DeSantis, Lilick, earn victories Friday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway.

Minersville, PA July 24, 2015

The youth were treated to a special coloring contest Friday evening at Big Diamond Speedway courtesy of Kevin Beach and the Beach racing teams.  The children were given coloring sheets and crayons when they entered the track as well as a treat bag and they quickly went to work making beautiful creations to try to win a brand new bicycle.  The Beach Racing Team had a tough decision to make from all of the wonderful entires, but in the Boys division, Ricky Chapman and Ryker Patalavge were the winners and in the Girls Division it was Myah Rumpf and Choeli Dullard.

The  Lias Tire 358 Modified division were ready for action after having a week off.  Meme DeSantis came ready to race and after winning his heat, he redrew the third starting spot behind Colt Harris and Scott Albert.  Harris would bring the field to the green and lead the first lap, but after that it was all DeSantis at the front.  He began to pull away from the field and left Shawn Fitzpatrick with his hands full holding off the challenges of Jared Umbenhauer and Rick Laubach.  As those three battled it out for the runner up spot, Billy Pauch Jr and Duane Howard were working their way up to the front runners and soon were in the mix for a top spot.  Pauch would find himself in the runner up spot by lap 13 and he had his hands full towhee Fitzpatrick and Howard  Fitzpatrick would have issues and have to drop out of the event on lap 16 and when the field regrouped it was DeSantis, Pauch, Howard, Laubach and Umbenhauer in the top 5.  The front runners would battle it out to the end and it would be DeSantis first across the line for his first win of the season, followed by Billy Pauch Jr., Duane Howard, Jared Umbenhauer and Rick Laubach.   The heats were won by Scott Albert and Meme DeSantis.

The USS Achey Sportsman were ready for action on USS Achey Night and after their redraw it would be Kris Lilick and Craig Whitmoyer bringing the field to the green for the start of their 20 lap feature event.  Lilick would take over the top spot followed by Doug Hendricks and Mike Lisowski.  Shawn Light was in fourth holding off the challenges of Blly Moyer and JR Fulper.  Meanwhile, last week’s feature winner, Brett Kressley, was quickly working his way through the pack and was able to work his way up to fourth by the halfway point.  At the front it was all Lilick  as Hendricks and Lisowski battled behind him for the runner up spot. When the checker flag flew, it was Kris Lilick going to victory lane for his first time at Big Diamond, followed by Doug Hendricks, Mike Lisowski, Brett Kressley and Billy Moyer.   The heat events were won by  JR Fulper, Mike Lisowski and Brett Kressley. 

Modified Feature Results - 1. Meme DeSantis 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3. Duane Howard 4. Jared Umbenhauer 5. Rick Laubach 6. John Willman 7. Ray Swinehart 8. Andy Burkhart 9. Bobby Gunther Walsh 10. Joe Mooney 11. Heath Metzger 12. Kevin Beach Jr. 13. Colt Harris 14. Neil Huber15. Kent Reinhart 16. Paul Moyer 17. Shawn Fitzpatrick 18. Justin Grim 19. Kyle Follweiler 20. Jimmy Bobbit Jr. 21. Scott Albert

Sportman Feature Results  - 1. Kris Lilick 2. Doug Hendricks 3. Mike Lisowski 4. Brett Kressley 5. Billy Moyer Jr. 6. JR Fulper 7. Shawn Light 8. Mike Mammana 9. Mike Glass 10. Craig Whitmoyer 11. Tim Fitzpatrick 12. Wayne Witmer 13. Daryl Dissinger 14. Glenn Rowan 15. Billy Wingle Jr. 16. Todd Huffman 17. Chad Putlavage 18. Matt Clay 19. Brian Bernheisel 20. Jeremy Hertzog 21. Rob Light 22. Josh Hertzog 23. Richard Emel


Merrittville Speedway

DIRTcar 358 MODIFIED FEATURE (35 laps) Billy Dunn, Tyler McPherson, Mat Williamson, Mike Bowman, Tommy Flannigan, Pete Bicknell, Tim Jones, Fred Carleton, Mark D’Ilario, Chris Steele, Boyd MacTavish, Travis Miller, Dave Flannigan Jr., Chris Bellamy, Brett Clarke, Erick Rudolph, Todd Gordon, Bill Bleich, Scott Wood, Chad Brachmann.

DIRTcar Sportsman Feature – (25 laps) Gary Lindberg, Chad Chevalier, Brad Rouse, Joey Mastroianni, Brent Begolo, Rob Knapp, Justin Sharp, Cody McPherson, Jason Moore, Jay Mallory, Paul Gaboury, Austin Wood, James Friesen, Adam Leslie, Jordan Cosco, Chris Storm, Gord Moreau, Derick Hodge.



The front row of the Patriot Sprint Tour feature saw 2 former 358 Modified rivals as Chris Jones and "The Joyceville Jet" Rick Wilson shared the front row with Wilson getting the advantage into turn 1. Wilson had the fast lane figured out in the early laps as he buzzed around the top side leading the opening 7 laps while behind him Steve Poirier, Chris Jones, Jared Zimbardi and Michael Parent all were looking to close the gap and make a race out of it. On lap 11 Poirier found the bottom to his liking and found himself in the race lead after starting 8th. Poirier began to pull away while behind him Wilson had his own battle going on with Parent, Zimbardi and Bryan Howland. 2 laps later Poirier made a costly mistake as he slid off turn 2 handing the lead back to Wilson who also had his hands full with Michael Parent. On lap 16 Parent pressured Wilson and got by for the race lead but the caution flew bunching up the field for the next restart. When the green flew Parent was on rails, Wilson tried several times over the next 9 laps to get by but it wasn’t enough as Michael Parent claimed his first win of 2015 on the Patriot Sprint Tour Canada Series. Rick Wilson barely edged out Bryan Howland for 2nd while Jared Zimbardi and Jason Barney claimed the remaining top 5 positions.

The Sportsman division was set for battle for their 25 lap contest as sophomore Shane Stearns raced out to the early lead over Johnathon Ferguson, Aaron Pugh, Tabatha Murphy and Scott McGill. The caution flew on lap 1 for a multi-car tangle in turn 3, Steve Barber and Connor Dawdy received the most damage as they were towed to the pits. When the green flew Stearns continued to lead but Johnathon Ferguson was on the move. Ferguson had gone winless the last 3 years and after a great move in turn 4 was able to get by Stearns, at the same time Scott McGill brought out the yellow after he spun off turn 4. On the restart Ferguson continued to lead but Dylan Evoy was on the charge to the front. After starting 13th he made his way into the top 5 on lap 11 getting by Tabatha Murphy for 3rd before the 2nd yellow flew  as Jason Cummings shredded a right rear tire. On the restart Ferguson continued his run to the checkered but Evoy quickly charged by Stearns for 2nd and tried to run down the race leader with Jeremy LaSalle, Jessica Power and Tyler Givogue completing the top 5. On lap 21 the final yellow flew as Tabatha Murphy saw a great run go away as she spun in turn 4. On the final restart Evoy did all he could to get by Ferguson but it was not to be as Johnathon Ferguson ended a near 3 year winless drought to score his first win of the year over Evoy, Jessica Power, Tyler Givogue and Steve Morris came up for 5th at the checkers.

