition in the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds at the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways, one win on the weekend is tough, and two is rare. Tom Sears Jr. out of Clay, N.Y pulled off the rare feat by sweeping the weekend with his victory Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway.

On Saturday in the 35-lap feature Sears would take the lead on lap-12 from Matt Hulsizer and from there outran a star-studded field for his sixth career win on the Fulton ‘High Banks’.

Others winners on Safety-Kleen night were, Billy Clark Jr., SUNY Canton Sportsman/Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models/ Taylor Jackson, E&V Energy Novice Sportsman/ Joe Isabell and Jeff Blackburn, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites/ John Cunningham, A-Verdi 305 Sprints and Tim Dunn, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders.

Matt Fink took advantage of his outside starting spot to blast into the lead as the rest of the field ran two, three and even four wide to start the 35-lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature.

Running in a tight three-car battle with Fink and Katelyn Kane, Matt Hulsizer was on the hammer using the cushion exiting turn four to be scored the new leader on lap-five just before a caution for Roy Bresnahan who had the rear suspension break.

On the restart Ryan Phelps had everyone in attendance on the edge of their seats when he got sideways in front of the field. Phelps had the save of the year straightening his car avoiding a multi-car crash.

With 10-laps complete Hulsizer held a narrow advantage. Right behind them the battle was intense between Fink, Tom Sears Jr., Jimmy Phelps, Pat Ward and Chad Phelps as they ran inches apart for position.

A yellow on lap-11 for a stopped Rob Bellinger gave all the drivers a chance to catch their breath.

When the race went back green Tom Sears Jr. took command of the race on lap-twelve. Larry Wight who started 13th hung it out on the outside going from ninth to fourth.

At the halfway point Sears bolted away from field opening a full straightaway lead. Jimmy Phelps, Hulsizer, Wight and Billy Decker who started 21st raced for second through fifth.

With 10-laps to go Sears was on rails running the top of the speedway maintaining his comfortable lead over Jimmy Phelps who ran alone in second. All eyes were on the torrid fight between Decker, Hulsizer, Wight and Pat Ward for third through sixth.

With 5-laps to go Chris Hile slowed, wiping out the lead Sears had built up setting up a dash to the finish.

Over the final laps Sears ran the top and drove away for the win over Jimmy Phelps. Larry Wight and Billy Decker swapped third and fourth all over the speedway that saw points leader Wight finishing third with Decker fourth and Matt Hulsizer fifth.

“It’s one of the best weekends we have ever had in the Modified class,” Tommy Sears Jr. said after winning the Brewerton and Fulton Modified features in two different Mullen Industrial Handling/Trackman/Phoenix Sports Bar/No.62s.

“This car has been really good since we brought it out. Last week we were going for the lead got tangled up. It’s been fast every week.”

Sears related he wasn’t thinking anything with the caution with five-laps to go. He feels pretty confident when it comes to the end of the race.

What can be said about the SUNY Canton Sportsman in 2014? One word- awesome. After Saturday 54 drivers have attempted to qualify at the Fulton Speedway.  The point’s battle is very tight.

In the 25-lap feature Billy Clark Jr. took the lead on lap-four and led the rest of the way for the win. The win was anything but easy as Clark had cars draped all over him right down to the finish. At the checkers Clark won by less than a second over Corey Barker (00.224) Nick Krause (00.337). Tony Finch was only (1.024) and Nick Webb (01.484) behind Clark.

Tim Sears Jr. was the class of the field in the 20-lap NAPA Late Model feature. Sears took the lead on lap-3 and was never challenged till a yellow on lap-seventeen.  On the restart AJ Kingsley could hand with Sears for a lap, in the end Sears pulled away for the win over Kingsley. Johnny Hill, Alan Fink and Rick Miller finished third through fifth.

Taylor Jackson with very few races under her belt won her first career E&V Energy Novice Sportsman win Saturday night. Trevor Lindsey, Dorian Wahdan, Joe Buonagurio and Brett Draper finished second through fifth.

Fulton Speedway
TOM SEARS Jr., Jimmy Phelps, Larry Wight, Billy Decker, Matt Hulsizer, Pat Ward, Matt Fink, Tim Sears Jr., Chad Phelps, Rob Bellinger, Chris Mackey, Ryan Phelps, Adam Roberts, Chuck Bower, Tim Currier, Katelyn Kane, Tim Schneider Jr., Chris Hile, Brian Murphy, Joe August Jr., Tim Harris, Jim Witko, Roy Bresnahan.

Pat Ward, Chris Mackey, Matt Hulsizer.

SPORTSMAN 25 LAPS) – BILLY CLARK Jr., Corey Barker, Nick Krause, Tony Finch II, Nick Webb, Brandon Ford, Wade Chrisman, Ronnie Davis III, Jordan Bennett, Mike Button, Beth Schneider, Brandon Hagan, Gregg Kimball, Jim Spano, Jeremy Pitcher, Jeremy Dygert, Joe Kline, Jamie Platt, Geoff VanRiper, Taylor Lamb, Rick Rogala, Jeff Hunter, Rocco Leone, Jason Occhino, Chris Hulsizer.

(DNQ) – Brenton Joy, Jeff Hunter, Brandon Sweet, Tim Murphy, James Carlson, (DNS CONSI) – Jason Parkhurst, John Christian.

LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – TIM SEARS Jr., AJ Kingsley, Alan Fink, Johnny Hill, Rick Miller, Harry Halliday, Steven Coit, Shayne Tenace, Larry Wight, Alan Chapman, Dave Talbot, Aron Backus, DNS – Brandon Ford.

NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS) – TAYLOR JACKSON, Trevor Lindsey, Dorian Wahdan, Joe Buonagurio, Brett Draper.

305 SPRINTS 15 LAPS) – JOHN Cunningham, Gordy Button, Doug Crews, Steve Hutchinson.


Britten Repeats At The Great Race Place

For Immediate Release
July 11th, 2014

Malta, NY –
One week ago Peter Britten recorded a very popular win at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway by defeating current point’s leader Brett Hearn in what many have described as an unbelievable race. This week, the man known as Batman returned to victory lane in the Upstate GMC DIRTcar Modified feature event and like last week, beat the Jersey Jet in the process.

The checkered flag was the third of Britten’s career at Lyle DeVore’s racey four tenths of a mile oval and moves him a little closer to Hearn in the race for the 2014 track championship. The win also gave the Troyer pilot a guaranteed starting spot for this October’s Eastern States 200 at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown.

Matt Depew and New England’s Brian Whittemore led the field to the green with Depew grabbing the initial lead. The race would slow for the first time on lap one when Jimmy Cottrell, Whittemore and Rich Ronca tangled. On the restart rookie Brett Wright would take over the lead however his time out front was short lived as he would break on lap three.

