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Matt Hulsizer Holds Off Fulton Speedway's Best, Winning The Modified Feature; Larry Wight The 2014 Big Block Modified Track Champion

FULTON, NY – August 30, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway exciting final point race features were won and a season worth of hard work was celebrated in victory lane with track championships.

 In feature racing on Ingles Performance and VP Small Engines Fuels night the winners were, Matt Hulsizer, Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds,  Nick Webb, SUNY Canton Sportsman, Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models, Haiden Burdick, E&V Energy Novice Sportsman, Gordy Button, A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints and Chuck Powelczyk, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders.

Drivers and crews who celebrated 2014 Track Championships were:  Larry Wight, Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds, Ron Davis III, SUNY Canton Sportsman, Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models, John Cunningham, A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints and Chuck Powelczyk, Hilton’s Automotive  Four Cylinders.

In the 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature there were two races to watch. The first was who was going to take the final checker flag of the season before the Outlaw 200 Weekend. The second was the three-car battle for the track championship. Billy Decker held a one point lead over Larry Wight and a twenty-five point advantage over Jimmy Phelps.

In the feature itself, Matt Hulsizer was on rails running the top of the speedway hitting his marks lap after the lap the entire distance. Drivers like Larry Wight and Tom Sears Jr. could get to Hulsizer but never mount a serious challenge. Tom Sears Jr., Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps and Ryan Phelps finished second through fifth.

“This is a pretty good way to end the season. We struggled for the most part but can’t complain right now,” Matt Hulsizer said after putting his Thompson Road Tavern/Muddy Paws Dog Grooming/MBH Racing/No.55 in victory lane for the first time this season on the ‘High Banks.'

Hulsizer was asked if he felt any pressure knowing Larry Wight, Tom Sears Jr. and Jimmy Phelps were behind looking to take the win away from him. “I saw Larry (Wight) on the restart and I knew he’d try to get to the outside as hard as he could, so I knew I had to get up there (top) quick.

Hulsizer finished up how much the win meant after a hard two years and how the win Saturday sure carries momentum into the rest of the season and next season.

The plan was simple for Larry Wight to win the track championship. Finish ahead of Billy Decker. Wight drove a strong race finishing third to Billy Decker’s sixth place, winning the title by five points.

Anyone who watches Larry Wight race when he straps into his Gypsum Express/Tracey Road Equipment/NAPA Auto Parts/Saftey-Kleen/Syracuse Haulers/Industrial Tire Of CNY/LJL Kevlar Racing Engines/No.99L/Troyer/ knows there is no cruise control. It’s flat out racing green to checker.

When asked, knowing all he had to do was finish ahead of Billy Decker, were there any thoughts of playing scoring tower watching to see where Decker was? “No. We got into second and I started to run down Matt (Hulsizer) and I really didn’t want to see that caution. I think he was getting his right rear hot because he was slowing down and I was hoping to catch him in lapped traffic. As soon as we got the bottom (restart) I knew we were in trouble. We were able to fall in line in third and we were able to keep Billy behind us we were good.”

“It’s huge (track championship) crew chief- Rob (Hile), Jeff (Hadden) Jake (Pietrowicz) everyone has been working so hard on this car. We had a good point lead all year and then two weeks with some really bad luck. It almost took us out, but we were able to rebound and come out on top.”

Jeremy Pitcher led the opening 13-laps of the 25-lap SUNY Canton Sportsman feature before Beth Schneider took away the lead. Schneider knew coming in that she had to win the race and have point leader Ron Davis III finish 12th or below to win her second straight title.

Just when it looked like Schneider might do her part while running the top-side, Nick Webb had other ideas. Running a lane even higher than Schneider, Webb took the lead on lap 18 and never looked back for his first Fulton Speedway win. Beth Schneider, Jeremy Pitcher,Tony Finch II and Jason Occhino finished second through fifth.

In victory lane Nick Webb dedicated his win to his good friend and Sportsman driver Brandon Hagan who lost his life earlier in the day to a non-related racing incident.  

Ron Davis III final race to title started from the back of the pack after qualifying through the consi. During the feature he was on the defensive as it seemed most of the yellows happened right in front of him. In the end Davis brought home a sixth place finish and his first ever SUNY Canton Sportsman Track Championship.

“There was a couple close ones, I thought I messed up the front end after a hit it took. After that it wasn’t handling the way I wanted it to,“ Ron Davis said about his wild ride in Bratt Farms/Bibbens Sales/Oakland Acres Firewood/Brian McDeid Contracting/Advantage Plumbing & Heating/Brenda’s Diner/No.32R/Bicknell to the title."

“We took the gamble with the Hoosiers in the beginning of the year and it paid off,” Davis said, talking about how most race teams ran the American Racer tire until the mandatory July 1st switch to Hoosiers only. That gave Davis a jump on the competition how the car reacted to those tires and the best setup.

Davis finished up by saying with enthusiasm, “This was one of my goals to get a track championship and I can’t believe it.”

Tim Sears Jr. went out and won the 20-Lap NAPA Late Model feature and the Championship. The feature win wasn’t an easy one as he had to throw everything he had at Sean Beardsley as the two battled from lap-4 till Sears was able to make the winning pass on lap-16 with Sean Beardsley coming in second.  In final points AJ Kingsley, Dale Caswell and Dave Talbot finished second through fifth.

Sears knew coming into the feature all he really had to do was start the feature for the title. “Just finishing isn’t fun. You got to come right here (victory lane) then it’s fun.”

“He’s (Sean Beardsley) been really fast lately, it’s been a lot of fun racing with him,” Sears said, talking about the last two races when it has been a battle between the two of them right down to the checkers.

Gordy Button dominated the 15-Lap A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprint feature over Track Champion John Cunningham. Cunningham will go in the record books as the first ever champion in the division.

Haiden Burdick was impressive once again in the E&V Energy Novice Sportsman winning his second feature in a row. Amy Holland, Joe Buonagurio, Mike Phelps and Trevor Lindsey chased Burdick across the line.

MATT HULSIZER, Tom Sears Jr., Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Phelps, Billy Decker, Pat Ward, Chris Mackey, Vinnie Vitale,Adam Roberts, Rob Bellinger, Tim Sears Jr.,Chris Hile, Jim Witko Jr., Tim Currier, Chad Phelps, Tom Kinsella, Katelyn Kane, Brad Godshalk, Chuck Bower, Matt Fink, DNS Dan Vauter.

HEAT WINNERS) – Matt Hulsizer, Tom Sears Jr., Ryan Phelps.

NICK WEBB, Beth Schneider, Jeremy Pitcher, Tony Finch II, Jason Occhino, Ron Davis III, Earl Rudy, Jeremy Vunk, Brent Joy, Brandon Sweet, Chris Hulsizer, Wade Chrisman, Taylor Lamb, Jason Parkhurst, Todd Root, Jeff Hunter, John Christian, James Carlson, Joe Kline, Bill Clark Jr., Gregg Kimball, Mike Button, Rocco Leone, Corey Barker.

*Winners Engine Pulled For Tech At LJL Racing Engine Shop*


LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – TIM SEARS JR., Sean Beardsley, AJ Kingsley, Dale Caswell, Dave Talbot, Harry Haliday, Kevan Cook, Bret Belden, Aron Backus, Alan Chapman, Steve Coit, Johnny Hill.

SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS – HAIDEN BURDICK, Amy Holland, Joe Buonagurio, Mike Phelps, Trevor Lindsey, Brady Gill, Dorian Wahdan, Shannon Pitcher, Brett Draper, Taylor Jackson, Josh Van Tassell, Rylee Gill, Kyle Hulsizer.

305 SPRINTS – GORDY BUTTON, John Cunningham, Doug Crews, Casey Williams, Tom Fletcher.
(2014 305 SPRINTS CHAMPION) – John Cunningham.


Brett Hearn Captures 9th Big Block Championship

Saturday August 30, 2014
By: Rodney Rescott

West Lebanon, NY: 
A gorgeous night of racing took to the high banks at Lebanon Valley Speedway.  With Point titles on the line for both the Big Block Modifieds and the Pro Stocks, the fans packed in to the stands to see both Brett Hearn and Robbie Speed score the win, and take the titles to cap off their strong seasons.

The Modifieds has come down to one final race for 2 drivers, J. R. Heffner and Brett Hearn to figure out the Point Champion for 2014 as the two were tied going into their 30 lap feature event.

At the drop of the green, the 55K of the King Fish, Mike King, powered away from 2nd place runner Brian Berger aboard the 115B.  King however was strong, and powered away.  But deep in the field, all eyes were on the contenders.

Heffner kept his 74 in front of Hearn until lap 3 when Heffner and the 42P of Matt Pupello made contact with each other, sending Pupello into the turn 4 wall, and causing suspension damage to Heffner’s car.

That pretty much sealed his fate, as Hearn powered his 20H around Heffner on the next restart and began to reel in the front of the field.  As Heffner struggled, Hearn got to Berger, and passed by lap 18.  But out front was King, and he was not gonna give up easy.

After several side by side laps, and a little pressure, King finally made a mistake in turn 3, jumping the cushion, and opened the door for Hearn with only 3 laps remaining.  And that was it, Hearn captured the win over King.  3rd at the checkers was Berger, followed by Rob Pitcher and Kyle Sheldon.

And with win number 8 on the season, Brett Hearn captured the 2014 Big Block Modified High Point Championship, his 9th in his career.

For more information, final points, and more – visit our website at, and click on ‘Speedway’.

Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps):
1)Brett Hearn, 2)Mike King, 3)Brian Berger, 4)Rob Pitcher, 5)Kyle Sheldon, 6)J.R. Heffner, 7)Keith Flach, 8)Kolby Schroder, 9)Donnie Corellis, 10)Kyle Armstrong, 11)Eddie Marshall, 12)Kyle Hoffman, 13)Dave McFeeters, 14)Kenny Tremont Jr, 15)Andy Bachetti, 16)Matt Pupello, DNS)Paul Gilardi

Pro Stock Feature: 1)Robbie Speed, 2)Rob Yetman, 3)Jay Corbin, 4)Chuck Towslee, 5)Chad Asenault, 6)Nick Hilt, 7)Daniel Sanchez, 8)Victor, Hopkins, 9)Frank Twing, 10)Steven LaRochelle, 11)Jon Routhier, 12)Tom Harkins, 13)Chris Lunn, 14)John Denue, 15)Richard Spencer, 16)Milo Campbell, 17)Rick Duzlak, 18)Jeff Kelmel, DNS)Tom O'Connor, DNS)Paul Engwer

Budget Sportsman Feature-Continued from 8/16/14 Rain Delay from Lap 7 (20 Laps):  1)Peter Carlotto,2)Whitey Slavin, 3)Jeff Watson, 4)John Virgilio, 5)Ray Hall Jr., 6)B. Krummel, 7)Matt Pappa, 8)Tommy Johnson, 9)Timothy Davis 2nd, 10)Colin Clow, 11)Alan Houghtaling, 12)John Miller, 13)A. Pierson, 14)Michael Sabia, 15)Mike Dutka, 16)Ricky Davis, 17)Chris Lynch, 18)Cody Hunt, 19)John Stowell, 20)Mike Middleton, 21)Brandon Pitcher, 22)Cody Ochs, 23)Diana Huyck, 24)Alissa Cody, 25)Mike Gramolini, 26)Jim Boardman, 27)Chris Curtis, DNS)Nikki Ouellette, DNS)Scott Duell, DNS)Bill Pelton, DNS)K. Chaffee, DNS)A Buff,  DNS)J. Fornwalt, DNS)M. Hitchcock

8/30/14 Budget Sportsman Feature (20 Laps): 1)Jeff Watson, 2)Michael Sabia, 3)Whitey Slavin, 4)B. Krummel, 5)Matt Pappa, 6)John Virgilio, 7)John Miller, 8)Chris Lynch, 9)Peter Carlotto, 10)Cody Hunt, 11)Ricky Davis, 12)Mike Dutka, 13)Alissa Cody, 14)Diana Huyck, 15)Mike Gramolini, 16)Brandon Pitcher, 17)Jim Boardman,18)John Stowell, 19)Ray Hall Jr., 20)Kyle Plumstead, 21)Chris Curtis, 22)Alan Houghtaling, 23)Cody Ochs, 24)Timothy Davis 2nd, 25)Colin Clow, DNS)Tommy Johnson, DNS)A. Pierson, DNS)Phil Woods, DNS)Robby Knipe, DNS)Chris  Kokosa



Matt Sheppard of Waterloo, NY won his sixth Big Block feature main of the season and his fifth over all Modified track championship at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.  Sheppard advanced from deep in the field to the point position on lap twenty of the thirty-five lap main and quickly pulled away from the remainder of field. Sheppard piloted his HBR owned Troyer Chassis entry to a second place finish in the main event held earlier in the night which provided him with a twenty-seven point lead over Steve Paine for the championship.  With double points on the line, Sheppard did what he had to do to secure the title by going out and winning the night capper. Brian Sage enjoyed his best finish of the season in second after leading early on.  
Billy Dunn, Chad Homan, and Erick Rudolph rounded out the field.

Erick Rudolph of Ransomville, NY captured his second in a row aboard the Big Block Modified division after taking the win in the rained out feature event from August 16th. After notching his first win at the Land of Legends the week prior, Rudolph would back that up this past Saturday with another trip to victory lane. Rudolph piloted the Mike Payne owned/ Pages Trucking sponsored #7z to the lead just past the half way point of the thirty-five lap main and held it the remaining distance.  Matt Sheppard advanced to second followed by Justin Haers, David Allen, and Steve Paine.  Allen led most of the early laps.  

Steve Gray of Middlesex, NY won his fifth win of the season  but more importantly – his very first track championship!  Gray came into the event second to Dave Marcucelli with double points on the line.  Gray did exactly what he needed to do and marched his way to the front, taking the lead on lap fifteen of the twenty-five lap event.  Gray would go on to win the main and the track title by just one point over Marcucelli. A rousing round of applause sounded in the grandstands and the fans showed their approval.  Piloting his Proctor Enterprises/Ayers Painting sponsored #29g, Gray was joined trackside by a very happy crew and family!  After leading through lap fifteen, Kane Bristol settled for second followed by Rob Bussey, Nick Guererri, and Marcucelli.

Darryl Ruggles of Hopewell, NY won his seventh feature of the season in the Dig Safely NY 305 Race Saver Sprint division.  His stellar season launched him into the points lead early on which he maintained through last Saturday, collecting the 2014 championship laurels. It was his second title run in a row as he was also the champion in 2013.  David Ferguson, Steve Doell, Steve Glover, and Alyssa Ruggles rounded out the top five in the twenty lap feature main.

Alysha Ruggles of Hopewell, NY captured her third win of the 2014 season in the Dig Safely NY 305 Race Saver Sprint division.  Ruggles took the lead on lap six of the twenty lap main event and held it the remaining distance.  Steve Doell, Lee Sanders, Nick Cooper, and David Ferguson rounded out the top five.

Pete Stefanski picked up the win in the twenty lap Parts Plus Pro Street main event.  Stefanski inherited the lead on lap six after contact between Mike Welch and Steve Pesarek sent the pair to the tail of the field. Stefanski went on to win the main in the Sunrise Racing #2.  Pesarek battled back to second followed by Welch, Blane Smith, and Ron Greek.  Winning thirteen events on the season, Pete Stefanski would also claim his first track championship at the Land of Legends.

Pete Stefanski of Wheatfield, NY won the rained out Parts Plus Pro Street feature event from August 16th. Stefanski took the lead away from Blane Smith just past the half way point and would hold off persistent challenges from veteran Steve Pesarek in the closing laps of the fifteen lap main.  Smith held on for third followed by Mike Welch and Ron Greek.

Derrick Excell picked up his sixth career win the Pure Stock ranks at Canandaigua Speedway Park last Saturday.  Excell enjoyed a outside pole starting position and quickly took control of the twelve lap main.  Excell would maintain the top spot through the checkered followed by CJ Guererri, Scott Smith, Nick Dandino, and Vance Vanderwall.  Guererri refused post race tech and lost all points for the season.  Minutolo and Dandino were dis-qualified in post race tech and removed from the finish of the feature main.

Marc Minutolo of Newark, NY was awarded his second championship in a row in the Pure Stock division.  Minutolo came into the event behind CJ Guererri for the points title.  As reported in the paragraph before, Guererri was stripped of all points for the season after refusing tech.  “I can’t thank my dad enough,” said Minutolo in a post race interview. “Winning back to back titles is pretty sweet.”

MATT SHEPPARD, Brian Sage, Billy Dunn, Chad Homan, Erick Rudolph, Alan Johnson, Justin Haers, Peter Britten, Gary Tomkins, Steve Paine, Matt Billings, Eldon Payne, Mike Bowman, Dan Wiesner, Dave Rauscher, Jeff Brownell, Mike OBrien, Jimmy Maier, Derrick Podsiadlo, Gil Tegg Jr., Rick Richner, Dave Allen, Justin Wright, Randy Chrysler, Henry Maier, and Tommy Keyes. Heat Winners – Brian Sage, Chad Homan, and

ERICK RUDOLPH, Matt Sheppard, Justin Haers, Dave Allen, Steve Paine, Peter Britten, Gil Tegg Jr, Gary Tomkins, Mike OBrien, Derrick Podsiadlo, Brian Sage, Billy Dunn, Eldon Payne, Mike Bowman, Alan Johnson, Chad Homan, Justin Wright, Dave Rauscher, Dan Wiesner, Jeff Brownell Jr., Jimmy Maier, Tommy Keyes, Henry Maier, and Matt Billings.

