Swanson, Cockrum Among Favorites in Large Field For Ted Horn 100

DuQuoin, IL (September 3, 2015)-By Jay Hardin Track Enterprises Staff

Kody Swanson won the Bettenhausen 100 at Springfield in convincing fashion on August 22 as the USAC Silver Crown Series visited the Springfield Mile with the largest field in eight years in attendance.  Southern Ilinois native Shane Cockrum made noise as a serious contender for the victory starting on the outside of the front row and leading the first 40 laps.  The same cast plus a few extras are expected as the focus of the Silver Crown title chase turns to the beautiful DuQuoin State Fairgrounds for the 63rd Ted Horn 100 under the lights September 6.

California’s Swanson is in search of a second consecutive Silver Crown title and has won 5 of the last 6 Silver Crown events on one mile dirt tracks.  The lone event escaping his grasp was the 2014 Ted Horn 100 where a faulty belly pan knocked him from contention.  The 2010 winner of the Ted Horn 100 returns looking to add to his commanding lead in the point standings.

Defending Ted Horn 100 winner Cockrum had a large crowd dancing in the aisles last year as he became the first driver from the deep southern part of the state to score a 100-mile national championship victory on the “Magic Mile”.  The recently appointed fire chief of Benton won earlier at Terre Haute in a car purchased by his owners from Tony Stewart Racing.

Other former winners of the Ted Horn 100 expected include Rick Hood (1985) of Memphis, TN, Russ Gamester (1997) of Peru, IN, Rich Tobias (2003) of Annville, PA, Shane Cottle (2007) of Kokomo, IN, Brian Tyler (2008) and Chris Urish (2013).

Illinois drivers were well represented at Springfield with 12 on the pre-race entry list.  In addition to Cockrum, A.J. Fike (Galesburg), Patrick Lawson (Edwardsville), Terry Babb (Decatur), Chris Windom (Canton), Levi Jones (Swansea), Tad Roach (Granite City), J.C. Bland (Springfield, Joey Moughan (Springfield) and Steven Russell (Springfield) were all on the pre-race entry list.  Windom is a past winner in the series and led several circuits at Springfield while Jones is a two-time series champ and a past winner of the Hoosier Hundred. Fike is a two-time winner at Springfield and won the ARCA stock car race on Sunday at the Illinois State Fair.

USAC regulars heading for Southern Illinois include Dave Darland, 1997 USAC Silver Crown champ and Jerry Coons, Jr. 2008 USAC Silver Crown champ.  Several younger drivers are becoming a force in the big cars as well, including C.J. Leary, Kevin Thomas, Jr. and Justin Grant.  Murphysboro native Randy Bateman is on the mend and stepped out of his ride at Springfield, placing talented second generation driver Casey Shuman behind the wheel.

The USAC Silver Crown Series appears headed in a direction of growth and re-birth after series director Andy Hillenburg, a former Silver Crown pilot himself, took over nearly two years ago.  His leadership combined with commitment from teams and promoters have led to increased car counts at nearly every venue in 2015 with the Tony Bettenhausen 100 at Springfield being pointed to as a breakthrough event.  It is entirely possible that DuQuoin could have an entry list equal to or exceeding that of the sister fair to the north.  At press time 31 cars had pre-entered with more possible on race day.

The 2014 event was one for the history books.  After a light rain shower forced a small delay in the festivities, a real cushion developed in practice and never left even after 100-miles of pounding from the big dirt cars.  Unlike 2013, fuel did not become a concern at the end and jumble the standings.  Last year saw seven lead changes, several cautions and a red flag before Cockrum emerged victorious and revived a tradition as he and the entire crew took a dip in the infield lake!

This year’s event promises to be just as exciting with the potential for a large field of cars and the possibility of the first semi-feature since 2007.  Practice for the 63rd Ted Horn 100 begins at 5 p.m. September 6 with qualifications at 6 and the 100-mile event starting at 8.


AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 28, 2015 - Kokomo, Indiana - Kokomo Speedway - "Sprint Car Smackdown IV"
QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Dave Darland, 71P, Phillips/Curb-Agajanian-12.642; 2. Chase Stockon, 32, 32/TBI-12.725; 3. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 17RW, Dutcher-12.892; 4. Justin Grant, 40, Hery-12.912; 5. Scotty Weir, 5, Baldwin-12.991; 6. Jon Stanbrough, 81, Stanbrough-13.040; 7. Chad Boespflug 66, Amati-13.110; 8. Chris Windom, 21x, Pollock-13.120; 9. Aaron Farney, 15F, Farney-13.185; 10. Chris Gurley, 12G, Team Automotive-13.209; 11. Tracy Hines, 4, THR-13.212; 12. Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-13.248; 13. Jarett Andretti, 18, Andretti-13.281; 14. Thomas Meseraull, 29x, Dawkins-13.288; 15. Tyler Courtney, 23e, Eberhardt-13.301; 16. Hunter Schuerenberg, 2E, Epperson-13.337; 17. Ryan Bernal, 11, Walker-13.347; 18. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-13.413; 19. Kyle Cummins, 3R, Byram-13.415; 20. Shane Cottle, 57, Hazen-13.447; 21. Kyle Robbins, 17R, Robbins-13.466; 22. Brandon Mattox, 28, Mattox-13.532; 23. Cole Ketcham, 41K, SST-13.557; 24. Parker Price-Miller, 9p, Ronk-13.611; 25. Max McGhee, 17, McGhee-13.631; 26. Jerry Coons, Jr., 10E, Edison-13.654; 27. Brian Karraker, 29, Jarrett-13.683; 28. Kody Swanson, 32M, Marshall-13.831; 29. Joe Bares, 19, Test-13.833; 30. Ted Hines, 12x, Hines-13.913; 31. Travis Hery, 21H, Hery-13.939; 32. Dustin Smith, 77, Smith-13.969; 33. Tom Harris, 5E, East-14.001; 34. Josh Spencer, 66J, Spencer-14.007; 35. Tony DiMattia, 50, DiMattia-14.035; 36. Frank Flud, 41, SST-14.140; 37. Dallas Hewitt, 16, Pearson-14.406; 38. Colten Cottle, 42, Jackson-14.559; 39. Robert Bell, 71, Bell-14.880; 40. Brady Short, 11p, Pottorff-15.020; 41. Robert Ballou, 12, Ballou-NT.
FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Bernal, 2. Robbins, 3. Weir, 4. McGhee, 5. Andretti, 6. Ballou, 7. Farney, 8. Darland, 9. Harris, 10. Hewitt, 11. Bares. 2:17.28
SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Stockon, 2. Leary, 3. Meseraull, 4. Coons, 5. Mattox, 6. Stanbrough, 7. Gurley, 8. Spencer, 9. Ted Hines, 10. C. Cottle. 2:15.54
THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Cummins, 2. Tracy Hines, 3. Courtney, 4. Boespflug, 5. Thomas, 6. Karraker, 7. Hery, 8. DiMattia, 9. Bell, 10. Ketcham. NT
FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. S. Cottle, 2. Bacon, 3. Windom, 4. Grant, 5. Schuerenberg, 6. Short, 7. Swanson, 8. Price-Miller, 9. Smith, 10. Flud. 2:16.11
QUALIFYING RACE: (10 laps) 1. Short, 2. Ballou, 3. Spencer, 4. Hewitt, 5. C. Cottle, 6. DiMattia, 7. Bell. 2:21.14

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Darland, 2. Stanbrough, 3. Short, 4. Andretti, 5. Ballou, 6. Schuerenberg, 7. Gurley, 8. Thomas, 9. Mattox, 10. Farney, 11. Swanson, 12. Spencer, 13. Smith, 14. Hery, 15. Harris, 16. Price-Miller, 17. Ted Hines, 18. Hewitt, 19. Karraker, 20. Bares. NT
FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Chase Stockon, 2. Dave Darland, 3. Chris Windom, 4. Tracy Hines, 5. Jon Stanbrough, 6. Brady Short, 7. Brady Bacon, 8. Thomas Meseraull, 9. Robert Ballou, 10. Kyle Cummins, 11. Jarett Andretti, 12. Tyler Courtney, 13. C.J. Leary, 14. Shane Cottle, 15. Scotty Weir, 16. Jerry Coons, Jr. 17. Max McGhee, 18. Chad Boespflug, 19. Brian Karraker, 20. Hunter Schuerenberg, 21. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 22. Kyle Robbins, 23. Ryan Bernal, 24. Justin Grant. NT
**Ballou flipped during qualifying. Ketcham flipped during the third heat.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-27 Windom, Laps 28-30 Stockon.
NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Ballou-1,683; 2-Stockon-1,625; 3-Darland-1,594; 4-Bacon-1,532; 5-Stanbrough-1,420; 6-Thomas-1,296; 7-Windom-1,154; 8-Leary-1,115; 9-Hines-1,071; 10-Grant-998.
NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: August 29 - Kokomo (IN) Speedway - "Sprint Car Smackdown IV"



Kokomo, Indiana...Robert Ballou continued his dream season and started off "Sprint Car Smackdown IV" in fine shape as he captured Thursday night's 30-lap feature at Kokomo Speedway. The Rocklin, California driver made it nine wins for the year, a mark only reached eleven previous times in USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car history.