Wright’s misfortune would give the lead back to Depew who held the top spot for the next six laps. On lap nine third generation driver Ronnie Johnson powered the Palmer’s Service Center number 2RJ to the lead. Brian Gleason came to a stop on lap ten, forcing the caution flag to wave.

Johnson held the lead on the restart however the caution flag would fly once again on lap 11, this time for Neal Stratton who came to a stop in turn three. Johnson continued to lead on the restart with Depew, Britten, Don Ronca and Mark Kislowski following. Hearn had moved up to the sixth position.

Britten meanwhile was charging. After starting from the 13th position Britten took over the lead from Johnson on lap 15. Later that lap Stratton, Chris Busta and Mike Perrotte tangled to bring out the caution flag. Britten led on the restart before the race returned to caution pace on lap 17 due to Justin Barber coming to a stop in turn two.

On the restart Britten continued to lead with Johnson, Hearn, Kenny Tremont, Jr. and Depew following. Marc Johnson, who started 19th, had his number 3J up to the sixth position. By lap 25 Marc Johnson had moved up to the third position. Two more caution flags would slow the field and set up the final restart on lap 30.

Britten remained the leader on the restart with Hearn and Marc Johnson following. In the end Britten pulled the Jerry Darrah owned machine into victory lane for the second straight week. Hearn finished second with Marc Johnson third, Ronnie Johnson fourth and Depew fifth. Heat races for the 29 car field were won by Depew, Rich Ronca and Matt Delorenzo.

Jake Scarborough won the 25 lap Sportsman division feature event. Scarborough, who is affectionately known as one half of the Brandon Bandito’s would sit in victory lane for the first time at the Great Race Place. Scarborough brought home the win over defending track champion and current point leader Jeremey Pitts, Jon Miller, Scott Duell and Hunter Bates. Heat races for the 29 car field were won by Colin Bokus, Chad Miller and Jon Miller.

A couple of week’s back Amsterdam’s Chuck Dumblewski nearly pulled off his first ever DIRTcar Pro Stock feature event win at Albany-Saratoga. This week though he was able to enter his name in the history books as a division feature winner. Dumblewski won the night’s 25 lap feature event over Dave DePaulo, Rob Yetman, Ed Thompson and Kenny Martin. Heat races for the 17 car field were claimed by Bill Smith and Brandon Emigh.

Ken Conroy won the 15 lap Limited Sportsman feature event. The win was the rookie driver’s first career open wheel win. He has multiple Street Stock division feature wins. Last week’s feature winner Ricky Davis finished second with Shannon Donnelly third, Andrew Buff fourth and Matt Atwood fifth. Heat races for the 20 car field were won by Conroy and Zach Daurio.

DIRTcar Modified Eastern States Qualifier Results (35 Laps) -
1) Peter Britten, 2) Brett Hearn, 3) Marc Johnson, 4) Ronnie Johnson, 5) Matt Depew, 6) Ken Tremont Jr, 7) Elmo Reckner, 8) Don Ronca, 9) Keith Flach, 10) Jeff Strunk, 11) Rich Scagliotta, 12) John Lutes Jr., 13) Mark Kislowski, 14) Brian Whittemore, 15) Dylan Scribner, 16) Jeremy Wilder, 17) Jimmy Cottrell, 18) Mike Perrotte 19) Brian Gleason, 20) Matt Delorenzo, 21) Cass Bennett, 22) Justin Barber, 23) Mike Minick, 24) Chris Busta, 25) Neil Stratton, 26) Jim Nagle, 27) Rich Ronca, 28) Brett Wright, 29) C.G. Morey

Sportsman Results (25 Laps) -
1) Jake Scarborough, 2) Jeremy Pitts, 3) Jon Miller, 4) Scott Duell, 5) Hunter Bates, 6) Colin Bokus, 7) Timothy Davis, 8) Joey Scarborough, 9) Joe Orlando, 10) Jack Gentile, 11) Jack Swinton, 12) Nick Anatriello, 13) Chad Miller, 14) Dave Baranowski Jr, 15) Elliott Lussier, 16) Mike Burdo, 17) John Proctor, 18) Jack Speshock, 19) Alex Bell, 20) Nick Lussier, 21) Robert Bublak, 22) Pete Jeske, 23) Tim Hartman Jr, 24) Connor Cleveland, 25) Chris Johnson, 26) Olden Dwyer, 27) Derek McGrew, 28) Cody Bleau, 29) Mike Ostrander

DIRTcar Pro Stock Results (25 Laps) -
1) Chuck Dumblewski, 2) Dave Depaulo, 3) Rob Yetman, 4) Ed Thompson, 5) Ken Martin, 6) Robbie Speed, 7) Kim Duell, 8) Dan Older, 9) Bill Smith, 10) Byron Wescott, 11) Danny Wood, 12) Jeff Washburn, 13) Brandon Emigh, 14) Dean Charbonneau,  15) Randy Brownell, 16) Norm Loubier, DNS) Rowdy Burch

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps)
- 1) Ken Conroy, 2) Ricky Davis, 3) Shannon Donnelly, 4) Andrew Buff, 5) Matt Atwood, 6) Ben Brownell, 7) Zach Daurio, 8) Bruce Schwab, 9) Diana Huyck, 10) Jack Bublak, 11) Randall Soucie, 12) Emily Quinn, 13) David Emigh, 14) Bob Schmidt, 15) Anthony Alger, 16) Brandon Pitcher, 17) Jesse Edwards, 18) Ron Casey, 19) Christopher Ronca, 20) Alissa Cody


Tom Sears Jr. Steams His Way To Brewerton Speedway Big Block Modified Victory

BREWERTON, NY – July 11, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
With heavy steam rolling from under the hood of his Mullen Industrial Handling/ Trackman/Phoenix Sports Bar/No.62s in victory lane, Tom Sears Jr. brought out an older car to win the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature Friday night at the Brewerton Speedway.

Sears, who doesn’t run Brewerton every week, wrestled the lead away from Jim Witko Jr. with ten-laps to go in the 35-Lap feature. Once in the lead Sears drove a steady final laps holding off a hard charging Larry Wight winning by just over one-second at the checkers.

Other winners on Ingles Performance/Ehrlich Pest Control night were, Tim Sears Jr., Napa Late Models – Lowell Zehr and Terry Lapham, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites and Stephen Denton, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders.

Vinnie Vitale and Jim Witko would swap the lead back and forth around the speedway until Witko would open distance between himself and Vitale on lap-three to start the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified Feature.