STEVE GRAY, Kane Bristol, Rob Bussey, Nick Guererri, Dave Marcucelli, Eric Giguere, Paul Guererri, Tim Baker, Ricky Newton, James Henry, Dave Conant Jr., Steve Barber, Matt Guererri, AJ Lloyd, Frank Guererri Jr., Kaitlyn Pashina, Ray Hendershot,  Matt Smith, Austin Fugle, Jimmy Morton, Dan West, James Sweeting, Tyler Meeks, Karl Comfort, Kevin Ridley, Jeremy Groescup, and Joe Cook. Heat Winners – Rob Bussey, Dave Marcucelli, and James Sweeting.

305 RACE SAVER SPRINT FEATURE FINISH – DARRYL RUGGLES, David Ferguson, Steve Doell, Steve Glover, Alysha Ruggles, Lee Sanders, Nick Cooper, Jonathon Preston, Josh Azzi, Tim Smith, Chris Preston, Dan Bennett, Jason Whipple, Lance Dusett, Edward Kelly, and Will Glover.  Heat Winners – Steve Glover and Alysha Ruggles.

305 RACE SAVER SPRINT FEATURE FINISH 8-16-14 – ALYSHA RUGGLES, Steve Doell, Lee Sanders, Nick Cooper, David Ferguson, Jason Whipple, Lance Dusett, Dan Bennett, Will Glover, Tim Smith, Steve Glover, Darryl Ruggles, and Jonathon Preston.

PARTS PLUS PRO STREET FEATURE FINISH – PETE STEFANSKI, Steve Pesarek, Blane Smith, Mike Welch, Ron Greek, Charles Harvey, Pat Hobbs, Bill Weller, and Keith Keuer. Heat Winner – Blane Smith.

PARTS PLUS PRO STREET FEATURE FINISH 8-16-14 – PETE STEFANSKI, Steve Pesarek, Blane Smith, Mike Welch, Ron Greek, Charles Harvey, Pat Hobbs, Bill Weller, and Keith Keuer.

NEW LEGENDS SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH – JOSHUA SZYMANSKI, Doug Smith, Steve Faulkner, Josh Cook, Randy Chrysler Jr, Jason Scales, and Bryan Faulkner. Heat Winner – Jason Sweeting.


Hearn Wins Ninth Of Season At Albany-Saratoga

For Immediate Release
August 31st, 2014

Malta, NY –
With the close of the 2014 Upstate GMC Dealers DIRTcar Modified season at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway one thing was certainly proven true, Brett Hearn is the man at the fast, four tenths of a mile oval. Hearn and the Madsen Motorsports team picked up their ninth feature win of the season Friday evening in the divisions finale and in the process officially was name the 2014 division track champion for the seventh time.

“This has been a phenomenal year,” Hearn said. “The racing here has been phenomenal like always and we have just been the superior team this year for the most part. My teammates have been sensational. We needed this championship for the overall DIRTcar deal and that is important to the team.”

In other action Jon Miller picked up his first career Sportsman feature event while Byron Wescott won the DIRTcar Pro Stock 25 lap feature. Rob Yetman was crowned the 2014 DIRTcar Pro Stock Track Champion. Shannon Donnelley won her first career Limited Sportsman feature event while Randy Miller was the Don Don’s Delights Street Stock feature winner.

Jimmy Cottrell and Rich Ronca led the Modified field down to starter Rich Peterson’s green flag with Cottrell jumping out to the early lead over Ronca, another second generation driver – Neal Stratton, Matt Delorenzo and Keith Flach. The first of numerous caution periods slowed the field on lap two; this one was for a spun Justin Barber. Don Mattison spun in turn two on the restart, resulting in another caution flag period.

When racing resumed Cottrell remained the race leader with Ronca, Delorenzo, Stratton and Brian Gleason following. Ronca moved to the lead on lap five while at the same time Peter Britten moved into the top five and Hearn climbed to eighth. Delorenzo took over second from Cottrell on lap seven only to have the pass negated by a Ronnie Johnson spin.

On the restart Britten powered from the fourth position to the lead before a lap could be completed. Ronca followed in second with Delorenzo third, Cottrell fourth and Stratton fifth. On lap nine Delorenzo moved past Ronca for second and set his sights on Britten. At the same time Gleason took over the fourth position. Three laps later Cottrell regained the fourth spot from Britten.

Britten looked to be well on his way to another checkered flag at the Great Race Place however on lap 12 that all changed. The Australian native slowed with a flat right rear tire, which forced the yellow flag to wave.

Delorenzo would now be the race leader and led the field back to the green with Ronca, Gleason, Cottrell and Hearn following. Todd Ryan spun on lap 14 to force another caution flag and subsequent restart. After Stratton spun on the first restart attempt, Delorenzo would lead on the second with Ronca, Gleason, Hearn and Kenny Tremont, Jr. following.

This is where Tremont and Hearn started to make their charge. They both moved past Gleason on lap 15 for third and fourth respectfully with Tremont taking second from Ronca on lap 17. Gleason slowed in turn two at the half way point forcing another caution flag period. Delorenzo led on the restart with Tremont and Hearn in pursuit. On lap 21 Flach took over fourth from Ronca while Marc Johnson would enter the top five for the first time on lap 22.

Dylan Scribner and Keith Flach would bring out the final two caution flags on lap 23 and 25 respectfully. On the final restart Delorenzo led with Tremont, Hearn, Johnson and now Britten following. On lap 27 Delorenzo, Tremont and Hearn had the crowd on their feet as they battled three wide for the race lead. They raced three wide until Delorenzo got a bit too far up the track and went over the turn one and two banking. He would fall to fifth.

Hearn then took the lead with Tremont following. Once out front Hearn pulled away to his ninth win of the season at the Route 9 facility. Tremont had to settle for second with Johnson third, Britten fourth and Delorenzo fifth. Heat races for the 24 car field were won by Stratton, Tremont and Delorenzo.

Jon Miller picked up his first career Sportsman division feature event win. Rob Maxon and Miller led the stout 32 car field to the green with Miller taking the early lead. After two caution flags slowed the event on lap one, Miller once again was the race leader over Maxon. On lap four Maxon spun in turn four, causing another caution flag period.

With Maxon relinquishing the second position due to the spin, Dave Baranowski, Jr. would be the new second place runner. Baranowski held the spot until giving way to Hunter Bates on lap 17. Bates would chase Miller for the remainder of the event but could not catch the former full fender standout. Bates held on for second with Baranowski third, Derrick McGrew fourth and Cody Bleau fifth. Heat races for the 32 car field were won by Maxon, Miller and Baranowski.

Byron Wescott picked up the DIRTcar Pro Stock season points finale. Brandon Emigh was the first to lead the event and held the top spot before giving way to Walt Brownell on a lap two restart. Brownell remained the leader until Wescott powered past on lap 22. Wescott brought home the win over Brownell, Robbie Speed, Bernie Companion and Rob Yetman. Heat races for the 18 car field were won by Emigh and Wescott.

The battle for the DIRTcar Pro Stock title came down to the final event. Yetman came into the night only one point ahead of Kenny Martin, Jr. Early on Yetman was involved in a multi-car tangle that forced him to restart from the rear while Martin was battling for a top five position. On a lap 12 restart Martin spun in between turns one and two which pretty much handed the title to Yetman. Yetman would be crowned track champion. With his win, Wescott was able to move up to the second position with Martin falling to third.

Shannon Donnelly picked up her first career Limited Sportsman feature event. Donnelly led the entire 15 lap distance to claim the win over Jack Bublak, Alissa Cody, Zach Daurio and Christopher Ronca. A total of 20 drivers entered the event with heat races being won by Bublak and Donnelly.

 DIRTcar Modified Results (35 Laps) -
1) Brett Hearn, 2) Ken Tremont Jr, 3) Marc Johnson, 4) Peter Britten, 5) Matt Delorenzo, 6) Neil Stratton, 7) Rich Ronca, 8) Mark Kislowski, 9) Don Ronca, 10) Elmo Reckner, 11) Keith Flach, 12) Hector Stratton, 13) Justin Barber, 14) Dylan Scribner, 15) Don Mattison, 16) Jimmy Cottrell, 17) Brian Gleason, 18) Todd Ryan, 19) Bobby Hackle IV, 20) Mike Perrotte 21) Ronnie Johnson, DNS) Matt Depew, DNS) Todd Morey, DNS) Rich Scagliotta

Sportsman Results (25 Laps)
- 1) Jon Miller, 2) Hunter Bates, 3) Dave Baranowski Jr, 4) Derek McGrew, 5) Cody Bleau, 6) Jeremy Pitts, 7) Alex Bell, 8) Mike Ostrander, 9) Colin Bokus, 10) Jack Speshock, 11) Jake Scarborough, 12) Chris Johnson, 13) Mike Burdo, 14) Nick Lussier, 15) Jack Swinton, 16) Connor Cleveland, 17) Pete Jeske, 18) Adam Gage, 19) Tim Hodge, 20) Bert Film, 21) Rob Maxon, 22) Joe Orlando, 23) Scott Duell, 24) Timothy Davis, 25) John Proctor, 26) Robert Bublak, 27) Ricky Quick, 28) David Emigh, 29) Olden Dwyer, 30) Elliott Lussier, 31) Mike Tholin, DNS) Chris Murray

DIRTcar Pro Stock Results (25 Laps) - 1) Byron Wescott, 2) Walt Brownell, 3) Robbie Speed, 4) Bernie Companion, 5) Rob Yetman, 6) Brandon Emigh, 7) Dan Older, 8) Bill Smith, 9) Pete Broderson, 10) Danny Wood, 11) Dave Depaulo, 12) Ken Martin, 13) Kevin VanChance, 14) Kim Duell, 15) Jeff McPhail, 16) Jeff Washburn, 17) Ed Thompson, 18) Norm Loubier

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps) - 1) Shannon Donnelly, 2) Jack Bublak, 3) Alissa Cody, 4) Zach Daurio, 5) Christopher Ronca, 6) Ricky Davis, 7) Andrew Buff, 8) Anthony Alger, 9) Travis Billington, 10) Brandon Pitcher, 11) Matt Atwood, 12) Ron Casey, 13) Emily Quinn, 14) Wally Potter, 15) Diana Huyck, 16) Walter Cook, 17) Scott Flanders, 18) Nick Fretto, 19) Steve Wagoner, 20) Bruce Schwab, DNS) Jesse Edwards


Great Labor Day weather along with the URC Sprint Cars brought out an outstanding crowd for Saturday night’s R.C. Holloway Company/AC Delco Night at the Delaware International Speedway. In the Big Block Modified feature, Jordan Watson moved a step closer in contention for the track championship by picking up his third win of the season.
In the 25-lap Big Block Modified main, Dave Dissinger was the pace setter from the start with Scott VanGorder and Howard O’Neal chasing in second and third. Brad Trice was working the bottom groove taking third on lap three with Jordan Watson following into fourth.
The first yellow was out for Beau Wilkins who slowed on the back straight on the restart Trice got by VanGorder for second again bringing Watson in tow. Two laps later, Matt Hawkins and Jamie Mills made hard contact in the turn with Hawkins grinding to a stop on the front straight with damage to both his front and rear suspension.

On the restart, Watson went to work on Trice for second and took the spot on lap ten. It only took him one more circuit to get under Dissinger and take the lead. Trice held on to the second spot with VanGorder third as Dissinger got shuffled back to fourth. The battle for the fifth spot was shaping up between Jamie Mills and H.J. Bunting.
While trying to get fifth back, Mills got together with Bunting going into the first turn and spun off the banking. Mills was able to restart at the rear but the car would come to a stop on the next lap with suspension damage ending his night
Watson would have no problems controlling the final nine laps as he drove to his third feature win of the season. “I have to thank my grandfather for lending me this engine,” said Watson. “it’s allowed me to keep racing and I’ve won twice with it. I hope he doesn’t take it back this week.”
Trice would run a consistent race to finish in second with Bunting picking up two spots in the final five laps to finish in third. Fourth went to VanGorder and O’Neal came back to finish in fifth. Heats were won by VanGorder and Mills.

Kevin Sockriter looked strong at the start of the 15-lap AC Delco PSC Modified feature. Brandon Watkins keep the pressure on from second with Tim Trimble getting by Westley Smith for third. By lap six Trimble had worked his way into the second spot and was closing on the lead.
Sockriter’s lead was erased on lap nine with Kenneth Peek and Connor King tangled in the first turn. On the restart Trimble was able to get under Sockriter to take the lead with Watkins and Scott Hitchens following into second and third. The final pair of yellows would fly with five go for a pair or tangles between Chad Clark and Jeremy Harrington and Joseph Tracy and Adam Weber.
Trimble would make no mistakes the remaining distance to record his first win since returning to the division. Watkins drove a smooth race to finish In second with Hitchens holding off Greg Humlhanz for third. Carson Wright came on strong in the closing laps to finish in fifth. Heats were won by Hitchens and Dwayne Crockett.

The 20-lap Super Late Model feature was a good one with the “Wild Child” Amanda Whaley setting a blistering pace from the drop of the green with Herb Tunis and Nick Davis giving chase. Donald Lingo, Jr. was the first car out as he slowed and headed to the pits on lap two. Point leader, Andrew Mullins quickly marched through the top five and was challenging for second by lap six. He would secure the spot on lap later and was followed by Ricky Elliott into third. At the halfway sign the top five were Whaley, Mullins, Elliott, Tunis and Davis.
The one and only caution of the event came on lap 12 when Staci Warrington tried to avoid another car and spun in the fourth turn. Whaley held off Mullins on the restart but when Mullins slipped high coming off the second turn, Elliott shot by for second.
Whaley would be the next to faulter slipping high and allowing both Elliott and Mullins to move by with just two laps to go. Elliott would drive to the win, his tenth of the season and his first since early July. Mullins finished in second with Whaley third. Fourth went to Tunis and Joe Warren rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Mullins and Lingo, Jr.

Big Block Modified Finish:
1. Jordan Watson; 2. Brad Trice; 3. H.J. Bunting; 4. Scott VanGorder; 5. Howard O’Neal; 6. Dave Dissinger; 7. Drew Simmons; 8. Jamie Mills; 9. Michael White; 10. Matt Hawkins; 11. Beau Wilkins; 12. Roberrt Dutton; DNS: Bobby Watkins; Dale Hawkins.

AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Tim Trimble; 2. Brandon Watkins; 3. Scott Hitchens; 4. Greg Humlhanz; 5. Carson Wright; 6. Kevin Sockriter; 7. Westley Smith; 8. Jordn Justice; 9. Brandon Gallo; 10. Matt Smith; 11. Connor King; 12. Robert Riley, Jr.; 13. Adam Weber; 14. Garrie Bostwick; 15. Jeremy Harrington; 16. Shawn Weber; 17. Patrick Galloway; 18. Ryan Tarr; 19. Joseph Tracy; 20. Dwayne Crockett; 21. Chad Clark; 22. Brian Nailor; 23. Kenneth Peek; 24. Brian Hitz.
Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Andrew Mullins; 3. Amanda Whaley; 4. Herb Tunis; 5. Joe Warren; 6. Lou Johnson; 7. Staci Warrington; 8. Bob Geiger; 9 Nick Davis; 10. Donald Lingo, Jr.; DNS: Brandon Dennis; Eddie Collins.

Bellinger Wins Intense Brewerton Speedway Modified Feature; Sheppard, Fleming, Isabell, Graziano, Powelczyk, 2014 Track Champions

BREWERTON, NY – August 29, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
Friday night the Brewerton Speedway ended the 2014 points season in a big way with a great crowd, great car counts and one of the best Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified Features of the season.

In the 35-Lap Big Block Modified feature the top-five and sometimes the top-six used up every inch of the ‘D-Shaped Dirt Demon’ running bumper to bumper and side by side with different leaders leaving the winner in doubt till the finish. Rob Bellinger used a late restart to take the lead. Once out front he turned it up a notch as he was the first under starter Dave Farney’s checkers for the second time of the 2014 season.

Other winners on NAPA Auto Parts Night were, Kevan Cook, Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modifieds, Jeff Isabell Jr. and Justin Williams, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites and Chuck Powelczyk, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders.

Vinnie Vitale was able to outrun Tim Sears Jr. leading the opening lap by a narrow margin to start the 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature. Sears' run ended just as quickly as the green waved as he slowed on the back straightaway before the second lap was in the record books.

With 5-laps complete Vitale held a slim lead while just behind him Chad Phelps and Chris Mackey ran side by side for the runner-up spot. Just a couple lengths back Rob Bellinger, Larry Wight and Pat O’Brien were putting on a show of their own, fighting for fourth through sixth.

On lap-10 the front of the field really tightened up as you almost could have thrown a blanket over Vitale, Mackey, Phelps, Bellinger, Wight and now Pat Ward as they used every groove on the speedway looking for an advantage.