Chase Stockon out-gunned polesitter Tyler Courtney to take the early lead, with Brady Bacon joining them before a red flag appeared on lap two. It came out just two laps later as seventh-running C.J. Leary caught the gnarly turn-one cushion and barrel-rolled into turn-two. He was unhurt.

Stockon held the lead as Courtney took second and left Bacon, who was having issues negotiating the curb himself. He dropped spots to ProSource "Fast Qualifier" Kyle Cummins and Ballou. On lap eight, Courtney jumped to the high side in turns one and two, but it bit him. He snapped sideways and nearly saved it before catching the wall and flopping over, collecting sixth-running Kevin Thomas, Jr. in the process. Courtney walked away, and Thomas restarted at the tail.

While things were fairly calm up front, the show was being put on by Thursday's winner Chris Windom and provisional starter Brady Short. They stormed through the field, with Short using the lower half of the track while Windom ventured above the cushion to run all the way up to sixth. Bacon and Jerry Coons, Jr. raced for fourth as Stockon continued to hold command at the front of the field. Ballou took second with ten to go and caught a caution with nine laps to go.

Ballou stalked Stockon and ran his fastest lap of the race on lap 24, as they came to the line side-by-side for the lead with Stockon .010 seconds ahead. Ballou swept underneath him through turns one and two with the lead and began to put distance between himself and Stockon. Windom had taken fifth but then bicycled violently on the cushion and dropped two spots. Short took advantage, sticking his nose in the battle for a top-five.

National point leader Ballou was flawless in the closing laps, taking a .957-second win in the Blakesley Auto - TwisterX #12 Maxim/Ott.

"I know there's a lot of people up here who don't want me to win, but we gotta keep racking these wins up if I'm gonna catch Dave Darland on the all-time win list. It was a challenge for us early, but I knew if I could get through some laps, we would be in good shape. If I wasn't so fat, maybe we wouldn't have that issue. You gotta bide your time in some races, and tonight we just had to get closer to the end. I got off the bottom once and it was a mistake, but I went back down and we were good there. The track definitely threw us a curveball tonight, but they got it racy and we made the most of it," Ballou said.

Stockon capped a fine night that moved him back up to second in points with the Superior Tank & Trailer - Crescent Electric Supply #32 DRC/Fisher.

"To win up here is really difficult, and we were close tonight. It's really frustrating to lead all that way and have him go by us late, but he's going good right now. We could run up and kiss the top in one and two, but that dried up some on us, and it blew off pretty good through three and four. We just got too free towards the end. He kept his car stuck down low, and we couldn't quite do that. We're getting there, but need to fine-tune it to get a win here," Stockon said.

Bacon came home third in the Hoffman Auto Racing - Mean Green #69 Triple X/Williams Mopar. "This place keeps you on your toes, and obviously tonight was a little different than you usually see here. I thought I had it going pretty good up top early, but then as it slicked up getting to it and the curb got bigger, I just got too tight on it and almost crashed a few times. The track moved around quite a bit, and you had to keep up with it. The top wasn't the fastest place to be tonight and we didn't get it tight enough, but we got a good solid finish out of it," Bacon said. Cummins came home fourth in the Rock Steady Racing - Vincennes University #3R Mach-1/Cummins, and Short's run from 24th ended up fifth in the Pottorff Logging - Sipe's Body & Glass #11P Maxim/Spec. Windom's drive from 17th to 7th earned him the "Hard Charger Award" presented by Maxim Chassis. In the night's Competition Suspension (CSI) Heat Races, Dave Darland won Hinchman Indy Heat 1, Scotty Weir won Heat 2, Windom won Loudpedal Productions Heat 3, and Jarett Andretti won Racers Storage Heat 4. In the night's Semi-Feature, Hunter Schuerenberg won the American Racing Ministries "Perseverance Award" as the last transfer. Max McGhee took the night's Pace Performance Coatings "Hard Work Award" as the slowest qualifier to make the night's feature. Shane Cottle took the Arizona Sport Shirts prize as the first non-transfer.


AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 27, 2015 - Kokomo, Indiana - Kokomo Speedway - "Sprint Car Smackdown IV"

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Kyle Cummins, 3R, Byram-13.269; 2. Chad Boespflug 66, Amati-13.272; 3. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 17RW, Dutcher-13.331; 4. Tracy Hines, 4, THR-13.342; 5. Robert Ballou, 12, Ballou-13.369; 6. Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-13.417; 7. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-13.424; 8. Chase Stockon, 32, 32/TBI-13.427; 9. Jerry Coons Jr., 10E, Edison-13.510; 10. Jon Stanbrough, 81, Stanbrough-13.521; 11. Tyler Courtney, 23E, Eberhardt-13.530; 12. Hunter Schuerenberg, 2E, Epperson-13.541; 13. Landon Simon, 24, LSR-13.546; 14. Justin Grant, 40, Hery-13.556; 15. Cole Ketcham, 41K, SST-13.578; 16. Thomas Meseraull, 29, Dawkins-13.579; 17. Casey Shuman, 2X, Barnhill-13.584; 18. Scotty Weir, 5, Baldwin-13.591; 19. Chris Windom, 21X, Pollock-13.660; 20. Brandon Mattox, 28, Mattox-13.675; 21. Dave Darland, 71P, Phillips/Curb-Agajanian-13.704; 22. Brian Karraker, 23, Karraker-13.740; 23. Kody Swanson, 32m, Marshall-13.761; 24. Jarett Andretti, 18, Andretti-13.766; 25. Max McGhee, 17, McGhee-13.774; 26. Shane Cottle, 57, Hazen-13.777; 27. Travis Hery, 21H, Hery-13.845; 28. Ryan Bernal, 11, Walker-13.868; 29. Parker Price-Miller, 9p, Ronk-13.919; 30. Kyle Robbins, 17R, Robbins-13.942; 31. Dallas Hewitt, 16, Pearson-13.969; 32. Brady Short, 11p, Pottorff-13.982; 33. Chris Gurley, 12G, Team Automotive-13.994; 34. Ted Hines, 12H, Hines-14.026; 35. Dustin Smith, 77, Smith-14.065; 36. Tom Harris, 5E, East-14.134; 37. Aaron Farney, 15F, Farney-14.189; 38. Colten Cottle, 42, Jackson-14.250; 39. Frank Flud, 41, SST-14.381; 40. Joe Bares 19, Test Motorsports-14.539; 41. Josh Spencer, 66J, Spencer-14.594; 42. Tony DiMattia, 50, DiMattia-14.676; 43. Robert Bell, 71, Bell-14.797; 44. Chris Phillips, 1G, Gormly-NT.

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Darland, 2. Ballou, 3. McGhee, 4. Shuman, 5. Coons, 6. Gurley, 7. Farney, 8. Cummins, 9. Spencer, 10. Price-Miller, 11. Simon. NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Weir, 2. Grant, 3. Bacon, 4. Karraker, 5. Boespflug, 6. S.Cottle, 7. Stanbrough, 8. Robbins, 9. Ted Hines, 10. DiMattia, 11. C.Cottle. NT

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Windom, 2. Thomas, 3. Courtney, 4. Leary, 5. Ketcham, 6. Swanson, 7. Hery, 8. Hewitt, 9. Smith, 10. Flud, 11. Bell. 2:16.98

FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Andretti, 2. Mattox, 3. Stockon, 4. Meseraull, 5. Short, 6. Bernal, 7. Tracy Hines, 8. Schuerenberg, 9. Harris, 10. Bares. 2:18.63

C MAIN: (10 laps) 1. Smith, 2. Ted Hines, 3. Spencer, 4, Bares, 5. Flud, 6. Bell, 7. DiMattia, 8. Farney. NT

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Boespflug, 2. Cummins, 3. Tracy Hines, 4. Coons, 5. Stanbrough, 6. Schuerenberg, 7. S.Cottle, 8. Short, 9. Ketcham, 10. Bernal, 11. Robbins, 12. Swanson, 13. Price-Miller, 14. Spencer, 15. Hery, 16. Gurley, 17. Smith, 18. Hewitt, 19. Bares, 20. Ted Hines. 2:45.70

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Robert Ballou., 2. Chase Stockon, 3. Brady Bacon, 4. Kyle Cummins, 5. Brady Short, 6. Jerry Coons Jr., 7. Chris Windom, 8. Thomas Meseraull, 9. Kevin Thomas Jr., 10. Scotty Weir, 11. Jon Stanbrough, 12. Chad Boespflug, 13. Justin Grant, 14. Dave Darland, 15. Max McGhee, 16. Aaron Farney, 17. Hunter Schuerenberg, 18. Jarett Andretti, 19. Brandon Mattox, 20. Casey Shuman, 21. Tyler Courtney, 22. C.J. Leary, 23. Brian Karraker, 24. Tracy Hines. NT
**Phillips flipped during qualifying. Karraker flipped on lap 2 of the feature. Leary flipped on lap 5 of the feature. Courtney flipped on lap 8 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: 1-24 Stockon, Laps 25-30 Ballou.