In 358 Modified action Chris Herbison took the lead from the pole position with Jordan McCreadie, Lance Willix, Danny O'Brien and Kenny Polite completing the top 5. On lap 4 the first yellow flew bunching up the field for a restart which saw Danny O'Brien flex his muscle. When the green flew Herbison remained in the lead but O'Brien was on the charge and looking to keep his momentum going. After getting by Lance Willix for 2nd he ran down Herbison and the battle was on for the race lead. On lap 6 Danny made a big move taking the lead away leaving Herbison, McCreadie, Willix and Pat O'Brien to complete the top 5. On lap 7 the caution flew for a tangle in turn 2 which saw Luke Stewart lose a right front tire, drive over it and nearly flip over. Stewart was uninjured but his car was done for the night. On the restart Danny O'Brien remained untouchable as he ran away from the field but behind him last week's winner Stephane Lafrance was on the move as he woredk his way to 3rd behind runner up Lance Willix. Both Willix and Lafrance staged a war for the 2nd spot which Willix would eventually keep to the end. On this night it was all about Danny O'Brien as he pulled away to well over a straightaway to grab his 2nd win of the 2015 season over Willix, Lafrance, Mike Adderley and Chris Herbison held off Pat O'Brien for 5th at the checkered flag.

Patriot Sprint Tour
MICHAEL PARENT, Rick Wilson, Bryan Howland, Jared Zimbardi, Jason Barney, Steve Poirier, Devin Caron, Lee Ladouceur, Mitch Brown, Chris Jones, Jordan Poirier, Alain Bergeron, Yan Bilodeau, Kyle Frasier, Alain Boisvert, Justin Martin, Paul Pekkonen, Etienne Girard, Dave Wickham, April Wilson

358 Modified
DANNY O'BRIEN, Lance Willix, Stephane Lafrance, Mike Adderley, Chris Herbison, Pat O'Brien, Bobby Herrington, Kyle Dingwall, Joe Banks, Ryan Arbuthnot, Jordan McCreadie, Ryan Poole, Kenny Polite, John Mulder, Roger Levesque, Luke Stewart, Gage Morin, Jason Riddell

JOHNATHON FERGUSON, Dylan Evoy, Jessica Power, Tyler Givogue, Steve Morris, Jeremy LaSalle, Tristan Draper, Shane Stearns, Aaron Pugh, Ryan Scott, Scott McGill, Cory Winters, Tabatha Murphy, David Andre, Bruce Makinson, Jason Cummings, Jason Shipclark, Connor Dawdy, Steve Barber



BECHTELSVILLE, PA. July 19, 2015 . . .  Danny Erb, Cory Merkel and Ryan Lilick all scored season first victories on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway in each of their NASCAR stock car features during a night sponsored by Hatfield Quality Meats. For Merkel it was his second career feature win in the BRC Late Models and for Lilick he got his first career win in the Sportsman division. Feature races for the Blast from the Past Vintage racers had Dwayne Guistwite winning the 12-lap A Class event while Dave Smith took the honors in the B Class.

The win in the NASCAR 358 Modified 30-lap feature was a very emotional victory for Erb, who returned to Modified racing full time this year with the support of former owner Terry Fastnacht, who also had health issues that sidelined him from racing many years. Many others helped the team return this year. Danny lost his father Mike, a former point champion and longtime campaigner who suffered health issues before he passed away in November. Erb, who finished a strong second the previous week, moved up a notch this time. His last win was June 2005, so this was certainly a long awaited, overdue and crowd-pleasing victory especially since he defeated runner-up Duane Howard by a narrow margin to become the ninth different T.P.Trailers Modified feature winner of the season.

Mike Bailey led the 30-lap Modified feature for one lap before Ryan Grim took over the reins.

Grim, who has one feature win to his credit this year and has suffered through his share of misfortunes, continued to be plagued by bad luck. He was sidelined with mechanical problems and relinquished the lead back to Bailey when the yellow was thrown for the one and only caution on lap six. Bailey continued his pace on the restart with pressure being applied by Ray Swinehart, Glenn Strunk, Erb and Howard.

While Swinehart chased down Bailey, Erb, G. Strunk and Howard had their own race going on for the remaining positions. At one time they were three-wide with neither one budging.

Swinehart and Erb shot into first and second respectively on the 18th lap. Swinehart’s lead was brief as Erb put the familiar No. 44 at the head of the pack the next time they circled around the 1/3-mile oval.

Lapped cars came into play in the closing stages of the event and some had a difficult time deciding if they wanted to stay to the inside and heed the move over flag or move up to the high groove. This indecisiveness caused heads up driving on the front runners’ part and even allowed Howard to close the margin on Erb.

Coming on strong toward the end of the race was Frank Cozze and he was gaining of the front two.

Erb withstood all of Howard’s move and went on to claim a well-deserved victory with Howard a close second. Cozze hung on for third to collect his season best finish trailed by Swinehart and Mike Kellner, who turned in his season best performance. Completing the top ten were Bailey, who also received the Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie bonus; G. Strunk, Craig Von Dohren, Jeff Strunk and Mike Gular.

Kyle Borror, Swinehart and Cozze were the heat winners. The consi went to Brian Houseknecht.

In the 25-lap Late Model feature, Cory Merkel, the ’14 rookie, became the seventh different winner in the division and was chased across the line by veteran campaigner Rick Todorow.

Merkel overtook Bill Henning for the lead on the fourth lap restart needed when Drew Weisser spun in the second turn.

Battling for positions behind the youngest Merkel were Todorow, middle brother Kyle, Henning and Dan Green.

On the ninth lap current point leader Chuck Schutz, hit the first turn uke tire and shot into Steve Gross, Dave Ogin and Sean Merkel, the eldest of the racing Merkel brothers. Schutz, Ogin and Merkel were unfortunately out of competition for the night. C. Merkel motored away quickly on the restart to maintain the top spot.

Todorow, who last scored a win in 2007, gained some ground on Merkel by the Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie mark to challenge him, but Merkel kept him at bay.

The lead never changed and Merkel pulled into victory lane for the second time in his career, the first one coming in his rookie outing. Finishing second through fourth for their best outings were Todorow, K. Merkel and Green. Last week’s feature winner Randy Stoudt was fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Kory Fleming, Wayne Pfeil, Steve Wilson, Joe Fanelli and Henning.

Heats were won by Stoudt and C. Merkel.

The 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature was a battle down to the wire between Brandon Whitmoyer and eventual winner Ryan Lilick, who after a side-by-side dual overtook him with two laps to go.

Rookie Paul Houseknecht was the early pacesetter at the onset followed by B. Whitmoyer, Dean Bachman, Erik Renninger and Jason Neidlinger.

