Jack Frost Enduro Set for January 4, Registrations Open
Mercer, PA (October 20, 2014): With the 2014 racing season complete, the staff and management of Mercer Raceway Park are already making plans for a bigger and better 2015.

Once again, the fun will start on Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015 with the Jack Frost 150 Enduro and Snow Flake 25.

Competitors can get the details and entry blanks by contacting the track office, at 724-662-1310.

Further information will soon be posted to the website, at www.mercerraqcewaypark.com. Remember to register early, for starting positions in the big race will be determined by the order in which the entry blanks are received.


Danny Johnson powers to DIRTcar 358-Modified Series victory at Brockville Ontario Speedway

Erick Rudolph crowned DIRTcar 358-Modified Series champion after Friday’s finale

BROCKVILLE, ONTARIO - Saturday, October 18, 2014 - "The Doctor" Danny Johnson outmaneuvered Modified stars Billy Dunn and Erick Rudolph to claim Friday's DIRTcar 358-Modified Series victory at Brockville Ontario Speedway.

"We started fourth and we jiggled around back and forth there for a little bit," said Johnson, who claimed his sixth DIRTcar 358-Modified Series win at Brockville. "Then a couple guys there fell out, and the bottom came in good. My car was really hooked up well on the bottom, it rotated well, and it worked out well for us tonight."

Johnson started fourth while Dunn and early race leaders Michel Chicoine and Mike Adderley battled for the prime position. However, a fast yet perilous outside groove caused trouble for all three, throwing each, in succession, off the track while leading the field. When Dunn lost control and slid off the backstretch in lap 34, Johnson was left in first place with Rudolph running in second.

"It's a tough thing - the outside is so fast, it's easy to fall off the track," Johnson commented. "Fortunately, it didn't happen to me, and we were able to get the win."

Friday's victory may have earned Johnson the ample $4,000 winner's share, but it was runner-up Rudolph who took home the biggest prize. The 22-year-old out of Ransomville, N.Y., claimed his second consecutive DIRTcar 358-Modified Series by a margin of just four points over Hogansburg, N.Y.'s Carey Terrance.

"We were fighting for the win," said Rudolph, who had established a point lead earlier in the season but lost it after Terrance's impressive run in Syracuse's Salute the Troops 150. "I knew Terrance was going to do everything he could to win it for himself."

Rudolph was second in point standings by just 11 points before Friday's race and started 10th in the 100-lap feature. Terrance started 16th, and both contenders were quick to make their way toward the front of the field. However, Terrance jumped the cushion in lap 19, leaving Rudolph with a strong advantage.

At the halfway point, Johnson, Rudolph and Mario Clair were continually in battle for the best position and Terrance had made his way back to 16th place. Johnson managed to stay ahead of Rudolph by a hair while Brett Hearn, after starting 22nd, battled Ryan Bartlett for fifth place. With just eight laps to go, Johnson was starting to pull away from the rest of the field while Terrance slid into fifth place.

"We were probably faster than Danny about halfway through the race, and then as the race went on he got a little better and at the end of the race I was just holding on for second," Rudolph recalled.

Indeed, Rudolph clung to second place, fending off persistent challenges from Clair to the very end, winning him enough of a point advantage to surpass Terrance.

"This year we really had to work for it," Rudolph said of the series championship, with its finale race being just one of many obstacles along the way. "We had some things happen to us in races where we've never seen it happen, we're scratching our heads, we've never seen it happen or even heard of it happening. But that didn't set us back. We kept working hard, bringing a quality car to the track."

Clair finished third, Brian McDonald was fourth and Terrance fifth.

The 1000 Islands RV Centre DIRTcar Fall Nationals concludes Saturday, Oct. 18, when the Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series and DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series take center stage. The 2014 DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Champion will be crowned after Saturday's feature race.

For more information about the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series, click www.dirtcar.com, follow @DIRTcarNE on Twitter, or like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/DIRTcar.

DIRTcar 358-Modified Series

1000 Islands RV Centre DIRTcar Fall Nationals
Brockville Ontario Speedway
Friday, October 17, 2014
A-Main (100 laps):
Pos. - No. - Driver / Hometown [Start]
1. 27j Danny Johnson / Rochester, N.Y. [4]
2. 25 Erick Rudolph / Ransomville, N.Y. [10]
3. 22c Mario Clair / Drummondville, Quebec [9]
4. 151kb Brian McDonald / Cornwall, Ontario [12]
5. 66x Carey Terrance / Hogansburg, N.Y. [16]
6. 17D Danny O'Brien / Kingston, Ontario [5]
7. 20 Brett Hearn / Sussex, N.J. [22]
8. 9j Jordan McCreadie / Watertown, N.Y. [11]
9. 66 Kyle Dingwall / Morrisburg, Ontario [26]
10. 97 Michel Chicoine / Ste-Cecile-de-Milton, Quebec [1]
11. 124 David Hebert / St. Damase, Quebec [30]
12. 93 Ryan Bartlett / Watertown, N.Y. [13]
13. R70 Ryan Arbuthnot / Renfrew, Ontario [14]
14. 16w Lance Willix II / Theresa, N.Y. [28]
15. 21 Yan Bussiere / Drummondville, Quebec [24]
16. 46 Kayle Robidoux / St-Constant, Quebec [18]
17. 13 Kevin Hamel / Sorel, Quebec [25]
18. 54 Steve Bernard / Granby, Quebec [7]
19. 19 Luke Stewart / Sydenham, Ontario [6]
20. 88 Chris Herbison / Mallorytown, Ontario [20]
21. 55 Matt Woodruff / Bloomingdale, N.Y. [21]
22. 99L Bruno Lepage / Maple Grove, Quebec [15]
23. 99A Mike Adderley / Charlotte, N.C. [2]
24. 15aw Kyle Wilson / Joyceville, Ontario [19]
25. 26 Maxime Viens / St. Cesaire, Quebec [23]
26. 94 Jean Francois Corriveau / Granby, Quebec [17]
27. 9 Jason Riddell / Cardinal, Ontario [3]
28. 23 Billy Dunn / Watertown, N.Y. [8]
29. 75j Joseph Banks / Brockville, N.Y. [31]
30. 44x Dylan Breen / Kingston, Ontario [27]
31. 24b Roger Levesque / Napanee, Ontario [29]

DNS: 115 Stephane Lafrance / St. Albert, Quebec

Lap Leaders: Chicoine (1-7); Adderly (8-13, 34-40); Dunn (14-33); Johnson (41-100) .

Qualifying Heats (Top 3 redraw)
Heat 1: 1. Bernard, 2. McCreadie, 3. Chicoine, 4. Bartlett, 5. Corriveau, 6. Woodruff, 7. Hamel, 8. Levesque
Heat 2: 1. O'Brien, 2. Adderly, 3. Rudolph, 4. Arbuthnot, 5. Robidoux, 6. Hearn, 7. Dingwall, 8. Hebert
Heat 3: 1. Clair, 2. Riddell, 3. Stewart, 4. Lepage, 5. Wilson, 6. Viens, 7. Breen
Heat 4: 1. McDonald, 2. Dunn, 3. Johnson, 4. Terrance, 5. Herbison, 6. Bussiere, 7. Willix, 8. Banks

Time Trials:

Group 1 Time Trials: 1. Bernard 14.305, 2. McCreadie 14.475, 3. Chicoine 14.499, 4. Corriveau 14.511, 5. Bartlett 14.559, 6. Hamel 14.612, 7. Levesque 14.904, 8. Woodruff 15.047