With 15-laps showing on the scoring tower the race was still setting a torrid pace at the front with Vitale, Bellinger, Mackey, Wight, Phelps and Ward swapping positions all over the speedway.

Wight pulled off an incredible move on lap-19 as he shot between Vitale and Bellinger in turns three and four with lapped traffic all around to be scored the new leader. Vitale would fight back and grab the lead back one lap later as Bellinger moved into second. Wight went from third and back to the lead on lap-21 showing no lead was safe.

With 10-laps to go Wight held a narrow lead over Bellinger, Ward, Phelps, Vitale and Mackey as the final laps started clicking off the lap counter.

A yellow would wave on lap-29 as Vitale suddenly slowed, ending his shot at the win. The caution would allow the drivers a chance to catch their breath to set up a 6-lap shootout to the checkers.

When the green came back out Bellinger and Ward got a great restart as they got by Wight taking over the top-two spots in the running order. Over the final laps Bellinger was able to open some distance over the rest of the field as he was the first under Farney’s checkers. Pat Ward, Larry Wight, Chad Phelps and Jimmy Phelps finished second through fifth. Ryan Phelps, Chris Mackey, Matt Sheppard, Chris Hile and Dan Vauter completed the top-ten.

With his eighth place finish Matt Sheppard was crowned the 2014 Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified Track Champion for the second year in a row.

“We had a good car and lost the lead in traffic. We had one shot on that restart (Lap-29) and we were able to get it done,” said Rob Bellinger about the winning pass that put his Thompson Road Tavern/Black River Vending Services/JR U-Store/Westward Painting Company, Inc./No.8R/Bicknell in victory lane.

“I thought Larry (Wight) might go middle or high. I had every intention of going to the bottom coming out of four, we made it and that was it,” Bellinger said about how he made the winning pass late. “That was an exciting race getting back to him after losing the lead and getting the chance on the restart definitely made it exciting.”

Jeff Isabell Jr. erased a season of bad luck as he led every lap of the 20-Lap Pro Race Cars Mod Lite feature. The only time anyone seriously challenged Isabell was on restarts but as the laps clicked off Isabell would pull away every time. Justin Williams, Alan Fink, Joe Isabell and Jeff Sykes finished second through fifth.

Joe Isabell (Open) and Nick Graziano are the 2014 Pro Race Cars Mod Lite Track Champions.

It took until the final race of the year but someone finally beat Chris Fleming in the Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modifieds. Fleming was undefeated winning 10 straight features coming into Friday night.

In the 20-Lap IMCA Modified feature Rich Keller would lead the opening 7-Laps before 2013 track champion Kevan Cook took over the lead and was the class of the field even with a late yellow on lap-17 bunching the field up. Over the remaining laps Cook was too strong as he cruised under the checkers. Chris Fleming, Jason Amidon, Rich Keller and Jim Walsh chased Cook across the line.

After one of the most dominating seasons ever at the Brewerton Speedway, Chris Fleming was crowned the 2014 Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modified Track Champion.

The Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders showed up in force on the final night as 24 cars signed in the pits. In their 15-Lap feature only one caution slowed the action in their entertaining race. Chuck Powelczyk won his sixth feature of the year. Keith Shay, Stephen Denton, Kyle Young and Brian Evenden finished second through fifth.

Chuck Powelczyk brought home the 2014 Hilton’s Automotive Track Championship, his seventh overall title in the division.

The NAPA Late Models made a special appearance to end the 2014 season. In their 20-Lap feature Tim Sears Jr. was the class of the field leading every lap. Sean Beardsley brought home a strong second place finish. Chris Fleming looked strong in his first ever time in a Late Model finishing third. Johnny Hill and Harry Halliday came home fourth and fifth.

The Brewerton Speedway will be silent from racing action but plans are already in motion for one of the best races anywhere when on Thursday, October 9th during Super DIRT Week SUNY Canton presents the 22nd Annual Hurricane 100 358 Modified Super DIRTcar Series race plus Pro Race Cars Mod Lites.

Last season it took five heats and two consolations to set the starting field. After 100-Laps it was Danny Johnson who started 26th taking home the big payday. With all the heavy hitters in the area look for another star-studded field to fill the Brewerton pits.

Brewerton Speedway
ROB BELLINGER, Pat Ward, Larry Wight, Chad Phelps, Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Phelps, Chris Mackey, Matt Sheppard, Chris Hile, Dan Vauter, Billy Decker, Chuck Bower, Mike Bowman, Matt Billings, Pat O’Brien, Tim Kerr, Vinnie Vitale, Tyler Siri, Matt Fink, Matt Hulsizer, Jim Witko, Ryan Bartlett, Tom Sears Jr., Aaron Jacobs, Tim Sears Jr..

(2014 TRACK CHAMPION) – Matt Sheppard

HEAT WINNERS) – Vinnie Vitale, Tim Sears Jr, Chad Phelps.

(NAPA LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – TIM SEARS JR.,  Sean Beardsley, Chris Fleming, Johnny Hill, Harry Halliday, Dave Talbot, Dale Caswell, Aron Backus, Steve Coit, Aaron Jacobs, Jason Occhino.


Teenager Tyler Dippel Shocks The First State & Wins Georgetown Speedway ‘Beach Blast’ Worth $5,850


Tyler Dippel captured his first Big-Block Modified win in the First State at Georgetown Speedway, on his first ever start at the half-mile clay oval: driving a Small-Block.

Tyler Dippel, a 14 year old stand-out of Wallkill, N.Y., made the long tow south to Georgetown Speedway for the Inaugural “Beach Blast” collecting an astounding $5,850 in cash and contingency awards for the 35-lap event promoted by BD Motorsports Media, LLC and driver, Eric Kormann. Dippel was the class of the field, being one of only few that could command the topside of the historic track.

“This feels awesome, this car was on rails,” exclaimed Dippel in Victory Lane. “The car liked the top better. We struggled on the restarts, but this is awesome. This place has way more bite then what we are used to.”  

Dippel, who is most known for his success in the New York circuits in Sportsman and Small-Block Modifieds at Accord, Lebanon Valley, and Orange County Fair Speedway, and more recently with the Pro All Star Series (PASS) Asphalt Super Late Models.

The race was momentous for Georgetown Speedway, as an outstanding 48 Big-Block Modifieds registered for the event, with 31 Crate 602 Sportsman Modifieds on hand. The grandstands squeezed more tightly then the Delaware Beaches on a sunny day.

Dippel’s No. 1D rolled off the grid in the second position, starting on the bottom of the second row in “Delaware Start” fashion. Current Delaware International Speedway points leader, Jamie Mills, redrew the pole position in the post-qualifying redraw, with multiple-time feature winner at the Speedway, Ryan Godown starting third in the potent Bill Hewlett No. 901.

After multiple attempts to get the first lap in the books of the 35-lap event, Mills and Godown went to battle, with Mills on the bottom and Godown on the topside of the fast ½ mile. The pair battled door to door for the next two laps, as Godown ultimately took the top position.

All eyes were on the young gun, Tyler Dippel, as he quickly went to the highest groove of the Speedway challenging Mills for second. On lap three, Dippel would get to the brim of the banking in turns three and four, allowing for Billy Pauch to briefly take over the third position.

Meanwhile, the No. 126 of Duane Howard was charging through the field from his 10th starting position redraw, now imposing on the top five by lap seven.

On lap eight, Pauch spins coming out of turn two, collecting many top-10 running cars, leaving 20-cars of the 28 starting field left running for the restart. When the green flag waved, Mills dove to the bottom of the No. 901 of Godown, with Dippel keeping close eye on the pair from the topside.
In turns one and two, a three-car race for the lead emerged with the family-owned No. 30 of Jamie Mills taking the top spot, Dippel dropping to the bottom and Godown to the top. Dippel quickly repositioned himself back to the topside of the track, lurking on Mills.

On lap 11, a car slowed on the backstretch, regrouping the field. Multiple cars headed to the pits, including Billy Pauch, Jordan Watson, and Matt Sheppard, which all returned.

On the restart, Dippel jumped out to a commanding lead with Mills and Godown following in suit. Rick Laubach began putting pressure on the No. 126 of Duane Howard, taking over the fourth place position.

The yellow flag would wave again, as Ryan Watt, Joseph Watson, and Pauch get collected off turn one. Pauch ended his bid for the checkered on the hook.

The hunt would continue, as Mills, Godown, Howard, and Laubach would try to keep Dippel in their scope. A green flag stretch would ensue, with Godown suddenly falling to the fifth position.

With 10-laps remaining, young Dippel began facing dense lap traffic, with the second place of Mills nearly a straightaway behind. Richie Pratt slowed on the backstretch, erasing Dippel’s lead. Laubach dove to the bottom of Mills in turns one and two on the restart, with a quick caution that would eliminate his advancement in position.

A single-file restart, lined Dippel, Mills, Howard, Laubach, and Godown nose to tail for the green flag. Dippel quickly developed an impressive lead over Mills.

The final caution would wave on lap 28, as Wade Hendrickson slowed on the backstretch. Mills gave a late race charge on the restart, staying tucked to the bumper of Dippel going into turns one and two. The challenge would be ignored by Dippel, as he charged to a half-straightaway lead over Mills.

Dippel went unchallenged to capture his first ever Big-Block Modified feature win…in a Small-Block Modified, earning a $350 bonus for being the first finishing Small-Block Modified.  Jamie Mills finished second, being the highest placing Delaware International Speedway regular, with Duane Howard, Rick Laubach, and Ryan Godown rounding out the top five.

Dominick Buffalino, Craig Von Dohren in the Dave Dissinger No. 88c, Jordan Watson, Matt Jester and David Van Horn, Jr., rounded out the top ten.

Jester was the recipient of the Hard Charger Bonus by Jones Racing Products and Will Brown’s Truck Repair for rebounding from a 27th starting position to ninth. Jester experienced mechanical failure in the heat race, ultimately receiving a provisional for the event.

Mike Mahaney, driving Mike Gular’s No. 53 after the Jake Marine No. 85 he was scheduled to drive suffered engine woes, was the second highest running Small-Block Modified in the 12th position, receiving a $250 bonus from Hurlock Auto & Speed Supply, and C&S Equipment, with Wade Hendrickson being the third highest running in 13th position.

Heat races were won by, Ryan Godown, Rick Laubach, Tyler Dippel, Jamie Mills, and Jordan Watson.

Consolation events were won by Ryan Watt, David Van Horn, Jr., and Matt Sheppard

Big-Block/Small-Block Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps):
TYLER DIPPEL ($5,850), Jamie Mills, Duane Howard, Rick Laubach, Ryan Godown, Dom Buffalino, Craig Von Dohren, Jordan Watson, Matt Jester, David Van Horn Jr., Jimmy Horton, Mike Mahaney, Wade Hendrickson, Mike Iles, Ryan Watt, Richie Pratt Jr., Matt Sheppard, Joseph Watson, Billy Pauch Sr., Ron Roberts, Ray Swinehart, Shawn Ward, Dave Witte, Neal Williams, Michael White, Ricky Elliott, H.J. Bunting, Howard O’Neal.

Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (25 Laps)
: BRETT BALLARD ($1,000), Scott Hitchens, Brian Papiez, Kevin Gardner, Jordan Justice, Jeff Coffey, Trent Willey, Nick Alberti, Adam Weber, David Parsons, Duane Rust, Kyle Fuller, Dwayne Crockett, Chad Clark, Kevin Sockriter, Jeremy Harrington, Jesse Hill, Tyler Reed, Andy Hammond, Brandon Watkins, Kenneth Peck, Matt Budd, Matt Peck, Jeff Morker.


'Racing's Biggest Party' Quickly Approaching in Syracuse

Spotlight ready to shine Oct. 8-12 on 43rd NAPA Super DIRT Week

WEEDSPORT, N.Y. - Aug. 27, 2014 -
The 43rd running of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week is only 43 days away, and with each passing day Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing competitors inch closer to making history in the sport's biggest week of action, Oct. 8-12 on the "Moody Mile" at the New York State Fairgrounds.

Billy Dunn earned the biggest victory of his career during "Racing's Biggest Party" when he won last year's Syracuse 200 for the Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds. Can he become the seventh driver in history to take the $50,000 checkered flag in back-to-back years? Brett Hearn won last year's DIRTcar 358-Modified Salute to the Troops 150, and he'll no doubt be looking to add to his storied win total, the biggest in DIRTcar Modified racing through the years.

Likewise for Brad Rouse in the DIRTcar Sportsman and Rob Yetman in the DIRTcar Pro Stocks. Can they duplicate their winning performances from a year ago?

Plus, who will become the first USAC Silver Cup driver to win on the Mile since J.J. Yeley took the checkers in 2003, joining a win list that includes names like Andretti and Unser?

"The excitement for NAPA Super DIRT Week is at an all-time high," said DIRTcar's Jeff Hachmann. "We might have a record number of campers this year to join the thousands of fans who will pour into the New York State Fairgrounds for the week to see the greatest modified racers on dirt battle the legendary Moody Mile and each other. There will be so much to do and see, but at the end of the day we know the fans are going to get together each night and celebrate."

For more information and the latest updates on NAPA Super DIRT Week, click, follow on Twitter @SuperDIRTWeek, or find us on Facebook at

"Racing's Biggest Party" kicks off when campers move in on Wednesday, Oct. 8, but that's just the beginning to a huge week of action throughout Central New York. Here's a look at the overall schedule for NAPA Super DIRT Week:

All times and events subject to change
10:00 am - 6:00 pm "Early Bird" Tech Inspection Begins for All Divisions open at gate 10 area
12:00 pm (noon) Ticket, Camping and Pit Pass sales being at entrance gate
7:45 am Hauler Pre-Stage in Gate 10 Area Inspection Lot
8:00 am Gates open for Campers and Haulers
9:00 am Inspection Begins for All Divisions (pit road turn four side - under inspection tent)
3:00 pm Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series 'Opening Practice' (must be registered as a Modified to practice, no other divisions)
7:30 pm  DIRTcar 358-Modified & DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series at Weedsport Speedway
10:00 pm Pit Area Closed (NYSF)

8:00 am Pit Gates Open
8:00 am Inspection for All Divisions (pit road turn four side - under inspection tent)
9:00 am Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series, DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Draw Opens -TBD
10:00 am Grandstands Open
10:00 am - 10:55 am Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series practice
11:00 am - 11:55 am DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Practice
12:00 pm (noon) 'Media Day' Press Conference -Infield Conference Bldg "John Hill Media Center"
1:20 pm DIRTcar 358-Modified Time Trials (2-laps, Top-6 Qualify for Front-3 Rows) Qualifying Placement based on Practice Times Slowest to Fastest Time
2:45 pm Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Time Trials (2-laps, Top-6 Qualify for Front-3 Rows) Qualifying Placement based on Practice Times Slowest to Fastest Time
7:30 pm DIRTcar 358-Modified Series at 22nd Annual "Hurricane 100" Brewerton Speedway
10:00 pm Pit Area Closed (NYSF)

8:00 am USAC Silver Crown Cars Enter and Unload on Pit Road (Trailer Parking - TBD)
10:00 am Pit Gates Open, Sportsman - All Divisions Inspection Open (on pit road in tent)
11:00 am DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series and DIRTcar Futures (Big Blocks 358-Modifieds, Sportsman Modified and Pro Stock) Draw for Qualifying Positions Opens-Location TBD
12:00 pm (Noon) - 12:25 pm DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Practice
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Practice
1:05 pm -1:15 pm  DIRTcar Futures Practice/Qualifying (358-Modified)
1:20 pm - 1:30 pm DIRTcar Futures Practice/Qualifying (Sportsman)
1:35 pm -1:45 pm DIRTcar Futures Practice/Qualifying (Pro Stocks)
1:50 pm - 2:00 pm DIRTcar Futures Practice/Qualifying (Big Blocks)
2:05 pm - 2:20 pm USAC Silver Crown Practice
2:25 pm Sportsman Modified Time Trials (2-laps, Top 6-Qualify)
3:30 pm - 3:45 pm USAC Silver Crown Practice
3:50 pm (15 minute timed)  DIRTcar Futures Race (358-Modifieds)
4:10 pm (15 minute timed)  DIRTcar Futures Race (Sportsman)
4:45 pm (15 minute timed) DIRTcar Futures Race (Pro Stock)
5:05 pm (15 minute timed)  DIRTcar Futures Race (Big Block Modified)
5:40 pm  USAC Silver Crown 1-lap Qualifying
6:00 pm Modified Practice
6:15 pm  358-Modified Practice
6:30 pm Pro Stock Practice
6:45 pm Track Quiet
6:55 pm  Opening Ceremonies
7:05 pm DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Twin 20's
8:15 pm  DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Triple 10's
9:00 pm  Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Modified Triple 20's (10 non-qualified cars advance)
11:00 pm  Pit Area Closed
8:00 am Pit Gates Open, Pro Stock - All Divisions Inspection Open
8:30 am DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Draw for qualifying position opens-location TBD
9:00 am DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Championship Drivers and Crew Chief Meeting (in Pit building)
9:30 am Grandstands Open
9:30 am - 9:55 am  DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Final Practice
9:45 am  Chapel Service - Ed Harkins (in pit building)
10:00 am - 10:25 am DIRTcar Pro Stock Series First Practice
10:30 am - 10:55 am DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Practice
11:00 am DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Time Trials (2-laps, Top 24 Qualify)
11:45 am DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Last Chance Qualifying Race(s)
12:05 pm DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Last Chance Qualifier
12:30 pm DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Last Chance Qualifier
12:45 pm Dig Safely NY Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified Series Last Chance Qualifier
1:15 pm  USAC Silver Crown Pre Race
1:30 pm USAC Silver Crown Race (Salt City 76)
2:45 pm  Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Practice
3:15 pm DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Salute the Troops 150 Pre-Race ceremonies
3:30 pm DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Salute the Troops 150 (150 laps)
5:15 pm Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series FINAL Practice
7:30 pm Twin 25's - World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars plus "Win and You're In" Modified at Rolling Wheels Raceway (Mod Winner Earns 45 th starting spot in Syracuse 200)
8:30 am Pit Gates Open
8:30 am  Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Inspection Begins
9:00 am Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Driver's Meeting (in pit building)  
9:15 am DIRTcar Pro Stock Driver's Meeting (in pit building)
9:30 am DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Driver's Meeting (in pit building)
10:00 am  Grandstands Open
10:00 am Chapel Service - Ed Harkins (in pit building)
10:00 am - 10:10 am DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Final Practice
10:15 am - 10:25 am  DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Final Practice
11:00 am  SDW XLIII DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Championship (30 laps)
11:45 am  Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Top-30 Autograph Signing under grandstand (Top 30 in Thursday time trials)
12:00 pm (noon) SDW XLIII BACC OFF DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship (25 laps)
1:30 pm  43rd Annual NAPA Super DIRT Week Syracuse 200 Modified Championship Pre-Race ceremonies
2:00pm   43rd Annual NAPA Super DIRT Week Syracuse 200 Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series (200 miles)
-TBA-  Rain Date for Saturday or Sunday events