Lap after lap Houseknecht and B. Whitmoyer were door handle to door handle with both determined to be the leader .Finally Whitmoyer succeeded in taking the lead from Houseknecht and was able to set the pace.

Craig Whitmoyer was spun in the fourth turn for the 14th lap caution. Before action resumed, Bachman, while running a solid third, had to pit with a flat tire. B. Whitmoyer was still first when action resumed, but now the competition was in the form of R. Lilick, Houseknecht, Kenny Gilmore and Brett Kressley.

The top five were running bumper-to-bumper and neither one was about to give any leeway.

With five laps to go K. Gilmore was spun creating the final yellow. The call was made on Kressley and he had to go to the tail end of the pack. It was still B. Whitmoyer first and Lilick stuck right with him.

With two laps to go Lilick made the pass on the top and emerged the new leader.

It was Lilick leading the rest of the way to victory lane with Whitmoyer a close second trailed by Jim Housworth, Brett Gilmore and Kevin Hirthler. Renninger, Brad Brightbill, Houseknecht, Jordan Henn and Ryan Beltz completed the top ten finishing order.

Modified Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Danny Erb, 2. Duane Howard, 3. Frank Cozze, 4. Ray Swinehart, 5. Mike Kellner, 6. Mike Bailey, 7. Glenn Strunk, 8. Craig Von Dohren, 9. Jeff Strunk, 10. Mike Gular, 11. Nate Christman, 12. Kyle Borror, 13. Doug Manmiller, 14. Kyle Weiss, 15. Jared Umbenhauer, 16. Billy Pauch Jr., 17. John Willman, 18. Tim Buckwalter, 19. Brian Houseknecht, 20. Ryan Grim, 21. Don Norris Jr., 22. Danny Bouc, 23. Ron Seltmann Jr., 24. Eric Biehn, 25. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 26. Glenn Owens, 27. Ron Haring Jr. (alternate), 28. Meme DeSantis. DNS: Ryan Kunkle. DNQ: Mark Kratz.

Late Model Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Cory Merkel, 2. Rick Todorow, 3. Kyle Merkel, 4. Dan Green, 5. Randy Stoudt, 6. Kory Fleming, 7. Wayne Pfeil, 8. Steve Wilson, 9. Joe Fanelli, 10. Bill Henning, 11. Lou Egrie Jr., 12. Drew Weiser, 13. Steve Gross, 14. Chuck Schutz, 15. Dave Ogin, 16. Sean Merkel, 17. Tony Giglio.

Sportsman Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Ryan Lilick, 2. Brandon Whitmoyer, 3. Jim Housworth, 4. Brett Gilmore, 5. Kevin Hirthler, 6. Erik Renninger, 7. Brad Brightbill, 8. Paul Houseknecht, 9. Jordan Henn, 10. Ryan Beltz, 11. Mike Lisowski, 12. Kenny Gilmore, 13. Brad Arnold, 14. Mark Kemmerer, 15. Paul Effrig, 16. Steve Young, 17. Brett Kressley, 18. Ryan Shupp, 19. Lex Shive, 20. Ken Eckert Jr., 21. Kyle Lilick, 22. Jason Neidlinger, 23. Dean Bachman, 24. Craig Whitmoyer. DNS: Sean Weiss.



BECHTELSVILLE, PA July 15, 2015 . . . One of the most popular nights for race fans at Grandview Speedway takes place on Saturday, July 18th when long time sponsor Hatfield Quality Meats, the official hot dog provider at the NASCAR sanctioned speedway, has Smiley, their well-known mascot, on hand as part of their night.

Featured will be the 358 Modifieds, Late Models and Sportsman stock cars along with the Blast from the Past Vintage cars racing in at least 14 excitement filled events of clay track stock car racing action. Racing action gets underway at 7:30 p.m.

Fans arriving early will have the opportunity to sample the new Hatfield “Dry Rub” tenderloin and fillet in the first turn grandstand area. In addition Smiley will be propelling hot dogs and t-shirts into the grandstands during the course of the night. And feature winners will have Smiley in victory lane to celebrate their victory on this special night.

Kevin Hirthler will have the Pioneer Pole Buildings/Green Lane Wm. Penn/4 Star Lettering entry ready for another night of action as he goes after his fourth win of the season with the NASCAR 358 Modifieds. And all-time leading Late Model feature winner Randy Stoudt will be seeking his fourth win of the season with the J&H Automotive No.10. In the Sportsman division Brad Arnold, fresh off his first career victory last Saturday night, will be looking to add number two with his WEEU Radio sponsored mount. Brett Kressley, the point leader, shut out of victory lane in recent weeks, will be making a strong effort to get back to his winning ways.

Fans also have the opportunity to see the Vintage racers in action giving them a sample of what stock car racing was all about some years back.

Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. with the Low Down and Dirty Meet & Greet set to take place at the same time. Fans get a chance to meet drivers, take photos, collect autographs and maybe even get to sit in a race car. Take part this week with be 358 Modified veteran Glenn Owens along with Sportsman racers Paul Kline (a feature winner this season) and Erik Renninger.

Adult admission is just $15 while youngsters under 12 being admitted free. Active military with proper ID also gain admission for free. And there is always free parking on the speedway grounds.

And on Tuesday, July 28th a NAPA Thunder on the Hill Series event will feature the always exciting 410 Sprint cars and the T.P. Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds in action. Racers in the Modifieds will have the opportunity earn NASCAR points. There is a Thursday, July 30 rain date in place.



New Egypt, NJ - "Liquid" Lou Cicconi of Aston, PA picked up his First Career New Egypt Speedway 358 Modified Feature Win on Saturday  night in dominating fashion leading all 30-laps .It was Cicconi's First victory after coming back from a broken vertebrae suffered while racing indoors during the offseason.

"The way we were running I didn't think we would ever win, I can't thank my crew enough, we built this Teo car during the week  this week, this is my father's 88th birthday present", said Cicconi.

Cicconi and Jimmy Martin would lead the field to the green with Cicconi getting the early jump but before a lap would be completed the caution would fly when John McClelland spun off of turn four.  Cicconi would again lead on the restart until the red flag was displayed on lap two when Andrew Bohn, Ryan Godown and Billy Pauch got together coming off of turn four leading to Pauch flipping three times. Pauch would re-fire his machine and drive to the pits when the yellow lights were turned back on and would rejoin at the rear of the field for the restart.  Chris Grbac would now challenge Cicconi for the lead until PJ Oliver stopped with a left-rear flat on lap four. Cicconi would stretch his lead to a half a straightaway when Jimmy Horton stopped with damage to his left-front on lap 8. David VanHorn would now start to stalk leader Cicconi when the caution flew on lap 15 for Patrick Gold who spun exiting turn four. Caution would again come out when Chris Grbac and Billy Pauch made contact in turns three and four with Pauch going to the rear for over aggressive driving. The last caution would come out on lap 28 for debris on the speedway setting up a green-white-checkered finish with Billy Pauch Jr. now the number two man. Cicconi would not be denied on the final restart heading to his First Career New Egypt Speedway win over Billy Pauch Jr., David VanHorn would come home third with Neal Williams and Danny Bouc rounding out the top five.