Group 2 Time Trials: 1. O'Brien 13.940, 2. Adderly 14.033, 3. Arbuthnot 14.139, 4. Rudolph 14.230, 5. Robidoux 14.251, 6. Hearn 14.275, 7. Hebert 14.515, 8. Dingwall 14.620

Group 3 Time Trials: 1. Clair 14.250, 2. Riddell 14.362, 3. Lepage 14.424, 4. Stewart 14.426, 5. Wilson 14.645, 6. Breen 14.815, 7. Viens 14.826

Group 4 Time Trials: 1. McDonald 14.078, 2. Dunn 14.185, 3. Johnson 14.202, 4. Bussiere 14.300, 5. Terrance 14.454, 6. Herbison 14.531, 7. Willix 14.661, 8. Banks 14.672

2014 DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Winners
Sun., May 18 Cornwall Speedway Cornwall, Ontario / Mario Clair
Mon., May 19 Merrittville Speedway Thorold, Ontario / Danny Johnson
Tues., July 1 Humberstone Speedway Port Colborne, Ontario / Erick Rudolph
Wed., July 2 Ransomville Speedway Ransomville, NY / Danny Johnson
Sun., Aug. 31 Cornwall Speedway Cornwall, Ontario / Carey Terrance
Fri., Sept. 5 Autodrome Granby Granby, Quebec / David Hebert
Fri., Sept. 12 Mohawk International Raceway Akwesasne, New York / Billy Dunn
Fri., Sept. 19 Le RPM Speedway St-Marcel De Richelieu, QC / David Hebert
Sat., Sept. 20 Brighton Speedway Brighton, Ontario / Erick Rudolph
Wed., Oct. 8 Cayuga County Fairgrounds Speedway Weedsport, NY / Matt Sheppard
Thurs., Oct. 9 Brewerton Speedway Brewerton, NY / Brett Hearn
Sat., Oct. 11 New York State Fairgrounds Syracuse, NY / Brett Hearn
Fri., Oct. 17 Brockville Speedway Brockville, Ontario / Danny Johnson


Hearn Captures Second Straight Salute to the Troops 358-Modified Championship 150 At Syracuse Mile

Slips By McCreadie As Decker Gives Up Lead To Dry Fuel Tank With Four To Go

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Oct. 11, 2014) - Brett Hearn did it again in Saturday's 'Salute to the Troops' 358-Modified Championship 150 at the New York State Fairgrounds - and this time with a little dramatic flair.

Seizing the moment when leader Billy Decker ran out of fuel and slowed on lap 146, Hearn split the gap between Decker and second-place Tim McCreadie to vault into the top spot and drove away over the remaining distance to capture the NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week small-block spectacular for the second consecutive year.

Hearn, 56, of Sussex, N.J., earned $20,000 for his sixth career triumph in the 358-Modified 150, tying Unadilla, N.Y.'s Decker for the event record.

Decker, of course, came painstakingly close to capturing the race for the seventh time. He emerged as the leader on lap 70 when his Gypsum Racing teammate, Larry Wight of Phoenix, N.Y., pitted under caution and kept his challengers at arm's length after that - until an empty fuel tank caused the 49-year-old star to fall off the pace rounding turns three and four with just four laps remaining.

"It was just my day," Hearn said after executing a couple celebratory donuts in victory lane with his Madsen Motorsports Teo-Pro car. "When Billy ran out of gas, Timmy got caught behind him, it just parted, I had a run coming through the middle and then it was like, 'Here we go.'"

When Decker slowed, McCreadie took evasive action to avoid him. Hearn, who had been a few car lengths behind McCreadie in third place, saw a door open between Decker and McCreadie off turn four and blasted right through to steal the race in unlikely fashion.

McCreadie, 40, settled for a second-place finish, 1.31 seconds behind Hearn at the checkered flag. It was his second runner-up performance in the event - he was second to Decker in 2010 - and his fourth podium finish in the last five years, topped by a victory in 2012.

Carey Terrance of Hogansburg, N.Y., who led laps 16-55 before pitting and rallied to contend for victory during the race's final 50 circuits, finished a career-best third. Chris Raabe of Napanee, Ont., also registered a career-best 358-Modified 150 finish of fourth and Stewart Friesen of Sprakers, N.Y., was fifth after rallying from a late pit stop on lap 70.

Decker, who started from the pole position and led laps 1-15 before ceding the spot to Terrance and then pitting on lap 21 during a caution flag, limped into the pit area to refuel and was credited with a 20th-place finish.

Hearn, who started seventh, made his required pit stop with Decker, McCreadie and more than a dozen other drivers on lap 21. He was third out of the pits behind Decker and McCreadie and chased his two longtime rivals until the fateful 146th lap.

"I saw Decker kind of glitch a little going down the homestretch into one (after scoring lap 145) and then he picked up and went again," said Hearn, who made several unsuccessful bids to overtake McCreadie for second late in the race. "Then on the back straightaway we caught him, and then he moved to the inside so I knew that he was thinking, 'I'm done.'

"But he picked up again and was carrying some pretty decent speed into (turn) three and I kind of laid back a little bit (from McCreadie) because I said, 'We're gonna be going through that corner and he's gonna run out of gas, and if we're tucked up too tight we're both gonna have to lift.' The timing of it just worked out - when Billy ran out of gas Timmy was tucked in his back bumper and he had to move out to the right real quick and he was already slowed … and I came at them guys with a head of steam and the opening was there right through the middle of them. It was pretty crazy.

"It's just unbelievable," he added, shaking his head at the turn of events. "Just unbelievable."

Decker reached pit road without bringing out a caution flag, allowing Hearn to sail virtually uncontested to the finish line.

"The funny thing was, I think in the end we probably had the best car in open track," said Hearn, who made his 29th career start in the NAPA Super DIRT Week 358-Modified headliner. "I was pretty much able to drive off effortlessly (after grabbing the lead), and those last two or three laps all I pretty much did was think about the fuel - although really, at that point, it wasn't gonna be a lot of conservation because it was too late. We had run pretty hard most of the race."

Hearn actually ran faster than he would have preferred considering he had to stretch his load of fuel for 129 laps after during the race's second caution period. Any thoughts he - as well as Decker and McCreadie - had of taking it easy to save gas were destroyed by Terrance, the soon-to-be 34-year-old driver who had a fast car and wasn't afraid to push it to the limit because he pitted on lap 56 and had no fuel worries.

Terrance made an impressive move on lap 76, sailing around the outside of Hearn through turn one to grab fourth place. He pulled off a similar pass on Billy Dunn of Watertown, N.Y., exiting turn two on lap 79 to snatch third place, and on a lap-91 restart Terrance drove around the outside of McCreadie in turn three to land in second place.

Only Decker remained between Terrance and an upset victory, and on a lap-104 restart he went for it all. Terrance's bid to overtake Decker with an outside charge in turn one failed, however, when he nearly ran into Decker's rear bumper and slid high, allowing McCreadie and Hearn to drop him to fourth.

Terrance regained third from Hearn on lap-112 restart, but five circuits later Hearn was back in control of the position and Terrance never climbed higher until Decker's untimely departure. But Terrance's presence kept the leaders from into conserve mode - and perhaps led to Decker's demise.

"We ran harder than we all wanted to," said Hearn. "I think Carey forced the issue on that. I'm gonna give him credit for running Billy out of gas because I think the pressure he put on all of us made us run harder, and that may have been the difference in the end."

Terrance, however, didn't consider the role he played in the outcome. He just was satisfied to emerge as a serious threat in his eighth career 358-Modified 150 start.

"We're pretty much a rookie here compared to these guys and it's just good to run against them," said Terrance, whose previous best finish was ninth in 2012. "We just got a little greedy on the (lap-104) restart and tried to take the lead on Decker. We should've probably waited a little while … but rookie mistakes. We'll come back to try to make up for that."