VERNON, NY-With summer drawing to a close, so is the point chase at the Utica-Rome Speedway with track titles in the weekly divisions being decided this Sunday, August 31, on night.  Sunday evening is the first of two consecutive nights of racing as part of the New Yorker 200 Weekend that will also include the third and final visit by the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints plus fireworks by Majestic, weather permitting.
Stewart Friesen leads Matt Sheppard by a mere 10 points going into the final night of points with a $10,000 track championship check hanging in the balance, plus $3,000 from NASCAR as part of the Whelen All-American Series, bring the champion’s take to a whopping $13,000.  Mike Mahaney currently holds the third spot over Larry Wight, and Pat Ward while Ryan Phelps, Willy Decker, Danny Varin, Jason Rood, and Tim Mayne round out the top 10 in the standings.
While a track title is up for grabs, there are some serious NASCAR point implications on both the national and state level this Sunday as well.  Friesen was moved into the 10th spot nationally in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series standings and is also now up to second in the New York State rankings, with first place obtainable with a good run Sunday.  Sheppard also has a lot to gain this weekend as well, as he moved up to 24th nationally and third in the state points with an opportunity to improve in both.
Just a month ago, Jeremy Vunk’s chances at grabbing the Sportsman title were fading with a run of bad luck but he has since recovered and goes into championship night with a 19 point advantage over Claude Hutchings Jr.  The rest of the top five are also within striking distance too as Steve Way just four markers out of second, with Jack Miller six points behind him and Mike Walton in the fifth spot just six points out of fourth.
Tom Denton is sitting in prime position to collect another Pro Stock title as he has a 30 point edge over Glenn Forward with one event remaining. Mark Effner is in the third spot over Chris Carr and AJ Digsby.
The Pure Stock standings show Russ Marsden as the point leader, but a surging Bill Mason has cut into Marsden’s point lead in recent weeks with a couple of wins and now is just eight points separating the duo.  Ricky Breed is third in the rankings, just eight points out of second, followed by Ron Hawker and Chuck Cushman.
The always exciting Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints will also be in action as the methanol winged warriors will be using the event as a “Cole Cup tune up” as they prepare for the $10,000 to win September 6 spectacular.  Steve Poirier, Jason Barney, Jeff Cook, Matt Tanner, Paul Kinney, Chuck Hebing, Etienne Girard, Cory Sparks, Tommy Wickham, and many more plus some outsiders are expected to be in competition.  Friesen is expected to be pulling double duty again with both the Modified and Sprint.
Fireworks by Majestic will close out the evening’s action, weather permitting, with another fantastic fireworks display.  Gates open for the huge night of racing at 3 p.m. with racing at 5:30 p.m.
On Monday, September 1, the New Yorker Weekend will conclude when Carbone Auto Group and Sowle Enterprises present the $10,000 to win New Yorker 200.  The 100 lap Race of Champions Modified Series event will see many of the top drivers in the northeast converge on the Vernon oval to compete for a purse of over $35,000.  The Dig Safely GRIT 602 Series is also on the card as they will compete in a 30 lap, $1,000 to win, and $100 to start event.
This event will also be part of the speedway’s annual Night of Legends program with this year’s attention going to the Outlaw Circuit.  The Outlaw Circuit played an important part of Utica-Rome Speedway’s dirt era, spanning the early to mid 90’s.  Many of the era’s stars will be on hand to take part of the reunion and celebration.   Special thanks goes to Carbone Auto Group for making this event possible with their support.
The racing for this big Labor Day event starts at 6 p.m. with gates opening at 3 p.m.


Matt Sheppard readies for showdown at Autodrome Granby

Super DIRTcar Series, DIRTcar Pro Stock Series and DIRTcar 358-Modified Series make for action-packed weekend in Quebec

WEEDSPORT, N.Y. - August 27, 2014 - With a mere three-point lead, Super DIRTcar Series driver Matt Sheppard has his work cut out for him as he charges into September.

The Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series heads to Autodrome Granby in Granby, Quebec, for a 100-lap feature Saturday, Sept. 6. Sheppard, the three-time series champion out of Waterloo, N.Y.,sits at the top of the point standings with Billy Decker, of Sidney, N.Y., just three points behind.

"We've had to overcome a lot of adversity to maintain the point lead," said Sheppard, who most recently finished 23rd in Lebanon Valley Speedway's 'Mr. DIRT Track U.S.A.' when mechanical issues forced him out of the race. "We just have to quit having problems, quit having bad luck, quit going to the back of the feel and trying to work our way back through."

Sheppard's FX Capara Car Co. No 9H slowed to a stop in lap 29 at the Valley, later returning to despite mechanical issues to gain enough laps to stay ahead in series points. However, that mid-August performance is hardly characteristic of Sheppard's record this season. At Weedsport Speedway, Sheppard finished second to Decker after leading the first half of the race, and at Volusia Speedway Park, New Egypt Speedway and Cornwall Motor Speedway Sheppard claimed decisive victories.

When it comes to racing at Granby's half-mile, Sheppard's record speaks for itself. Sheppard has picked up three wins there in the last three years, and finished fourth when the Super DIRTcar Series made its way to the Quebec track in July.

"I just really enjoy racing there," Sheppard said, explaining the source of his success. "It's a fun track to race at. It's big, it's wide, it's racy, and it's enjoyable going up there. The fans at Granby really get into it and really enjoy seeing us come up and put on show on for them."

The Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Series feature race is part of a full weekend of DIRTcar Racing at Autodrome Graby. The first night, Friday, Sept. 5, the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series takes on the Granby half-mile. On Saturday, Sept. 6, both the Super DIRTcar Series and the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series will take center stage.

Defending series champion Erick Rudolph currently leads in DIRTcar 358-Modified Series point standings by a 77-point margin over Quebec racer Mario Clair. In the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series, Jocelyn Roy leads in points over Dave Bissonnette.

For more information about the Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series, visit For more information about the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series and the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series, visit

At A Glance
Autodrome Granby
Friday, Sept. 5, 2014
Divisions: DIRTcar 358-Modified Series, plus Sportsman, and Sprint STR

Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014
Divisions: Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds (100 laps) and DIRTcar Pro Stock Series (50 laps), plus Sprint STR (20 laps)
Physical Address: 1268 Cowie, Granby, Quebec, Canada, J2J 0H2
About the Track: Semi-banked half-mile

More track information: | @AutodromeGranby |

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Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Driver Points (Top 20)
as of 8/18/14
1. Matt Sheppard 903
2. Billy Decker 900
3. Brett Hearn 866
4. Danny Johnson 812
5. Jimmy Phelps 763
6. Justin Haers 671
7. Pete Britten 667
8. Erick Rudolph 661
9. Larry Wight 652
10. Gary Tomkins 637


Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Tickets On Sale Now

FULTON, NY – August 26, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
On-line ticket sales to the prestigious Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend by SUNY Canton at Fulton Speedway are now available at  If you do not have internet access you may leave a message at 315-552-6199 and someone will get back to you soon.

In its 29th year, this event ranks among the leading events on the Northeastern dirt racing calendar annually, headlined by the $20,000-to-win Outlaw 200.  

Championship events for Mod Lites, IMCA Modifieds, Late Models and a 4-cylinder open remain anchor events for the Friday, October 3 program. Four qualifying races for Modifieds will also be on tap for the Friday portion taking the place of timed hot laps. These 15-lap races will lock the winner into no worse than 20th in the Outlaw 200 starting order. Aside from the four locked in drivers, these 15-lap races will not mess with tradition, as they have no bearing on the always competitive “single-day” qualifying format that has made the Outlaw 200 such a popular event.

Continuing a popular format started last year, the Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Championship will again be a two day tilt, with 10-lap heats and 12-lap consolations on tap for the Friday night portion. Cars not yet qualified will have another opportunity to make the 50-lap main on Saturday with 15-lap B-Mains setting the remainder of the line-up. The Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Championship will take the green just prior to the 200-lap Outlaw 200 after Modified heats and consolations determine the Outlaw 200 line-up.

For all the latest Outlaw 200 news, notes, and information visit and like the Facebook page - - where there soon will be Outlaw 200 countdown with fun photos and facts leading up to the event.


Kyle Armstrong Scores First Career Modified Win

Frank Hoard III Handed the Win in Small Blocks

Saturday August 23, 2014
By: Rodney Rescott

West Lebanon, NY:  The famed 1/2 mile dirt oval known as the Valley of Speed at Lebanon Valley was jam packed full of racing action this past Saturday night.  Young Gun Kyle Armstrong put his name in the history books by scoring his first career Big Block Modified win.  The Small Blocks saw Tyler Dippel take the checkered, but Frank Hoard III credited with the win after post-race inspection.

The points battle in the Big Block Modifieds is coming down to each and every point earned between J.R. Heffner and Brett Hearn with only 2 point races left.  At the drop of the green of their 30 lap feature, the 11A of young gun Kyle Armstrong powered out to the early lead over veteran Mike King’s 55K.

As the laps wore on the attention was on the charging cars of the 74 of Heffner and the 20H of Hearn.  In the closing laps however, Hearn got the best of Heffner and charged to 3rd, while Heffner had to settle for 5th.

But for Armstrong, that all didn’t matter, as he had the field in hand, and scored his first career Big Block Modified feature win.  With the win, he also received the J.C. Flach $500 bonus given to first time winners.

In the Small Blocks, the 13 of Frank Hoard III charged out to the lead early in the 20 lap feature event.  The caution flew early though as the 21 of Ryan Darcy made contact with the turn 3 wall, ending his night early.

Then it was back to racing, and Hoard was strong, but Tyler Dippel, aboard his 1T was charging, and he was strong enough to take over the lead by lap 8, and waked away from the field.

Apparently his ride was too strong, as his crossed the finish line first, but was later DQ’d in post-race inspection, handing the victory to the 13 of Hoard.  Olden Dwyer finished 2nd, followed by Wayne Jelley, Jason Herrington and Chad Jeseo to round out the top 5 finishers.

In the full-fendered Pro Stock division, Rick Duzlak brought the field to the green for their 20 lap feature event.  But his lead was short lived as the 23 of Chuck Towslee powered to the front of the class by lap 3.

Cautions plagued the event again, keeping the field tight to Towslee’s rear bumper.  But as the laps wore on, he had the car to beat.  And at the checkers, no one had enough to get by, so Towslee scored the win.

Rob Yetman had to settle for 2nd, followed by Robbie Speed, Nick Hilt, and Jon Routhier to round out the top 5 finishers.

Hang on to your seats, as the points battle will come down to one last night of racing for the Big Block Modifieds and Pro Stocks presented by All Star Tractor Trailer Training and Anderson Equipment this Saturday August 30th.

No Small Blocks, but the Budget Sportsman will be on tap for their make up race from the rain out on the night of Mr DIRT.  Plus there is also the special 11th Annual Boomer’s Performance 20 Lap Purestock Classic.  

For more information, remaining schedule of events, or the current point standings visit our website at and click on ‘Speedway’.

Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1)Kyle Armstrong, 2)Matt Pupello, 3)Brett Hearn, 4)Brian Berger, 5)J.R. Heffner, 6)Rob Pitcher, 7)Kenny Tremont Jr, 8)Kolby Schroder, 9)Kyle Sheldon, 10)Eddie Marshall, 11)Donnie Corellis, 12)Mike King, 13)Keith Flach, 14)Paul Gilardi, 15)Andy Bachetti, 16)Guy Sheldon, 17)Kyle Hoffman, DNS)Dave McFeeters

Small Block Modified Feature (20 Laps): 1)Frank Hoard III, 2)Olden Dwyer, 3)Wayne Jelley, 4)Jason Herrington, 5)Chad Jeseo,  6)Frank Harper, 7)Brett Haas, 8)Brian Sandstedt, 9)Art Collins, 10)Alan Houghtaling, 11)Ray Hall, 12)Chad Pierce, 13)Jason Tompkins, 14)Mendel Sean, 15)Jim Rajczi, 16)Ryan Darcy, DNS)Kenny Aanonsen JR, DQ)Tyler Dippel

Pro Stock Feature (20 Laps): 1)Chuck Towslee, 2)Rob Yetman, 3)Robbie Speed, 4)Nick Hilt, 5)Jon Routhier, 6)Victor, Hopkins, 7)Daniel Sanchez, 8)Steven LaRochelle, 9)Chad Asenault, 10)Milo Campbell, 11)Hugh Page, 12)Brian Walsh, 13)Tom O'Connor, 14)Paul Engwer, 15)John Santolin, 16)Rick Duzlak, 17)Frank Twing, 18)Tom Harkins, 19)John Denue, 20)Chris Lunn, 21)Lou Ganczar


 By: Tom Coughlin
On Johnstown NAPA Night fans will see another exciting presentation of racing action at the little track up on the hill, when on Friday, August 29,  promoter and local businessman Mike Sowle, of Sowle Trailer Repair is planning to have one of the biggest events of 2014 at the “Fastest 1/4 Mile on Dirt”  and joining in the fun will be another long time area businessman and racing sponsor, Tom Spencer from Adirondack Leather, as the two friends are planning to present the racers and fans with some extra distance racing along with an increase in the purse for the winners.

After loosing the past two consecutive weeks of racing due to inclement weather in the Montgomery County area, Glen Ridge Motorsports Park is looking forward to a big End of Summer Night that will see all weekly racing divisions in action.

“The Ridge” , is not a track for the faint of heart type of person, as the action is non-stop and extremely fast paced. The superior skills that are required to conquer this tight little bull ring in up state New York, has caused a considerable amount of fans to question the confidence that many top name drivers have in their driving ability in regard to whether or not they have what it takes, to accept the challenge to race on this high banked clay oval. If you ask any of the championship caliber drivers that have competed here at anytime during their career, it is a facility that requires a driver to be “heads-up” and “on the wheel” every nanosecond that they are green flag racing. This may be a factor that has caused other so called quality drivers to feel that their skills are not up to par with “The Ridge” regulars. With the point season for many tracks already decided as of the 29th. this will present an open opportunity for the invaders to show up and try their hand at taking the big money, if they can.

On this night the mighty modifieds will see their feature increased to 50 laps in length, with a hefty $3,000., plus lap money waiting for the victor at the end of this extra distance race. Each heat race winner will also receive $100. to begin their evening.

Glen Ridge will also award the winner of each 602 sportsman division qualifying heat race with $100., for their accomplishments. The field of top notch competitors in the sportsman will race in a 30 lap feature, that will see the eventual winner receive a top prize of $2,000. and will also award lap money for their feature full of hard core open-wheel competition.

The full bodied cars of the prostock division will provide the fans with plenty of on the “edge of your seat excitement” as they will compete fender to fender to see who will claim the $500. at the end of their 20 lap feature.

Sowle added “Tommy(Spencer) is working hard to add lap sponsorship” (to the nights features) with close to 80 sponsorship billboards surrounding the Glen Ridge facility and support from the race teams and fans, the lap sponsorships should sell quickly.