Bob Lineman Jr. used his up front starting spot to his advantage as he led wire to wire in the 20-lap Sportsman feature over a hard-charging Jason Dunn. Point leader Clay Butler would finish second after being spun early in the event with Sammy Piazza and Brandon Grosso completing the top five.

Marty Resnick won his second straight HCI/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman Feature as they had their graduation on Saturday. Matt Stangle would finish second and go on to win the 2015 HCI/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman title, Dan Fleming, Shaun Ratchford and Heidi Hedin completed the top five.

Neal Williams won the 10-Lap, Five car exhibition for the NorthEast Wingless Sprint Cars.


358 MODIFIED Feature (30 Laps): 1. Lou Cicconi 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3. David Van Horn 4. Neal Williams 5. Danny Bouc   6. Johnny Guarino 7. John McClelland 8. Sammy Piazza 9. Ryan Krachun 10. Willie Osmun 11. Tad Cox 12. Chris Grbac 13. Billy Pauch 14. Ryan Godown 15. PJ Oliver 16. Andrew Bohn 17. Chris Esposito 18. Patrick Gold 19. Doug Ostwald 20. Jimmy Martin 21. Jimmy Horton 22. Chad Barney 23. Mike Butler

SPORTSMAN Feature (20 Laps): 1. Bob Lineman Jr. 2. Jason Dunn 3. Clay Butler 4. Sammy Piazza 5. Brandon Grosso 6. Mike Lyons 7. Mike Hendershot 8. Bobby Butler 9. Steve Davis 10. Billy Osmun III 11. Will Dupree 12. Shawn Ratchford 13. Marty Saxton 14. Heidi Heddin 15. Jimmy Amato 16. Tom Tanner 17. Johnny Cornell III 18. Steve Desomick 19. Matt Stangle 20. JT Trstensky 21. Jeff Marcucci 22. Marty Resnick 23. Dakota Kessler

SPORTSMAN RESULTS Feature(10 Laps):  1. Marty Resnick 2. Matt Stangle 3. Dan Fleming 4. Shawn Ratchford 5. Heidi Heddin 6. Kathryn Horner


VonDohren, Follweiler, earn victories Friday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway

Minersville, PA July 3, 2015

The 358 Modified division ran their make up feature from the June 12th rainout event that was stopped on lap 4 when Mother Nature was not cooperative and hit the area with a thunderstorm.  Craig VonDohren would bring the field to the restart along side of Justin Grim.  VonDohren would jump out into the top spot  and would have his hands full holding off Billy Pauch Jr.   Behind them, it would be a battle between Justin Grim and John Willman, Willman would get passed Grim and brought along Rick Laubach with him, putting Laubach in 4th at the time.  Duane Howard would get in on the action and begin to put pressure on both Laubach and Willman, but Laubach would end up overtaking Willman for the third spot with 2 laps to go.  Willman would hold off the challenges of Duane Howard to finish in fourth and Howard would finish in the fifth spot.  VonDohren would be able to keep Pauch behind him in order to score his first Modified win of the year at Big Diamond Speedway.  The heats from the originally run event were won by Craig VonDohren, Colt Harris and Justin Grim.  The GME Hard Charger for this event would be John Willman for going from 12th to 4th for a gain of 8 spots.  

The field was reset after running their regularly scheduled heat races were run and after the handicapping was figured out, it would be Kyle Follweiler and Colt Harris that would bring the field to the green flag to start the 25 lap feature event.  Meme DeSantis wanted the top spot and on lap 6 during the restart, DeSantis would become the driver to beat. Rick Laubach would challenge with DeSantis hoping to put enough pressure on the leader in order to open the door of opportunity to take over the lead, but DeSantis was strong and kept hitting his marks each lap to be the fastest driver around the racing surface.   Follweiler was on the heels of the top two drivers and was ready to make a move, and had John Willman right behind him as well to deal with.  Laubach would slow and bring out the yellow on lap 23, setting up the field for a double file restart that would put DeSantis and Follweiler side by side to battle it out for the win.    The red flag would fly, for an incident that occurred off the track, with just one lap to go and would give Kyle one final chance at the top spot.  When the drivers were given the command to refire their cars, DeSantis’s car would not fire, and he would need to be pushed of the track surface, giving the lead to Follweiler.  John Willman would join Kyle Follweiler on the front row for the restart.  Follweiler would bring home the win followed by Billy Pauch Jr., John Willman, Jared Umbenhauer and Colt Harris.  The GME Hard Charger Award was earned by Billy Pauch Jr. for starting 13th and finishing 2nd for a gain of 11 spots and the TollTaker Hard Charger $50 Cash Award was earned by Jared Umbenhauer for starting 14th and finishing 4th for a gain of 10 positions.  The heats were won by Scott Albert, Kyle Follweiler and Justin Grim.

The Savage 61 Roadrunners would be brought to the green flag by TJ Fitzpatrick and Elvin Brennan.  Brennan would jump out in front of the field with TJ Fitzpatrick waiting and hoping for his chance to overcome Brennan and visit Victory Lane.  Brennan would run the race in dominationg style, but Fitzpatrick was knocking at the back door the entire time.  Behind the top two drivers, the battle for third was heating up as Jim Kost had his hands full with Chris Holland, Shon Elk and Devin Trexler all wanting to take that spot away from him. Chris Holland would take over 3rd place on the final lap, putting Kost and Trexler being him at the checkers.  Brennan and Fitzpatrick continued their battle for the lead right down to the finish line, but Brennan would be able to hold off Fitzpatrick and earn another visit to Victory Lane.  Chris Holland, Jim Kost and Devin Trexler.  The heats were won by TJ Fitzpatrick and Kris Ney.  

The Sportsman were brought to the green by Mike Mammana and AJ Gerhart after their redraw set their starting line up.   Mammana would waste no time jumping out into the front spot and pull away from the field. followed by the second place car AJ Gerhart.  Brett Kressley would be charging his way through the field after his 9th place starting spot and by lap 14 he passed Doug Hendricks for the 3rd place spot and set his sites on the top cars.  Lap 14 saw Kressley over take snd place from Gerhart and he started to work on reeling in Mammana.  The two drivers would battle it out, but  Mammana would be able to lead the entire event and hold off the hard charges, Brett Kressley in order to visit Victory Lane for the second week in a row..  Despite his hardest efforts, Kressley would have to settle the for the runner up position followed by AJ Gerhart, Doug Hendricks and Tim Fitpatrick. The heat events were won by  Tim Fitzpatrick and Mike Mammana.  The GME Hard Charger award would go to Brett Kressley for going from 9th place to 2nd for a gain of 7 positions.  The Kim’s Glass Hard Luck award would go to Charles Fayash after he was unable to start the feature after mechanical issues in the heat sidelined him and he was unable to get the car to fire in order to come out and start the feature event.  