McCreadie, meanwhile, tried to put on a happy face after finishing second, but that was a hard task because he knew a victory slipped right through his fingers. He had enough fuel in his Vinnie Salerno-owned car to reach the finish but couldn't take advantage of the only driver ahead of him running dry.

"We'll go get the paycheck at the pay window and realize it's not as bad as we thought, but you want to win," said McCreadie, who earned $10,000. "Damn, you want to win. We gave it our best, but …"

McCreadie ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"When Billy ran out, I was just too close and ran into him," said McCreadie. "I know Billy really well, and I'm sure he was getting off the track because he thought it would help (and) he thought maybe I'd be able to make it (on fuel if a caution didn't extend the race).

"When we went into (turn) three I went out and tried to poke him on the outside and he still had enough fuel and it crowded me up and just got me out of the rubber. When I diamonded back down I just had a big run and I never expected him to be out (of gas). I expected him to at least get down the straightaway, and it didn't work.

"I've been coming here since I was a little kid, and I know one thing about Syracuse," he added. "You can talk about luck, but it doesn't seem to come to a McCreadie all that often, that's for sure."

Hearn has experienced his share of misfortune over nearly four decades of racing at the Moody Mile, but he's also enjoyed great breaks like he caught on Saturday and in last year's 358-Modified 150 when Dunn ran out of fuel on the final lap to hand him the victory. It's all part of the mix of luck and preparation that a driver needs to be a record-breaking winner at the track.

Of course, for Hearn, it's a lot about the preparation side of things.

"This is all about homework," said Hearn. "(It's about) getting the fuel mileage and guys behind the scenes working hard on everything and making sure all the little details are taken care of, making sure if we ever get ourselves in a position to win a race like that, that we're able to - and that's exactly what happened."

Hearn was certainly honored to join Decker as the most prolific 358-Modified 150 winner in history. He already owns more Syracuse 200 Big-Block Modified triumphs than any other driver, an accomplishment he's proud of for one main reason.

"It keeps my sponsors and my owners invested in me," said Hearn. "I think that's the most important thing."

The race was slowed by eight caution flags for 37 laps.

The only significant accident occurred on lap 53 when Greg Atkins of Keeseville, N.Y., slammed the wall between turns one and two with his car's front end in a tangle with Tim Sears Jr. of Clay, N.Y.

Other caution flags were needed for a turn-one spin by Jamie Maier of Spencerport, N.Y., on the opening lap; a backstretch spin by Rich Scagliotta of Manville, N.J. (lap 19); a blown right-rear tire for Donnie Corellis of Averill Park, N.Y. (lap 67); David Hebert of St-Damase, Que., slowing (lap 86); Brett Wright of East Chatham, N.Y. (lap 100); Lance Willix II of Teresa, N.Y. (lap 108); and Willy Decker of Vernon, N.Y. (broken rearend on lap 119).

NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLIII concludes on Sunday (Oct. 12) with the running of the $50,000-to-win big-block Modified Syracuse 200. Also on Sunday's card is the DIRTcar Sportsman Championship 30 and the BACC-OFF Pro Stock Championship 25, which kicks off the action at 11 a.m.

For the latest news and updates about NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week, visit www.SuperDirtWeekOnline.com.

Salute to the Troops' 358-Modified Championship 150 Order of Finish

1. Brett Hearn
2. Tim McCreadie
3. Carey Terrance
4. Chris Raabe
5. Stewart Friesen
6. Tim Fuller
7. Wayne Jelley
8. Ronnie Johnson
9. Jerry Higbie
10. Marc Johnson
11. Ryan Arbithnot
12. Rick Laubach
13. Kevin Albert
14. Pat Ward
15. Jimmy Blewett
16. Erick Rudolph
17. Brian McDonald
18. Mike Maresca
19. Lance Willix II
20. Billy Decker
21. Bob McGannon
22. Billy Dunn
23. Chad Jeseo
24. Jeff Rockefeller
25. Alain Boisvert
26. Mario Clair
27. Willy Decker
28. Larry Wight
29. Brett Wright
30. David Hebert
31. Donnie Corellis
32. James Maier
33. Jimmy Horton
34. Yan Bussiere
35. Tim Sears Jr.
36. Greg Atkins
37. Duane Howard
38. Olden Dwyer
39. Rich Scagliotta
40. Kenny Tremont Jr.

Time of Race: 1 hour, 57 m
Margin of Victory: 1.31 seconds
Lap Leaders: B. Decker (1-15); Terrance (16-55); Wight (56-69); B. Decker (70-145); Hearn (146-150)
Caution Flags: 8 for 37 laps



BECHTELSVILLE, PA October 10, 2014 . . . Most racers would be happy to win one track championship. Jeff Strunk will be honored at the 52nd Annual Grandview Speedway Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 15th for winning his 10th NASCAR Whelen All American Series 358 Modified track championship. And it is pretty much a given that he will be shooting for number eleven when the season gets started in April, 2015. The 2014 title is worth well over $10,000 for Strunk and his car owner with money coming from both NASCAR and the Rogers family, owners of the track.

Grandview Speedway continues to be one of the only tracks in operation that offers both NASCAR point money and track point money.

Duane Howard, a five time track champion, will be honored as the NASCAR Whelen All American Penna. State Champion which will reward him with a handsome check and he will receive accolades as the American Racer Cup Modified champion which earned him and his car owner $10,000.

Randy Stoudt, winner of six feature races during the season, will pick up point money from the track and NASCAR for earning his second NASCAR Late Model championship at Grandview.

And Jared Umbenhauer is being honored for his third NASCAR Sportsman championship after winning 11 feature races. Umbenhauer also is the winner of the American Racer Cup Sportsman title for 2014.

The champions along with other top finishers in the point standings in the three divisions of competition that compete each Saturday at Grandview will pick up their point fund money and handsome hardware for their efforts. In addition there will be special awards in all divisions for Most Improved Driver, Rookie of the Year, Sportsmanship and others.

Tickets are still available at $35 each for the November 15th gala being held at the Gilbertsville, PA Fire Co. Social Hall. Doors will open at 4 p.m. and a country style dinner will be served at 6 p.m. followed by the awards ceremony and dancing to the music of a DJ.

Tickets can be ordered by telephoning Vicki Gehris at 610.367.2776.

Fans and racers are reminded that copies of the Grandview Speedway Freedom 76 Program/Yearbook are still available for just $6 plus $3 to cover postage and handling. Make check or money order payable to Joe Wylezik and mail to him at 2932 Marcos Drive, Sinking Spring, PA 19608. The 48-page book is loaded with color photos, point standings, a history of the Freedom 76, complete list of track champions and feature winners, stories on each champion along with much, much more.


Hearn Outdules Johnson for Hurrican 100 win

Point leader Erick Rudolph finishes 11th at Brewerton after mechanical issues take him to the pits

BREWERTON, N.Y. – Friday, October 10, 2014 – Brett Hearn, of Sussex, N.J., came out on top Thursday night after a battle with rival Modified driver Danny Johnson at Brewerton Speedway. Hearn persevered through a caution-riddled 100 laps to claim victory in the “Hurricane 100,” a NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLIII special at the Central New York track.

“It feels good. It’s been a while since we’ve been this good here at Brewerton,” said Hearn, who lead all 100 laps in Thursday’s feature race. ”I found a line early that I thought was working for me, I stayed out of the black, and I think that was key.”

Hearn drew the pole Thursday and took off at the green flag with the initial lead. The first caution came early as several cars, including the No. 21k of Randy Chrysler, the No. 3B of Chad Brachmann and the No. 71 of Mike Bowman, collided in lap 3. The field returned to green in lap 10, but was quickly back to yellow in lap 11.