The yellow would fly on lap-eight when Ryan Bartlett spun by himself erasing the advantage Witko built up.

On the restart in turn two, cars would get stacked up involving Chris Mackey, Tim Kerr, Roy Bresnahan and points leader Matt Sheppard. Mackey and Sheppard suffered enough damage to end their feature runs.

With 10-laps showing on the scoring tower, Witko would hold a slim two car advantage while right behind him, Mike Bowman, Tom Sears, Vitale and Joe August were in a tight fight for second through fifth.

On lap-20 Witko was on rails running the top of the speedway as Sears and Bowman looked for a way to close in on Witko. August and Larry Wight, who started thirteenth, showed in the top-five.

On lap-22 Witko’s car seemed to start going away as he would slide up out of the groove on the top of the speedway in three and four allowing Sears to rapidly close in. Three-laps  later Sears would take advantage of Witko’s car getting loose as he dove under Witko to be scored the new leader with ten-laps to go.

Over the remaining laps Sears hit his marks and was the first under the checkers over a rapidly closing Larry Wight. Billy Decker from 15th would finish third, with Jim Witko fourth and Joe August with his best run of the season came home fifth.

“This is the old car we have been struggling with and decided to run it to see what we could do with it,” said a smiling Tom Sears Jr. in victory lane as steam rolled out from under the hood of his overheating car. “This is the car we have been winning with, we hate to get rid of it.” Sears runs a different and new car at Fulton Speedway. “I guess this one is taking over.”

“It was tough in the beginning because we made some changes,” Sears said about his drive to the front. “We couldn’t get going and were struggling to hang on. I don’t know if those guys got slower or we stayed the same, but it worked out for us.”

In the 20-lap Pro Race Cars Mod Lite feature Lowell Zehr would outrun teammate Gary Jeffries for the popular win. It was Zehr’s first win since 2008. Terry Lapham, Justin Williams and Joe Isabell would finish third through fifth. Zehr was the Open winner and Lapham the Stock/Spec winner.

Tim Sears Jr. and Larry Wight put on a spectacular race in the 20-lap NAPA Late Model feature. The entire distance Sears and Wight would run bumper to bumper and side by side within inches of each other and never touching. Sears would win by a mere 00.505 at the checkers over Wight. Alan Fink, Sean Beardsley and Rick Miller would finish third through fifth. AJ Kingsley, Shayne Tenace, Alan Chapman, Harry Halliday and Johnny Hill would complete the top-ten.

Brewerton Speedway
DIRTcar MODIFIEDS 35 LAPS) –  TOM SEARS, Larry Wight, Billy Decker, Jim Witko Jr., Joe August Jr., Chad Phelps, Chris Hile, Mike Bowman, Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Phelps, Rob Bellinger, Tim Sears Jr., Pat O’Brien, Roy Bresnahan, Matt Fink, Chuck Bower, Matt Hulsizer, Matt Billings, Vinnie Vitale, Ryan Bartlett, Pat Ward, Matt Sheppard, Tim Kerr, Chris Mackey.

HEAT WINNERS) – Pat O’Brien, Jim Witko, Jimmy Phelps.

TIM SEARS Jr., Larry Wight, Alan Fink, Sean Beardsley, Rick Miller, AJ Kingsley, Shayne Tenace, Alan Chapman, Harry Halliday, Johnny Hill, Steve Coit.


Thursday Night Thunder strikes at Rolling Wheels July 24

Big-Block Modifieds return to "The Fast Track," along with DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds and 305 Sprint Cars

The rumble returns to Rolling Wheels.

After an exciting Stars & Stripes Summer Super Show presented by Dig Safely 811 Thursday, July 3, featuring the Big-Block Modifieds of the Super DIRTcar Series and the 360 Sprint Cars of the Empire Super Sprints, "The Fast Track" opens back up for Thursday Night Thunder July 24.

July's Thursday Night Thunder features the mighty DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds, with DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds and 305 Sprint Cars rounding out the race card for the night. With a successful season already underway at Central New York's premier motorsports facility, Rolling Wheels Raceway Park is preparing for another night of epic proportions.

"Mother Nature sent some challenges our way for the July 3 races, but she couldn't stop a spectacular field of drivers from putting on a great show for a grandstand packed with devoted fans. I can't thank the race teams, fans and supporters enough for making the Stars & Stripes Summer Super Show presented by Dig Safely 811 as awesome as it ended up being," said Jeff Hachmann, General Manager at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. "We're already working on the track and grounds at the Wheels to make sure we're ready for any curve balls thrown our way. July 24's Thursday Night Thunder is bound to be even more entertaining than our opening race, for fans and drivers alike."

Pit Gates open at 4p.m. and grandstand gates open at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 24, at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, with racing scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. Adult general admission tickets are just $18 apiece or, with a ticket from a DIRTcar sanctioned facility or event, ONLY $15! Admission to the grandstand area is FREE for children 17 and under! Pit admission is $20 for DIRTcar Members and $25 for nonmembers. Reserved camping is available at Rolling Wheels at a cost of $25 a night, and general camping is FREE!

For more information about Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, visit For information about DIRTcar Memberships, including application materials, visit

At A Glance:
DIRTcar 'Thursday Night Thunder'
DATE: Thursday, July 24
TIME: Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., racing starts at 7:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, 8310 Grant Avenue Road, Elbridge, N.Y.


Super DIRTcar Series race at Albany-Saratoga postponed to July 30

Inclement weather forces delay of The Big Show’s Big-Block Modified feature race

MALTA, N.Y. -- July 8, 2014 --
Inclement weather at the track has forced the postponement of Tuesday's Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Series 100-lap feature race at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. The race has been rescheduled for Thursday, July 30.

Qualifying Rounds for the event were completed before inclement weather moved in, with Justin Haers, Stewart Friesen, Erick Rudolph and Peter Britten picking up heat race wins. Britten clocked the fastest lap in time trials at 16.244 seconds to claim the Pole Position Raceway / Bilstein Shocks Fast Qualifier award.

Polesitter Haers was still leading when cars were called off the track in lap 11. The race will resume from lap 11 on Thursday, July 30, with competitors starting in the same running order as when racing was delayed Tuesday, July 8.