358 Modified Feature Results (June 12 Rained Out Feature) - 1. Craig VonDohren 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3. Rick Laubach 4. John Willman 5. Duane Howard 6. Jared Umbenhauer 7. Meme DeSantis 8. Justin Grim 9. Colt Harris 10. Shawn Fitzpatrick 11. Bobby Gunther Walsh 12. Kevin Beach Jr. 13. Paul Moyer 14. Kyle Follweiler 15. Scott Albert 16. Jimmy Bobbit Jr. 17. Joe Mooney 18. Mario Dinatale 19. Heath Metzger 20. Andy Burkhart

358 Modified Feature Results - 1. Kyle Follweiler 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3. John Willman 4. Jared Umbenhauer 5. Colt Harris 6. Andy Burkhart 7. Ray Swinehart 8. Craig VonDohren 9. Heath Metzger 10. Shawn Fitpatrick 11. Justin Grim 12. Meme DeSantis 13. Scott Albert 14. Kevin Beach Jr. 15. Rick Laubach 16. Kent Reinhart 17. Dane Howard 18. Bobby Gunther Walsh 19. Ron Haring Jr. 20. Paul Moyer 21. Jimmy Bobbit Jr.  DNS - Joe Mooney

Sportsman Feature Results  - 1. Mike Mammana 2. Brett Kressley 3. AJ Gerhart 4. Doug Hendricks 5. Tim Fitzpatrick 6. Mike Lisowski 7. Mike Glass 8. Billy Moyer Jr. 9. Wayne Witmer 10. JR Fulper 11. Glenn Rowan 12. Chad Putalvage 13. Josh Hertzog 14. Ed Mirochko 15. Matt Clay 16. Daryl Dissinger 17. Shawn Light 18. Charles Webber 19. Jeremy Hertzog 20. Richard Emel DNS - Charles Fayash  

358 Modified Points Standings as of 7/10/15
2. DUANE HOWARD    2843
3. RICK LAUBACH    2624
4. JOHN WILLMAN    2387
7. JUSTIN GRIM    2171
10. COLT HARRIS    2150

Sportsman Point Standings as of 7/10/15
4. WAYNE WITMER    2478
5. MIKE MAMMANA    2396
7. SHAWN LIGHT    2060
8. GLENN ROWAN    1868


Red, White, and Blewett As Jimmy Takes the Victory at New Egypt Speedway

New Egypt, NJ--It has been two weeks since there was any racing action at New Egypt Speedway thanks to Mother Nature, but Saturday night’s Military Heroes event celebrating the 4th of July holiday more than made up for the break creating on track fireworks that mirrored the off track display. Jimmy Blewett of Howell, NJ, who was involved in a spectacular one car flip the last time the 358 Modifieds raced, bounced back in dominating fashion claiming the victory over a still winless Billy Pauch.

Bryan Kuhl and Chuck Steuer led the 24 car field to the green flag with Kuhl quickly jumping to the lead over Steuer. On lap three Steuer was able to maneuver around Kuhl but a hard charging Blewett was right on his heels. Blewett would pass Steuer on lap four and never look back despite challenges on restarts from a determined Billy Pauch who had moved quickly into second. Pauch, who is winless and has yet to lead a single lap in feature competition at New Egypt in 2015, was no match for the power under Blewett’s machine Saturday night. Following Blewett and Pauch to the line were Sammy Piazza, Neal Williams, and Bridgeport invader Dominick Buffalino. Current point leader Ryan Godown pulled off during the event with mechanical issues taking a 17th place finish. This will cut into his point lead over a second place finishing Billy Pauch.

David Brown, Jr. of Aston, PA won his second NERS feature event of the 2015 season. Brown, who will extend his current NERS point lead with the victory, led wire to wire. Brown started on the pole with Jeff Geiges to his outside and quickly roared into the lead with Geiges providing several challenges to take the top spot until a charging Mark Bitner grabbed second place from him on lap 10. The challenges from Geiges and Bitner would be to no avail as Brown scored the victory over Bitner, Rick Stief, Adam Carberry, and Mike Haggenbottom.

Eric Palmer of Cresco, PA won the time limit shorted Crate Modified event. Coming off of a great event two weeks ago, the Crate Modifieds couldn’t put a solid amount of laps together as the racing at the front between Palmer and Ryan Simmons was heating up. After reaching well past the 30 minute time limit, the race was checkered with Palmer taking the victory over Simmons, Adam Cox, Tom Princiotta, and Billy Osmun.

Newcomers to the NEWS Sprint division Sam Lamothe and Ryan Krachun put on one entertaining feature event with both drivers swapping the lead several times. However, in the end it was Lamothe taking the victory over Krachun in the 10 lap event.



The 358 Modifeds were ready to go for 30 laps as Jason Riddell and Joe Banks brought a stellar field to the green flag with Riddell jumping out into the lead over Banks and Chris Herbison. Riddell loved the outside cushion and used it to lead the opening 6 laps with Banks, Kyle Dingwall, Jordan McCreadie and Herbison completing the top 5. Riddell was on a mission on this night as he built up a comfortable lead on the rest of the field as Banks, Dingwall, McCreadie and Pat O'Brien all chased after him in the top 5. On lap 12 the first yellow flew for Doug Haldane who spun in turns 3 and 4. When the green flew Riddell did all he could to hold off Joe Banks but Kyle Dingwall had a few tricks up his sleeve and was ready to challenge the race leader. On lap 17 Dingwall took 2nd from Banks and was in pursuit of the race leader. On lap 20 Dingwall put the power down and drove by Riddell to grab the lead with Pat O'Brien moving to 3rd, Banks and last week's winner Gage Morin completed the top 5. Pat O'Brien looked to have a winning car on this night as he got by Riddell for 2nd on lap 21 and attempted to close in on Dingwall for the lead, but that plan would change quickly. Entering turn 1 Riddell and O'Brien made slight contact sending O'Brien spinning to the infield. He would recover to finish 10th at the checkers. This brought Gage Morin into the picture from his 13th starting spot. Morin would find the top lane to his liking and would drive by Dingwall off turn 4 to take command of the race on lap 23. From there on Morin would go unchallenged over the final 7 laps to give himself a big birthday present, that being his 3rd win of the year and 2nd in a row. Dingwall held on for 2nd with Danny O'Brien making a late charge to finish up 3rd. Ryan Arbuthnot and Joe Banks completed the top 5 spots.