Johnson, who started fifth on the grid, was capitalizing off the stop-and-go action and had made his way to third. Soon after the next restart, Johnson rode on the heels of Ryan Susice in second, taking the position in lap 19. Hearn had pulled away from the field, but Johnson charged ahead, hoping to have a go at his longtime rival.

A lap 31 caution for Yan Bussiere, whose No. 21 spun in turn 2, brought the field back together for a restart. Hearn and Johnson restarted from the front row, Hearn selecting the inside group. Hearn was able to stay ahead, but Johnson wasn’t as strong at the green flag and lost a position to Jimmy Phelps in the No. 99J.

However, Johnson gained momentum after a few green laps, and sought revenge on Phelps. He reclaimed second from the Baldwinsville Bandit in lap 41 and set his sights on Hearn.

The pace slowed again in lap 47 as the yellow flag waved for Lance Willix III. Hearn kept his spot on the restart and by lap 60 was speeding into lapped traffic when caution hit the speedway again in lap 68. Off the next restart, a midfield pileup in the front stretch brought a prolonged caution period as track crews cleared the wreck.

Racing resumed in lap 75, and the last quarter of the race wasn’t without its challenges for leader Hearn. The yellow flag waved in lap 77 for Zach Aubertine stopped in turn 4, giving Johnson another opportunity to challenge for lead off the restart. However, Hearn held on through that restart, as well as one in lap 80 after Chad Brachmann’s No. 3B slowed to a spot. In lap 93, the No. 71 of Mike Bowman brought the last caution of the race. Johnson charged ahead at the restart, putting all his will into overtaking Hearn in the last 7 laps, but Hearn’s No. 20 stayed ahead to claim victory.

“You don’t mind the yellows when the laps are counting, but when they’re not counting it’s a little longer,” commented Hearn, who admitted to having some trouble in lapped traffic on the one-third-mile “D-Shaped Dirt Demon.” “The lapped cars were tough at times. They were wandering around and you didn’t really know where to go.”

“Really the key was the car stayed good for 100 laps. Sometimes that’s hard here,” Hearn said.

After many unsuccessful challenges for the lead, Johnson finished second, fending off advances from Phelps.

“I had a great hotrod,” Johnson said in post-race ceremonies following the feature event. “I’m really happy that we’re here in Victory Lane, getting up on the podium and talking to all the fans.”

Phelps finished third and, while he would have preferred the win, was glad for a podium finish.

“We just missed it a little bit. We practiced a little choppy, and the bite just didn’t go away like we thought it would,” Phelps said. ?We started up front with some really good guys, so we’re not disappointed with third.”

NAPA Super DIRT Week continues Friday, October 10, with Futures Races in the afternoon and Camping World Friday Night Lights, which includes the fan-favorite Triple 20s for Big-Block Modifieds, Twin 20s for 358-Modifieds and Triple 10s for Sportsman Modifieds, rounding out the evening.

The main events on Saturday include the USAC Silver Crown “Salt City 78” at 1:30 p.m. followed by the “Salute to the Troops 150” for the 358-Modifieds. On Sunday, the DIRTcar Sportsman and Pro Stocks will compete before the premier Syracuse 200 for the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds takes the green flag at 2 p.m.

“Racing’s Biggest Party” runs through Sunday, Oct. 12. For more information and the latest updates on NAPA Super DIRT Week, click www.SuperDIRTWeekOnline.com, follow on Twitter @SuperDIRTWeek, or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SuperDIRTWeek.


DIRTcar 358-Modified Series at Brewerton Speedway (Thursday, October 9, 2014)

A-Main (100 laps):

1. 20 Brett Hearn / Sussex, N.J.

2. 27J Danny Johnson / Rochester, N.Y.

3. 99J Jimmy Phelps / Baldwinsville, N.Y.

4. 66x Carey Terrance / Hogansburg, N.Y.

5. 14J Alan Johnson / Middlesex, N.Y.

6. 6m Mat Williamson / St. Catharines, Ontario

7. 38 Ryan Susice / Ransomville, N.Y.

8. 4* Tim McCreadie / Watertown, N.Y.

9. 14 Stewart Friesen / Sprakers, N.Y.

10. 33 Mike Mahaney / King Ferry, N.Y.

11. 25 Erick Rudolph / Ransomville, N.Y.

12. R70 Ryan Arbuthnot / Renfrew, Ontario

13. 22c Mario Clair / St. Edmond, Quebec

14. 02 Roy Bresnahan / Fulton, N.Y.

15. 44 Zach Aubertine / Chaumont, N.Y.

16. 323 Neal Williams / Pittsgrove, N.J.

17. 21 Yan Bussiere / Drummondville, N.Y.

18. 71 Mike Bowman / St. Catharines, Ontario

19. 99L Larry Wight / Altmar, N.Y.

20. 16x Danny Creeden / Middletown, N.Y.

21. 3B Chad Brachmann / Sanborn, N.Y.

22. 42p Pat Ward / Genoa, N.Y.

23. 12 Brian Sage / Brockport, N.Y.

24. 901 Ryan Godown / Ringoes, N.J.

25. 42B Kevin Bates / Lake Ariel, Penn.

26. 16w Lance Willix II / Theresa, N.Y.

27. 17d Danny O’Brien / Iverary, Ontario

28. 21k Randy Chrysler / Lewiston, N.Y.

29. 91 Billy Decker / Sidney, N.Y.

30. 25H Bobby Herrington / Elginburg, Ontario

Did Not Start:

T21 Roger Chrysler / Lewiston, N.Y.

10c Tim Currier / Auburn, N.Y.

3m Bill Mullin / Iroquois, Ontario

1 Tyler Dippel / Wallkill, N.Y.

93 Ryan Bartlett / Watertown, N.Y.

9H Matt Sheppard / Waterloo, N.Y.

87 Shawn Donath / South Onondaga, N.Y.

14g Brian Gleason / Altamont, N.Y.

18 Anthony Perrego / Montgomery, N.Y.

9J Jordan McCreadie / Watertown, N.Y.

39a Alan Therrien / Victoriaville, Quebec

1R Jeff McGinnis / Ransomville, N.Y.

91L Rick Lauback / Hellertown, Penn.

29B Jeff Brownell, Jr.

66 Kyle Dingwall / South Dundas, Ontario

19J John McKenney, Jr.

19 Luke Stewart / Sydenham, Ontario

21w Kyle Weiss / Hamburg, Penn.