NEW AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR STANDINGS: 1-Ballou-1,646, 2-Stockon-1,553; 3-Darland-1,527; 4-Bacon-1,483, 5-Stanbrough-1,368; 6-Thomas-1,279; 7-Windom-1,094, 8-Leary-1,081, 9-Tracy Hines-1,013, 10-Grant-976.

NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: August 28 - Kokomo (IN) Speedway - "Sprint Car Smackdown IV"



Abbottstown, Pennsylvania......Rico Abreu wowed the Lincoln Speedway crowd with a late-race charge to steal the lead from Bryan Clauson on Lap 29, taking his second-straight Honda National Midget win on the Pennsylvania swing on Wednesday night.

Jerry Coons, Jr. grabbed the lead from outside the front-row as everyone scrambled behind him for top-five positions, with Abreu slicing from row-three to second, ahead of Clauson. After an early caution, Clauson moved by Abreu for second. The race's middle section staged a duel for the lead between Coons and Clauson, while Abreu fought his teammate Christopher Bell for third.

As they approached traffic, Clauson snuck under Coons for the lead on Lap 14. Coons was not done, though, and he came right back after Clauson, taking the lead on Lap 16 as they split a lapped car off turn-two. He marched away with the lead while Clauson fell into the clutches of Bell, who darted by him for second on Lap 20, just before a caution flew for Tanner Thorson, who flattened a tire running fifth. That reverted back a lap, so Clauson restarted second with 11 to go.

Clauson shadowed Coons inside the final ten laps as Abreu and Bell continued their battle for third, with Abreu up high and Bell down against the guardrail. With six laps to go, Bell spun to the inside in turn-four, setting up a final run to the checkers with Coons leading Clauson and Abreu.

Coons ran the bottom on the restart before moving up to the top of turn-one on lap 25, holding his lead over Clauson. As they completed that lap, Clauson had a run and hit the high side of turn-one as Coons tried to hit the bottom, with the first sounds of trouble under the hood of the Heffner #27 spelling doom for Coons.

Clauson appeared to have things under control, but Abreu had gotten his momentum up on the high side and ran him down as they came to two-to-go. Abreu went to the outside of Clauson in an all-out drag race to the turn-one cushion, with Clauson sliding up just behind Abreu and through the cushion, giving Abreu a healthy advantage as he raced away. It ended up a .580-second advantage for Abreu, who made it five wins on the season and 13 for his career, tying Don Meacham, Stevie Reeves, Steve Knepper, and Ryan Newman for 49th on the all-time list.

Abreu stopped on the fronstretch in front of a loud Lincoln Speedway crowd to celebrate his win in the Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports - Toyota TRD #97 Bullet/Speedway Toyota.

"I knew he would hear me eventually up there, but I was making sure when I got to him that I would be gone fast enough. Bryan moved back down after he got Jerry, and I just got a couple really perfect laps up there where I didn't get up too high and into any loose stuff. I knew it was tricky down low; we were having trouble keeping it where it needed to be. You could really hammer it up top there when it cleaned off and got wide, and that was about as fun as it gets at the end. He is a clean racer and left me just enough room for us to get through there. It's awesome to be out here and have that crowd reaction; it makes this whole trip worthwhile to see these tracks and race in front of such great fans," Abreu said.

Clauson, who set the night's ProSource "Fast Time" to break Parnelli Jones' track record in the only previous USAC Midget visit back in 1964, finished second in the Dooling Machine - Jonathan Byrd's Racing #63 Spike/Stanton Mopar, looking a bit surprised and obviously dejected at the turn of events in the closing laps.

"I guess sometimes you make the wrong decision and end up getting beat, and that's pretty much how tonight went. I felt like I was working awfully hard up top to get by Jerry, so after I went by him, I guess I left the door open for him to get me. It was a lot of fun racing with Jerry, and it's cool to come to a place like this and show them what midget racing is all about," Clauson said.

Tracy Hines made a late charge to take over third after starting eighth in the Parker Machinery - Turbines, Inc. #24 Spike/Stanton Toyota.

"I saw Rico go to the top, so I jumped up there too and it got us up to third. We got into that crash in the heat race, and had to play catch-up from there for the rest of the night. We probably left a little on the table with the car with replacing other parts and an issue with a bleeder during the B. We got it all fixed and ready, so it was a good run from there," Hines said.

National Midget point leader Kevin Thomas, Jr. came from tenth to finish fourth in the Bakken Concrete - Toyota TRD #67K Bullet/Speedway Toyota, and Alex Bright charged from 12th to round out the top-five in the Action Track USA - PXP Racewear #77 Elite/Fontana.

HONDA USAC NATIONAL MIDGET RACE RESULTS: August 19, 2015 - Abbottstown, Pennsylvania - Lincoln Speedway (co-sanctioned by ARDC)

QUALIFYING: 1. Bryan Clauson, 63, RKR/Curb-Agajanian-15.804 (New Track Record); 2. Rico Abreu, 97, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-15.818; 3. Tanner Thorson, 67, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-15.821; 4. Christopher Bell, 71, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-15.887; 5. Steve Buckwalter, 25, Buckwalter-15.936; 6. Jerry Coons, Jr., 27, Heffner-16.006; 7. Tracy Hines, 24, Parker-16.035; 8. Brenden Bright, 92, Bright-16.049; 9. Nick Wean, 78, Wean-16.073; 10. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 67K, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-16.101; 11. Spencer Bayston, 39, Clauson-16.139; 12. Alex Bright, 77, Hemler-16.170; 13. Trevor Kobylarz, 14, RT Racing-16.202; 14. Ryan Greth, 4R, Lesher-16.225; 15. Tyler Thomas, 91T, Thomas-16.240; 16. Steven Drevicki, 19, Fitzpatrick/DeGre-16.244; 17. Billy Pauch, Jr., 28, DeGre-16.270; 18. Ryan Watt, 20, RT Racing-16.276; 19. Isaac Chapple, 52, Chapple-16.334; 20. Jim Radney, 95, Radney-16.334; 21. Tommy Kunsman, 21, Kunsman-16.360; 22. Tony DiMattia, 50, DiMattia-16.363; 23. Tim Buckwalter, 52x, Buckwalter-16.376; 24. Brett Wanner, 44, Wanner-16.386; 25. Brett Arndt, 46, Arndt-16.427; 26. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., 83, Buckwalter-16.522; 27. P.J. Gargiulo, 5, Gargiulo-16.543; 28. Shawn Jackson, 7, Jackson-16.890; 29. Jamie Speers, 74, Speers-17.009; 30. Pete Pavlick, 69, Jackson-17.597; 31. Jim Jackson, 96, Jackson-19.064

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. S. Buckwalter, 2. Clauson, 3. Pauch, 4. Wean, 5. Kobylarz, 6. Arndt, 7. Speers, 8. Kunsman. NT
SECOND HEAT:  (8 laps) 1. Coons, 2. Watt, 3. K. Thomas, 4. Abreu, 5. Greth, 6. DiMattia, 7. B. Buckwalter. 2:11.37

THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. T. Thomas, 2. T. Buckwalter, 3. Chapple, 4. Bayston, 5. Hines, 6. Gargiulo, 7. J. Jackson, 8. Thorson. NT

FOURTH HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Bell, 2. A. Bright, 3. Drevicki, 4. B. Bright, 5. Wanner, 6. S. Jackson, 7. Radney. 2:09.02 (New Track Record)

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Kobylarz, 2. Thorson, 3. Hines, 4. DiMattia, 5. Wanner, 6. Greth, 7. Arndt, 8. Gargiulo, 9. S. Jackson, 10. B. Buckwalter, 11. Kunsman, 12. Speers, 13. J. Jackson. NT

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Rico Abreu, 2. Bryan Clauson, 3. Tracy Hines, 4. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 5. Alex Bright, 6. Jerry Coons, Jr., 7. Steve Buckwalter, 8. Spencer Bayston, 9. Tyler Thomas, 10. Brenden Bright, 11. Tanner Thorson, 12. Trevor Kobylarz, 13. Steven Drevicki, 14. Nick Wean, 15. Christopher Bell, 16. Billy Pauch, Jr., 17. Ryan Watt, 18. Brett Arndt, 19. Isaac Chapple, 20. Ryan Greth, 21. Brett Wanner, 22. Tim Buckwalter, 23. Tony DiMattia. NT
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-13 Coons, Laps 14-15 Clauson, Laps 16-25 Coons, Laps 26-28 Clauson, Laps 29-30 Abreu.



Spring Run, Pennsylvania.....Rico Abreu was a welcome visitor to the Pennsylvania racing fans, and he made them happy with an entertaining win in Tuesday night's return of the Honda Midget National Championship to the Keystone State at Path Valley Speedway Park. The 2014 series champion from Rutherford, California made it four wins on the year, as he held off his teammates in the 30-lapper aboard the Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports - Toyota TRD #97 Bullet/Speedway Toyota.