A solid field of Sportsman were ready to tackle the fast quarter mile in Brockville as Tabatha Murphy and Steve Morris led the field to the start of the 25 lap event. Murphy would gain the lead slightly but Morris used the outside lane to take over the top spot on the opening lap with Murphy, Tristan Draper, Aaron Pugh and Shane Stearns. Morris had a great car and was using the outside lane, pulling away from the field until the first caution flew as Tristan Draper experienced problems in turn 2 while running 3rd. When the green flew Morris remained in control over Murphy, Pugh, Ryan Scott and Steve Barber. Morris got into a groove and eventually built up a 6 car length lead but a caution for Shane Stearns in turn 4 slowed the race once again. When the green flew Morris got another great start to keep Murphy at bay in 2nd while Scott, Pugh and now Jason Shipclark completed the top 5. Morris once again went right to work on the high side and was pulling away again until another caution on lap 15 slowed the field for a restart that Ryan Scott was hoping for. On the restart Morris held the top spot but Ryan Scott started to charge forward. He would get by Murphy on lap 16 and set his sights on the leader Steve Morris. Ryan Scott would get within 1 car length over the final 10 laps but could not make the pass happen as Steve Morris finally put it all together to score his first ever DirtCar Sportsman victory. Scott came home 2nd with Jason Shipclark, Aaron Pugh and Morris's teammate Tyler Givogue crossing in 5th.

358 Modified  GAGE MORIN, Kyle Dingwall, Danny O'Brien, Ryan Arbuthnot, Joe Banks, Jordan McCreadie, Lance Willix II, Stephane Lafrance, Bobby Herrington, Pat O'Brien, John Mulder, Roger Levesque, Chris Herbison, Jason Riddell, Kenny Polite, Steve Bilow, Doug Haldane, Ryan Poole

Sportsman STEVE MORRIS, Ryan Scott, Jason Shipclark, Aaron Pugh, Tyler Givogue, Dylan Evoy, Johnathon Ferguson, Tabatha Murphy, Steve Barber, Connor Dawdy, Jessica Power, Cory Winters, Tristan Draper, Shane Stearns, Jason Cummings, Kyle Wilson, Pascal Daigle, Dave Wilgosh, Scott McGill


Billy Pauch Jr wins the Georgie Stevenson Memorial at Big Diamond Speedway.

Minersville, PA July 3, 2015

The  fans packed the Big Diamond Speedway Friday evening to cheer on the Lias Tire 358 Modifieds, USS Achey Sportsman, Savage 61 Roadrunners and the Xcel 600 Modifieds during the Georgie Stevenson Memorial evening, which was sponsored by B & H Landscaping.  The race and nights activities honored both the memory and contributions of George Stevenson, who dedicate much of his time raising funds for sick and dying children in memory of his own son, Georgie, who had passed away.  George spent nearly 30 years of his life raising money to help others in need  and was known on the East coast for his work for George’s kids.  George lost his own battle to illness this past April, but his tradition of helping others continued Friday evening as  many drivers participated in a helmet drive that benefited a charity of the family’s choice in honor of George and Georgie Stevenson.  George would have been proud of the turn out Friday evening to honor both his hard work and dedication to helping others and the memory of his son.  Everyone is thanked for their support of this event and for their help in ensuring that the tradition that George started will continue even though he is gone, as his acts of kindness touched so many people through out the years.  

There were 33 cars vying for one of the 26 starting spots that were available for the Lias Tire 358 Modifieds main event that was paying $4000 to win and $300 to take the green.  Colt Harris would be the early race leader, but by lap 3 it was Meme DeSantis showing the way.  The caution would come out on lap 7 when Andy Burkhart spun in turn 4 and that would set up a restart that put DeSantis against Billy Pauch Jr on the front row.  Pauch would jump out in the top spot and once here was there, he held off the challenges of Craig VonDohren to maintain the top spot.  As Pauch began to work his way through the tail end of the field; putting a few cars down a lap, he was able to stretch out his lead over VonDohren.  Lap 30 saw the caution flag come out and during that period, 3rd place driver of Meme DeSantis had to pull off the track with mechanical issues, sidelining him for the remainder of the event.  On the restart Pauch and VonDohren would line up nose to tail, VonDohren hoping for the right opportunity to overcome Pauch’s dominance, but it was not to be and VonhDohren would finish in the runner up spot, followed by Jeff Strunk, Jared Umbenhauer and Ryan Watt.   The GME Hard Charger Award was earned by Jeff Strunk for starting 16th and finishing 3rd for a gain of 13 positions.  The heats were won by Colt Harris, Justin Grim and Craig VonDohren.  The consolation event was won by Bobby Gunther Walsh.  The three heat race winners would compete against each other in the Mark’s Service Center Cash for Dash, and it would be Craig Vondohren who would be victorious in that event.

The Sportsman were brought to the green by Chad Putalavage and Mike Mammana, but before completing the first lap, Putalavage would have some issues and the yellow would come out.  This would put Mammana on the front row along with Charles Webber for the restart and Mammana would take over the top spot.  Tim Fitzpatrick would apply the pressure, but Mammana would not falter and earn the $1000 payday that was sponsored by B & H Landscaping.  Fitzpatrick would finish in the runner up spot, followed by Doug Hendricks, Mike Lisowski and Kris Lilick.   The heats were won by Doug Hendricks, Charles Fayash and Mike Mammana.  Ray Woodalph Jr. won the consolation event.  The Kim’s Glass Hardluck award was awarded to Brett Kressley.  The GME Hard Charger for that race goes to JR Fulper for a gain of 16 spots to finish in 7th place after starting 23rd.

358 Modified Feature Results - 1.Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Craig VonDohren 3. Jeff Strunk 4. Jared Umbenhauer 5. Ryan Watt 6. Duane Howard 7. Justin Grim 8. Shawn Fitzpatrick 9. Ray Swinehart 10. John Willman 11. Dave Dissinger 12. Kevin Beach Jr. 13. Scott Albert 14. Bob Sarkiaian 15. Kyle Borror 16. Andy Burkhart 17. Eric Biehn 18. Meme DeSantis 19. Andrew Krause 20. Danny Bouc 21. Paul Moyer 22. Bobby Gunther Walsh 23. Colt Harris 24. Dale Hartz 25. Heath Metzger 26. Rick Laubach DNQ - Steve Young, Mario Dinatale, Mike Butler, Ron Haring, Heath Metzger, Kent Reinhart and Rusty Smith

Sportsman Feature Results  - 1. Mike Mammana 2. Tim Fitzpatrick 3. Doug Hendricks 4. Mike Lisowski 5. Kris Lilick 6. Wayne Witmer 7. JR Fulper 8. Bobby Butler 9. Daryl Dissinger 10. Carl Bittenbender 11. Charles Fayash 12. Glenn Rowan 13. Chad Putalavage 14. Craig Whitmoyer 15. Matt Clay 16. Shawn Light 17. AJ Gerhart 18. Brett Kressley 19. Ray Woodall Jr. 20 Jim Houseworth 21. Brad Brightbill 22. Charles Webber 23. Rob Light 24. Brandon Whitmoyer  DNQ - Ed Mirochko, Josh Hertzog, Justin Riegel

1. DUANE HOWARD     2425
3. RICK LAUBACH     2167
6. JOHN WILLMAN      1823
8. JUSTIN GRIM     1722
10.  COLT HARRIS 1652

4. WAYNE WITMER     2249
5. MIKE MAMMANA     2086
7. SHAWN LIGHT     1913
10. GLENN ROWAN     1663



Miscue by fireworks provider forces cancellation of fireworks show admission price lowered

BECHTELSVILLE, PA July 1, 2015 . . . The best laid plans sometimes go astray. That is the case with the fireworks portion of the huge 4th of July Holiday Show that is planned for Grandview Speedway for this Saturday night AT 7:30 p.m.