The Super DIRTcar Series invades Big Diamond Speedway and Pottsville, Penn., Tuesday, July 15. For more information about the serues, visit

A-Main Running Order, as of lap 11:
1. 3 Justin Haers - Phelps, N.Y.
2. 91 Billy Decker - Sidney, N.Y.
3. 27J Danny Johnson - Rochester, N.Y.
4. 18B Bodie Bellinger - Johnstown, N.Y.
5. TEN Billy VanInwegen - Sparrowbush, N.Y.
6. 1wcg Stewart Friesen - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
7. 2rj Ronnie Johnson - Duanesburg, N.Y.
8. 7z Erick Rudolph - Ransomville, N.Y.
9. 9h Matt Sheppard - Waterloo, N.Y.
10. 66 Duane Howard - Oley, Penn.
11. 14b Pete Britten - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
12. 8c Jimmy Cottrell - Rock City Falls, N.Y.
13. 20 Brett Hearn - Sussex, N.J.
14. 98h Jimmy Phelps - Baldwinsville, N.Y.
15. 4* Tim McCreadie - Watertown, N.Y.
16. 74m Matt Billings - Brockville, Ontario, Canada
17. 3J Marc Johnson - Guilderland, N.Y.
18. 8 Rich Scagliotta - Hillsborough, N.J.
19. 49 Billy Dunn - Watertown, N.Y.
20. 115 Kenny Tremont - West Sand Lake, N.Y.
21. 99L Larry Wight - Altmar, N.Y.
22. 41 Jim Davis - Ballston Spa, N.Y.
23. 3 Mark Kislowski - Ballston Spa, N.Y.
24. 678 Gary Tomkins - Clifton Springs, N.Y.
25. 1j Bobby Varin - Johnstown, N.Y.
26. 43 Keith Flach - Ravena, N.Y.
27. 35 Mike Perrotte - Plattsburgh, N.Y.
28. 42p Pat Ward - Genoa, N.Y.
29. 5* Tyler Siri - Watkins Glen, N.Y.
30. 17E Elmo Reckner - Ballston Lake, N.Y.

Did Not Start:
14 Brett Wright - East Chatham, N.Y.
816 Jeff Rockefeller - Glenville, N.Y.
6h Josh Hohenforst - Gloversville, N.Y.
98s Kolby Schroder - Staatsburg, N.Y.
36 Brian Whittemore - Pittsburg, Vt.
1 John Lutes, Jr. - Altamont, N.Y.
3d Matt DeLorenzo - Cropseyville, N.Y.
16 A.J. Romano - Johnstown, N.Y.
14z Jessica Zemken - Sprakers, N.Y.
14g Brian Gleason - Altamont, N.Y.
34 Andy Bachetti - Sheffield, Mass.

B-Main 1 (10 laps, top 3 transfer): Tremont, Kislowski, Flach, Siri, Ward, Perrotte, Schroder, Rockefeller, Wright, Whittemore, Hohenforst
B-Main 2 (10 laps, top 3 transfer): Dunn, Davis, Tomkins, Varin, Romano, DeLorenzo, Gleason, Zemken, Lutes. DNS: Bachetti

Qualifying Heats (8 laps, top 5 transfer, top 3 redraw)
Heat 1 : Haers, R. Johnson, Bellinger, Reckner, Scagliotta, Siri, Flach, Rockefeller, Perrotte, Ward, Wright
Heat 2 : Friesen, Sheppard, Cottrell, Hearn, Billings, Tremont, Kislowski, Schroder, Hohenforst, Whittemore
Heat 3: Rudolph, VanInwegen, Howard, Phelps, Wight, Dunn, Romano, Lutes, DeLorenzo, Varin
Heat 4 : Britten, Decker, D. Johnson, McCreadie, M. Johnson, Davis, Tomkins, Gleason, Zemken, Bachetti

Time Trials : 1. Britten 16.244, 2. Rudolph 16.254, 3. Friesen 16.296, 4. VanInwegen 16.319, 5. Hearn 16.322, 6. Howard 16.349, 7. Decker 16.358, 8. Cottrell 16.372, 9. Phelps 16.423, 10. Wight 16.436, 11. Sheppard 16.451, 12. D. Johnson 16.471, 13. Haers 16.501, 14. R. Johnson, 16.524, 15. McCreadie 16.581, 16. M. Johnson 16.592, 17. Billings 16.598, 18. Davis 16.609, 19. Bachetti 16.625, 20. Dunn 16.651, 21. DeLorenzo 16.672, 22. Schroder 16.682, 23. Tremont 16.687, 24. Ward 16.770, 25. Reckner 16.803, 26. Zemken 16.803, 27. Wright 16.875, 28. Varin 16.879, 29. Gleason 16.886, 30. Romano 16.901, 31. Tomkins 16.910, 32. Hohenforst 16.918, 33. Bellinger 17.025, 34. Kislowski 17.067, 35. Whittemore 17.075, 36. Perrotte 17.093, 37. Rockefeller 17.101, 38. Scagliotta 17.113, 39. Lutes 17.117, 40. Siri 17.243, 41. Flach 17.578


Another capacity crowd showed up this past Sunday, July 6th, for another holiday spectacular show presented by Safelite Autoglass and Gates-Cole Insurance. Mike Mahaney used a late race pass to score the NASCAR Modified win over Ryan Phelps, while Stewart Friesen took the SUNY Canton ESS Speedweek finale. Also winning was Mike Walton in the Sportsman, Glenn Forward for the fourth consecutive time in the Pro Stocks, while Russ Marsden took another win in the Pure Stocks. When the night was over, the skies were filled with a fantastic fireworks display by Majestic Fireworks.
The start of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Modified feature event started off with a few cautions, but when racing finally got underway, Tye-Scott Rood and C.J. Castelletti got the green. Willy Decker, coming from his fourth starting spot, immediately put the pressure on the leading Rood, using the outside lane to make the pass and take over the top spot.  He was followed closely by Ryan Phelps, and when the bottom of the speedway opened up, Phelps seized the opportunity and took the lead on lap five.
Meanwhile, the field behind the leaders was being shuffled around as a few drivers made their charge to the front. Among them was Mike Mahaney, who was picking his way through the field from his seventh starting position. On the eighth circuit Mahaney had taken the runner up position away from Decker and was trying to catch Phelps, who had built a substantial lead. Matt Sheppard and Danny Johnson both fought their way into the top five as the first half of the race came to a close, both starting in row six.
A caution of lap twenty one erased the lead that Phelps had built since the beginning of the race. When the green came out once more, Mahaney was on the rear bumper of the leader. He dove to the bottom groove of the speedway, while Phelps chose to use the middle of the racing surface. Phelps seemed to be pulling away, but another yellow on lap twenty seven gave Mahaney one more chance. Racing resumed with the top two choosing the same lines, but Mahaney was able to make it stick and took the lead with two to go. He was able to hold on for the victory. Phelps would take home second, while Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, and Larry Wight completed the top five. Johnson, Matt Janczuk, Pat Ward, Tim Mayne, and Jim Mahaney filled out the top ten.
Stephen Denton was the pole sitter for the Sportsman feature. A caution came out on lap four due to a car going off the top of turn one. On the restart, twelfth place starter Heath Carney took the lead from Denton. Meanwhile, Carney’s starting partner on row six was working his way through the pack, and began to challenge for the lead. He was able to get by Carney on lap twelve, and he held on for the rest of the way. Steve Way came in second, followed by Carney, Andrew Ferguson, and Jack Miller.