51 Rich Townsend

39 Alex Therrien / Victoriaville, Quebec

C88 Chad Miller

B-Main 1 (10 laps): Arbuthnot, Bresnahan, Decker, Wight, Weiss, McGinnis, J. McCreadie, Laubach, Mullin, Townsend, Gleason, Willix, Stewart, Miller, McKenney

B-Main 2 (10 laps): Creeden, Rudolph, Bartlett, Williams, Donath, Currier, Perrego, Dingwall, Dippel, O’Brien, Bussiere, Bates, Alan Therrien, Alex Therrien, Roger Chrysler

Qualifying Heats (8 laps, top 4 transfer, top 2 redraw)

Heat 1: T. McCreadie, D. Johnson, Godown, Sage, Bresnahan, Bartlett, Mullin, Currier, McKenney, Dippel

Heat 2: Phelps, Susice, Randy Chrysler, A. Johnson, Creeden, Decker, O’Brien, J. McCreadie, Alan Therrien, Miller

Heat 3: Hearn, Williamson, Clair, Friesen, Arbuthnot, Donath, Stewart, Perrego, Townsend, Roger Chrysler

Heat 4: Mahaney, Sheppard, Ward, Terrance, Rudolph, Wight, Williams, Gleason, Bates, Laubach, Brownell

Heat 5: Bowman, Brachmann, Herrington, Aubertine, Weiss, Dingwall, McGinnis, Alex Therrien, WIlix, Bussiere

Time Trials: 1. Bowman 14.705, 2. Mahaney 14.712, 3. Hearn 14.719, 4. T. McCreadie 14.744, 5. Sage 14.768, 6. Phelps 14.777, 7. Sheppard 14.781, 8. Herrington 14.789, 9. Susice 14.805, 10. D. Johnson 14.816, 11. Williamson 14.826, 12. Bussiere 14.842, 13. Brachmann 14.850, 14. Roger Chrysler 14.861, 15. Currier 14.863, 16. Clair 14.878, 17. Godown 14.880, 18. Mullin 14.880, 19. Arbuthnot 14.881, 20. Ward 14.894, 21. Decker 14.900, 22. Friesen 14.917, 23. Wight 14.937, 24. Dippel 14.952, 25. Bartlett 14.955, 26. Terrance 14.958, 27. A. Johnson 14.964, 28. Creeden 14.966, 29. O’Brien 14.984, 30. Rudolph 15.000, 31. Donath 15.030, 32. Williams 15.032, 33. Bates 15.034, 34. Randy Chrysler 15.064, 35. Gleason 15.087, 36. Perrego 15.088, 37. J. McCreadie 15.095, 38. Bresnahan 15.128, 39. Alan Therrien 15.177, 40. Aubertine 15.215, 41. McGinnis 15.225, 42. Laubach 15.233, 43. Brownell 15.272, 44. Dingwall 15.293, 45. McKenney 15.335, 46. Stewart 15.378, 47. Weiss 15.387, 48. Townsend 15.458, 49. Alex Therrien 15.679, 50. Willix 15.814, 51. Miller 16.642


Sun Shines On Decker's 358-Modified 150 Qualifying Effort At NAPA Super DIRT Week

Veteran Star Claims Pole Position For Saturday's Small-Block Spectacular At Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Oct. 9, 2014) — The sun shined on Billy Decker's 'Salute to the Troops' 358-Modified Championship 150 qualifying effort Thursday afternoon during NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week — literally.

Taking advantage of the rays of sunshine that broke through the clouds and made the one-mile New York State Fairgrounds surface faster just before his spot in time trials, the 49-year-old star from Unadilla, N.Y., blazed his Gypsum Wholesalers Bicknell car around the historic oval in 31.116 seconds to earn the pole position for Saturday's 150-mile small-block finale.

"We were late (in the qualifying order) and the sun was high (in the sky) at that time so that obviously helped," said Decker. "The sun was out from behind a cloud and I think that got the track a little faster for us."

Decker nipped Carey Terrance of Hogansburg, N.Y., for the pole by less than a tenth of a second, giving him 358-Modified fast-time honors at the Moody Mile for the fourth in the last five years. He has won the 358-Modified 150 a record six times, most recently in 2011 when he captured the race for the fourth consecutive year.

"The race car was balanced pretty dog-gone good there," said Decker, who drove a brand-new machine powered by a Kevlar engine. "I was very happy with it. I got a tick twitchy and bent just a tick in (turn) one, but other than that I thought I cut a pretty clean lap.

"This is a new car this year that (crew chief) Scott (Jeffery) put it together. We got two hot-lap sessions on it and it had speed, so we're tickled. "

Terrance, who turns 34 next week, improved his career-best 358-Modified qualifying performance by one position. He timed third-fastest last year and was running fourth in the headline event when his car ran out of gas, leaving him one lap down in 25th in the final rundown.

"I feel like I could've been a little bit faster," said Terrance, who drove a Teo-Pro car equipped with a Kevlar powerplant. "We went out early and didn't really know what to expect, and then sun started coming out a little later and that caused the track to start taking a little bit of rubber and get faster.

"But finishing second to Billy Decker is a good day, so we'll take it."

Chris Raabe of Napanee, Ont., was third-fastest with a lap 31.219 seconds to earn the inside second-row starting spot. Ronnie Johnson of Duanesburg, N.Y., will start fourth after turning a lap of 31.278 seconds in Alton Palmer's machine; Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., claimed the fifth starting spot with a clocking of 31.396 seconds in Vinnie Salerno's 4-Star Racing machine; and Stewart Friesen of Sprakers, N.Y., was the final driver to lock into the feature with a circuit of 31.426 seconds that puts him sixth on the 150's starting grid.

The balance of the 358-Modified 150 field will be determined with the results of Twin 20-lap heat races that are part of Friday evening's Camping World Friday Night Lights program. The card of heat races, which also includes Triple 20s for the Big-Block Modifieds and Triple 10s for the Sportsman-Modifieds, is scheduled to begin at 7:05 p.m.

'Salute to the Troops' 358-Modified Championship 150 Qualifying Results

Pos     No.     Name     Best Tm
1     91     Billy Decker     31.116
2     66x     Carey Terrance     31.201
3     1     Chris Raabe     31.219
4     76     Ronnie Johnson     31.278
5     4*     Tim McCreadie     31.396
6     44     Stewart Friesen     31.426
7     20     Brett Hearn     31.472
8     1     David Hebert     31.497
9     3J     Marc Johnson     31.523
10     22c     Mario Clair     31.554
11     25     Erick Rudolph     31.760
12     76     Jimmy Blewett     31.782
13     45     Wayne Jelley     31.788
14     83x     Tim Sears Jr.     31.819
15     5     Jimmy Horton     31.854
16     99L     Larry Wight     31.899
17     49     Billy Dunn     31.926
18     73     Alain Boisvert     31.931
19     74F     Tim Fuller     31.941
20     126     Duane Howard     31.970
21     9H     Matt Sheppard     32.021
22     21     Ryan Darcey     32.030
23     42p     Pat Ward     32.045
24     R70     Ryan Arbithnot     32.089
25     21m     Bob McGannon     32.204
26     3a     Kevin Albert     32.207
27     1ny     Greg Atkins     32.241
28     14     Brett Wright     32.281
29     91z     Jerry Higbie     32.290
30     19b     Brian Kressley     32.341
31     R40     Ryan Forte     32.357
32     1x     Willy Decker     32.425
33     151     Brian McDonald     32.474
34     19     Jessey Mueller     32.511
35     816     Jeff Rockefeller     32.525
36     25J     Chad Jeseo     32.585
37     115     Kenny Tremont Jr.     32.628
38     115F     Stephane LaFrance     32.719
39     34     George Foley     32.907
40     8     Rich Scagliotta     33.042
41     72     Tommy Flannigan     33.059
42     57     Donnie Corellis     33.121
43     88J     Olden Dwyer     33.229
44     31m     Jamie Maier     33.295
45     7     Mike Maresca     33.350
46     14s     Brian Swarthout     33.883
47     7a     Al Blanchard     34.188
48     28p     Eldon Payne     34.356
49     74     Dave Flannigan     34.428
50     83     Chad Pierce     34.458