"It's awesome to be out here and be able to win in front of fans like these. I've been really looking forward to this week racing on dirt in Pennsylvania, so hopefully I can win a few and have fun. It's great to race hard like that with your teammates. Being the leader the last half of that race, you're just not sure where to go. Christopher was dive-bombing me, but I didn't know exactly how he was running. After he passed me, he went straight to the top of three and four right before the caution came out, so I knew that's where he was running. Races play out that way sometimes. They worked in my favor tonight," Abreu said of his 12th career National Midget win, which tied him for 53rd all-time among the group of Gene Force, Bobby Grim, Danny Caruthers, Jeff Gordon, Ron Shuman, Russ Gamester, and Kyle Larson.

Tracy Hines got the lead on the first corner as fellow front-row starter Nick Wean nearly spun out, but Tanner Thorson was flying to the front, just in time to lead the opening lap in the #67. Abreu moved to second on lap-two, but their teammate Christopher Bell had all eyes on him, as he came from the 13th starting spot. In just three laps, Bell was up to sixth.

A hectic pace early saw the four Kunz teammates find the top four spots, with Bell running the high side past Kevin Thomas, Jr. into third. Fellow row-seven starter Bryan Clauson was also on the move, as he was working into fifth on lap 13 when he slowed with electrical issues and brought out a caution.

Abreu made quick work of Thorson for the lead after the restart, and Thomas, Jr. was moving on the high side to challenge Thorson for second. On lap 15, the two made contact with Thorson spinning to bring out the second caution of the race.

Thomas, Jr. took advantage of the restart, moving in on Abreu for the lead, as the two were nearly even on lap 19 before Thomas threw a slider and led lap 20. Abreu came back at him and a duel for the lead looked to be coming, but a car spun near the back of the field to bring out the caution and revert back to eleven laps to go.

Now, it was Bell's turn to be on the charge, as he got his momentum going around the high side and took second from Thomas, Jr. a couple laps later before cutting into Abreu's lead. Bell went by Abreu for the lead on lap 25, but Abreu countered.

Bell came at him again on lap 26, setting up a slider into turn-one on lap 27 to take the lead before a final caution appeared, this time for sixth-running Tyler Thomas, who broke a rear end.

With the lead returned to Abreu, he nailed the restart and was unchallenged over the final five laps to win by .852 seconds over Bell, who passed eleven cars to earn his second-place finish in the Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports - Toyota TRD #71 Bullet/Speedway Toyota.

"I could really just go anywhere early in that race, and with some marbles in the middle of the track, they were going high and low so I just went through the middle. I found open lanes early and that helped get up through there. The yellows were so frustrating tonight. Just when I got my momentum or had a chance to pass for the lead and get away, there one would come. Hopefully they work out better for me next time," Bell said.

Thomas, Jr. came home third and found himself back atop the series standings with the Bakken Concrete - Toyota TRD #67K Bullet/Speedway Toyota.

"I was searching early to find someplace to run, and then Bell railed me up high and I knew we had to get going. I showed Rico the top when I went by him, and the caution to put me back behind him hurt. I got a bad restart and lost that spot to Bell, and beyond that we were pretty close in speed. I hate saying it was a good points night, but we had a solid night, and our goal is to win a championship, ultimately. You have to take advantage of nights like these," Thomas, Jr. said.

Spencer Bayston made a nice run from 11th to come home fourth in the Bryan Clauson Racing - Priority Aviation Services #39 Spike/Esslinger, and Jerry Coons, Jr. rounded out the top-five in the Heffner Racing Enterprises - #27 Triple X/Esslinger.

HONDA USAC NATIONAL MIDGET RACE RESULTS: August 18, 2015 - Spring Run, Pennsylvania - Path Valley Speedway Park

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Tanner Thorson, 67, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-11.422; 2. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 67K, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-11.479; 3. Jerry Coons, Jr., 27, Heffner-11.549; 4. Rico Abreu, 97, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-11.553; 5. Nick Wean, 78, Wean-11.615; 6. Tracy Hines, 24, Parker-11.627; 7. Tyler Thomas, 91T, Thomas-11.674; 8. Billy Pauch, Jr., 28, DeGre-11.696; 9. Steven Drevicki, 19, Fitzpatrick/DeGre-11.706; 10. Steve Buckwalter, 25, Buckwalter-11.735; 11. Brenden Bright, 92, Bright-11.756; 12. Alex Bright, 77, Hemler-11.768; 13. Spencer Bayston, 39, Clauson-11.780; 14. Isaac Chapple, 52, Chapple-11.809; 15. Christopher Bell, 71, Kunz/Curb-Agajanian-11.866; 16. Bryan Clauson, 63, RKR/Curb-Agajanian-11.869; 17. Ryan Greth, 4R, Lesher-11.889; 18. Trevor Kobylarz, 14, RT Racing-11.892; 19. Brett Wanner, 44, Wanner-11.897; 20. Jim Radney, 95, Radney-11.905; 21. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., 83, Buckwalter-12.073; 22. Eric Heydenreich, 11, Heydenreich-12.075; 23. Tim Buckwalter, 52x, Buckwalter-12.080; 24. Brett Arndt, 46x, Arndt-12.102; 25. Shawn Jackson, 7, Jackson-12.132; 26. P.J. Gargiulo, 5, Gargiulo-12.210; 27. Tommy Kunsman, 21, Kunsman-12.295; 28. Tony DiMattia, 50, DiMattia-12.302; 29. Justin Grosz, 99G, Grosz-12.332; 30. Jamie Speers, 74, Speers-12.521; 31. Kenney Johnson, 46, Johnson-12.539.

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Wean, 2. Greth, 3. Thorson, 4. Bayston, 5. Drevicki, 6. B. Buckwalter, 7. Jackson, 8. Grosz. 2:02.96

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. K. Thomas, 2. S. Buckwalter, 3. Kobylarz, 4. Hines, 5. Chapple, 6. Gargiulo, 7. Heydenreich, 8. Speers. 2:01.22

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Bell, 2. Coons, 3. T. Buckwalter, 4. T. Thomas, 5. B. Bright, 6. Wanner, 7. Johnson, 8. Kunsman. 1:59.61

FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Clauson, 2. Abreu, 3. Pauch, 4. Arndt, 5. A. Bright, 6. DiMattia, 7. Radney. 2:00.69

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Drevicki, 2. A. Bright, 3. B. Bright, 4. B. Buckwalter, 5. Gargiulo, 6. Chapple, 7. Wanner, 8. Radney, 9. Jackson, 10. DiMattia, 11. Kunsman, 12. Speers, 13. Heydenreich. NT

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Rico Abreu, 2. Christopher Bell, 3. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 4. Spencer Bayston, 5. Jerry Coons, Jr., 6. Tracy Hines, 7. Billy Pauch, Jr., 8. Brenden Bright, 9. Tanner Thorson, 10. Steven Drevicki, 11. Ryan Greth, 12. Alex Bright, 13. Tim Buckwalter, 14. P.J. Gargiulo, 15. Brett Arndt, 16. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., 17. Trevor Kobylarz, 18. Isaac Chapple, 19. Tyler Thomas, 20. Steve Buckwalter, 21. Nick Wean, 22. Bryan Clauson, 23. Jim Radney. NT ----------------------------
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-13 Thorson, Laps 14-30 Abreu.

NEW HONDA NATIONAL MIDGET POINTS: 1-K.Thomas Jr.-573, 2-Hines-564, 3-Abreu-518, 4-Thorson-497, 5-Bayston-475, 6-Coons-472, 7-T.Thomas-462, 8-Bell-381, 9-Darren Hagen-321, 10-Dave Darland-222.
NEXT HONDA NATIONAL MIDGET RACE: August 19 - New Oxford, PA - Lincoln Speedway