STEWART FRIESEN, Larry Wight, Steve Poirier, Chuck Hebing, Jason Barney, Bryan Howland, Kevin Ward Jr., Cory Sparks, Michael Parent, Paul Kinney, Jeff Cook, Danny Varin, Jessica Zemken, Mat Tanner, Jason Shultz, Daryl Ruggles, Tommy Wickham, Alysha Ruggles, Charlie Donk, Joe Trenca, Dave Axton, Zach Wiegand, Yan Bilodeau, Davie Franek, Tim Axton, and Sammy Reakes IV.
MIKE MAHANEY, Ryan Phelps, Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Larry Wight, Danny Johnson, Matt Janczuk, Pat Ward, Tim Mayne, Jim Mahaney, Bob Henry Jr., Jason Rodd, Dave Moyer, Jim Walsh, Aaron Jacobs, Joel Thomas, Willy Decker, Tye-Scott Rodd, C.J. Castelletti, and Adam Ellis.
MIKE WALTON, Steve Way, Heath Carney, Andrew Ferguson, Jack Miller, Kyle Kiehn, Chad Ray, Stephen Denton, A.J. Filbeck, Randy Shantel, John DeForest, Mike Stiles, Craig Pope, Tom Tophoven, Claude Hutchings Jr., Jeremy Vunk, and Mike Richmond.
GLENN FORWARD, Chris Carr, A.J. Digsby, Mark Effner, Tom Denton, Bret Belden, Chris Cunningham, Ed Ostrander, Dana Camenga, Corie Locke, and Ryan Lund.


Two Feature Races for the Capital Region Sprint Association (CRSA)  this Saturday, July 12

MIDDLETOWN, NY (July 7)......
With the Orange County Fair Speedway weekly racing season past the halfway mark, there are tight point races in each of the track’s competing divisions. That means drivers will be out to establish their positions, defending top spots, or challenging leaders as the season heads into its final two months.  And for the fans, that insures great racing each Saturday night on the historic Middletown, New York “Hard Clay” five-eighths-mile speedway.

In the headline DIRTcar Big-Block Modified division, five time champion Chuck McKee and defending titlist Tim Hindley are in a seesaw battle for supremacy, with McKee currently holding a slim 18-point lead.

McKee also tops the Small-Block Modified ranks, but only by seven points over 2013 champion Danny Creeden. L.J. Lombardo is the Sportsman point leader, a somewhat comfortable 27-point edge over Matt Janiak. Tightest of all is the Street Stock competition where Charlie Donald is just three points ahead of Mike Vigiletti.

This coming Saturday evening, July 12, Johnstons Toyota and Steve Dodd Plumbing & Heating present a full program of DIRTcar Modified, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stock qualifying and feature races. And joining them will be the CSRA Sprint Cars, promising even more racing excitement for the fans. Due to an earlier postponement, the CRSA Sprint cars will open the program with a 20-lap feature race and then compete in a full card of qualifying races leading to their second “A” main of the evening.

Admission prices for the July 12 race meet remains at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and $2.00 for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begin promptly at 7:00 pm.

Advance tickets are now on sale for the 53rd Annual Eastern States Weekend, October 24-26, 2014, headlined by the Eastern States 200, the oldest continuously-run championship race for dirt track Modifieds.

Information for all Orange County Fair Speedway action is available at the speedway website,, or at the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 Wednesday through Saturday during business hours.

Upcoming: July 17-27 -- The 174th Annual Orange County Fair!   


Fulton Speedway
TIM SEARS JR., Chris Hile, Billy Decker, Chad Phelps, Rob Bellinger, Chris Mackey, Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps, Joe August Jr., Ryan Phelps, Pat Ward, Matt Hulsizer, Matt Fink, Jim Witko Jr., Katelyn Kane, Adam Roberts, Tim Currier, Chuck Bower, Tom Sears Jr., Dan Vauter, Tim Harris.

HEAT WINNERS) – Katelyn Kane, Chris Mackey, Tim Sears Jr...

RON DAVIS III, Brandon Ford, Jason Parkhurst, Beth Schneider, Chris Hulsizer, Jim Spano, Mike Button, Corey Barker, Brandon Hagan, Jason Occhino, Steve Barber, Jeremy Dygert, Tony Finch II, Geoff Van Riper, Rocco Leone, Taylor Lamb, Todd Root, Nick Webb, John Christan, Jordan Bennett, Bill Clark Jr., Joe Kline, Wade Chrisman, Jeremy Pitcher, DNS Gregg Kimball.

JASON BARNEY, Matt Tanner, Steve Poirier, Jessica Zemken, Paul Kinney, Chuck Hebing, Paige Polyak, Michael Parent, Dave Franek, Doug Emery, Cory Sparks, Joe Trenca, Steve Hutchinson, Sam Reakes, George Suprick, Parker Evans, Scott Kreutter, Dave Axton, Tim Axton, Danny Varin, Zach Weigen, Jeff Cook, Charlie Donk, Kevin Ward, Etienne Giard, Larry Wight


Billy Decker Outruns Teammate Pat Ward To Brewerton Speedway Modified Victory Lane

BREWERTON, NY – July 4, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
Billy Decker in less than 24 hours at two tracks had a July Fourth he won’t soon forget. Decker went to victory lane at Rolling Wheels in the wee-hours of the morning, winning the Modified Super DIRTcar series event. On Friday night he backed that win up by winning the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature win at the Brewerton Speedway.

Ryan Bartlett would lead the opening sixteen-laps of the 35-Lap Modified feature before giving up the lead to Billy Decker. Once in the lead Decker would fight off challenges from teammate Pat Ward for his first Brewerton win of 2014.

Other winners on VP Small Engines Fuel night were, Chris Fleming, Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modifieds – Alan Fink and Terry Lapham, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites – Stephen Denton, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders and Tyler Walker, NY6A 600 Sprint Tour.

Ryan Bartlett would take the lead on the opening lap of the 35-Lap Modified feature and would hold a comfortable lead till lap-ten when Vinnie Vitale would close within a car length putting pressure on the leader. Behind the top-two, Mike Bowman in his new Hig-Fab chassis, Joe August Jr. and Pat Ward were having a tight battle for third through fifth.

On lap-fourteen the battle at the front was turned up a notch as you could have thrown a blanket over Bartlett, Ward, Bowman and Decker before a quick caution.