The 25th Anniversary season of the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series offers one more date on the schedule with the popular Grandview Thunder 5-25’s and House of Thunder Halloween Party making up the Saturday night,  October 18 racing program at the Grandview Speedway.  Race time is set for 6 PM with gates opening at 4 PM.  This unique and fan friendly racing program offers “feature events” only.  You’ll enjoy a five division racing program without the endless hours of qualifying.  The five division program will include the 358 NASCAR Modifieds, the URC Sprints, the ARDC Midgets, the Sportsman and Legend cars, each competing in a 25 lap feature event.  Also on the program will be the Blast from the Past Vintage Stock Cars and a MONSTER  SMASH Demolition Derby to close out the show.
In the 25 lap NASCAR Modified feature, the winner will earn $3,000 with third paying $1,000, fifth $700 and $260 being paid just to start the feature event.   The modifieds, URC Sprints, ARDC Midgets and sportsman will use timed warm-ups to determine the starting line for each feature.  The Legend cars will use their current point standings with an invert to make-up their feature line-up.
An over of events will be released shortly along with a complete list of pre-entries.  A minimum of 100 cars are expected to take part in the Grandview Thunder 5-25’s.
The Annual Halloween Party will also take place with several tricks and treats for those who attend.   Race fans are encouraged to dress up for the Halloween Party to be eligible for some of those special treats.   Social Media Director Jay Dugan is planning some fun for all.
2014 NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series
Presented by:  Pioneer Pole Buildings, MACH 1 Chassis, Window World  &  GALCO Business Communications
Grandview Speedway
Route 100
Ten mile north of Pottstown, PA
GPS Users:  43 Passmore Road  Bechtelsville, PA  19505
Speedway Phone:   610-754-7688
Thunder on the Hill Information:   443 513 4456
Websites:  www.thunderonthehillracingseries.com or www.grandviewspeedway.com  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TOTHRacing
Thunder on the Hill fans are encouraged to engage on social media platforms using the hashtag #TOTHRacing before, after and during racing events.  #TOTHRacing content will be promoted across the Thunder on the Hill official social media platforms on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thunderonthehill, Twitter: @TOTHRacing and Instagram: @TOTHRacing.
Window World is America’s largest home improvement company.  Window World of Lehigh Valley is your local specialist to help you with your window, vinyl siding, entry door or patio door needs.  They can be reached at 610-432-6878, online at www.WindowWorldAllentown.com or at their show room 5925 Tilghman St, Allentown, PA 18104.
2014 Thunder Series Race Dates:
Saturday, Oct 18       6 PM     House of Thunder Halloween Party- - Features Only  Modifieds, Sprints, ARDC Midgets, Sportsman, Legends, Monster Smash Demo Derby, Blast from the Past Vintage Cars.   Rain Date:  Sunday, October 19   4 PM
Admission:  Grandstands  $25 Adults,  $10 Children 6-11,  Children 5 and under are FREE
Pit Fee:  $30 with a license, $35 without a license.
Grandview Speedway is a high-banked one-third mile clay oval, celebrating their 52nd  Anniversary season in 2014.   The facility offers free parking,  quality food at reasonable prices (be sure to try the french fries), a program book, Grandview Speedway and Thunder on the Hill race wear and great viewing from every seat in the house.  Race fans may take part in the Inside/Out promotion, where you can sign up (no charge) to watch warm-ups from  inside turn four.  Race fans are also invited to victory lane following the racing program and, race fans may enter the pits after the races to meet the drivers.   Be ready to enjoy the spine tingling fireworks salute on the feature event parade lap.


Good Luck for Guidace in Little Guy Nationals
Mercer, PA (September 27, 2014): Frankie Guidace was in the right place at the right time in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modified race presented by Holden Racing on night two of the 15th Annual Little Guy Nationals at Mercer Raceway Park. He was almost in the wrong place at the wrong time, though, as he avoided a first lap incident in turn one. Many laps after surviving that near disaster, Guidace acquired the lead when Randy Chrysler retired from the race just as the field was rolling away from a lap 22 stoppage. Michael Bauer was also the beneficiary of an on track incident that led to a controversial ruling that had track champion Jimmy Morris penalized for turning the leader, C.J. Jones, with just a pair of laps left in the race for the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors.
"We dodged a bullet, with that one," said the happy winner, Guidace. "They got together in front of me down there, and I got turned around and it was a miracle that the thing stayed going." He was not collected by any other cars because "I stayed on the floor and it turned itself around and it never stopped," he explained.
Frankie Guidace was the final leader of the 358 Modified portion of the Little Guy Nationals. He inherited the lead when Randy Chrylser suddenly darted to the pits as the field was coming back to life after a stoppage on lap 22. Prior to that, Guidace and Chrysler were dicing for the lead, with Chrylser, the defending race champion, on the low side, and Guidace up top. Guidace held off veteran Tommy Kristyak for the remainder of the event.
It was Erik Martin who surprised all in attendance by snatching the lead and holding control for the first 16 rounds. That was when his car owner, Chrysler, drove by on the inside of the third turn. While Martin was running out front, there was a good tussle between Guidace, Chrysler, Andy Priest, and J.R. McGinley for the next several spots.
Chrysler's time in the lead was marred by several cautions. The most significant of them was the lap 22 incident in turn four that had six cars come to a halt. Brian Schaffer and Steve Barr, two of the late arrivals to that party, were unable to continue. Max Smoker, Clyde Gumpp, Makayla Guidace, and Kyle Holden were able to return to the fray. As noted above, when the field rolled off again, Chrysler pitted, ending all hopes of a repeat of his popular win a year ago.
Guidace and Tommy Krisytak, two of the more storied modified pilots in the history of the Park, led the field to the final restart of the event. Guidace got away cleanly, and Kristyak followed him all the way home.
Kevin Hoffman came on in the latter stages of the race to get the third spot. Andy Priest climbed to fourth, with Jimmy Holden getting fifth. Early leader Martin was sixth, and Kyle Fink in seventh. J.R. McGinley, Shawn Fleeger, and Jeff Schaffer, Jr. completed the top ten.
The three heat winners were Fink, Kristyak, and Chrysler.
In the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors, C.J. Jones was looking to double up on his heat race win. He jumped out front form the pole position, but Jimmy Morris was always within striking distance. As Jones was approaching slower traffic with just a few laps left in the contest, Morris made contact with Jones as they entered turn three. Jones went around and came to a rest by a utility pole between the third and fourth turns.
The officials made the call to penalize Morris for the contact, and a protest ensued. Morris was slow to accept his fate, and stopped on the frontstretch to debate the point. After being pushed off again, he struck the cone used for the Sprint Car restarts. He then took a few more rounds at the front of the pack, before eventually heading to the pits.
Bauer completed the final laps without incident, getting his first win since occupying the seat in the Lockhart Motorsports 58. Greg Dobrosky was second, after running well inside the top five all night. Joe McEwen crossed ahead of Mike Marano, II, and Cody Bova. Devin Litwiler, Tyler Denochik, Clay Riney, Dan Bennett, and Walt Tutak rounded out the top ten.
The preliminaries belonged to Jones, Mike Miller, and Ralph Engel, Jr.
358 Modifieds: Frankie Guidace, Tommy Krisytak, Kevin Hoffman, Andy Priest, Jimmy Holden, Erik Martin, Kyle Fink, J.R. McGinley, Shawn Fleeger, Jeff Schaffer, Jr., Matt Reeher, Shayne Izzo, Eric Beggs, Kyle Holden, Makayla Guidace, Clyde Gumpp, Max Smoker, Kyle Holden, Randy Chrysler, Brian Schaeffer, Steve Barr, Richard Whitney, Lonny Riggs.
Outlaw Sprint Warriors:  Michael Bauer, Greg Dobrosky, Joe McEwen, Mike Marano, II, Cody Bova, Devin Litwiler, Tyler Denochik, Clay Riney, Dan Bennett, Walt Tutak, George Frederick, Matt Gardina, Harold Braden, Jr., Randy Sterling, C.J. Jones, Jimmy Morris, Jake Gomola, Darren Pifer, George Hobaugh, Ralph Engel, Jr., Mike Miller, Kotie Kirkbride, Glen Noland.