By Lance Jennings
AUGUST 17, 2015... Taking the lead from polesitter R.J. Johnson on lap five, Concord California’s “The Demon” Damion Gardner claimed Saturday’s Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Car feature at Perris Auto Speedway. For Gardner, the “California Racers Hall of Fame Night” victory marks his fifth win of the campaign as the series prepares for the “California Sprint Week.” Richard Vander Weerd, Brody Roa, Austin Williams, and fast qualifier Mike Spencer chased the defending champion to the checkered flags.
At the drop of starter Kevin Winter’s green flag, Arizona visitor R.J. Johnson grabbed the early lead. With Brody Roa and Matt Mitchell in pursuit, Damion Gardner was moving forward from sixth. By the third circuit, “The Demon” had taken over second and was gaining ground on Johnson. Taking command two laps later, Gardner quickly extended his lead to nearly half a straightaway. Passing slower traffic at will, Damion’s lead was erased by a caution flag on the 20th lap. On the restart, Jake Swanson took over second and set his sights on the leader. Unfortunately for Swanson, a steering issue ended his charge and another yellow flag flew over the speedway. On the restart, Gardner got an excellent jump with Richard Vander Weerd looking to mount a challenge. Vander Weerd inched closer to the leader but jumped the turn one cushion and had to regroup. Gardner escaped and put some distance between himself and the field. Slicing his way past the slower traffic, “The Demon” sailed to the checkered flags.
Special thanks to Chris Holt and everyone that contributed to the “California Racers Hall of Fame Night.” Holt raised an additional $11,000 in prize money and each heat race winner took home $300, courtesy of Mark Atchison and AMA Plastics. Other awards were given out and Jake Swanson won the $500 Agajanian / Mystery Award.
Piloting Mark Alexander’s #4 Scott Sales Company / Weld Racing Spike, Damion Gardner scored his 62nd career USAC/CRA triumph. “The World’s Fastest Sprint Car Driver” qualified second out of twenty-six racers, placed second in the dash, and ran second to Brody Roa in his heat race. To date, Damion has one Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Award, four heat race victories, ten top-10 finishes, and 115 feature laps led. With the victory, “The Demon” has taken over the point lead as the series heads to Calistoga’s “Louie Vermeil Classic.”
Richard Vander Weerd of Visalia, California ran second in the “California Racers Hall of Fame Night.” Driving the family owned #10 Vander Weerd Construction / Stone Gate Development Maxim, Vander Weerd was fourth quick in time trials, won the “2,000 Randy Scofield Dash,” and won the 10-lap Extreme Mufflers Heat Race #1. Heading to Calistoga, the 2011 USAC West Coast Sprint Champion is third in points with four feature wins, five heat race victories, one DMI / Keizer Wheels Hard Charger Award, nine top-10 finishes, and 120 feature laps led on the season.
Garden Grove, California’s Brody Roa took third in Perris 30-lap feature. Racing Lee & Norma Leonard’s #48 HD Industries / Burris Racing Maxim, Roa qualified fifth overall and won the 10-lap DJ Safety Heat Race #2. Leaving Perris ranked seventh in the standings, the former Wagsdash Champion has eight top-10 finishes in the campaign.
Austin Williams of Yorba Linda, California charged from fourteenth to fourth in the “California Racers Hall of Fame Night.” Driving Jack Jory’s #2 John Jory Corporation / AMA Plastics Spike, Williams was fifteenth fast in time trials and won the Saldana Racing Products / Circle Track Performance Heat Race #3. Heading to Calistoga, the former Rookie of the Year has climbed to fourth in the point chase with two heat race victories and nine top-10 finishes.
Temecula, California’s Mike Spencer earned the night’s DMI / Keizer Wheels “Hard Charger / Best Passing Job” honors with a fifth place run from twenty-third. Piloting Ron Chaffin’s #50 Grubstake Mini Storage / Madera Produce Maxim, Spencer earned his sixty-second Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Award and an extra $500 from the Wilkerson Family. After running fourth in the dash, engine troubles caused an eighth place finish in his heat race. The team went to work on changing their engine and Mike used a provisional for the main event. The five-time champion left Perris ranked second in points with five fast time awards, five heat race victories, one Competition Suspension Inc. / Rod End Supply Semi-Main win, ten top-10 finishes, and 17 feature laps led.
On Saturday, September 5th, the Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series will kickoff the “California Sprint Week” with the 2-day “Louie Vermeil Classic” at Calistoga Speedway. Also showcasing the Honda USAC Western Midgets, more event information can be found at, or calling 916.773.7225.
The Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series thanks Hoosier Tire, Circle Track Performance, Competition Suspension Inc., DJ Safety, Diversified Machine Inc., Extreme Mufflers, Huntington Beach Glass & Mirror, Keizer Wheels, Pyrotect Racing Cells, Rod End Supply, Saldana Racing Products, Ultra Shield Race Products, and Woodland Auto Display for their support. If you or your company would like to become part of the series, email PR Director Lance Jennings at
For more information on the series, visit the United States Auto Club (USAC) website at You can also find exclusive content on the Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Car Facebook and Twitter pages. Loudpedal Productions has DVDs available for purchase that feature the Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Cars and for more information, call 805.407.7229 or visit
August 15, 2015 – Perris, California – Perris Auto Speedway – “California Racers Hall of Fame Night”
1. Mike Spencer, 50, Chaffin-16.884; 2. Damion Gardner, 4, Alexander-16.919; 3. Jake Swanson, 92, Sertich-16.994; 4. Richard Vander Weerd, 10, Vander Weerd-17.025; 5. Brody Roa, 48, Leonard-17.189; 6. Parker Colston, 64, Gore-17.232; 7. Matt Mitchell, 37, Mitchell-17.294; 8. Logan Williams, 5, Jory-17.378; 9. R.J. Johnson, 51, Martin-17.397; 10. Jace Vander Weerd, 88, Vander Weerd-17.469; 11. Terry Schank Jr., 1, Gleeson-17.475; 12. Cody Williams, 44, Jory-17.551; 13. Danny Faria Jr., 17V, Bowman-17.603; 14. A.J. Bender, 21, Bender-17.629; 15. Austin Williams, 2, Jory-17.688; 16. Tommy Malcolm, 5X, Napier-17.764; 17. Chris Gansen, 4G, Gansen-17.788; 18. Austin Smith, 33, Smith-17.865; 19. Verne Sweeney, 98V, Tracy-17.946; 20. Kenny Perkins, 0K, Perkins-17.993; 21. Josh Pelkey, 12, Allen-18.202; 22. Jeremy Ellertson, 98, Ellertson-18.689; 23. Eddie Tafoya, 51T, Tafoya-18.795; 24. Mike Collins, 04, Collins-19.042; 25. Ronnie Williams, 58, Bluntach-19.282; 26. Colton Slack, 3F, Finkenbinder-NT.
DASH: (4 laps)
1. R.Vander Weerd, 2. Gardner, 3. Swanson, 4. Spencer. 1:10.23
1. R.Vander Weerd, 2. Mitchell, 3. Faria, 4. Malcolm, 5. J.Vander Weerd, 6. Ellertson, 7. R.Williams, 8. Spencer, 9. Sweeney. NT
DJ SAFETY HEAT RACE #2: (10 laps)
1. Roa, 2. Gardner, 3. Gansen, 4. Schank, 5. L.Williams, 6. Slack, 7. Bender, 8. Perkins, 9. Tafoya. NT
1. A.Williams, 2. Johnson, 3. C.Williams, 4. Swanson, 5. Colston, 6. Pelkey, 7. Smith, 8. Collins. 3:07.56
1. L.Williams, 2. Bender, 3. Colston, 4. Sweeney, 5. Perkins, 6. J.Vander Weerd, 7. Collins, 8. Ellertson, 9. R.Williams, 10. Pelkey, 11. Slack, 12. Smith. NT
FEATURE: (30 laps – With Starting Positions)
1. Damion Gardner (6th), 2. Richard Vander Weerd (4th), 3. Brody Roa (3rd), 4. Austin Williams (14th), 5. Mike Spencer (23rd), 6. Danny Faria Jr. (12th), 7. Logan Williams (8th), 8. Cody Williams (11th), 9. Josh Pelkey (19th), 10. Matt Mitchell (2nd), 11. Parker Colston (7th), 12. Tommy Malcolm (15th), 13. A.J. Bender (13th), 14. Kenny Perkins (18th), 15. Chris Gansen (16th), 16. Verne Sweeney (17th), 17. Mike Collins (21st), 18. Jeremy Ellertson (20th), 19. Ronnie Williams (22nd), 20. R.J. Johnson (1st), 21. Jake Swanson (5th), 22. Jace Vander Weerd (9th), 23. Terry Schank Jr. (10th). NT.
**Smith and Slack flipped during the semi.
**Spencer used a provisional.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Johnson, Laps 5-30 Gardner.
DMI / KEIZER WHEELS HARD CHARGER: Mike Spencer (23rd to 5th)
1. Damion Gardner-663, 2. Mike Spencer-648, 3. Richard Vander Weerd-615, 4. Austin Williams-601, 5. Matt Mitchell-585, 6. Jake Swanson-506, 7. Brody Roa-465, 8. Cody Williams-393, 9. Logan Williams-336, 10. Jace Vander Weerd-280, 11. Rickie Gaunt-250, 12. A.J. Bender-237, 13. Parker Colston-233, 14. Chris Gansen-210, 15. Tommy Malcolm-204, 16. R.J. Johnson-156, 17. Jeremy Ellertson-152, 18. David Bezio-150, 19. Josh Pelkey-148, 20. Brady Bacon-136.
September 5: Calistoga Speedway - Calistoga, CA (Louie Vermeil Classic / California Sprint Week $5,000-to-Win)
September 6: Calistoga Speedway - Calistoga, CA (Louie Vermeil Classic / California Sprint Week / $5,000-to-Win)
September 7: Petaluma Speedway - Petaluma, CA (California Sprint Week / $3,000-to-Win)
September 10: Silver Dollar Speedway - Chico, CA (Gold Cup Race of Champions / California Sprint Week / $3,000-to-Win)
September 11: Keller Auto Speedway at Kings Fairgrounds - Hanford, CA (Jim Turner Memorial / California Sprint Week / $3,000-to-Win)
September 12: Santa Maria Raceway - Santa Maria, CA (California Sprint Week / $3,000-to-Win)
September 19: Perris Auto Speedway - Perris, CA (Glenn Howard Classic)
October 23: Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ (Hall of Fame Classic)
October 24: Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ (Hall of Fame Classic)
November 12: *Perris Auto Speedway - Perris, CA (Budweiser Oval Nationals / $5,000-to-Win)
November 13: *Perris Auto Speedway - Perris, CA (Budweiser Oval Nationals / $5,000-to-Win)
November 14: *Perris Auto Speedway - Perris, CA (Budweiser Oval Nationals / $25,000-to-Win)
November 19: *USA Raceway - Tucson, AZ (Western World Championships)
November 20: *USA Raceway - Tucson, AZ (Western World Championships)
November 21: *USA Raceway - Tucson, AZ (Western World Championships)


AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 15, 2015 – Perris, California – Perris Auto Speedway – “California Racers Hall of Fame Night”

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Mike Spencer, 50, Chaffin-16.884; 2. Damion Gardner, 4, Alexander-16.919; 3. Jake Swanson, 92, Sertich-16.994; 4. Richard Vander Weerd, 10, Vander Weerd-17.025; 5. Brody Roa, 48, Leonard-17.189; 6. Parker Colston, 64, Gore-17.232; 7. Matt Mitchell, 37, Mitchell-17.294; 8. Logan Williams, 5, Jory-17.378; 9. R.J. Johnson, 51, Martin-17.397; 10. Jace Vander Weerd, 88, Vander Weerd-17.469; 11. Terry Schank Jr., 1, Gleeson-17.475; 12. Cody Williams, 44, Jory-17.551; 13. Danny Faria Jr., 17V, Bowman-17.603; 14. A.J. Bender, 21, Bender-17.629; 15. Austin Williams, 2, Jory-17.688; 16. Tommy Malcolm, 5X, Napier-17.764; 17. Chris Gansen, 4G, Gansen-17.788; 18. Austin Smith, 33, Smith-17.865; 19. Verne Sweeney, 98V, Tracy-17.946; 20. Kenny Perkins, 0K, Perkins-17.993; 21. Josh Pelkey, 12, Allen-18.202; 22. Jeremy Ellertson, 98, Ellertson-18.689; 23. Eddie Tafoya, 51T, Tafoya-18.795; 24. Mike Collins, 04, Collins-19.042; 25. Ronnie Williams, 58, Bluntach-19.282; 26. Colton Slack, 3F, Finkenbinder-NT.

DASH: (4 laps) 1. R.Vander Weerd, 2. Gardner, 3. Swanson, 4. Spencer. 1:10.23

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. R.Vander Weerd, 2. Mitchell, 3. Faria, 4. Malcolm, 5. J.Vander Weerd, 6. Ellertson, 7. R.Williams, 8. Spencer, 9. Sweeney. NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Roa, 2. Gardner, 3. Gansen, 4. Schank, 5. L.Williams, 6. Slack, 7. Bender, 8. Perkins, 9. Tafoya. NT

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. A.Williams, 2. Johnson, 3. C.Williams, 4. Swanson, 5. Colston, 6. Pelkey, 7. Smith, 8. Collins. 3:07.56

SEMI: (8 laps) 1. L.Williams, 2. Bender, 3. Colston, 4. Sweeney, 5. Perkins, 6. J.Vander Weerd, 7. Collins, 8. Ellertson, 9. R.Williams, 10. Pelkey, 11. Slack, 12. Smith. NT

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Damion Gardner, 2. Richard Vander Weerd, 3. Brody Roa, 4. Austin Williams, 5. Mike Spencer, 6. Danny Faria Jr., 7. Logan Williams, 8. Cody Williams, 9. Josh Pelkey, 10. Matt Mitchell, 11. Parker Colston, 12. Tommy Malcolm, 13. A.J. Bender, 14. Kenny Perkins, 15. Chris Gansen, 16. Verne Sweeney, 17. Mike Collins, 18. Jeremy Ellertson, 19. Ronnie Williams, 20. R.J. Johnson, 21. Jake Swanson, 22. Jace Vander Weerd, 23. Terry Schank Jr. NT


**Smith and Slack flipped during the semi.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Johnson, Laps 5-30 Gardner.


NEXT AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT RACE: September 5 – Calistoga (CA) Speedway – “Louie Vermeil Classic”


Illinois will be well represented in the August 22 "Tony Bettenhausen 100" at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, round eight of the 2015 USAC Silver Crown Championship Series.
Continuing a tradition dating all the way back to 1934, the annual auto racing spectacular unfolds on the one-mile dirt oval with morning practice at 10 am and for the first time in years the event is expected to include a last-chance race due to the influx of entries expected. A 100-mile feature concludes the action.
Chris Windom of Canton, Ill. is the most recent series winner, claiming the 50-lap "Hustle on the High Banks" at Belleville, Kans. July 31. He is sixth in the current standings.
Shane Cockrum of Benton, Ill. won last year's "Ted Horn 100" at the DuQuoin State Fair and shares the Illinois spotlight for Saturday's race.
Levi Jones of Olney, Ill., USAC's 2010 and 2011 Silver Crown Champion, will continue his quest for his initial Illinois Silver Crown victory, although he is a former winner of the prestigious "Hoosier Hundred" in Indianapolis.
Chris Urish of Elkhart, Ill. hopes to rekindle the fire which sparked his victory in the 2013 "Ted Horn 100" at the DuQuoin State Fair.
A.J. Fike of Galesburg, Ill., fourth in the current standings, may be the strongest Illini candidate for victory Saturday. He won the 2012 and 2013 "Tony Bettenhausen 100."
Other possible Illini hopefuls Saturday include J.C. Bland, Steven Russell and Jim Moughan of Springfield, Tad Roach of Granite City, Terry Babb of Decatur and Patrick Lawson of Edwardsville.
Kody Swanson of Kingsburg, Calif. tops the Silver Crown points ahead of runner-up Jerry Coons Jr. and third-ranking Aaron Pierce. Swanson has been dominant the past two years, claiming the 2014 title and winning six of the last 10 series dirt races, including last year's "Tony Bettenhausen 100."
Coons finished second at Belleville and third at Terre Haute this year, while Pierce was second in the "Hoosier Hundred" in Indianapolis and has "top-10s" in six of the seven races so far this season.
America's most revered dirt-track specialists have excelled in the Springfield race. Former winners include Indianapolis 500 winners Wilbur Shaw, Mauri Rose, Johnnie Parsons, Rodger Ward, Sam Hanks, Jimmy Bryan, A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti and Al Unser, plus current NASCAR regulars Cole Whitt, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and J.J. Yeley.
2015 USAC Silver Crown Series Standings: 1-Kody Swanson-374, 2-Jerry Coons Jr.-310, 3-Aaron Pierce-298, 4-A.J. Fike-292, 5-C.J. Leary-219, 6-Chris Windom-207, 7-Austin Nemire-206, 8-David Byrne-204, 9-Rex Norris III-204, 10-Jacob Wilson-203.


2 PATRICK LAWSON/Edwardsville, IL
Patrick Lawson/Mittler Brothers – Rebel Smokers/DRC/Chevy

3 A.J. FIKE/Galesburg, IL
RFMS Racing/Liberty Village – McGladrey/Eagle/Foxco

5 J.C. BLAND/Springfield, IL
Bland Brothers Enterprises/Sam’s Speed Shop/Drinan/BBE Chevy

7 BRIAN TYLER/Pleasant Garden, NC
Classy Chassy/Club 164/Beast/VanDyne Chevy

Chris Carli/Finish Line Racing Equipment - Hinchman Indy/Beast/Chevy

14 CHASE STOCKON/Elizabethtown, IN
Dennis & Dave McQuinn/McQuinn Motorsports – Cashless Racing/JR-1/Chevy

16 REX NORRIS III/Knightstown, IN
Rex Norris III/R.Norris Company – Stoops Freightliner-Truck Country/J & J/Chevy

RW-Curb-Agajanian Motorsports/Curb Records – Steele Performance Parts/Beast/Toyota

18 KENNY GENTRY/Henderson, KY
Kenny Gentry/Engler Machine & Tool – KVKK Racing/Beast/Chevy

Marc Longworth/Apple Metal Polishing – S & S Graphics/Beast/Speedway Toyota

Nolen Racing/KECO – Columbus Container/Eagle/Chevy

21 TBA
Swanson Racing/Rosewood Machine & Tool/Beast/Chevy

23 TERRY JAMES/St. Louis, MO
Todd Satterthwaite/Todd’s Machine Shop/Magnum/Chevy

Sam Pierce/Sam Pierce Chevrolet – G & G Oil/Beast/Chevy

29 JOEY MOUGHAN/Springfield, IL
Joey Moughan/Ciltrak – Moughan Electric/Beast/Claxton Mopar

30 C.J. LEARY/Greenfield, IN
Leary-6R Racing/Leary Construction – Claxton Engines/DRC/Claxton Toyota

40 DAVID BYRNE/Shullsburg, WI
Byrne Racing/Stoops Freightliner-Truck Country – Bytec Resource Management/Maxim/Chevy

41 STEVEN RUSSELL/Springfield, IL
McQuinn Motorsports/Cashless Racing/JR-1/Chevy

44 DANNY LONG/Bonne Terre, MO
Danny Long/Farmington Auto Plaza – DMR Motorsports/Beast/Chevy

48 BRADY BACON/Broken Arrow, OK
Paul Martens/Martens Machine Shop – Womak Machine Supply/DRC/Chevy

Gamester Racing/JCF Residences/GRP/Toyota

SET Racing/Heroes West Sports Grill/Beast/Chevy

Patty Bateman/Chances Chassis Repair/Beast/Chevy

56 RICKEY HOOD/Memphis, TN
Foxco Motorsports/Jarvis Plastic Express – Fox Construction/Beast/Foxco Chevy

57 LEVI JONES/Swansea, IL
Jack Rogers/Jack Rogers Realtors – Country Financial/Beast/Mopar

63 KODY SWANSON/Kingsburg, CA
DePalma Motorsports/Radio Hospital – Hampshire Racing Engines/Maxim/Chevy

Hardy Boys Motorsports/Financial Transportation Services – Four Seasons Ace Hardware/Maxim/Chevy