The vintage modifieds will compete in a 20 lap feature that will see the cars of yesterday race, as the classic Gremlins, Coupes, and Coach style beauties from the past race in a 20 lap feature for a winners share of $300. and the Xcel 600 division will also compete in a 20 lap feature for their chance to win a cool $300. as these little speedsters powered by motorcycle engines, fly around Glen Ridge at speeds very close to what the 800 hp. modifieds turn. Adding to the nights excitement will be the always thrilling Empire Lightning Sprints as the winged warriors live up to their name engaging in a lightning fast contest. The popular 4-cylinder street cars are also part of the evenings racing activity. Racers and fans attending will take part in all of this “End of Summer” excitement without any increase in the weekly admission prices.

Regular weekly handicapping will be used in the line up for all feature events.

Points will be awarded until the end of season on Friday,September 12, with current point leaders being (modified) Bobby Varin, Craig Hanson, and Bobby Vedder.(sportsman) Rocky Warner, Mark Mortensen, and Shea Montgomery. (prostock) Nick Stone, Jim Normoyle, and Gus Hollner. (4 cylinder) Pete Vila, Keith Tesiero Sr., and Keith Tesiero Jr.

Family entertainment is the thought behind every program at Glen Ridge Motorsports Park and as part of that fans will be able to begin their evening in the covered back yard, by listening to the music of the Bushwackers Band and enjoying a meal from the track concession, while the children are playing on the bounce houses or picking out their favorite drivers picture from Bob Lansing’s photo booth. Later in the evening the kids will be able to take a tour ride on the Fun Bus, while asking questions of one of the many popular drivers and receiving added treats, during their ride through the pits.
Gates open every Friday at 4:30 pm., with racing beginning at 7:00 pm.

General grandstand admission for adults is $10., students 6-12 are $2. and children 5 and under are free.

For more information about Glen Ridge Motorsports Park, please view their website at

Blewett Shows his Metal at New Egypt Speedway

New Egypt, NJ (August 23, 2014) –
Jimmy Blewett of Howell, NJ showed what he was made of Saturday night as he captured his first win of the season in the 30 lap Modified feature at New Egypt Speedway. Blewett roared to the front and then ran down Neal Williams, grabbing the lead with just five laps remaining to take his second career win.  

PJ Oliver took the lead at the start of the 30 lap event and set the early pace over Tim Apgar and David Van Horn.  Neal Williams soon got into the act as he raced into second position and began to challenge Oliver. On lap 10 Williams took over the top spot as Blewett bested Van Horn for the second position after a short battle. Williams led into lapped traffic as Blewett quickly closed the gap on the leader. The duo now hooked up in a hard fought battle thru lapped traffic while Ryan Godown and Billy Pauch put on a crowd pleasing duel for the fourth position. Godown finally wrestled the spot away from Pauch and then charged into third and began to run the leaders down. With five laps remaining Godown was with 3 car lengths of the top two, when Blewett made his move into the lead. Godown caught and passed Williams with two laps remaining and then gave a valiant try to catch the leader to no avail. Blewett took the checkered by 5 car lengths over Godown, with Williams a close third. Pauch came home fourth and David Van Horn rounded out the top five.       

Mark Bitner of Trenton, PA won his first ever Sprint race at NES in the New Egypt RaceSavers 305 Sprint Car 20 lap feature.  Bitner, who had last visited NES victory lane in a Modified 12 years ago, had the Nixon Racing #202 on a rail on this night as he led the event wire to wire defeating former winner Bobby Devault. Phil Meisner Jr. was third followed by Jeff Geiges and David Brown Jr.

The Sportsman 20 lap feature event was won by defending champ and point leader Bob Lineman Jr. Lineman drove around Mike Butler with 7 laps remaining and went on to claim his 3rd win of the season. Johnny Cornell came home second with Butler settling for third. JT Trstensky finished in fourth and Mike Hendershot was fifth.      

NES RESULTS 08/23/14

MODIFIED Feature (30 Laps)
: 1. Jimmy Blewett 2. Ryan Godown 3. Neal Williams 4. Billy Pauch 5. David Van Horn 6. Billy Pauch Jr. 7. Danny Bouc 8. Willie Osmun 9. Gary Butler 10. Tad Cox 11. Tim Buckwalter 12. PJ Oliver 13. Chris Grbac 14. Tim Apgar 15. Darren McCaughey 16. Kevin Vaclavicek  17. John McClelland 18. John Pakenham 19. Eric Engstrom 20. Doug Ostwald 21. Joe Dill 22. Andrew Bohn 23. Steve Davis 24. Tim Tanner  25. John Stangle

SPORTSMAN Feature (20 Laps):
1. Bob Lineman Jr. 2. John Cornell III 3. Mike Butler 4. J.T Trsensky 5. Mike Hendershot 6. Mike Howardson 7. Jason Dunn  8. Alan Bleacher 9. Marty Saxton 10. Will Dupree 11. Jimmy Martin 12. Chuck Potts 13. Patrick Gold 14. Jimmy Amato 15. Mike Mongello
16. Robbie Dunn 17. Kevin Dale 18. Duane Nixon 19. Ryan Simmons

NERS 305 SPRINT Feature (20 Laps):
1. Mark Bitner 2. Bobby DeVault 3. Phil Meisner Jr. 4. Jeff Geiges 5. David Brown Jr. 6. Tommy Carberry Jr. 7. Rick Stief 8. Mike Haggenbottom 9. Stefanie Palmai 10. Brad Franks 11. Jon Brennfleck 12. Erika Palmai 13. Brad Franks 14. Joe Lord 15. Keith Anderson 16. Harris Kohen 17. Chuck Palmucci 18. Adam Carberry 19. John Snook 20. Pat Friberger 21. Tim Tanner 22. Steve Voorhees. DQ: Rory Janney


Chad Phelps Holds Off A Hard Charging Billy Decker For The Fulton Speedway Modified Win; Decker Overcomes Adversity To Stay In The Hunt For The Track Title

FULTON, NY – August 23, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway there were two big winners in the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds.

First was Chad Phelps. Phelps battled in the top-five all race long in the 35-Lap feature that had the winner in doubt until the checkers. Phelps made the winning pass on lap-28 getting by Matt Hulsizer who was strong leading 26-laps. Once in the lead Phelps had to hold off a hard charging Billy Decker for his fifth career win on the ‘High Banks.’

The second winner of the night was Billy Decker. In his heat race Decker took a wild ride that had his car at least fifteen feet in the air, landing hard on the front and then ending up on his roof. Decker pulled out his back-up car and brought home a second place finish on a broken left-rear shock. With his finish, Decker goes into this Saturday night's racing with a one point lead over teammate Larry Wight to decide the championship.

Other winners on Burke's Do-It-Best- Home Centers night were, Gregg Kimball (Pending Engine Tech) SUNY Canton Sportsman, Tim Sears Jr., NAPA Late Models, Haiden Burdick and Rylee Gill, E&V Energy Novice Sportsman, John Cunningham, A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints, Chuck Powelczyk, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders, Doug Williams and Jim Bogett, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites.

Matt Hulsizer blasted from his outside front row starting spot to take early command of the 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature.

On lap-6 Tom Sears Jr. looped in turn one that also involved Ryan Phelps and Chuck Bower. All three cars continued at the back of the field.

On the restart Chad Phelps charged from fourth to the second spot before another quick caution. When the green came back out there was a wild scramble that saw Chris Mackey dart from fourth to second as the field behind him raced hard for position through the pack.

With 10-laps complete Hulsizer held a ten car advantage while behind him Phelps, Mackey, Rob Bellinger, Tim Sears Jr. and Larry Wight were in a tight fight for second through sixth.

By lap-15 Hulsizer was on rails out front running the top of the speedway. Phelps, Bellinger, Sears and Billy Decker from last chased the leader.

With 20-laps showing on the lap counter Hulsizer still showed the way as Phelps and Bellinger started narrowing the gap Hulsizer had built up. Sears and Decker were still in the hunt a few car lengths back of the top-three.

On lap-22 Bellinger moved into second and started bearing down on Hulsizer. Four laps later (lap-26) Bellinger caught and passed Hulsizer to be scored the new leader. Bellinger’s lead was short lived as he got a right rear flat before leading a complete lap.

On lap-28 Phelps was able to drive by Hulsizer using the bottom of the speedway to take the lead away.

Just when it looked like Chad Phelps would walk away from the field for the win the yellow flew on lap-31 when Hulsizer saw his great run end, coming to a stop on the speedway. The restart would put Decker on Phelps' back bumper for the four-lap dash to the checkers.

When the green came back out Phelps was up to every challenge Decker tried to throw at him as he was first under the checkers ahead of Decker who raced on a broken left rear shock. Jimmy Phelps, Pat Ward and Tim Sears Jr. finished third through fifth. Ryan Phelps, Jim Witko Jr., Tim Currier, Larry Wight and Chris Mackey completed the top-ten.

“I’m worn out,” was the first thing Chad Phelps said after putting his Haun Welding Supply/Midstate Tree Service/ Ashley Lynn Winery/No.X in victory lane.

“It was a rough deal. The restarts were a little hairy but we had a good car. We have been working on some things, hats off to my guys and sponsors. I have to give this win to my aunt who was lost a couple weeks ago to a horrible disease. I dedicate this to her. I think she was with us.”

“It was tough, the best of the best are here, just look at the board (Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Pat Ward and Tim Sears Jr. second through fifth).”We got some tough guys up there. It’s been a long hard road. We’re here and we’re going to remember this one and hopefully keep going.”

In the 25-Lap SUNY Canton Sportsman feature Jeremy Pitcher would set the early pace as he looked strong at the front of the field.

With battles all over the speedway, Pitcher held a narrow lead over Gregg Kimball. Behind the top-two Taylor Lamb, Billy Clark Jr. and Wade Chrisman were in a tight fight for third through fifth.

After dogging Pitcher for a number of laps, Kimball darted under Pitcher exiting turn four to be scored the new leader on lap-fifteen just before a quick caution.

Once in the lead nobody had anything for Kimball as he cruised under the checkers for his second win of the season. The battle for second on back was a tough one that saw Taylor Lamb, Rocky Warner, Corey Barker and Chris Hulsizer finish second through fifth. Wade Chrisman, Todd Root, Brandon Sweet, Jim Spano and David Rogers completed the top-ten.

Gregg Kimball’s engine was taken to LJL Racing shop for inspection. Look for results of those tests on the Fulton Speedway website when they become available.

In the 20-Lap NAPA Late Model feature Shayne Tenace and Harry Halliday led the opening laps before Tim Sears Jr. took the top-spot on lap 4 with Sean Beardsley right on his back bumper setting up a battle between the two for the remaining laps.

On lap-7 Beardsley would work his way past Sears to be scored the new leader. After throwing everything he had at Beardsley, Sears would retake the lead on lap-14. Sears lead would last only one lap when Beardsley fought back to retake the top spot one lap later.

Beardsley kept up his quick pace holding back everything Sears threw at him till a yellow on lap-19 that set up a green-white-checker finish. On the final lap Beardsley held a slim lead heading into turns three and four when Sears threw his car hard to the bottom of the speedway sliding up just a ahead of Beardsley exiting turn four. Beardsley was able to pull even with Sears for the drag race to the finish that saw Sears hold on for the win by a mere .004 of a second at the checkers.

With 19 cars signed in the pits, the E&V Energy Novice Sportsman ran a pair of features. In the First feature Haiden Burdick took home his first ever win. The second feature saw Rylee Gill grab his second win of the year.

CHAD PHELPS, Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Pat Ward, Tim Sears Jr., Ryan Phelps, Jim Witko Jr., Tim Currier, Larry Wight, Chris Mackey, Adam Roberts, Rob Bellinger, Tom Kinsella, Katelyn Kane, Roy Shields, Matt Hulsizer, Chris Hile, Tom Sears Jr., Dan Vauter, Chuck Bower, Matt Fink.

 HEAT WINNERS) – Chris Mackey, Chad Phelps, Tim Sears Jr..

GREGG KIMBALL, Taylor Lamb, Rocky Warner, Corey Barker, Chris Hulsizer, Wade Chrisman, Todd Root, Brandon Sweet, Jim Spano, David Rogers, Rocco Leone, Jeremy Dygert, Glenn Forward, Jason Occhino, Chris Thurston, Ron Davis III, Jeff Stevenson, Joe Kline, Beth Schneider, Jeremy Pitcher, Tony Finch II, Nick Webb, Brenton Joy, Billy Clark Jr., Brandon Ford.

LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – TIM SEARS JR., Sean Beardsley, Johnny Hill, Dave Talbot, Harry Halliday, Aron Backus, Steve Coit, Art Halliday, AJ Kingsley, Alan Chapman, Shayne Tenace, Mike Kameirczak, Brandon Ford.


NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS #1) – HAIDEN BURDICK, Brian Hudson, Dorian Wahdan, Brady Gill, Joe Buonagurio, Brett Draper, AJ Bernys, Michael Phelps, Shannon Phelps.

NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS #2) – RYLEE GILL, Trevor Lindsey, Taylor Jackson, Jason Simmons, Amy Holland, Steve Jones, Hunter Schwandner, Mike Defreitas.


By Mike Leone

Hartford, OH August 23, 2014

On July 5, Jimmy Weller III finally broke into victory lane in the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds for the first time in his career at Sharon. They always say the first one is the toughest as four races later the second generation driver left little doubt in the 20-lap Hovis Auto & Truck Supply feature leading from green-to-checkered over the tough King tandem. It was the 13th time in 14 races this season a Weller or King was victorious!

"We raced on Thursday and I'm going to be honest- I'm a little tired," revealed the NASCAR Camping World Truck racer and Hubbard, Ohio native. "That Bristol race on Thursday wore me out a bit. This car was great. John Corbin, Chris Chaky, and the guys are doing so much when I'm not here. My little brother, Dan, and Josh is here, Mr. Cupp- they do so much for my dad. It makes it fun when I'm here to get back into a car that can win. I can move around the track and know the car is going to work. The last couple weeks I've washed the car then took off. I have all the trust in the world in these guys."

Pole-sitter Justin Rasey lost the handle in turns one and two on the opening lap and collected heat race winner Tom Glenn ending the night for both drivers. Glenn was awarded the hard luck award and received two complimentary pit passes from Hovis Auto & Truck Supply for September 6. The accident moved Weller III to the pole and he took off in the lead while it was three-wide for second with Rex King, Jr., Rex King, and Rick Regalski, Jr. going at it.

No changes took place in the top three spots for the duration of the event. Three cautions slowed action on laps five, eight, and 11. Several times throughout the event, the father-son King duo raced side-by-side, but young "Cooter" wouldn't let his father by. With the last nine laps going non-stop, the Kings remained within striking distance, but Weller III would hang on by 0.709 of a second in the Liberty Steel/CFI Transportation/Hine Racing Engines/Hughes Construction/Engine Parts Plus-sponsored #23. It was Weller's seventh career win overall at the speedway to go along with 1 "410" Sprint win and four Limited Sprint victories.

King, Jr. was able to maintain a 14-point lead over his father in the championship race. After pitting early on, Ricky Richner charged through the pack to finish fourth after passing both Regalski and Tom Mattocks for the spot on lap nine. Mattocks was a season best fifth. Completing the top 10 were Regalski, Jim Rasey, Carl Murdick, Bob Warren, and Mark Frankhouser. Along with Glenn, King won the other heat race.

Alan Dellinger was back in victory lane for the second time in three weeks and third time this season in the RUSH Late Models. Dellinger put on one of the biggest dominations seen in any division this year winning by over one-half of a lap in the 20-lap Barris Supply feature! Dellinger continues to impress on the $135 Bilstein "sealed" spec shock option that is beginning to gain popularity in a division that has over 300 cars in the region.

"The green-to-checkered always helps," explained the 50-year-old Hermitage, Pa. resident. "I didn't want to let Will (Thomas) get a shot to beat me on the restart. He always seems to do that! We were good and I wasn't even running it as hard as she goes. I was just trying to save that left rear. The left rear was finally a new tire, but the right rear was an old used. We argued about that. They wanted to put a new one on this time, I said let's put the used one on and it'll be better. You don't have to do anything to these sealed Bilstein shocks. You just bolt them on and run them all year long. I have to thank Bob Williams, his son Jeff, and Bob Jones. They work on the car and we're having a good time!"

Dellinger took the early lead, while Bob Diver moved past Jamie Wrightsman for second on lap one. Wrightsman lost the handle on lap two and collected Bobby Pifer III. That would be the only caution of the event as the final 19 laps went non-stop. On the restart, sixth starting point leader Will Thomas III moved into fourth. While Dellinger pulled away from the field, the battle was on for second by lap four as Diver was trying to hold off Russ Byler and Thomas.

The battle continued lap after lap, while Dellinger increased his lead. After running side-by-side for many laps, Byler nosed ahead on lap 13, while Thomas followed one lap later. Even with Byler and Thomas moving into second and third, Dellinger's lead grew every lap. In fact, the lead was over 10 seconds on the final lap before Dellinger backed off at the finish. His margin of victory was still 8.746 seconds in the unsponsored Bob-Williams-owned #8. Dellinger's fourth career Sharon Crate Late Model win was the amazing 163rd overall at the Hartford, Ohio oval.

Byler matched his career best Late Model runner-up finish from May 10 with his fifth top five of the season in his first full year in the Terry Hoover-owned #00H. Thomas' third inched him another step closer to his second title in three years. Ninth starting Bryan Salisbury passed Diver on the final lap to claim fourth as the newcomer recorded his second top four finish in as many events. Diver dropped to fifth over Lon Emerick, Pifer, Wrightsman, Eric Andrus, and Dennis Lunger, Jr. Thomas won the heat race.