“Unfortunately we have had to cancel the fireworks portion of the show. Based on plans made last year with the pyrotechnic company used by the speedway for a number of years we advertised fireworks. It has been part of our holiday show for years,” said assistant track general manager Tina Rogers. “After three unanswered calls we were finally advised that a scheduling snafu by the pyrotechnic company, again a firm we have used for years, would result in no fireworks for Grandview. We made every effort to secure the services of other companies but at this late date it just could not be done.

We do apologize to our fans, many who look forward to the fireworks show each year. The ticket price for the Holiday show, still a great one, will be reduced to $20 for adults.”

The huge Independence show of NASCAR stock car racing will include the Liberty Fire Co. Firecracker 40 for BRC Late Models along with the T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds and Sportsman stock cars. With the Late Models not having raced for three weeks there should be plenty of action filled racing excitement in the Firecracker 40. And the Modifieds and Sportsman have been out of action for two weeks because of rainouts so their events should be packed with extra excitement also.


Big Diamond Honors our American Heroes

Big Diamond Speedway will continue to honor members of our Military in two ways. Not only do ACTIVE military members receive FREE admission into every race, but beginning this Friday, June 26, all Veterans of our military who have military ID, will receive a FREE meal ticket at each race.

Veterans will need an official military ID to receive their meal ticket, which is good for one hot dog, one slice of pizza AND one drink. The Veteran Meal Ticket will be given to them when they purchase their admission tickets as long as proper ID is provided.

Friday, JUNE 26  is Blyth's Cleaning Services Night. Lias Tire Modifieds, USS Achey Sportsman, Savage 61 Roadrunner Crazy 8's, four eight lap features, and a 20 lap Sportsman make up feature.  Adult General Admission is $15, Senior Citizen admission is $13.  ACTIVE military with ID and kids 12 and under are FREE!

Coming up on Friday July 3 B&H Landscaping presents the George/Georgie Stevenson Memorial race where the Lias Tire Modifieds will be running a 35 lap feature event paying $4,000 to win and $300 just to take the green.  There will also be a Cash Dash for the Modifieds presented by Mark’s Service Center.  The USS Achey Sportsman will be competing for $1,000 to win in their feature event that evening.  The Savage 61 Roadrunners and 600cc Modifieds will join in on the fun.  There will be a great fireworks display for families to enjoy and celebrate Fourth of July weekend. General Admission for this event will be $25 and children 12 and under and active military with ID are admitted for free.

 After nearly three decades of raising money for children and adults battling life threatening and debilitating illnesses, George Stevenson passed away in April. Big Diamond, however, is proud to bring the past and present together as track management honors both George the father and Georgie his son, who not only made their mark on racing, but impacted the lives of countless children who suffered for decades.

George's passion for sick and dying kids was famous along the East coast. By partnering with Big Diamond and their drivers and fans, the annual Georgie Stevenson Memorial Race, named in honor of George's late son who was a huge race fan before his death, the speedway became the premier venue to raise money for "George's kids." Now that George has passed on, it's time to recognize him and his efforts.

Gates open at 5:45 PM. Warm ups begin at 7:45. Racing begins at 8:15 PM.



In racing action the 358 Modifieds were set to take the green for a 30 lap event and Joe Banks was on the charge as he took the early race lead over Kyle Dingwall, Chris Herbison, Jason Riddell and Danny O'Brien. Banks had a fast car and was running away from the field but Kyle Dingwall had other ideas. On lap 9 Dingwall closed in making it a 2 car battle for the lead as Herbison, Danny O'Brien and Riddell all battled for a top 5 spot behind the race leaders. On lap 10 Dingwall made the pass for the lead and started to open up a sizeable advantage over Banks. Danny O'Brien by this time was on the move as well, he worked his way to 3rd and closed in on the top 2. Dingwall held the top spot but O'Brien had a plan and that was to go to the outside of the race track and put on a show. He did just that getting around Banks for 2nd and quickly reeled in the race leader using that outside lane while Dingwall stayed committed to the bottom. On lap 19 Danny made the pass for the lead leaving Dingwall 2nd, Chris Herbison, Joe Banks and Pat O'Brien completed the top 5. The caution flew for Lance Willix who hit an infield tire on lap 19 bunching the field up for another restart. When the green flew Danny O'Brien stayed in control but older brother Pat was on the move. He quickly got by Banks for 4th then just 2 laps later, was able to sneak by Herbison for 3rd but still had plenty of work to do to catch younger brother Danny and Kyle Dingwall. A lap 27 yellow bunched the field up one last time, but when the green flew Danny O'Brien was the class of the field as he stormed to his first win of the season over Dingwall, Pat O'Brien, Chris Herbison and Joe Banks.

In the 25 lap Sportsman feature Jason Cummings led the opening 5 laps over Dave Wilgosh, Dylan Evoy, Jeremy LaSalle and Tabatha Murphy. Evoy has struggled a bit at Brockville in 2015. He's had fast cars but no luck, on this night the luck looked to go in his favor as he took over the top spot from Cummings on lap 7 with LaSalle, Tyler Givogue and Steve Barber completing the top 5. Evoy was on a mission as he cruised around the top side of the speedway building up a full straightaway lead as behind the leader LaSalle, Steve Barber Tyler Givogue and Ryan Scott were all having a great battle in the top 5. On lap 20 Barber finally was able to clear LaSalle for 2nd but still had some ground to make up to try and catch Dylan Evoy. On lap 23 the final yellow flew setting up a 2 lap dash to the checkered flag. When the green came back out, Barber did all he could to get by for the win but Evoy was not to be denied as he scored his first Brockville Speedway win of 2015. Barber came home 2nd with LaSalle, Ryan Scott and Tyler Givogue rounding out the top 5.

In the Rookie Sportsman feature Nathan Berry had his way with the field as he took the lead at the drop of the green over Greg Ezard and Tom Roy. Several mid race cautions slowed the race but Berry was not bothered by this at all as he held on with no problems to score his 2nd career win and 2nd in the last 4 weeks. Greg Ezard took a borrowed ride to the 2nd spot with Tom Roy, Madison Mulder and Troy Molson rounded out the top 5.