Hoffman Scores Big in Little Guy Nationals Night One
Mercer, PA (September 26, 2014): Kevin Hoffman scored the win in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds after a thirilling battle with Lonny Riggs on night number one of the 15th Little Guy Nationals at Mercer Raceway Park. George Hobaugh, Jr. grabbed his career first in the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warriors.
In other action, Curtis J. Bish topped the Precise Racing Products Open Stock Cars, Ryan Fraley took the Econo Modified go, Sean McAndrew outpaced the rest of the Micro Sprints, Mark Marcucci cam back to win the Baker Corp. Modified Lite race after being involved in a wreck that took out many of the top five machines, and John Campisano wore the nightcap for the Mini Stocks presented by Eperthener's Auto Wrecking and Ray's Racing Collectibles.
An unexpected problem with the afternoon fuel delivery forced the staff at Mercer Raceway Park to adjust the order of events on the fly to permit a delivery of fresh and untainted fuel. Despite some grumbling amongst the inconvenienced racers, the program was run off in an orderly fashion.
Kevin Hoffman fought off a persistent Lonny Riggs to take the opening night win in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modified portion of the event. Hoffman took the lead for the first time on lap 15. Lonny Riggs hung tough despite a badly smoking engine, and he regained command just two laps later. Now, it was Hoffman's turn to give chase. Four rounds later, Hoffman returned the favor.
Riggs continued to pound the cushion trying to keep the momentum up in his failing machine. He was able to draw close in the waning laps, but he could not get by the fleet Hoffman.
While Hoffman and Riggs were fighting for the win, Jimmy Holden climbed up to third, with Randy Chrysler right behind. Andy Priest came on strong in the late  stages of the race to get the fifth spot.
Early leader Kyle Fink slipped back to sixth at the finish. Tommy Kristyak, J.R. McGinley, Brian Schaffer, and Matt Reeher completed the top ten. Frankie Guidace was in contention early in the race, but he retired while running second during a lap six caution period.
The three heat winners were Erik Martin, Frank Guidace, and Riggs. There was no B Main, as all cars were allowed to start the feature.
George Hobaugh, Jr. set the early pace in the Bonnell's Rod Shop Outlaw Sprint Warrior feature event. Sye Lynch was impressive in his return to action aboard one of the McMillin Sprinters. He chased Hobaugh for several laps at the start of the event.The race was halted on lap six when Andy Feil took a violent spill between turns three and four. The young pilot was transported to a local hospital for observation.
After waiting out a lengthy delay for another ambulance to arrive, Hobaugh resumed the lead, with Lynch in tow. Lynch stayed close for several circuits, but once they reached the slower cars, Hobaugh was able to stretch his lead. Lynch remained second at the checkers. C.J. Jones raced home third, with Joe McEwen and Mike Miller completing the top five.
Jimmy Morris, the 2014 track champion, was sixth. Greg Dobrosky, Michael Bauer, Mike Marano, II, and Brandon Matus were next across the line. Ralph Engel raced back to eleventh after suffering a penalty for an unapproved adjustment to his car while the race was stopped.
The heat winners were Feil, Morris, and Dobrosky. There was no B Main.
358 Modifieds: Kevin Hoffman, Lonny Riggs, Jimmy Holden, Randy Chrysler, Andy Priest, Kyle Fink, Tommy Kristyak, J.R. McGinley, Brian Schaffer, Matt Reeher, Shawn Fleeger, Kyle Holden, Steve Barr, Jeff Schaffer, Jr., Makayla Guidace, Max Smoker, Kole Holden, Shayne Izzo, Richard Whitney, Chris Haines, Clyde Gumpp, Carl Weatherby, Erik Martin, Frank Guidce, Don Brown.
Outlaw Sprint Warriors: George Hobaugh, Jr., Sye Lynch, C.J. Jones, Joe McEwen, Mike Miller, Jimmy Morris, Greg Dobrosky, Michael Bauer, Mike Marano, II, Brandon Matus, Ralph Engel, Tyler Denochik, Darren Pifer, Kotie Kirkbride, Mark Rossey, Walt Tutak, Devin Litwiler, Alex Paden, George Frederick, Randy Sterling, Clay Riney, Andy Feil, Matt Gardina, Jake Gomola (DNS).


Countdown is on to the DIRTcar Northeast Fall Nationals at Brockville Speedway

By Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications

Coming from the north, south, east and west – fans, drivers and teams will soon converge in one central location – making Brockville Ontario Speedway their racin’ destination. The 2014 edition of the DIRTcar Northeast Fall Nationals – presented by 1000 Islands RV Centre – takes centre stage Friday and Saturday, October 17th and 18th at The BOS.

This will be the 6th annual running of the marquee event at the 3/8th mile speedplant, off highway 29 just north of Brockville. The 2013 edition saw Chris Herbison, Erick Rudolph and Billy Decker score the Mr. DIRTcar Championship Trail wins in the Sportsman, 358 and Big Block Modified divisions. The checkered flag for Rudolph helped paved the way to his first career Mr. DIRTcar 358 Modified Championship, while Decker’s victory was his first Big Block triumph, after taking the small block ‘A’ main in 2010 and 2011. Herbison also claimed the sportsman title in 2011. Corey Earl, Mike Gaucher and Cole Dingwall also found victory lane at last year’s Fall Nationals, in the Late Model, Rookie and Vintage Modified fields.

For 2014, the show has been reformatted to be run over 2 nights. Friday, October 17th will see the 358 Modified Super DIRTcar Championship race, along with Late Models and Street Stocks, with a 7:00 green flag. Saturday,

October 18th has the Big Block and Sportsman Modified Championship Trail dates, as well as the popular Vintage Mods. Racing starts at 4:00. Sunday, October 19th will be used as a rain date, as needed. Brockville Speedway owner/promoter Paul Kirkland says the revised schedule was designed to create a better show for the fans.

“In past years, most of the racing – except for the Friday night events – was done during the day, which didn’t create very favourable track conditions,” said Kirkland. “Moving the Saturday show to a 4:00 start will give our crew more time to get things back into shape and provide a more race friendly surface. Having Sunday available for a rain date will mean we’ll have a decent shot at getting everything on the schedule completed.”

Kirkland says he understands that the decision to add Street Stocks to the Friday night line-up, while dropping the Sprint Cars and Rookies might not sit well with everyone, but he still expects car counts through the weekend to be in the range of 200 or better over the 6 divisions of racing. Those are numbers that would surely please any short track promoter.

Fans should make their calendars for Friday and Saturday, October 17th and 18th to make sure they don’t miss the 6th running of the DIRTcar Northeast Fall Nationals – presented by 1000 Islands RV Centre – at Brockville Ontario Speedway. Check out live music by Texas Tuxedos in the Turn 4 camping area after the Friday night action, a free concert with Ambush starting at 1:00 Saturday afternoon and the Bon Fire Bash with Rudy & the Saddle Ups following Saturday night’s final checkered flag. DIRTcar Northeast Fall Nationals events are also brought to you in part by BOB-FM/JR-FM, The Brockville Recorder & Times and CKWS-TV.

Check www.brockvillespeedway.com for all the details. Be sure to ‘like’ the track on Facebook and follow Brockville Speedway on Twitter. Sign-up for free app and get the latest track news and weather updates sent directly to your Smart Phone.