77 CHRIS URISH/Elkhart, IL
Chris Urish/Elkhart Fertilizer – Hoosier Tire/Beast/Foxco Chevy

Curtis Williams/Roger Williams Precision Engines – QS Components/Maxim/Chevy

84 TAD ROACH/Granite City, IL
Scott Spivey/Mark & Larry Spivey- Schenk Professional Services/Lloyd/Chevy

Fetter Tile LLC/Fetter Tile – F & S Collision/Beast/Foxco

Hemelgarn Enterprises/Hemelgarn Enterprises/J & J/Ford

RPM-Fred Gormly/RPM Auto Enterprise/Maxim/Mopar

00 TERRY BABB/Deactur, IL
Terry Babb/APT Powder Coating – Flat-Out Ministries/Beast/Chevy

07 JACOB WILSON/Crawfordsville, IN
Wilson Brothers Racing/Jet Star – Gott Eyez/Beast/Toyota

Richie Tobias/Action Track USA/Tobias/Chevy

153 TYLER COURTNEY/Indianapolis, IN
Tom Capie/Twin Peaks – Elliott’s Custom Trailers/Beast/Chevy


AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 9, 2015 - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin - Angell Park Speedway
QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 17RW, Dutcher-13.796 (New Track Record); 2. Dave Darland, 71P, Phillips/Curb-Agajanian-13.880; 3. Aaron Farney, 15F, Farney-13.950; 4. Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-13.996; 5. Justin Grant, 5, Baldwin-13.999; 6. Chase Stockon, 32, 32/TBI-14.002; 7. Jon Stanbrough, 81, Stanbrough-14.003; 8. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-14.039; 9. Robert Ballou, 12, Ballou-14.085; 10. Tracy Hines, 4, THR-14.147; 11. Bill Balog, 2, Lein-14.229; 12. Jarett Andretti, 18, Andretti Autosport Short Track-14.314; 13. Chris Windom, 21x, Pollock-14.415; 14. Steve Irwin, 0x, Flying Zero-14.454; 15. Joe Bares, 19, Test-14.553; 16. Brian Kristan, 5K, Kristan-14.583; 17. Ray Seach, 16, Lehr-14.631; 18. Ryan Irwin, 56, Irwin-14.860; 19. Steve Thomas, 20, Thomas-15.106; 20. Doug Schenck, 9A, Hunt-15.110; 21. Rick Kelsey, 11K, RK Motorsports-15.249; 22. Craig Lager, 52, Lager-15.268; 23. Jim Scanlon, 5J, Scanlon-15.468; 24. Tony Rost, 99, Rost-NT; 25. Alex Schriever, 0, Davis-NT
FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Stanbrough, 2. Hines, 3. K. Thomas, 4. Kristan, 5. S. Thomas, 6. Windom, 7. Bacon, 8. Lager. NT
SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Darland, 2. Leary, 3. S. Irwin, 4. Seach, 5. Scanlon, 6. Balog, 7. Grant, 8. Schenck. NT
THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Ballou, 2. Stockon, 3. Andretti, 4. Farney, 5. R. Irwin, 6. Bares, 7. Kelsey, 8. Rost. 2:28.06
SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Bacon, 2. Grant, 3. Balog, 4. Bares, 5. Windom, 6. Kelsey, 7. Rost, 8. Schenck, 9. Lager. NT
FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Robert Ballou, 2. Brady Bacon, 3. C.J. Leary, 4. Chase Stockon, 5. Dave Darland, 6. Justin Grant, 7. Tracy Hines, 8. Jon Stanbrough, 9. Chris Windom, 10. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 11. Aaron Farney, 12. Joe Bares, 13. Steve Thomas, 14. Tony Rost, 15. Brian Kristan, 16. Rick Kelsey, 17. Jim Scanlon, 18. Steve Irwin, 19. Jarett Andretti, 20. Ray Seach, 21. Bill Balog, 22. Ryan Irwin. NT
**Schriever flipped during qualifying. Balog flipped on lap 3 of the feature.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-17 Leary, Laps 18-30 Ballou.
NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Ballou-1,523; 2-Stockon-1,430; 3-Darland-1,429; 4-Bacon-1,357; 5-Stanbrough-1,300; 6-K.Thomas-1,212; 7-Leary-1,050; 8-Windom-978; 9-Hines-954; 10-Grant-936.
NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: August 26 - Kokomo (IN) Speedway


A special fund to honor the memory of the late Steve Howard has been established to benefit participants in the upcoming 8th Annual "Louie Vermeil Classic" USAC events at Calistoga (Calif.) Speedway.

The target is to be able to award each night's feature winners with a $10,000 paycheck. The Midgets currently are slated for $10,000 to win while the Steve Howard Fund hopefully will generate the additional boost to also provide for $10,000 paychecks for the Sprint winners.

Howard, a noted authority on the history of sprint racing in California, passed away last December and his support of motorsports was legendary. It was his impetus which helped create the "Louie Vermeil Classic" and he raised thousands of dollars every year for the Glenn Howard Memorial race, named after his father.

A long-time participant himself, Steve continued his passion for the sport assisting his father at So. Cal Performance in Downey, Calif. supplying parts and advice on setups.

The September 5-6 Calistoga program features both the AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Cars and Honda USAC Western Midgets in two nights of spectacular racing action on one of America's most exciting half-mile dirt ovals.

All proceeds raised through this Steve Howard Fund will be directed to the event to elevate the sprint car purses and create a "Steve Howard Racer's Award Bonus."

Details regarding donations to the Steve Howard Fund will be announced soon and can be found by contacting HMC Promotions at 900 Riverside Avenue, Roseville, Calif. 95678 or by calling HMC at 916-772-8722.

In 2014 Rico Abreu (Sprints and Midgets) and Christopher Bell (Sprints and Midgets) prevailed in the Calistoga races. Previous winners include Abreu and Kyle Larson (2013 Midgets), Bud Kaeding and Larson (2013 Sprints), Evan Margeson and Abreu (2012 Midgets), Ryan Bernal and Kyle Hirst (2012 Sprints), Scott Pierovich and Johnathan Henry (2011 Midgets), Robert Ballou and Mike Spencer (2011 Sprints), Robby Josett and Cory Kruseman (2010 Midgets), Damion Gardner (two 2010 Sprints), Garrett Hansen and Josh Ford (2009 Midgets), Kevin Swindell and Spencer (2009 Sprints), Johnny Rodriguez (two 2008 Midgets) and Tim Kaeding and Kevin Swindell (2008 Sprints).


HONDA USAC NATIONAL MIDGET RACE RESULTS: August 1, 2015 - Belleville, Kansas - Belleville High Banks - 38th "Belleville Midget Nationals"

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps - no points) 1. Rico Abreu (#97 Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Spencer Bayston (#39 Clauson), 3. Warren Johnson (#926 Frewaldt), 4. C.J. Johnson (#45x Martin), 5. Phillip Davis (#11 Gehrke), 6. Robert Bell (#71x Bell), 7. Patrick Lawson (#0B Zero), 8. Isaac Chapple (#52 Chapple). 2:25.22

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps - no points) 1. Christopher Bell (#71 Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Bryan Clauson (#63 RKR/Curb-Agajanian), 3. Tyler Thomas (#91T Thomas), 4. Matt Johnson (#85 Central Motorsports), 5. Garett Hood (#727 McMillan), 6. Jeff Stasa (#91 SBR), 7. Kyle Jones (#69x Hefner), 8. Johnny Murdock (#0 Zero). NT

THIRD HEAT: (8 laps - no points) 1. Dave Darland (#63x RKR/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Jerry Coons Jr. (#27 Heffner), 3. Tanner Thorson (#67 Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 4. Steve Buckwalter (#25 Buckwalter), 5. Chad Frewaldt (#75 Frewaldt), 6. Aaron Schuck (#53 SET), 7. Hunter Fischer (#24F Fischer), 8. Morgan Frewaldt (#313 Frewaldt). NT

FOURTH HEAT: (8 laps - no points) 1. Kevin Thomas Jr. (#67k Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Tracy Hines (#24 Parker), 3. Zach Daum (#5D Daum), 4. Cody Brewer (#96 Central Motorsports), 5. Patrick Stasa (#19s SBR), 6. Tyler Dunkle (#0D Zero), 7. Michelle Decker (#4m Meents), 8. Chett Gehrke (#11c Matteson). 2:24.78