On the restart cars stacked up in a scramble in turn-one bringing out the caution. Involved was Matt Sheppard, Rob Bellinger and Matt Hulsizer. Sheppard and Hulsizer made a trip to the pits and returned to the back of the field.

When the race went back green, Bartlett, Ward and Decker were locked in a tight three-car battle. On lap-seventeen going into turn one, Bartlett slipped up the track allowing Decker to drive by to be scored the new leader with Ward going into second.

With twenty-laps showing on the scoring tower, Decker and Ward were out front running nose to tail as Ward looked for a way by Decker. Bartlett ran alone in third with August and Bowman fourth and fifth.

On lap-twenty-four the yellow would fly again for another jingle involving Sheppard, Chris HIle and Chad Phelps.

With ten-laps to go Decker and Ward still set the pace at the front of the field. Behind the top-two, Ryan Phelps and Larry Wight who came from the consi were in a tight fight for third and fourth with Bartlett showing in fifth.

Just when it looked like Decker would cruise to the win a final yellow would fly on lap-thirty-two giving Ward, Phelps and Wight one final shot at Decker.

Over the final laps Decker was the class of the field as he cruised under the checkers first over Ward. Phelps narrowly got third over Wight at the line. Matt Fink came on late for fifth.

After getting out of his Gypsum Wholesalers/Stadium International Trucks/Integra Racing Shocks/Safety-Kleen/NAPA/LJL Kevlar Racing Engines/No.91/Decker talked about his victory.

“We have struggled here a little bit at Brewerton, one of the premiere race tracks in the country. It feels good to win here every time.” For Decker it was his 54th Brewerton win.

“We struggled in the heat race and Scott (Jeffery) started making some changes. This win belongs to Scott and the guys. We were off more than just a little bit, they worked their tails off. I had a really good race car and could move top to bottom. I think I found the groove just a little bit before everyone else.”

Decker, after starting eleventh in the feature, talked about the winning pass on lap-seventeen. “I got to third and the No.93 (Ryan Bartlett) was racing Pat (Ward) pretty hard. I don’t know if I could have passed Pat if he got to the front first. The ninety-three slipped up a little bit in one and I was able to get underneath him to get the lead (Lap 17) at that time.”

BILLY DECKER, Pat Ward, Ryan Phelps, Larry Wight, Matt Fink, Rob Bellinger, Matt Sheppard, Ryan Bartlett, Pat O’Brien, Chuck Bower, Joe August Jr., Chris Hile, Jimmy Phelps, Mike Bowman, Chris Mackey, Roy Bresnahan, Tim Kerr, Matt Billings, Chad Phelps, Rick Regalski, Tim Sears Jr., Vinnie Vitale, Matt Hulsizer, Jim Witko Jr., Tom Sears, Dan Vauter, Tim Harris.



Susquehanna, PA…
The annual Fourth of July Spectacular at Penn Can Speedway lived up to its name both in the sky and on the track. The Vibrant Thunder Fireworks Co lit up the sky with the area’s largest aerial display while the racing was just as exciting on Warner’s Gas Service Night. Kevin Hartnett of Barto, PA put his HigFab modified in Victory Lane for the third time this season in front of another large holiday crowd. Newcomer Cody Clark, a Fonda Speedway regular, used his Xcel modified experience at Penn Can to win the 602 sportsman race. The closely contested street stock division had another nail biter with Ryan Stone of Hallstead holding of Steve Deinhardt of Deposit, New York. Ted Mills Jr repeated in the factory stocks with Kenny Underwood returning to the Victory Lane in the four cylinders. Local favorite Kamdin Maby of Susquehanna backed up his win last week with a strong effort winning his first ever tour race for the Xcel 600 modifieds.

After two first lap cautions, Steve Babicek jumped from his third starting position to take the early lead in the modified thirty lap feature event. Babicek’s luck soured on the third circuit as he pulled to the infield with mechanical problems handing the lead over to Kevin Hartnett with Frank Porreca, Mike Nagel, and Nick Rochinski in tow. Much of the early race action had the cars of Alan Rudalavage, Adam MacGeorge, Joey Grammes, Bob Trapper, and Mike Schane all working their way through the field. Hartnett benefitted from a long green twenty seven lap green flag run putting his car over a straight away head of the field. Rookie Frank Porreca was having his best modified feature trying to chase down the leader lap after lap in the second position with Nagel, Rochinski, and last week’s feature winner Brian Malcolm chasing. The final caution came out on lap twenty night when the second place running Porrecan came up on a spinning lapped car and had nowhere to spin to avoid contact ending his great run. On the restart Hartnett pulled away winning for the third time this season. Nagel, Rochinski, Malcolm, and Joey Colsten rounded out the top five.

The 602 sportsman feature was a battle between four cars for the entire twenty lap distance. Paul Rooney and Dusty Barton set the early pace with Randy Gates and newcomer Cody Clark on their bumpers. With Rooney leading Barton, Clark took to the outside of the track and powered his way into the top spot on lap twelve. Clark held off challenges lap after lap from Barton, Rooney, and Gates. For Clark it was his first ever start in a sportsman at Penn Can and he came home with the win followed by Barton, Gates, and Rooney.

Modified Feature:
Kevin Hartnett, Mike Nagel Jr, Nick Rochinski, Brian Malcolm, Joey Colsten, Darrell Ford, Al Rudalavage, Mike Schane, Billy Thornton, Frank Porreca, Bob Trapper, Bobby Trapper, Joey Grammes, Adam MacGeorge, Ken Titus, Mike Dougherty, Mike Loney, Brad Shaffer, Randall Paxton, Chris Piasecki, Steve Babicek, Dan Pompey, Alex Stanton, Tom McGurrin

602 Sportsman
Feature: Cody Clark, Dusty Barton, Randy Gates, Paul Rooney, Brian Mady, Todd Titus, Ryan Olsommer, Alec Gennarelli, Nick Mady, Rosalyn Trautschold, Marty Bunker, Craig Monroe, Ted Mills III