15th Little Guy Nationals to Conclude Season at Mercer Raceway Park
Mercer, PA (September 22, 2014):
Mercer Raceway Park will present its final racing events of the 2014 season this Friday and Saturday, September 26 and 27. On deck will be the fifteenth annual Little Guy Nationals. "What makes this so special is that we shine the spotlight on the racers who have supported the speedway throughout the season, but who may not have gotten the attention that they deserve," said track owner and promoter Bill Altman. "It is our way of saying thanks to them and to give them their opportunities to be the stars of the show," he added.
The weekend weather forecast calls for warm temperatures and clear skies, so it should be perfect weather for this speed extravaganza. In the unlikely event of inclement weather, there will be a Sunday rain date in effect.
All of your favorite drivers in the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds, Bonnell's Collision Center Outlaw Sprint Warriors, Rock Concrete Modified Lites, and Eperthener's Auto Wrecking/Ray's Racing Collectibles Mini Stocks will be on hand, and maybe a few invaders, as well. Come out to see whether Jimmy Holden, Jimmy Morris, George Englert, and Mike McConnell can top off their championship seasons with wins in their final races of the season.

The Precise Racing Products Stock Cars will operate under the Open Stock rules, so many of the region's best in the Stock Car ranks will be in to challenge the Mercer faithful. Can Trusty Rusty Moore back up his fourth straight track championship with a win against the biggest and baddest field of Stockers assembled at Mercer Raceway Park? So many racers are expected in this class alone that the Saturday night program will be expanded to include extra races to give as many different drivers a shot the gold and glory that goes along with a win at the Park in this traditional season-ending event.
Added to the racing card will be the Micro Sprints and the Econo Modifieds that normally compete at other area tracks. This will be the only appearances for those drivers to test their mettle at the Park, so full fields are expected.
There will be plenty of room for free camping if you want to take advantage of the unseasonably warm conditions expected for this block-buster weekend.
The normal timetable will apply for the Friday program. Gates will open at 4 p.m., with practice at 6:30 and racing at 7.
However, a different schedule will prevail for Saturday's action-packed event. Gates will open at noon, with racing starting at 3 p.m.
Special event ticket pricing will apply each night, and no two-day combination tickets will be offered. On Friday, adults will be admitted for $15, seniors (60+) for $13, and students (9-15) for $7. Family Passes that night will be $32 for two adults and up to four minors of any age. Pit Passes will be $30. The big finale on Saturday will have adult admission at $15, seniors at $15, and students at $7. Family Passes will be set at $35, and Pit Passes also at $35. Children (8 and under) will be admitted free of charge for both programs.

Billy Pauch, Jr. Wins $10K and NES All Star Cup Championship

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 20, 2014) – Billy Pauch Jr. of Frenchtown, NJ continued his breakout season Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway as he bested his dad to take top honors in the $10,000 to win 40-lap All-Star Cup Shootout and be crowned the 2nd All Star Cup champion. Pauch Jr. used the only restart of the event on lap 19 to grab the lead from Richie Pratt Jr. He then held off his father, 6-time champion Billy Pauch, with flawless driving thru heavy lapped traffic to post his 3rd win of the season at NES.

“Wow, what a great race, I am out of breath” stated the popular winner in victory lane, “I have to thank Rick Holsten and the whole crew, they have given me great equipment to drive.”  

Richie Pratt and David Van Horn brought the field to the start with Pratt surging into the lead. Pauch Jr. started fourth by the luck of the draw and quickly worked into second chasing Pratt as the duo set a torrid pace. By lap 8 they approached lap traffic with Pauch Jr. on Pratt’s back bumper.

Lapped traffic became very heavy by lap 12 with Pratt expertly handling it as he threaded the needle thru the back markers that were two and sometimes three wide in front of them. Pauch Jr. was equally impressive matching Pratt move for move and staying with the leader. When the only caution of the race waved on lap 19 Pratt chose the outside lane for the restart as is the leaders choice.

As the green flag flew, Pauch Jr. won the drag race into turn #1 and assumed command as Danny Bouc and Pauch Sr. made their presence known charging into second and third. Bouc kept pace with Pauch Jr., keeping him in sight as lapped traffic loomed ahead. With 8 laps remaining, the top three entered heavy lapped traffic again with Pauch Sr. taking advantage of Bouc getting stuck on the outside of a lapped car and took over second.

The final five laps saw the elder Pauch trying to school his son in the art of lapping cars, but Billy Jr. has already learned enough as masterfully sliced through the slower cars to capture the biggest race of his young career. Pauch Sr. settled for second, with Bouc a close third. Early race leader Pratt drove home fourth as Tad Cox rounded out the top five. Ryan Godown came home sixth followed by Jimmy Blewett, Neal Williams, Dominick Buffalino and David Van Horn.   

In the first ever Crate Modified All Star Cup Shootout, Brian Papiez took an early lead and then held off all comers as he led most of the 30 lap event to collect the $5500 top prize. Delaware invader Scott Hitchens ran up front the whole race and came home with a strong second place finish. Jim Housworth returned to NES and finished third, followed by Bryan Kuhl and Eric Palmer. Mike Butler won his first ever championship as his 8th place finish was good enough to make him the 2014 All-Star Cup champion.

The NERS 305 Sprint cars also had their first ever All Star Cup Shootout and Kyle Reinhardt of Neptune City, NJ rocketed from his 8th place starting position to take the victory in the 25 lap feature. David Brown Jr. led the early laps and held on to finish second, while Mike Haggenbottom took the All Star Cup Championship with his third place finish after starting 12th. Kyle Purks finished fourth and Mark Bitner was fifth.

NES RESULTS 09/20/14
358 MODIFIED Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Billy Pauch 3. Danny Bouc 4. Richie Pratt 5. Tad Cox 6. Ryan Godown 7. Jimmy Blewett 8. Neal Williams 9. Dominick Buffalino 10. David Van Horn 11. Jimmy Horton 12. Tommy Farrell 13. Gary Butler 14. Willie Osmun 15. John McClelland 16. Sammy Piazza 17. Rich Rutski 18. Andrew Bohn 19. Dave Witte 20. Kevin Vaclavicek 21. Johnny Cornell III 22. Chuck Potts 23. Chris Grbac 24. PJ Oliver 25. John Stangle 26. Sean Mandel 27. Doug Ostwald 28. Bill Lester

CRATE MODIFIED Feature (20 Laps): 1. Brian Papiez 2. Scott Hitchens 3. Jim Housworth 4. Bryan Kuhl 5. Eric Palmer 6. John Micek 7. Ian Humphreys 8. Mike Butler 9. Ryan Simmons 10. Steve Hicks 11. Jarrett Rozycki 12. Mike Carman 13. Jason Bitner 14. Chuckles Stone 15. Clyde Cox 16. John Aumick 17. Brandon Watkins 18. Jeremy Martino 19. Jimmy Martin 20. Chuck Steuer 21. Kevin Dale 22. John Scarpati 23. Kevin Vaclavicek 24. Jim Britt 25. Jordan Cox 26. Patrick Gold 27. Matt Carman 28. Frank Dorry

NERS 305 SPRINT CAR Feature (20 Laps): 1. Kyle Reinhardt 2. David Brown Jr. 3. Mike Haggenbottom 4. Kyle Purks 5. Mark Bitner 6. Jeff Geiges 7. Stefanie Palmai 8. Bob DeVault 9. Adam Carberry 10. Phil Meisner Jr. 11. Jeff Schall 12. Ryan Stillwaggon 13. Tommy Carberry Jr. 14. Rory Janney 15. Jamie Kostic 16. Scott Frack 17. Steven Glover 18. Chuck Palmucci 19. Karl Freyer 20. Brad Franks 21. Darryl Ruggles 22. Zach Burd 23. Erika Palmai 24. Neal Williams 25. Harris Kohen 26. Keith Anderson 27. Ed Newhouser 28. Brendon Poff

































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