There's not many times Modified standout Joel Watson loses a race when he's leading, but that very thing happened on Saturday night when his good friend Mike Kinney surprised him with an outside pass in the second half of the event as the defending champion stole just his second win of the season in the Summit Racing Equipment-sponsored division. It was the second straight week that 24 or more cars were on hand resulting in the $700 to-win, $100 to-start payoff!

"I thought he might take it up there," stated the 40-year-old Ashtabula, Ohio driver. "I thought he seen me poke up around there on the last restart. He didn't go for it and I was like 'yea' so it worked out good for me! I was glad to see my engine fire out of the hole the last time and we were able to pull it off. That was a good race! There's some really good competition in this class. I have to thank all of my sponsors and my crew, who help me out so much. I have to thank Dave (Willoughby) and the whole staff. The track is always great every night we come here. I can't thank you guys enough for an awesome track."

Watson started second and inherited the lead after Scott Stiffler drove in too hard in turn one and lost the handle and collected several other cars. Three more cautions slowed action in the first 11 laps. On the final restart, Kinney made the outside lane work as he drove around Watson racing off turn two to lead lap 12. Watson stayed right with Kinney over the final nine non-stop laps, but Kinney would hold on for his sixth career win by 0.766 of a second FliNbiU Graphics/Watson Fabrication/TJ Racing Transmission/Close Racing Supply/Handi4u Home Improvements/Inter Group-sponsored #3.

It was a good battle for third for much of the event as Russ Dunn nailed down the spot with a pass of Dwayne Clay on lap 16. Clay would fall out of the top five to sixth at the finish as Carl McKinney and point leader Steve Dixon grabbed fourth and fifth. Stiffler came back to finish seventh over Paul Davis, Jesse Gould, and Jamie Duncan. Denny Crawford raced from 24th to 11th to earn the $25 Summit Racing Equipment hard charger certificate. Heat winners over the 24-car field were Dunn, Watson, and Stiffler.

Making their fifth appearance of the season, Greg Martin charged from the sixth starting spot to win the 15-lap non-stop feature for the second straight race and third time this season in the Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC RUSH Sportsman Modifieds. After matching a region-high 11-car field at the last two events, a record 12 cars were on hand Saturday night for the new division that continues to receive interest.

"It's not easy out there- these guys are really good," stated the 32-year-old Wilson, New York driver. "Rocky (Kugel) has come around real nice, Adam (Hilton) is a competitor with me in New York. The other guys are coming and have great equipment down here. We've been doing the crate motor deal for five years so I'm a little more adapted to the crate motor driving style. It's great to come down here. It's a beautiful facility, great fans, and the way you guys treat us here is unbelievable. It would have been great to win the motor, but I'm sure Jeremy (Zufall) is ecstatic. Sweeney does a great job helping out the Series. We appreciate them so much."

Rocky Kugel took over the top spot from pole-sitter Ken Moy, Jr. on the opening lap. Martin was halfway to the front after getting by Moy on lap two. Martin closed in on Series point leader Adam Hilton on lap seven. The two New York racers battled side-by-side on laps eight and nine before Martin made the inside pass racing off turn two on the ninth circuit.

Kugel had 1.2 second lead by the time Martin got to second with six laps to go. Martin began to close in on the leader on lap 12 and was right on Kugel on lap 13. The two raced side-by-side on lap 14 with Martin going to the outside to make the winning pass off turn four. Martin took his overall fourth win of the season in the Series by 0.549 of a second in his Jeffrey Machine/NYDKS Go-Kart Series/Atwell Eye Care/Foster Tire/Triple-D Towing/Regional Haulage-sponsored #4. The event's non-stop time was 5:01.371. Kugel, who won on June 28, was a disappointed runner-up. Hilton was third over Moy, who recorded his second straight fourth place finish. Andy Paden was fifth. Heat winners were Martin and Moy.

 DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds (20 laps):
1. JIMMY WELLER III (23) 2. Rex King, Jr. (165) 3. Rex King (65) 4. Ricky Richner (126) 5. Tom Mattocks (69) 6. Rick Regalski, Jr. (13) 7. Jim Rasey (32) 8. Carl Murdick (6) 9. Bob Warren (96B) 10. Mark Frankhouser (03) 11. Kevin Green (74) 12. Shawn Kozar (3K) 13. Ronnie Kahler (75) 14. Dave Reges (27R) 15. Justin Rasey (21) 16. Tom Glenn (83T).

RUSH Late Models (20 laps): 1. ALAN DELLINGER (Williams 8) 2. Russ Byler (Hoover 00H) 3. Will Thomas III (9) 4. Bryan Salisbury (126) 5. Bob Diver (23) 6. Lon Emerick (3) 7. Bobby Pifer III (6P) 8. Jamie Wrightsman (21J) 9. Eric Andrus (54) 10. Dennis Lunger, Jr. (Schwartz 71L).

RUSH Sportsman Modifieds (15 laps): 1. GREG MARTIN (4) 2. Rocky Kugel (1) 3. Adam Hilton (3A) 4. Ken Moy, Jr. (34) 5. Andy Paden (24) 6. Jeremy Paup (X) 7. Jeremy Zufall (20) 8. Larry Kugel (0) 9. Will Schaffer (4) 10. Chelsie Kriegisch (Schaffer 4C) 11. Michael Kristyak (404) 12. Walt Tutak (71)-DSQ.


Kislowski Number One At The Great Race Place

Aug. 23

Malta, NY –
Just over one year ago Mark Kislowski sat in victory lane for the first time at The Great Race Place. The Ballston Lake driver backed up that inaugural win this past Friday night with another trip to victory lane in the Upstate GMC Dealers DIRTcar Modified feature event.

By starting the 35 lap feature event, Garden State certain Hall of Famer Brett Hearn clinched the 2014 Track Championship. The title is Hearn’s seventh track championship at the Malta oval and third consecutive. Only Kenny Tremont, Jr. has more track championships at Albany-Saratoga (12). Since Hector Stratton won the track championship in 1993 the only driver to be crowned Dirt Modified track champion at the track not named Tremont or Hearn was Dave Camara. Camara was the champion in 2000 and 2001.

In other action Chris Johnson won the final leg of the Featherfoot Warrior Series for the Sportsman division. Jeremy Pitts was crowned series champion. Kim Duell returned to victory lane in the DIRTcar Pro Stock division while Ron Casey and Randy Miller won the Limited Sportsman and Street Stock feature events respectfully. Darryl Hulburt won the Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Club event.

North country veteran Mike Perrotte and the younger of the racing Ronca brothers, Rich, led the field down to starter Rich Peterson’s green flag. Perrotte grabbed the early lead over Ronca and Brian Gleason before a jingle on the front stretch involving Justin Barber brought out the first caution flag of the event. Perrotte again led on the restart with Ronca, Neal Stratton, Gleason and Matt Depew following.

Kislowski meanwhile was on the move. He moved the Morris Auto Group/Terry’s Route 50 Super Lot number three into fifth on lap four and immediately set his sights on Gleason for the fourth position. It took only four laps for Kislowski to mount hard pressure on Gleason and on lap eight he moved into the fourth position. On lap 11 Stratton moved past Ronca for the second position.

At the one third point of the race Gleason started to make a charge. He moved past both Ronca and Kislowski heading into turn one to take over the third position on lap 11 and then a lap later took over second from Stratton. Kislowski moved into the third position on lap 15 forcing Stratton back to fourth.  A lap later Ronnie Johnson started to make his presence known as he moved past Stratton into the fourth position.

As the race reached the halfway point Perrotte held about a two car lengths lead over Gleason with Kislowski, Johnson and Stratton completing the top five. With 15 laps to go the top three were under a blanket, working their way through slower traffic. Kislowski moved past Gleason for second on lap 21 and then immediately challenged Perrotte for the lead. The duo ran side by side for a couple of laps before Kislowski secured the lead for himself. At the same time Hearn moved past Stratton for the fifth position.

The second and final caution flag of the fast paced event slowed the field on lap 24 when Christ Busta spun on the front stretch. Kislowski held the top spot on the restart with the remainder of the top five remaining the same. On lap 26 Hearn would battle with Johnson for the fourth position. That battle lasted a lap as not only did the 2015 Track Champion take over the fourth position on lap 27 but he also moved past Gleason for third. Johnson moved past Gleason for the fourth spot on lap 28.

Hearn closed quickly on second place Perrotte and on lap 29 took over the runner up spot. As the field completed lap 30 Kislowski held a 3.187 second lead over Hearn. Hearn however was on the move and with two laps to go had cut that lead down to 1.646 seconds.

Kislowski’s advantage proved to be too much as Hearn had to settle for second. Kislowski picked up the win by .654 seconds over Hearn, Perrotte, Johnson and Gleason. Heat races for the 24 car field were won by Stratton, Gleason and Peter Britten.

“First and foremost I have to thank my family,” Kislowski said. “They give me the time to do this. We have a pretty good crew this year. We are working hard in the shop.”

Chris Johnson picked up the biggest victory in his young career Friday night by claiming the 25 lap finale of the Featherfoot Warrior Series. The win was the second of his career, with his first coming in August of 2007.

Nick Lussier was first to lead the event with Johnson and Elliot Lussier following. Early on Elliot seemed to have the car to beat. He moved past Johnson for second on lap three and then past his brother Nick for the lead on lap four. By lap five the top three had pulled away from the field. The trio opened up about a half straightaway lead before a caution on lap ten erased their advantage.

When racing resumed Elliot was the lead however he had Johnson all over him. Following a lap 14 restart Johnson had a good run on Lussier and the duo battled side by side briefly for the lead. A lap later Johnson took over the top spot. From there Johnson led the rest of the way to bring home the win in his Bigg Mann Painting number 1EJ. Nick Lussier would finish the event in second with Jeremy Pitts third, Elliot fourth and Colin Bokus fifth.

With his third place finish defending track champion Jeremy Pitts would be crowned the 2014 Featherfoot Warrior Series champion for the Sportsman division. A total of 33 drivers entered the event with heat races being won by both Nick and Elliot Lussier and Johnson. The consolation event was claimed by recent Limited Sportsman graduate David Emigh.

Kim Duell picked up the 25 lap DIRTcar Pro Stock feature event in very exciting fashion. Fast Eddie Thompson was first to the lead following Rich Peterson’s green flag. Thompson led until lap 12 when sophomore driver Byron Wescott took over. Wescott was strong on the lead however a lap 15 restart gave Duell the chance he needed. Duell pressured Wescott for the remaining laps with the duo side by side on the last lap. Duell and Wescott drag raced to the checkers with Duell picking up the win by .014 seconds. It was so close track officials needed video and transponder evidence to call it.

Duell would be the winner with Wescott settling for second, Thompson third, Kenny Martin, Jr. fourth and Rob Yetman fifth. Heat races for the 18 car field were won by Thompson and Walt Brownell.

Coming into the night Martin trailed Yetman by three points in the race for the track championship. Yetman headed pit side early after being involved in a jingle that caused his hood to come up and thus blocking his vision. He battled back to finish fifth, which allows him to take a one point lead into the season points finale this coming Friday night.

Ron Casey picked up his first career Limited Sportsman feature event win in the divisions 15 lap event. Casey led the entire distance to put the Innovative Speed and Graphics machine in victory lane over Andrew Buff, Ricky Davis, Jack Bublak and Zack Daurio. Heat races for the 17 car field were won by Davis and Casey.

DIRTcar Modified Results (35 Laps)
- 1) Mark Kislowski, 2) Brett Hearn, 3) Mike Perrotte 4) Ronnie Johnson, 5) Brian Gleason, 6) Matt Delorenzo, 7) Peter Britten, 8) Ken Tremont Jr, 9) Stewart Friesen, 10) Marc Johnson, 11) Keith Flach, 12) Rich Ronca, 13) Jimmy Cottrell, 14) Elmo Reckner, 15) Todd Ryan, 16) Neil Stratton, 17) Dylan Scribner, 18) John Lutes Jr., 19) Todd Morey, 20) Chris Busta, 21) Matt Depew, 22) Bobby Hackle IV, 23) Justin Barber, 24) Don Ronca

Sportsman Featherfoot Series Results (25 Laps) - 1) Chris Johnson, 2) Nick Lussier, 3) Jeremy Pitts, 4) Elliott Lussier, 5) Colin Bokus, 6) Rocky Warner, 7) Jake Scarborough, 8) Connor Cleveland, 9) Jush Sunn, 10) Hunter Bates, 11) Adam Gage, 12) Mike Burdo, 13) Chad Miller, 14) Olden Dwyer, 15) Joe Orlando, 16) Chad Edwards, 17) Cody Bleau, 18) Scott Duell, 19) Ivan Joslin, 20) Rob Maxon, 21) David Emigh, 22) Mike Ostrander, 23) Joey Scarborough, 24) John Proctor, 25) Nick Anatriello, 26) Derek McGrew, 27) Jon Miller, 28) Robert Bublak, 29) Jack Speshock, 30) Dave Baranowski Jr, DNQ) Chris Murray, DNQ) Daryl Nutting, DNQ) Jack Swinton

DIRTcar Pro Stock Results (25 Laps) - 1) Kim Duell, 2) Byron Wescott, 3) Ed Thompson, 4) Ken Martin, 5) Rob Yetman, 6) Walt Brownell, 7) Bill Smith, 8) Bernie Companion, 9) Dan Older, 10) Brandon Emigh, 11) Dave Depaulo, 12) Jeff Washburn, 13) Norm Loubier, 14) Danny Wood, 15) Cassidy Wilson, 16) Cody Whitbeck, 17) Mike Stebbins, 18) Robbie Speed, Note: Rob Lagevin Substitute Driver for Dave DePaulo

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps) - 1) Ron Casey, 2) Andrew Buff, 3) Ricky Davis, 4) Jack Bublak, 5) Zach Daurio, 6) Alissa Cody, 7) Brandon Pitcher, 8) Christopher Ronca, 9) Bob Schmidt, 10) Scott Flanders, 11) Anthony Savoca, 12) Diana Huyck, 13) Walter Cook, 14) Jesse Edwards, DNS) Travis Billington, DNS) Ben Brownell, DNS) Shannon Donnelly

Brewerton Speedway August 22 Racing Program Cancelled

BREWERTON, NY – August 22, 2014 (By Dave Medler) –
Rain showers that moved over the Brewerton Speedway has forced the management to cancel the Friday, August 22 racing program.

Join us next Friday, August 29th for the final Friday night of racing for the 2014 season when NAPA Auto Parts presents championship night when the 2014 Track Champions will be crowned.

On the race card will be the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites, Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modifieds, Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders plus the NAPA Late Models.

Adult general admission will be $15 with everyone 18 yrs. old and younger FREE. Pit admission is $27 Participant/$30 Non-Participant. Gates will open at 5:30 with racing at 7:30.

Get your racing fix tomorrow night at the Fulton Speedway with the season down to the final two weeks of the regular season. Point races are tight in the divisions to decide track champions. Adult general admission is $12 with everyone 18 yrs. old and younger FREE. Gates open at 5:00 with racing at 7:00.

Circle your calendars for Thursday, October 9th during Super DIRT Week XLIII when SUNY Canton presents the 22nd Annual Hurricane 100 358 Modified Super DIRTcar Series race plus Pro Race Cars Mod Lites.



By: Ron Szczerba

Fonda, NY – Continuous light rain forced the cancelation of most of the Night of Features racing program at the Fonda Speedway on Saturday evening but before the cancellation Pete Broderson (pro stock), Johnny Young (street stock), and Art Clement (4-cylinder) took victories in feature events in their respective divisions.

With DIRT points ending on Labor Day and Fonda being closed until Saturday, September 13 because of the annual Fonda Fair, the cancellation of the remainder of the racing program saw the leaders in the point standings going into the Saturday evening’s Night of Features racing program being crowned the point champions in their respective divisions.

Point champions crowned at Fonda on Saturday evening were Stewart Friesen in the modified division (third consecutive title after winning it back in 2012 and 2013), Rocky Warner (first career championship in the 602 sportsman division), Nick Stone (first career championship in the pro stock divisions), Dave Horning Sr. (second track championship at Fonda after winning it back in 2006), and Ken Hollenback (third consecutive title at Fonda after winning it back in 2012 and 2013).

Before any racing took place at Fonda for the BBL Companies Night of Features racing program some festivities were held on victory lane including announcer Jim King and Paul Montenaro taking the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Also there was a tribute to Kevin Ward Jr. who was killed a week ago at Canandaigua Motorsports Park when white, orange, and black balloons were released in his honor. The National Anthem was then performed with a flyover also taking place.

The sportsman and modified features that were rained out on Saturday evening will now take place at Fonda on Friday, September 19 along with a racing program consisting of the Empire Super Sprints (ESS), street stocks, and 4-cylinders with a starting time of 7:00 p.m.

Before any feature events took place B-main events for the sportsman and modified divisions were won by Doug Hancock and Jeff Rockefeller respectively.