The 358 Modifieds were set for the 2nd leg of the Frenchie's "Chevy Runs Deep" Series as birthday boy Gage Morin and 5 Mile Point Speedway regular Kevin Bates led the field to the green and Morin quickly jumped into the top spot as Billy Dunn, Larry Welling Jr. Kevin Bates and Danny O'Brien completed the top 5 in the early going. Morin had a stout race car but last week's winner Billy Dunn was on the charge and took the lead away from Morin and would jump out to a commanding lead over the next 9 laps. On lap 11 Dexter Stacey and Tommy Jock Jr. tangled in the middle of the back stretch bringing out the first caution flag. On the restart Morin would get the advantage as Dunn, Welling, Bates and Brian McDonald rounded out the top 5. Try as he may Morin couldn't hold on as Dunn would retake the top spot as McDonald, Welling and Chris Raabe would try to keep pace. Dunn had built up a near 4 second lead by the halfway point until the yellow flew again on lap 27 for Matt Woodruff who clipped an infield tire on the front stretch breaking the front end on his machine. When the green flew again Dunn marched away from the field as McDonald, Raabe, Carey Terrance and Morin continued to round out the top 5. Raabe started the event back in the 12th spot and was putting the pressure on McDonald for the runner up spot. On lap 30 Raabe used the low lane to work his way to 2nd and try to close in on the leader as Billy Dunn began to enter into lapped traffic. On lap 31 the yellow flew again as Kevin Bates broke a front end on his car ending a great run. When the green flew Dunn had clear race track and would charge out to the lead over Raabe, McDonald, Terrance and Ryan Arbuthnot. With the race going green the remainder of the event nobody was catching the 2 time track champion as Billy Dunn collected his 2nd win in a row over Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Carey Terrance and Ryan Arbuthnot.

The Sportsman division was set to go for their 25 lap feature go and rookie Brianna Ladouceur was looking for redemption as she took the lead at the drop of the green flag over Brad Winters, Billy Cook, Mike Stacey and Bryan Green. Much like the previous week Ladouceur was on cruise control as she opened up a huge lead on the rest of the field by lap 4. On lap 5 the first yellow flew for Dylan Evoy as he slowed in turn 3, but Evoy would return to the field and put on a show from the back of the field. On the restart Ladouceur was quick and opened up another big lead as behind her Corey Wheeler was on his way to the front. After starting 12th he patiently made his way up to 2nd on lap 9 and was in pursuit of Brianna Ladouceur as they approached the halfway point. Ladouceur entered into lapped traffic and this is where Wheeler made his move. On lap 15 Wheeler used a lapped car as a pick to take over the lead but Ladouceur had troubles negotiating the lapped car and would spin off turn 2 ending another fantastic run and a chance for her first ever win. On the restart Wheeler continued to lead but remember Dylan Evoy who slowed on lap 5 and had to go to the pits? Well he was on a mission and was not content to ride in the back of the field as he made his way into the top 5 getting by Wyatt Mullin and Zach Arquiett and would close in on the leader with 4 laps to go. On the final lap Wheeler was in complete control until the caution flew for Ryan Helm who spun on the backstretch. This set up a 1 lap dash to the checkered flag as Wheeler stayed low while Evoy charged to the high side when the green flag flew. The top 2 raced side by side into turn 3 and Corey Wheeler was able to hold off the 2 time track champion for his 3rd straight win of the season. Evoy settled for 2nd while Zach Arquiett had his career best finish of 3rd. Mike Maresca came from 25th starting spot to finish up 4th and Wyatt Mullin rounded out the top 5.

Frenchie's "Chevy Runs Deep" 358 Modified Series
BILLY DUNN, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Carey Terrance, Ryan Arbuthnot,  Danny O'Brien, Tom Conklin, Lance Willix, Gage Morin, Jordan McCreadie, Casey Swamp, Travis Stacey, John Mulder, Joel Doiron, David Papineau, Roy Delormier, Delbert Legrow, Charlie Rice, Larry Welling Jr., Kevin Bates, Matt Woodruff, Dexter Stacey, Tommy Jock Jr., Skip Mackenzie, (DNS) Preston Forbes

COREY WHEELER, Dylan Evoy, Zach Arquiett, Mike Maresca, Wyatt Mullin, Brent Kelsey, Ryan Stabler, Mike Arquiett, Brad Winters, Louie Jackson Jr., Joel Hargrave, Billy Cook, Ricky Thompson, Adam Rozon, Neal Provost, Bryan Green, Mike Stacey, Delbert Legrow Jr., Scott Mere, Scott McGill, Andrew Fish, Jasmine David, Darryl Mitchell, Brianna Ladouceur, Robert Delormier, Greg Snyder, Ryan Helm, Thomas Cook, (DNS) Darryl Nutting


Britten Brings The Thunder At Albany-Saratoga Friday Night

For Immediate Release
July 4th, 2014

Malta, NY –
On Thursday evening the race fans of the Capital District experienced Mother Nature’s wrath as severe storms pelted the region with heavy rain, wind and lightning. Just about 24 hours later those same race fans saw a different king of storm, one in which the thunder came from down under!

Australia’s Peter Britten picked up the Upstate GMC Dealers DIRTcar Modified feature event win in what many would call one of the best races ever on the fast, four tenths of a mile oval. The win came just over a year since Britten became the first driver from outside of North America to win a feature event at the Great Race Place.

“We do what we can,” Britten said in response to announcer Mike Warrens claim that Batman can really fly. Britten then asked a question that received a roar so loud from the packed stands that they may have heard in down under.

“What does everyone think about Brett Hearn not winning,” Britten asked.

In other action defending Sportsman track champion Jeremy Pitts won the divisions 25 lap feature event while Rob Yetman (DIRTcar Pro Stocks), Ricky Davis (Limited Sportsman) and Randy Miller (Don Don’s Delights Street Stocks) also each reached victory lane. The entire racing program, which included a huge fireworks display and 118 entries, was completed in three and a half hours.

Pep Corradi and Neal Stratton led the stout Upstate GMC Dealers DIRTcar Modified feature event to the green Corradi taking the point first. The race would see a pair of caution flags negate the attempt to start the event. The first saw fourth place starter Rich Ronca spin in between turns three and four, collecting Mark Kislowski and Matt Delorenzo. On the restart Jeff Trombley would make very hard contact with the front stretch wall, forcing another caution period. The newest driver to the Albany-Saratoga Speedway’s all-star lineup – Jeff Strunk, suffered a flat tire in the incident. He would return to the event.

Racing was finally able to get underway with Corradi taking the early lead over Neal Stratton, Hector Stratton, Mike Perrotte and Jimmy Cottrell. Neal Stratton would move to the topside and on lap two take the lead from Corradi. His father, Hector followed him past Corradi a lap later. The third of what would be five caution flags slowed the event on lap four when Matt Depew slowed on the track.

The Stratton’s remained one-two on the restart with Perrotte moving into the third position, Britten fourth and Brett Hearn fifth. Hearn, who started 15th, was tenth before the restart. On lap seven Britten moved past Hector Stratton for second while Hearn took over fourth from Perrotte. Brian Gleason came to a stop in turn two which forced the caution flag to wave for the fourth time. The restart attempt was unsuccessful as Depew, Brian Whittemore and Justin Barber tangled in turn four, which forced the caution flag to wave for the final time.