POLE DASH: (6 laps) 1. Abreu, 2. Clauson, 3. K.Thomas, 4. Coons, 5. Bayston, 6. Hines, 7. C.Bell, 8. Darland. 1:49.81

B DASH: (6 laps) 1. Thorson, 2. Daum, 3. C.J. Johnson. 4. T.Thomas, 5. M.Johnson, 6. Brewer, 7. W.Johnson, 8. Buckwalter. NT

LAST CHANCE RACE: (12 laps) 1. P.Stasa, 2. C.Frewaldt, 3. J.Stasa, 4. Jones, 5. Chapple, 6. Decker, 7. Hood, 8. Gehrke, 9. Schuck, 10. Murdock, 11. Davis, 12. R.Bell, 13. M.Frewaldt, 14. Fischer, 15. Dunkle, 16. Lawson. NT

FEATURE: (40 laps) 1. Bryan Clauson, 2. Christopher Bell, 3. Rico Abreu, 4. Tracy Hines, 5. Jerry Coons Jr., 6. Kevin Thomas Jr., 7. Zach Daum, 8. Tanner Thorson, 9. Cody Brewer, 10. Dave Darland, 11. Tyler Thomas, 12. Patrick Stasa, 13. Jeff Stasa, 14. Isaac Chapple, 15. C.J. Johnson. 16. Michelle Decker, 17. Chett Gehrke, 18. Chad Frewaldt, 19. Matt Johnson, 20. Kyle Jones, 21. Steve Buckwalter, 22. Spencer Bayston, 23. Garett Hood, 24. Warren Johnson. NT


FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-40 Clauson.

NEW HONDA USAC NATIONAL MIDGET POINTS: 1-Hines-513, 2-K.Thomas Jr.-506, 3-Thorson-449, 4-Abreu-448, 5-T.Thomas-442, 6-Bayston-419, 7-Coons-413, 8-Darren Hagen-321, 9-C.Bell-316, 10-Darland-222.

NEXT HONDA USAC NATIONAL MIDGET RACE: August 18 - Spring Run, PA - Path Valley Speedway Park



Belleville, Kansas.......After a heartbreaking defeat in last year's "Hustle on the High Banks" at the Belleville High Banks, Chris Windom sealed the deal on Thursday night with a wire-to-wire win in the 50-lapper for the Silver Crown Series. The Canton, Illinois driver made it his second career victory in dominating fashion aboard the Fred Gormly - RPM Auto Enterprise #98 Maxim/Mopar.

"After that last caution, I was just waiting on something to happen like last year. But Rob Hart gave me a great car, and I want to thank Fred Gormly and Tom Bliss for putting me in this car and giving me the opportunity to give them this win. I don't know if you can really put this place into words. I try to be steady and smooth and on the gas, and it surely helps to be out front, which was where I planned to stay all race. I finally told myself to calm down when I was basically catching the whole field, but it was kinda sketchy riding behind those guys as they're banging off the fence, so in that sense I was happy to see the caution. I backed it way down the last couple laps with such a big lead," Windom said.

Windom took the ProSource "Fast Time Award" and jumped into the lead at the first corner as Jerry Coons, Jr. pressured Kody Swanson for the runner-up spot on the opening lap. Windom quickly opened up his advantage as Coons, Swanson, Justin Grant, and Shane Cockrum fell in order on the high side around the top.

Windom took less than ten laps to reach the back end of the field, but his lead only grew. At lap 20, his lead was over five seconds as Kevin Thomas, Jr., C.J. Leary, and Brady Bacon had the best battle on the track for sixth through eighth, as Windom had lapped the rest of the field already.

Grant was pressuring Swanson through traffic as second through fifth all raced together.  Grant took the third spot on lap 34 just as Windom rapped the outside guardrail in turn-four while working lapped traffic. He recovered and continued to build his lead.

With 9 laps to go, sixth-running Thomas, Jr. tried to throw a slider on Cockrum and spun in the middle of the track through turns one and two. That erased Windom's 14-second lead and gave Coons and Grant a chance at him, although Windom had two lapped cars between himself and them.

Windom immediately stretched his lead, but his final two laps slowed quite a bit as he crossed the line 1.297 seconds ahead of Coons, who brought home his best finsh of the season while taking over second in the points in the Nolen Racing - Columbus Container #20 Eagle/Chevy.

"They were in a league of their own tonight. We weren't quite how I needed to be to run where he was through three and four, but even if we were a bit better, I'm not sure I had it in me to run it like he was. It can be very tough to pass here, so I knew the start would be important, and working traffic was difficult. I tried to be smart and do it right when going by those guys. Traffic may have helped me stay ahead of those guys through the race. You're so close to the wall, and if you get a push in these cars, it's very uncomfortable. That's the biggest thing here, so it's a fine line of being fast and being in the fence," Coons said.

Grant filled the podium with his best career Silver Crown finish in the Chris Carli Motorsports - Finish Line Racing Equipment #8 Beast/Chevy.

"This was a little tougher than I thought it would be. I like places that are on the fence and slick, and then in the feature I realized just how extreme it was. It was a blast, just a lot of fun. I was trying to catch Kody, and even Jerry, in traffic just right or take advantage when he was working around them. I felt pretty good moving around. Windom obviously had us all covered, but other than that, I felt really good. Obviously, when you're working hard and doing something, you expect to do well with it, but this is better than we expected to be out of the gate with this team, and it's been really rewarding," Grant said.

Series point leader and defending race winner Swanson finished fourth in the DePalma Motorsports - Radio Hospital #63 Maxim/Hampshire, and Cockrum rounded out the top-five in the Hardy Boys Motorsports - Financial Transportation Services #71 Maxim/Chevy.   


USAC SILVER CROWN RACE RESULTS: July 31, 2015 - Belleville, Kansas - Belleville High Banks - "Hustle on the High Banks"
QUALIFYING: 1. Chris Windom, 98, RPM/Gormly-17.356; 2. Kody Swanson, 63, DePalma-17.587; 3. Justin Grant, 8, Carli-17.745; 4. Jerry Coons Jr., 20, Nolen-17.761; 5. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary/6R Racing-17.825; 6. Shane Cockrum, 71, Hardy Boys-17.844; 7. Aaron Pierce, 26, Pierce-17.911; 8. Kevin Thomas Jr., 17, RW/Curb-Agajanian-18.026; 9. A.J. Fike, 3, RFMS-18.061; 10. Brady Bacon, 48, Martens-18.118; 11. Steve Buckwalter, 53, SET-18.255; 12. Shane Cottle, 81, Williams-18.278; 13. Rex Norris III, 16, Norris-18.825; 14. Austin Nemire, 91, Hemelgarn-19.529; 15. Patrick Lawson, 2, Lawson-19.739; 16. Chris Fetter, 89, Fetter-19.938; 17. Terry James, 23, Satterthwaite-20.679.

FEATURE: (50 Laps) 1. Chris Windom, 2. Jerry Coons Jr., 3. Justin Grant, 4. Kody Swanson, 5. Shane Cockrum, 6. C.J. Leary, 7. Brady Bacon, 8. Kevin Thomas Jr., 9. Steve Buckwalter, 10. Aaron Pierce, 11. A.J. Fike, 12. Austin Nemire, 13. Rex Norris III, 14. Terry James, 15. Chris Fetter, 16. Shane Cottle, 17. Patrick Lawson. NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-50 Windom.

NEW USAC SILVER CROWN SERIES POINT STANDINGS: 1-K.Swanson-374, 2-Coons-310, 3-Pierce-298, 4-Fike-292, 5-Leary-219, 6-Windom-207, 7-Nemire-206, 8-David Byrne-204, 9-Norris-204, 10-Jacob Wilson-203.

NEXT USAC SILVER CROWN RACE: August 22 - Springfield, IL - Illinois State Fairgrounds - "Tony Bettenhausen 100"



























National Sprints
2015 points
Aug. 28
1. Robert Ballou 1646
2. Chase Stockon 1553
3. Dave Darland  1527
4. Brady Bacon 1483
5. Jon Stanbrough 1368
6. Kevin Thomas Jr. 1279
7. Chris Windom  1094
8. C.J. Leary 1081
9. Tracy Hines  1013
10. Justin Grant 976

 National Midgets
Aug. 2
1. Tracy Hines 513
2. Kevin Thomas Jr. 506
3. Tanner Thorson 449
4. Rico Abreu 448
5. Tyler Thomas 442
6. Spencer Bayston 419
7. Jerry Coons Jr. 413
8. Darren Hagen 321
9. C. Bell 316
10. Dave Darland 222

Silver Crown
Aug. 1
1. Kody Swanson 374
2. Jerry Coons Jr. 310
3. Aaron Pierce 298
4. A.J. Fike    292
5. C.J. Leary  219
6. Chris Windom  207
7. Austin Nemire  206
8. Rex Norris III 204
8. David Byrne 204
10.Jacob Wilson 203

Aug. 1

1. Mike Spencer  594
2. Damion Gardner 591
3. R. Vander Weerd 547
4. Matt Mitchell 545
5. Austin Williams 542
6. Jake Swanson  484
7. Brody Roa 401
8. Cody Williams 348
9. Logan Williams 290
10. J. Vander Weerd 266


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