Dennis Joslin held the early lead in the 15-lap pro stock feature event with Gus Hollner, Nick Stone, and Pete Broderson completing the top four spots at the completion of lap four. Broderson made his way by Stone for the third position on lap five shortly before the caution came out when Walt Brownell spun in turn two.

After the restart on lap seven Broderson was the new race leader with Stone now second, Chuck Dumblewski third after starting 11th, and Kenny Gates fourth after starting 12th. The final caution of the event was out on lap 11 for Jason Casey who came to a stop in turn three. On the restart Dumblewski and Gates got by Stone for the second and third positions but it was Broderson who went on to the feature victory for the fourth time in 2014 and the 18th of his career in the division.

Gates got the second position on the final lap at the line over Dumblewski while Stone, and Luke Horning completed the top five.

Randy Cosselman led the first three laps of the street stock feature until 10th place starter Johnny Young took over the point on lap four on the inside of turn three with a three wide move to the inside of both Cosselman and Yule Cook. One yellow flag slowed the field on lap eight but Young got a good restart and held on for his first win at Fonda. Cook, Cosselman, John Bradt, and Dave Horning Sr. completed the top five.

Keith Tesiero Jr. led early in the 4-cylinder feature but at the completion of lap one Ken Hollenback was the new race leader. Art Clement started the event in the seventh position and on lap two he was the new second place car after getting by Tesiero for the spot. The caution came out to slow the field at that point and again on the restart but on the second restart Clement was in the second spot and was pressuring Hollenback for the lead.

When the leaders came up on lap traffic on lap seven, Hollenback made contact with the lap car in turn four breaking the rear end on his car allowing Clement to take the lead and go on to his first career win at Fonda over Wayne Russell, Shawn Morrison, Tesiero Jr. and Hollenback who was able to make it to the checkered flag with a damaged race car.

“Coming into tonight it (the championship) was ours to lose,” Friesen said as the champions celebrated their titles. “It was a tough fight with Bobby (Varin) this year and although we won the championship because of the rain we would have rather raced for it as this Thad Park’s team is a very competitive group.

“Back in June and July we had some bad luck and started thinking that this may not be our year but Thad bought the new Teo car and Dan Bedell provided us with a great small block motor and that allowed us to get back into it.”

“2014 wasn’t one of our best seasons as far as wins go at Fonda but we were able to finish the events in the top five,” Rocky Warner said. “It was very stressful as one bad finish took you back many spots but fortunately for us we had our misfortunes early in the year while all our competitors had their problems late in the year.”

“We got through the season without any breakdowns and I have to thank an improved maintenance program for that along with my dad, my crew, and my sponsors,” Nick Stone said of his first career Fonda title. “We raced a lot this year with one car and we scale and check the car over after every race so it was a lot of work for us this year.”

“I made it,” Dave Horning Sr. said about his second career street stock title. “We have a decent promoter here at Fonda now which is the only reason I came back this year and we go from one end of the car to the other after every race to make sure everything is ready to go.”

“Racing is a good thing to get into for younger guys and I have been trying to help them get involved in the sport as much as I can,” Hollenback said of his 4-cylinder title.

MODIFIED B-MAIN – 10-LAPS - Jeff Rockefeller, Danny Varin, Josh Hohenforst, C.J. Morey, Matt DeLorenzo, Todd Morey, Ed Harris, Ronnie Holmes, Troy Palmer, Chad Miller, Pep Corradi

SPORTSMAN B-MAIN – 10-LAPS – DOUG HANCOCK, Robert Bublak, Ivan Joslin, Brandon Sweet, Jeremy Pitts, Chris Curtis, Anthony Cardamone, Mike Peek, Dana Palombo, Josh Demagistri, Aaron Burton, Jason Greco

PRO STOCK FEATURE – 15-LAPS – PETE BRODERSON, Kenny Gates, Chuck Dumblewski, Nick Stone, Luke Horning, Gus Hollner, Randy Cosselman, Rueben Kennedy Jr., Mark Sullivan, Jeff McPhail, A.J. Walters, Jason Casey, Walt Brownell, Nate Furman, Malcum Warner, Jamie Warner, Adam Warner, Bill Knapp



It was “all in the family” as Jamie Mills captured the first of the Twin 20’s in the NAPA Big Block Modifieds then chased his nephew, Jordan Watson who won the second 20 lap main on Foster and Adoptive Family Night.
Dale Hawkins led the first two laps of the first NAPA Big Block Modified feature before Jamie Mills, who had started in seventh shot to the top. Matt Hawkins followed Mills into second and Shawn Ward took third. At the halfway sign Matt was within a car length of Mills while Ward, Brad Trice and H.J. Bunting rounded out the top five.
The second and final yellow was out with eight to go when Bunting slowed with a flat rear tire. Mills would open some breathing room on the restart as Beau Wilkins powered into the top five. Wilkins was up to fourth with four to go and two laps later got by Ward for third. Mills would collect his sixth win of the season by a comfortable margin with Matt Hawkins turning in another solid performance in second. Wilkins would settle for third with Ward fourth and Trice fifth. Heats were won by Mils and Matt Hawkins.

“Charlie (Cathell) threw us a little bit of a curve with this new surface,” said Mills following the win. “We put in our little motor for tonight and it seemed to like this kind of track.”
The field was inverted for the second 20-lap NAPA Big Block Modified feature. Jordan Watson, who had broken a transmission in the first 20 lapper quickly shot from fourth starting spot to the front on lap one. Dave Dissinger held the second spot until lap three when JoJo Watson took the spot. The yellow was out at this point when Shawn Ward came to a stop and under the yellow Brad Trice headed to the pits.
On the restart, H.J. Bunting moved into third and two laps later was up to second. Beau Wilkins, who started in tenth, came charging through the field dropping Bunting to third at the halfway sign. Jordan Watson continued to build a lead until lap 13 when Drew Simmons came to a stop. On the restart, Jamie Mills grabbed third from Bunting and one lap later JoJo Watson scraped by for fourth.
Simmons got around a second time on lap 19 setting up a one lap shoot out. Jordan Watson took off at the drop of the green and sped to his third win of the year. Wilkins finished in the second spot with JoJo Watson getting by Mills on the final lap for third. Mills finished in the fourth spot with Bunting fifth.
“I have to thank my Grandfather (Eugene Mills) and my Uncle Jamie for lending me this engine.” said Watson. “We lost our engine last week at Georgetown and wouldn’t have been here without their help.”
Bryan Brasure started off the night winning his AC Delco PSC Modified heat in convincing fashion then started on the pole in the 15-lap main. Brasure set the pace from the drop of the green with Dwayne Crockett holding second and Westley Smith third.
Smith raced into second with Greg Humlhanz, who had won the second heat earlier, made the climb from eight to third by lap four. The race would go caution free with Brasure building a substantial lead over Smith. With five to go Joseph Tracy got by Chad Clark for fifth.
Brasure would make no mistakes and collected his second checkered of the season. Following the win the car was impounded for tech later this week so all results are unofficial at this posting. Smith finished in the second spot with Humlhanz third. Fourth went to Crockett and Tracy rounded out the top five.
James Hill went to the top side at the drop of the green and drove from sixth to lead lap one. Nick Sapp followed from eight to pull into second while pole sitter, Kirk Miles, Sr. held on to third. Alan Passwaters got cranked up and took third on lap three then on the next lap got by Sapp for second. Hill had built a solid lead but Passwaters began to reel him in.
The yellow would fly for a tangle involving for the second time Jake Nelson and Ryan Dryden. On the restart Nelson would get around a third time ending his night. Hill was able to pull away from Passwaters on the restart as Mike Stratton dropped Sapp to fourth.
With six to go the yellow was out for a final time sending Dryden to the pits. Hill controlled the restart as Stratton went to work on Passwaters. With three to go Stratton was able to take second but Hill and checked out and went on to the win. Stratton finished in second with Passwaters third. Fourth went to Sapp and Ray Gulliver rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Dryden and Hill.

Herb Tunis of Georgetown, Del. took full advantage of his pole starting position in the 20-lap Super Late Model feature. Tunis jumped out to the early lead with Kerry King, Jr. in second and Joe Warren running third. The first of two yellows was out on lap three as point leader, Andrew Mullins lost and engine and rolled to a stop.

On the restart King, Jr. cranked up the pressure and got by Tunis on lap five. Staci Warrington worked her way into third with Donald Lingo, Jr. following into fourth and Ricky Elliott up to fifth. Tunis settled back in on the back bumper of King, Jr. and on lap eight regained the lead spot.
King, Jr. wanted the lead back and was charging hard in the corners. On lap 12 the lead pair made contact in the second turn but were able to keep control remaining in the same order. The final yellow was out on the next circuit as Bob Geiger got around.

Warrington put the pressure on King, Jr. on the restart but would lose third to Lingo Jr. Elliott would follow into fourth. As Tunis continued to set the pace Lingo, Jr. got by King, Jr. with one to go as did Elliott. Tunis would make no mistakes as he drove the Greg Mitchell mount to his first win in the division. Lingo, Jr. finished in second with Elliott third. Fourth went to King, Jr. and Warrington rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Lingo, Jr. and Mullins.
“I’m getting too old for this,” said a winded Tunis in victory lane. “My wife has only seen me race three times in my career and she was here tonight. I guess I will have to bring her every week.”
1st NAPA Big Block Finish: 1. Jamie Mills; 2. Matt Hawkins; 3. Beau Wilkins; 4. Shawn Ward; 5. Brad Trice; 6. Howard O’Neal; 7. Joseph Watson; 8. Bobby Watkins; 9. Jordan Watson; 10. HJ Bunting; 11. Robert Dutton; 12. Dave Dissinger; 13. Scott VanGorder; 14. Dave Simmons; 15. Drew Simmons; 16. Blaine Bracelin; 17. Dale Hawkins; DNS: Michael White.
2nd NAPA Big Block Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Beau Wilkins; 3. Joseph Watson; 4. Jamie Mills; 5. HJ Bunting; 6. Bobby Watkins; 7. Matt Hawkins; 8. Shawn  Ward; 9. Howard O’Neal; 10. Dave Dissinger; 11. Drew Simmons; 12. Blaine Bracelin; 13. Robert Dutton; 14. Scott VanGorder; 15. Brad Trice; DNS: Dale Hawkins; Michael White.

UNOFFICIAL AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Bryan Breasure; 2. Westley Smith; 3. Greg Humlhanz; 4. Dwayne Crockett; 5. Joseph Tracy; 6. Chad Clark; 7. Brandon Watkins; 8. Tim Trimble; 9. Carson Wright; 10. Jordn Justice; 11. Scott Hitchens; 12. Brandon Gallo; 13. Kyle Fuller; 14. Jeremy Harrington; 15. Adam Weber; 16. Kevin Sockriter; 17. Rodney Cordrey; 18. Brian Hitz; 19. Patrick Galloway;20. Shawn Weber; 21. Garrie Bostwick.

Super Late Model Finish: 1. Herb Tunis; 2. Donald Lingo Jr; 3. Ricky Elliott; 4. Kerry King Jr; 5. Staci Warrington; 6. Nick Davis; 7. Brandon Dennis; 8. Joe Warren; 9. Bob Geiger; 10. Andrew Mullins.


Hearn Continues His Dominance at the High Banks

Saturday August 16, 2014

By: Rodney Rescott

West Lebanon, NY:
The most exciting show on dirt is getting toward the end of the points season, and all the drivers were ramped up to score as many points as possible to try and capture their division championship titles at Lebanon Valley Speedway.  Brett Hearn scored all that’s allowed by winning the Big Block Modified Feature as Wayne Jelley finally scored a win in the Small Blocks, while Jon Routhier held on to score the win in Pro Stocks.

The points battle is coming down to just 3 short weeks of racing to determine the Big Block Mod champion.  The top 3 in the chase are only separated by under 30 points between J.R. Heffner, Brett Hearn and Donnie Corellis.

The 30 lap battle began with the 42P of Matt Pupello out front early, as the race was rushed to a start due to impeding rain on the horizon.  Pupello had a solid lead, but cautions early kept him from pulling away.

The first yellow was for a mechanical issue suffered by the 11A of Kyle Armstrong forcing his ride into the turn 4 wall.  The next was on lap 8 for the 97 of Bobby Hackel IV as he slowed on the back stretch.  

As the racing continued, Brett Hearn was charging through the field in his 20H with the 74 of J.R. Heffner and Donnie Corellis in his 57.  But Hearn wanted to get to the front first, and that he did, by cracking the top 3 by lap 15.

Pupello did all he could, but Hearn was just too strong as he took over the top spot on lap 19, and that was all she wrote.  Hearn scores the win, his 7th on the season, followed by a strong run for Kenny Tremont Jr.  Kolby Schroder finished 3rd followed by Matt Pupello and J.R. Heffner.

In the Small Block 20 lap feature, Brian Peterson brought the field to green.  But by lap 5, Wayne Jelley, had the car to beat as he took control of the event and went on to take the win.  Chad Jeseo battled to take the 2nd position over the 1 of Jason Herrington.  Brian Sandstedt held on to finish 4th and Frank Hoard III finished 5th to complete the top 5.

The Pro Stock full fendered 20 lap feature saw the 29 of Ricky Duzlak out front early, but the 463 of Daniel Sanchez took control by lap 2.  Cautions plagued this event as they came early and often.  The most interesting of which occurred on lap 11 as the 8 of Jay Corbin made a pass for the lead out of 4, and heavy contact was made by Sanchez and Corbin, causing them both to spin in front of the field collecting the 143 of Rob Yetman.

With that, the race was handed over to the 315 of Jon Routhier who was running 4th.  Routhier made no mistakes for the remaining 9 circuits, taking the victory over the closing 243 of Victor Hopkins. Robbie Speed battled back from an early flat to finish 3rd followed by Frank Twing and Chad Arsenault to round out the top 5 finishers.

For more information and current point standings, visit our website at, and click on ‘Speedway’.  

Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1)Brett Hearn, 2)Kenny Tremont Jr, 3)Kolby Schroder, 4)Matt Pupello, 5)J.R. Heffner, 6)Eddie Marshall, 7)Rob Pitcher, 8)Donnie Corellis, 9)Andy Bachetti, 10)Keith Flach, 11)Kyle Sheldon, 12)Mike King, 13)Brian Berger, 14)Denny Soltis, 15)Wayne Figler, 16)Paul Gilardi, 17)Bobby Hackel, 18)Kyle Armstrong, 19)Kyle Hoffman, DNS)Dave McFeeters
Small Block Modified Feature (20 Laps): 1)Wayne Jelley, 2)Chad Jeseo, 3)Jason Herrington, 4)Brian Sandstedt, 5)Frank Hoard III, 6)Frank Harper, 7)Brett Haas, 8)Alan Houghtaling, 9)Olden Dwyer, 10)Brian Peterson, 11)Mendel Sean, 12)Chad Pierce, 13)Ray Hall, 14)Ryan Darcy, 15)Art Collins, 16)Jason Tompkins, DNS)Kenny Aanonsen JR

Pro Stock Feature (20 Laps): 1)Jon Routhier, 2)Victor, Hopkins, 3)Robbie Speed, 4)Frank Twing, 5)Chad Asenault, 6)Hugh Page, 7)Milo Campbell, 8)Paul Engwer, 9)Richard Spencer, 10)Chris Lunn, 11)Scott Kilmer, 12)Nick Hilt, 13)Steven LaRochelle, 14)Jeff Kelmel, 15)Brian Walsh, 16)Rob Yetman, 17)Tom O'Connor, 18)Jay Corbin, 19)Chuck Towslee, 20)John Denue, 21)Rick Duzlak, 22)Paul Rogers, DQ)Daniel Sanchez



Susquehanna, PA…
A cool crisp summer night meant for a fast tacky track at Penn Can Speedway on Rob’s Market Night. Going into the night’s racing program a number of drivers were in contention for the title. Alan Rudalavage of Newton Lake made the point race even tighter winning a hard fought battle with Ken Titus of Kirkwood, New York. In the 602 sportsman division Paul Rooney finally found some good luck and Victory Lane in their twenty lap feature. Steve Deinhardt of Deposit, New York bested a strong field of street stocks while Eric Beach of Susquehanna won again in the factory stocks and Dylan Robinson repeated in the four cylinder class. Bill Nichols was the SRP Sprint winner.

Bobby Trapper and Kenny Titus lead the modified field to the start with Titus getting the jump. Titus led the first few laps over Trapper, Mike Schane, and Bob Trapper. The first of only two cautions came out early on lap four with cars coming together in turn four collecting second point man Billy Thornton. Both cars returned to action with Titus taking control. The side by side race took place all though the field with Adam MacGeorge and Steve Babicek moving into the top six chasing the leaders. The second and final caution appeared with the car of point leader Kevin Hartnett coming to a stop in turn four. He would refire and get checked out in the pits before rejoining the race.

At the halfway mark Titus now had Bobby Trapper on his rear bumper followed by Alan Rudalavage, Bob Trapper, and Schane. The action continued lap after lap. Rudalavage moved into second on lap twenty and set off after Titus. The two battled side by side for a few circuits with Rudalavage making the winning pass on lap twenty three. Bob Trapper got by his son and put pressure on Titus for second during the last five laps of the race while Rudalavage held on to the top position and came home first for his second feature win of the season. Titus, Trapper Sr, Trapper Jr, and Schane rounded out the top five.