Neal Stratton would again lead on the restart with Britten, Hearn, Hector Stratton and Kenny Tremont, Jr. completing the top five. Britten would power the Troyer Race Cars backed machine out front on lap nine as Tremont moved into the fourth position. On lap 11 Hearn overtook Stratton for second while Tremont moved to third and Marc Johnson broke into the top five.

By lap 15 Britten had just shy of a ten car length lead over Hearn however that lead quickly evaporated as the duo entered extremely heavy traffic. Hearn was all over Britten by lap 18, even getting a look underneath the rising Australian star. On lap 24 the leaders were side by side working their way through slower traffic. They were three wide with Elmo Reckner and split Rich Ronca coming out of turn two.

The race for the lead was one of the best ever at the track with Britten and Hearn slicing their way through traffic. As they battled 12 time track champion Tremont started to close in. By lap 30 Tremont was on the rear deck of Hearn as Britten opened a small lead.

That small lead was all Britten needed as he brought home his second career feature win at the Great Race Place. Hearn held off Tremont for second with Marc Johnson finishing fourth and Ronnie Johnson fifth. Heat races for the 32 car field were won by Hearn, Kislowski and Neal Stratton. All drivers were eligible to start the feature event.

“That was a hell of a show,” Britten said. “I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Jeremy Pitts won the 25 lap Sportsman feature event. The win for the defending track champion and current points leader was his second of the season. Nick Anatriello would take the early lead over Timothy Davis, Andy Durie and the remainder of the 33 car starting field. Jack Speshock moved past Durie for third on lap two and set his sights on the leaders.

The first of four caution flags slowed the event on lap three when Joe Orlando broke on the front stretch. Anatriello would lead on the restart however Pitts was on the charge. Pitts moved past Jake Scarborough on lap five for fourth and then two laps later past Speshock for third. Pitts then joined Anatriello and Davis for a dandy three car battle for the lead.

On lap 11 the trio went three wide for the lead with Davis coming out on top over Pitts. Pitts would take the lead on lap 13. In the end Pitts would survive three more restarts to bring home the win over Speshock, Cody Bleau, Scarborough and Rocky Warner. Heat races for the 33 car field were won by Durie, Speshock, Scarborough and Davis. All drivers started the feature event.

Rob Yetman picked up his 19th career DIRTcar Pro Stock feature win at the track. Ed Thompson grabbed the early lead before a lap eight caution flag for a stopped Brandon Emigh set up the races first restart. On the restart Yetman was able to stay with Thompson and on lap nine took over the top spot. Yetman would go unchallenged to take the win over Robbie Speed, Thompson, Dave DePaulo and Kim Duell. A total of 17 DIRTcar Pro Stocks were pit side with heat races going to Speed and Bernie Companion.

Ricky Davis not only picked up his first career Limited Sportsman feature event win in the divisions 15 lap event, the win was his first ever in a stock car. Davis took the lead at the drop of the green and despite numerous caution flags was able to lead the entire distance for the win. Brandon Pitcher finished second with Ben Brownell third, Emily Quinn fourth and Alissa Cody fifth. Heat races for the 18 car field were won by Davis and Pitcher.

Randy Miller returned to victory lane in the Don Don’s Delights Street Stock division. Miller pulled away to the win over Jason Meltz, Scott Lawrence, Bill Duprey and Matt Mosher. A total of 18 drivers entered the event.

The Albany-Saratoga Speedway returns to action this Tuesday evening with the sixth running of Brett Hearn’s Big Show. The event is a $10,000 to win Super DIRTcar Series event for the DIRTcar Modifieds. The DIRTcar Sportsman division will also be in action in a twin 20, feature only program. Racing is scheduled to start at 7pm.

DIRTcar Modified Results (35 Laps) -
1) Peter Britten, 2) Brett Hearn, 3) Ken Tremont Jr, 4) Marc Johnson, 5) Ronnie Johnson, 6) Keith Flach, 7) Neil Stratton, 8) Mike Perrotte 9) Matt Delorenzo, 10) Hector Stratton, 11) Jimmy Cottrell, 12) Brett Wright, 13) Jeff Strunk, 14) Don Ronca, 15) Rich Scagliotta, 16) Mark Kislowski, 17) Kyle Armstrong, 18) John Lutes Jr., 19) Elmo Reckner, 20) Rich Ronca, 21) Pep Corradi, 22) Jim Nagle, 23) Brian Whittemore, 24) Brian Gleason, 25) Jeremy Wilder, 26) Justin Barber, 27) C.G. Morey, 28) Mike Minick, 29) Cass Bennett, 30) Jeff Trombley, 31) Matt Depew, DNS) Justin Boehler

Sportsman Results (25 Laps)
- 1) Jeremy Pitts, 2) Jack Speshock, 3) Cody Bleau, 4) Jake Scarborough, 5) Rocky Warner, 6) Hunter Bates, 7) Tim Hartman Jr, 8) Nick Anatriello, 9) Robert Bublak, 10) Connor Cleveland, 11) Joey Scarborough, 12) Derek McGrew, 13) Chris Johnson, 14) Dave Baranowski Jr, 15) Jack Gentile, 16) Nick Lussier, 17) Pete Jeske, 18) Mike Burdo, 19) Alex Bell, 20) Colin Bokus, 21) Bert Film, 22) Scott Duell, 23) Chad Miller, 24) Elliott Lussier, 25) Timothy Davis, 26) Olden Dwyer, 27) Cody Hunt, 28) Jon Miller, 29)  Sebastien Bourque, 30) Jack Swint 31) Mike Ostrander, 32) Andy Durie 33) Joe Orlando

DIRTcar Pro Stock Results (25 Laps) - 1) Rob Yetman, 2) Robbie Speed, 3) Ed Thompson, 4) Dave Depaulo, 5) Kim Duell, 6) Ken Martin, 7) Dan Older, 8) Byron Wescott, 9) Danny Wood, 10) Randy Brownell, 11) Bernie Companion, 12) Tom Princiotta,  13) Bill Smith, 14) Brandon Emigh, DNS) Norm Loubier, DNS) Kevin Loomis, DNS) Rowdy Burch

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps) - 1) Ricky Davis, 2) Brandon Pitcher, 3) Ben Brownell, 4) Emily Quinn, 5) Alissa Cody, 6) Randall Soucie, 7) Anthony Alger, 8) Diana Huyck, 9) Chris Curtis, 10) Jack Bublak, 11) Andrew Buff, 12) Zach Daurio, 13) Jesse Edwards, 14) Ken Conroy, 15) Wally Potter, 16) David Emigh, 17) Shannon Donnelly, 18) Christopher Ronca

































































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