The Rookie 15 lap feature was one of the most exciting races of the night as Teddy Baird took over the lead at the green flag over Josh Read, Jamie Truelove, Dylan Kirkland and Corbin Millar. Read had a great car and was pressuring Baird for the lead which was what he did on lap 4 bringing Millar to 2nd as Baird completed the top 3. Millar tried several different lines including the bottom but on lap 6 his great night ended as he lost a tire in turn 2 ending his great run and a shot at a potential win. When the green flew Read had another contender in the form of Jamie Truelove while Baird, Tyler French and Michael Dillon who came from 19th to round out the top 5. Truelove did all he could do in the remaining laps but it looked like Josh Read was well in line to grab his first ever win. On the white flag lap Read headed into turn 3 and used a lower line, this allowed Truelove to gain momentum on the extreme outside lane. Truelove took full advantage as he pulled but Read to win by a half car length at the checkered flag. Josh Read settled for a heart breaking 2nd place finish. Tyler French, Teddy Baird and Michael Dillon rounded out the top 5.

358 Modified
DANNY O'BRIEN, Kyle Dingwall, Pat O'Brien, Chris Herbison, Joe Banks, Stephane Lafrance, Ryan Arbuthnot, John Mulder, Bobby Herrington, Jason Riddell, Roger Levesque, Gage Morin, Lance Willix II, Kenny Polite, Jordan McCreadie, (DNS) Steve Bilow

DYLAN EVOY, Steve Barber, Jeremy LaSalle, Ryan Scott, Tyler Givogue, Louie Jackson Jr., Jason Shipclark, Aaron Pugh, Jason Cummings, Johnathon Ferguson, Shane Sterns, Tabatha Murphy, Connor Dawdy, Tristan Draper, Joey Evans, Jessica Power, Billy Cook, Cory Winters, Steve Morris, Dave Wilgosh, Corey Wheeler, Scott McGill

Rookie Sportsman
NATHAN BERRY, Greg Ezard, Tom Roy, Madison Mulder, Troy Molson, Josh Kirkland, Tyler Reynolds, Alex Fredette, Gabriel Cyr, (DNS)Suzi Roy


Weller (URC) and Laubach  (358 mods) visit Victory Lane Friday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway

Minersville, PA June 19, 2015
The URC 360 Sprint cars made a stop at the Big Diamond Speedway Friday evening and put on a great show for the large crowd that was in attendance on this beautiful evening for racing.  The field was led to the green for their 25 lap feature event by Joe Trenca and Justin Barger. Trenca would set the early pace, but then Josh Weller would take over the top spot on the second lap.  From there he would work his way through the tail end of the field and lap several cars before finding his way to Victory Lane.  Meanwhile, Trenca would find himself battling with Justin Barger for the runner up spot and it would be Barger who would finish runner up followed by Trenca, Curt Michael and Robbie Stillwaggon.  The race was stopped for on lap 22 when Tyler Ross spiraled over the wall between turn 3 and 4 and left the racing surface.  The driver was ok and despite landing on his wheels after what some called a helicopter style flight, his car was unable to continue after it landed in the trees just outside of the track.  The heats were won by Joe Trenca, Justin Barger and Josh Weller and the Consolation event was won by Larry Kelleher.

The  Lias Tire 358 Modified Feature saw Justin Grim and Kyle Follweiler lead the field to the green flag for the start of their 25 lap feature event.  Grim would take the early lead, followed by Scott Albert.  Albert would take over the top spot on the restart on lap 3, but Grim would quickly take the top spot back.  Justin had Billy Pauch Jr. on his rear bumper, and on lap six, Billy would take over the top spot.  Grim would soon be facing the challenges from Rick Laubach who was working his way to the front hoping to score another victory this season.  Grim would have a tire go down and have to exit the track during a caution period on lap 11 and despite the efforts of his crew, he would return to the race on the next completed lap, leaving him one lap down on the field.  Laubach would get his chance to go after the lead after the restart on lap 12 and would jump out in front of Billy Pauch Jr., but Pauch was not going to sit back and let Rick have the top spot honors for long, as he regained the lead on lap 15.  It looked as though Pauch had the win locked up, but coming out of turn 2 on the final lap, his car slowed and this gave Laubach the chance to get by him and score the victory.  Duane Howard would finish in the runner up spot, followed by Jared Umbenhauer, Ray Swinehart and John Willman.  The GME Hard Charger Award was earned by Duane Howard for starting 14th and finishing 2nd for a gain of 12 positions.  The heats were won by John Willman, Colt Harris and Kyle Follweiler.

Modified Feature Results - 1. Rick Laubach 2. Duane Howard 3. Jared Umbenhauer 4. Ray Swinehart 5. John Willman 6. Kyle Follweiler 7. Kevin Beach Jr. 8. Andy Burkhart 9. Bobby Gunther Walsh 10. Scott Albert 11. Paul Moyer 12. Shawn Fitzpatrick 13. Justin Grim 14. Billy Pauch Jr. 15. Joe Mooney 16. Dan Hineline 17. Heath Metzger 18. Colt Harris 19. Jimmy Bobbit Jr. 20. Steve Young 21. Craig VonDohren 22. Meme DeSantis 23. Mario Dinatale

URC Feature Results - 1. Josh Weller 2. Justin Barger 3. Joe Trenca 4. Curt Michael 5. Robbie Stillwaggon 6. Jason Clauss 7. Randy West 8. Troy Betts 9. Davie Franek 10. Jimmy Stetzel 11. Brad Franks 12. Scott Lutz 13. Keith Prutzman 14. Kevin Albert 15. Mark Bitner 16. Art Liedl 17. Jason Cherry 18. Tyler Ross 19. Larry Kelleher 20. JR Berry 21. Andy Best



Ransomville, NY – Friday, June 12th, 2015 – Mother Nature won her second of the season last Friday as late afternoon thunderstorms forced Ransomville officials to cancel the racing program. “While we were able to beat the odds the week prior and complete our racing program, it just wasn’t in the cards this week,” commented PR Director Tana Robinson.  “Heavy rains all week made for saturated grounds coming into the day,” continued Robinson.  “The heavy rain that fell at 3:30 pm proved to be too much for the track and grounds to absorb.”

Coming up next Friday is a Full card of FinditQuick.com Modifieds, Investors Services Sportsman, Ki-Po Chevrolet Street Stocks, Gippster’s Collision 4 Bangers, and Van Raine Construction Novice Sportsman presented by BlueCross and BlueShield of WNY and National Maintenance Contracting Corporation. Special tickets are available for purchase through the United Way in Niagara Falls and will include dinner and admission.  Please call Bill Jakobi if interested in purchasing (716) 216-4582. “Mother nature has not been kind to us for the United Way event the past three years,” commented Robinson. “We will give it another shot this coming Friday, June 19th – the scheduled rain-date.”

The point’s battles continue to heat up as the cream has certainly risen to the top.  Ransomville native Erick Rudolph currently holds the lead in the Modifieds over fellow Ransomville competitor Ryan Susice.  The pair lead Scott Kerwin, Mr. Smallblock Pete Bicknell, and defending champion Danny Johnson.

A familiar trio of names find themselves at the top of the Sportsman list as 2013 champion Jesse Cotriss leads the way.  James Michael Friesen and Greg Martin sit second and third.  These three finished in the top three last season with Martin the champion.

























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