Many fans turned out in orange and a moment of silence was held in the memory of Kevin Ward Jr. Mike Pompey broke a rear end during hot laps and ran the feature in the Alec Gennarelli ride. With Rudalavage’s win the point battle tightens with only three point races remaining. The 270 Sprints have been added to the program Friday. The Nunzi’s Northeast Nationals will be a combined event with Greenwood Valley Speedway with a bonuses added for the top combined finishing cars that run both. The rained out “Hot Summer Night” special has been rescheduled for Tuesday September 9th.  

Modified Feature:
Al Rudalavage, Ken Titus, Bob Trapper, Bobby Trapper, Mike Schane, Nick Rochinski, Adam MacGeorge, Billy Thornton, Mike Nagel Jr, Brian Malcolm, Steve Babicek, Kevin Hartnett, Joey Colsten, Mike Loney, Mike Dougherty, George Kostelansky, Dan Pompey, Scott Adams, Frank Porreca

602 Sportsman Feature:
Paul Rooney, Ryan Olsommer, Randy Gates, Todd Titus, Alec Gennarelli, Brian Mady, Marty Bunker, Nick Mady, Nick Branning, Ted Mills III


Tremont Wins The Battle But Hearn The War At Albany-Saratoga

Malta, NY –
Some would call the DIRTcar Modified feature event at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway Friday night as a battle for the ages and others a reincarnation of Ali versus Frazier but track announcer Danny Martin said it best when he proclaimed that we have just witnessed two of the all-time best battle it out.

Kenny Tremont, Jr. picked up his third feature win of the season over the only active driver to have more feature wins that him at the four tenths of a mile oval. With his second place run, Brett Hearn has officially clinched the 2014 DIRTcar Modified track championship. This is the New Jersey driver’s seventh track title and third in a row.

The night’s racing was called the Night of Features as it was a features only program for all divisions except the Upstate GMC Dealers DIRTcar Modifieds (who ran regular qualifying heats) and the Sportsman division (who ran a pair of B-Mains after locking the top 16 in the point standings).

In other action, Jeremy Pitts picked up the 25 lap Sportsman feature event while Bernie Companion won his second straight DIRTcar Pro Stock event.

Brian Whittemore and Brian Gleason led the DIRTcar Modified field to the green with Gleason taking the BBL Companies number 14g out to the lead first. Chris Busta moved into second with Whittemore, Matt Depew and Mark Kislowski following. The first caution flag of the event slowed the field on lap two when Clifton Park’s Rich Ronca slowed with a left rear flat tire.

When racing resumed Busta would be the new race leader over Gleason, Kislowski, Keith Flach and Whittemore. Tremont then started to make his charge towards the front. The West Sand Lake driver moved into fifth on lap four with Hearn following to sixth and Ronnie Johnson to seventh. At the same time Kislowski took over the second position from Gleason. Two laps later Flach followed past Gleason for third.

Tremont continued his charge on lap ten when he moved past Gleason for the fourth position. Hearn once again followed Tremont through. Busta had opened a comfortable lead over the field until he slipped up into the loose stuff in turn four on lap 14. This allowed the remainder of the top five to close right in on his back bumper. Kislowski would do the same thing on 15 and it would cost him the second position as Tremont was able to get past.

On lap 18 Cass Bennett spun in turn four to bring out the caution flag. Busta held the lead on the restart with Tremont, Kislowski, Flach and Hearn following. A lap later the caution flag waved again, this time for a pile up in turn four featuring five cars. The restart would see the top five remain the same however a lap later Hearn moved past Flach for the fourth position. On lap 24 Hearn took the third position from Kislowski.

With ten laps to go Tremont was all over the rear deck of Busta’s K-Bass Towing and Recovery machine. On lap 26 Tremont nosed ahead at the start/finish line and took the lead in full a half lap later. Hearn moved past Busta on lap 29 and set his sights on Tremont. Neal Stratton slowed on lap 31 forcing another caution period.

The restart saw Tremont lead however Hearn was all over him. They ran side by side for a lap before the caution flag interrupted their entertaining battle for the final time. This time Elmo Reckner and Whittemore tangled in turn one.

When racing resumed the battle for the lead did as well, only with higher intensity. Tremont had the lead however Hearn was all over him. The duo produced an epic battle that came down to the wire. Tremont picked up the win by less than a nose over Hearn. Kislowski finished in the third position with Marc Johnson and Peter Britten completing the top five. Heat races for the 27 car field were won by Depew, Busta and Kislowski.

Jeremy Pitts won the 25 lap Sportsman feature event. The win for Pitts brings him even closer to his second straight track title. Jack Speshock jumped out to the early lead, holding it comfortably until a lap four caution flag slowed the field. Speshock led the next five restarts before Pitts was able to mount a serious challenge at the end of the event. Speshock and Pitts battled through traffic over the final five laps with Speshock holding the advantage until the final lap. Amidst heavy traffic Pitts was able to get past Speshock on the final lap to pick up the win. Speshock settled for second with Robert Bublak third, Scott Duell fourth and Jake Scarborough fifth. The B-Mains were won by Chris Johnson and John Proctor. A total of 37 drivers entered the event.

Bernie Companion picked up his second win in a row in the DIRTcar Pro Stock division. Brandon Emigh held the early lead before giving way to Kim Duell on a lap six restart. Duell remained the leader until a lap ten restart saw Dan Older, Sr. take over. Companion pressured Older and on lap 19 was able to get past for the lead. Once out front Companion would not be denied as he brought home the win over Older, Rob Yetman, Duell and Kenny Martin. A total of 20 drivers entered the event.

David Emigh won his third Limited Sportsman feature event of the season. With the win he will now have to move up to the Sportsman division. Emigh took the lead from Alissa Cody on lap ten and pulled away for the win over Jack Bublak, Cody, Zach Daurio and Ken Conroy. A total of 19 drivers entered the event.

Coming up on Friday September 12th the annual Northeast Crate Nationals will take center stage. The GRIT Sportsman Series will be on hand for a $2,225 to win event along with the Street Stock division. Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding this event.

Official Results

DIRTcar Modified $3,000 To Win Results (35 Laps) -
1) Ken Tremont Jr, 2) Brett Hearn, 3) Mark Kislowski, 4) Marc Johnson, 5) Peter Britten, 6) Keith Flach, 7) Chris Busta, 8) Ronnie Johnson, 9) Don Ronca, 10) Brian Gleason, 11) Hector Stratton, 12) Kyle Armstrong, 13) Mike Perrotte 14) Neil Stratton, 15) Bobby Hackle IV, 16) Elmo Reckner, 17) John Lutes Jr., 18) Brian Whittemore, 19) Justin Barber, 20) Al McCoy, 21) Dylan Scribner, 22) Matt Depew, 23) Cass Bennett, 24) Ryan Darcy, 25) Matt Delorenzo, 26) Rich Ronca, DNS) Jimmy Cottrell

Sportsman Results (25 Laps) -
1) Jeremy Pitts, 2) Jack Speshock, 3) Robert Bublak, 4) Scott Duell, 5) Jake Scarborough, 6) Derek McGrew, 7) Rocky Warner, 8) Joey Scarborough, 9) Chad Miller, 10) Olden Dwyer, 11) Pete Jeske, 12) Chris Murray, 13) Jack Swinton, 14) Dave Baranowski Jr, 15) Joe Orlando, 16) Hunter Bates, 17) John Proctor, 18) Mike Ostrander, 19) Mike Burdo, 20) Elliott Lussier, 21) Jon Miller, 22) Colin Bokus, 23) Adam Gage, 24) Frank Hoard Jr, 25) Cody Bleau, 26) Connor Cleveland, 27) Chris Johnson, 28) Timothy Davis, 29) Bert Film, DNS) Daryl Nutting, DNQ) Nick Anatriello, DNQ) Alex Bell, DNQ) Justin Comes, DNQ) Ivan Joslin, DNQ) Nick Lussier, DNQ) Rob Maxon, DNQ) Shea Montgomery

DIRTcar Pro Stock Results (25 Laps) - 1) Bernie Companion, 2) Dan Older, 3) Rob Yetman, 4) Kim Duell, 5) Ken Martin, 6) Robbie Speed, 7) Walt Brownell, 8) Chuck Dumblewski, 9) Danny Wood, 10) Byron Wescott, 11) Bill Smith, 12) Brandon Emigh, 13) Dave Depaulo, 14) Norm Loubier, 15) Cody Whitbeck, 16) Ed Thompson, 17) Jeff Washburn, 18) Pat Zimmer, 19) Rowdy Burch, DNS) Kevin Loomis

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps) - 1) David Emigh, 2) Jack Bublak, 3) Alissa Cody, 4) Zach Daurio, 5) Ken Conroy, 6) Ron Casey, 7) Christopher Ronca, 8) Travis Billington, 9) Steve Wagoner, 10) Tim Heady, 11) Diana Huyck, 12) Bob Schmidt, 13) Scott Flanders, 14) Jesse Edwards, 15) Walter Cook, 16) Anthony Alger, 17) Shannon Donnelly, 18) Emily Quinn, 19) Ben Brownell


Brett Hearn garners first Super DIRTcar Series win of 2014 at Lebanon Valley Speedway

WEST LEBANON, N.Y. - August 14, 2014 - Better late than never. One of the winningest drivers to ever sit behind the wheel of a Big Block Modified had gone through more than half the race season without a Super DIRTcar Series victory, until Thursday.

Brett Hearn steered to victory Thursday, Aug. 14, at Lebanon Valley Speedway, claiming his first series win of the season.

"I just did what I do on Saturday nights," said the Sussex, N.J., driver, whose winless series transcript was still impressive, with four top-five finishes and eight top-tens out of ten starts. "I have a couple spots on the track where I like to make passes and I was able to do that. When time came to step it up at the end there to get the last two spots, I was able to do that."

Hearn's Madsen Overhead Doors No. 20 was fast right out of the gate, both setting fast time and setting a new track record with a 19.335-second lap."The Jet" later flew to victory in his heat race, but started the race tenth after a disappointing redraw.

However, a less-than-stellar starting position wasn't about to keep the eight-time Super DIRTcar Series Champion out of the limelight at his home track. After a lap-seven caution slowed the pace early in the race, Hearn leveraged the ensuing double-file restart to gain several positions, and by lap 13 he was running in fourth. Defending 'Mr. DIRT Track U.S.A.' Andy Bachetti, of Great Barrington, Mass., started the race on the outside front row and held onto the lead after the first caution of the race.

Within just a couple laps, Hearn was challenging Donnie Corellis, of Averill Park, N.Y. for third, and claimed the position in lap 15. His battle with Kolby Schroeder, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., proved a greater challenge as the leaders soon reached traffic at the back of the field. Bachetti slowed as he lapped cars, allowing Schroeder and Hearn to gain ground. In lap 27, the three were within a few car lengths of each other, and the next lap Hearn rounded Schroeder for second. Hearn and Bachetti raced wheel-to-wheel until Hearn powered forward on the inside groove to claim the lead.

In lap 29, Matt Sheppard, of Waterloo, N.Y., came to a stop in turn 2 to bring the race's second caution. Sheppard, who came to Lebanon Valley with the series point lead, pulled into the pits for a tire change and returned to the track under yellow. However, with more extensive mechanical issues, Sheppard exited the track again in lap 35.

Hearn was fast on restarts, and had no trouble staying ahead of the field in lap 34 when the green flag waved, nor in lap 52 after a lap-48 caution.

The yellow flag waved for the fourth caution of the race in lap 69 for Billy Decker, of Sidney, N.Y. Decker, who was second in series point standings to Sheppard by a margin of five points, had stopped on the track and the Gypsum Wholesalers No. 91 was towed to the pit area. When field returned to green, Sheppard pulled the FX Caprara Car Co. No. 9H back onto the half-mile in an attempt to keep his point advantage over rival Decker.

Schroeder brought the last caution of the race in lap 79 with a flat right rear tire and Hearn kept his lead off the restart. Hearn powered forward, all the way to the 'Mr. DIRT Track U.S.A.' Victory Lane to claim his $17,500 check.

"We had some goals coming here tonight," said Hearn, whose victory has brought him closer to leaders Sheppard and Decker in series point standings. "We would have liked to have drawn a little bit better, but as it turned out, it was our race to win."

Last year's race winner Bachetti finished second and Corellis finished third.

"The car was a little tight tonight, we just missed a little bit," said Corellis, who started third, fell to fifth mid-race, and made his way back up by lap 78. "If we had been a little freer we could have had second, but I don't think we had anything for Brett Hearn. It was a good show."

Stewart Friesen, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, finished fourth after a tense late-race battle with Danny Johnson, of Rochester, N.Y., who finished sixth. Rob Pitcher, of Chatham, N.Y., finished fifth. Rounding out the top ten are Larry Wight, of Altmar, N.Y., in seventh, Kyle Sheldon, of Nassau, N.Y., in eighth, Eddie Marshall, of Ridgefield, Conn., in ninth, and Keith Flach, of Ravena, N.Y., in tenth.

Sheppard's return to the racetrack put him at 23rd, two positions behind Decker in 21st. Sheppard keeps his point lead, but by a slim margin of three points. Hearn remains third in points, but now within 40 points of the lead.

The Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series charges to Quebec for a 100-lap feature race Saturday, Sept. 6, at Autodrome Granby. For more information about the Super DIRTcar Series, visit

Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Statistical Report
'Mr. DIRT Track U.S.A'
Lebanon Valley Speedway
Thursday, August 14, 2014
A-Main (100 laps):
1. 20 Brett Hearn - Sussex, N.J. ($17,500)
2. 34 Andy Bachetti - Great Barrington, Mass.
3. 57 Donnie Corellis - Averill Park, N.Y.
4. 1wgc Stewart Friesen - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
5. 17 Rob Pitcher - Chatham, N.Y.
6. 27J Danny Johnson - Rochester, N.Y.
7. 99L Larry Wight - Altmar, N.Y.
8. 42 Kyle Sheldon - Nassau, N.Y.
9. 98 Eddie Marshall - Ridgefield, Conn.
10. 43 Keith Flach - Ravena, N.Y.
11. 74 J.R. Heffner - Stephentown, N.Y.
12. 7z Erick Rudolph - Ransomville, N.Y.
13. 98s Kolby Schroeder - Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
14. 673 Gary Tomkins - Clifton Springs, N.Y.
15. TEN Billy VanInwegen - Sparrowbush, N.Y.
16. 60 Brian Berger - Castleton, N.Y.
17. 42P Pat Ward - Genoa, N.Y.
18. 16 Kyle Hoffman - Averill Park, N.Y.
19. 55 Mike King - Nassau, N.Y.
20. 98h Jimmy Phelps - Baldwinsville, N.Y.
21. 91 Billy Decker - Sidney, N.Y.
22. 11A Kyle Armstrong - Milford, Conn.
23. 9h Matt Sheppard - Waterloo, N.Y.
24. 74M Matt Billings - Brockville, N.Y.
25. 3 Justin Haers - Phelps, N.Y.
26. 21a Pete Britten - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
27. 42m Matt Pupello - East Greenbush, N.Y.
28. 115 Kenny Tremont, Jr. - West Sand Lake, N.Y
29. 14 C.G. Morey - Rutland, Vt.
30. 8 Rich Scagliotta - Hillsborough, N.J.

Qualifying Heats (8 laps, top 3 redraw)
Heat 1: Johnson, Friesen, Haers, Wight, Decker, King, Ward, Rudolph
Heat 2: Hearn, Bachetti, Flach, Sheppard, Sheldon, Billings, Scagliotta
Heat 3: Heffner, Corellis, Schroeder, Phelps, Britten, Tremont, VanInwegen, Pupello
Heat 4: Pitcher, Armstrong, Hoffman, Marshall, Berger, Tomkins, Morey

Time Trials: 1. Hearn 19.335, 2. Bachetti 19.722, 3. Hoffman 19.737, 4. Heffner 19.796, 5. Sheppard 19.798, 6. Phelps 19.823, 7. Corellis 19.832, 8. Schroeder 19.849, 9. Pupello 19.880, 10. Armstrong 19.893, 11. Pitcher 19.915, 12. Flach 19.934, 13. Johnson 19.935, 14. Friesen 19.938, 15. Billings 19.940, 16. Haers 19.942, 17. Sheldon 19.945, 18. Decker 19.962, 19. Rudolph 19.967, 20. Tremont 20.008, 21. Wight 20.013, 22. Marshall 20.020, 23. Britten 20.064, 24. Ward 20.070, 25. Berger 20.078, 26. King 20.171, 27. VanInwegen 20.256, 28. Scagliotta 20.343, 29. Tomkins 20.481. NT: Morey

Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series Driver Points (Top 20)
After Lebanon Valley Speedway, Aug. 14
1. Matt Sheppard 903
2. Billy Decker 900
3. Brett Hearn 866
4. Danny Johnson 812
5. Jimmy Phelps 763
6. Justin Haers 671
7. Pete Britten 667
8. Erick Rudolph 661
9. Larry Wight 652
10. Gary Tomkins 637






























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